4 April 2012

The root of all evil

Norway news: Breivik's fraud and his mothers money laundering

In any large scale enquiry into acts of ‘terrorism’ following the money trail is a critical path of the investigation because all terrorist operations need funding. Unless of course it is a ‘lone wolf’ with a gun or nail bomb who goes out and kills a few people before being caught so does not need large scale funding from external sources to pull off the operation.

This was not Breivik.

Breivik carried out a large scale terrorist mission on July 22nd 2011 that took considerable planning, thus needed considerable funding so as to be successful, which it was.

Anyone involved at any level with a terrorist operation is usually arrested and charged for their complicity in the crime. It has now emerged that Breivik’s mother laundered over $500,000 through 3 bank accounts for her son Anders Behring Breivik.

Her son who carried out the worst act of right-wing terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century where 69 innocent Norwegian children were murdered, and many more butchered and maimed because of their innocent misguided political beliefs.

You might ask why she has not been arrested and charged yet?

The story is that Breivik made the money in excess of $500,000 from selling bogus certificates online. This money was then washed through his mothers bank accounts with no questions asked which makes her a co-conspirator to a criminal enterprise, a criminal enterprise that has eventually ended up in the worst act of terrorism in Norwegian history.

Is she now protected from prosecution because of her links into the Norwegian Establishment that would not be afforded to mere mortals who do not have such links? Meaning some people are more equal than others in Norway.

She was married to a Government diplomat (Breiviks father) and a retired Army Major (Breivik’s step father) after all so her connections into the Norwegian Establishment cannot be doubted.

If somebody no matter who it is is directly connected to a crime then they are called an accomplice or it is called a conspiracy and with regards to Breivik’s mother there is no way out of the situation because she knowingly did it and kept silent about it which is complicity.

Bang to rights as we say in England.

Mrs. Breivik senior did not ask any questions about where the money was coming from she just willingly opened up 3 bank accounts in her name and then allowed the money from Breivik’s offshore accounts to flow into her accounts.

See no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil.

It was not a few thousand dollars either; it was an eye brow raising half a million.

Clean cut case of criminal involvement with the Norwegian police having all of the evidence against her yet she has not been arrested and charged for her part in the conspiracy. Why?

Instead she has been allowed to give her personal opinion concerning her son’s mental state of mind within the first flawed psychiatric report and claim he was ‘insane’ 5 years ago which was then spread around the world to re-enforce the 'insane' label in the public eye.

5 years ago when she was washing his illegal money through her bank accounts for his impending acts of terrorism, so she could not have thought he was that insane to have washed over $500,000 through her own bank accounts for him.

That’s just one more gaping hole in the first psychiatric report that means it no longer has any legal basis to enter the court house on April 16th 2012. If it does what will the outside world think about the Norwegian justice system?

Protected from prosecution and helping to enforce the ‘insane’ label on her son.

The plot thickens…

You could argue that over $500,000 is a lot of money to earn from selling bogus certificates online, so you have to question whether or not some, if not all of that money was from Breivik’s terrorist funders.

Have the Norwegian police followed the paper trail to confirm that the story about certificates is real?

If not Breivik’s mother washed more than the proceeds of crime through her accounts, she washed the financing of international terrorism through them.

A very serious crime…No way out!

It is said that Breivik received the money in 14 separate accounts located in 7 different Countries and then funneled the money back into Norway through his mother’s accounts.

Who taught Breivik the art of international banking? His English ‘mentor’?

Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake who has been interviewed about his role as the possible English ‘mentor’ works as the manager of the Oracle database inside a large prestigious bank operating out of London so knows exactly how the banking system works. Not only this, it is an International bank operating in many foreign Countries so fits in-line with the knowledge needed for Breivik’s international network of banks.

Ayling is himself also linked to a similar network of international banking businesses through his "City investment fund Pacific Capital Investment Management" company that is known of. What is not public knowledge yet is any past businesses he has been operating linked to an international network of banks similar to Breivik’s own. Although the name pretty much says it all, and looks like a blatant money funneling operation.

More circumstantial evidence proving that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is the English ‘mentor’ Breivik speaks of.

Why has he not been arrested, deported to Norway under an arrest warrant, and interrogated properly yet?

I wonder whether Breivik would cut a deal for the sake of his mother and offer up his controller and the group? He has stated that his mother is his Achilles heel, so if I was the Norwegian police wanting to crack him and get him to talk about his accomplices I would offer him the deal to save his mother’s life from spending many years in prison for her complicity to his crimes. I am sure all those effected from July 22nd 2011 would agree with that deal.

Time will tell.

One thing is certain and that is his mother should now be arrested and charged for conspiracy and there is no way out of that one, unless of course she has State protection. But then all those Utoya survivors and the families who lost loved ones will then question “how and why” which will not be able to be ignored by wider Norwegian society.

All are equal before the law in a Democracy!

Is Norway a Democracy or a carefully concealed Dictatorship?

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