10 April 2012

Surprise Surprise Breivik declared sane

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Breivik declared sane

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Here's the press release:

Oslo City Court
Expert Report:

- Do not psychotic at the time of action

The experts' main conclusion is that the defendant Anders Breivik Behring is not considered psychotic at the time of action 22 July 2011. This means that he is considered sane at work time.

The forensic psychiatric expert Terje Tørrissen and Agnar Aspaas has today delivered its forensic psychiatric report on the accused in terror case Utøya and in the government quarter, Anders Breivik Behring, the Oslo City Court and the parties in the case.

This is the conclusion: The experts are conducted for forensic psychiatric examination of Behring Anders Breivik b 130 279:

1. Observanden was not psychotic, unconscious or mentally retarded to a great extent (§ 44) at the time of the impugned acts.

2. Observanden have a serious mental disorder with significantly impaired ability to realistic assessment of its relationship with the outside world, and he acted under a strong disturbance of consciousness at the time of the impugned acts. Observanden is not mentally retarded (§ 56 c).

3. Observanden was not psychotic at the time of the surveys.

4. Mandate Section 7 is deleted when the experts have concluded negative with respect to conditions covered by the Penal Code, § 44

5. There is a high risk of repeated violent action.

The report will now be considered by the forensic commission. It is assumed that the Commission's assessment is well ahead of the experts to testify in the trial in June.

The report's other contents are confidential and therefore can not comment.

The experts have told the court that their report has been prepared on the basis of documents, their own conversations, collected health data and reports from three weeks of observation in an institution under the provisions of the Criminal Procedure Act § 167 The experts have reviewed the entire process considered objections and alternative ways of understanding. The conclusion was made unanimous.

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