21 April 2012

Breivik: Some questions for the prosecution

I owe Norway nothing, except to stand up for what I believe is right for the memory of those 69 children murdered on Utoya Island, their parents and all those left injured from the events that day.  And respect for the person who helped make my first visit to Norway easier than it would have been otherwise given the circumstances.

The Norwegian State have themselves helped continue the lies being said and spread about me through the media and the time will come in the future when you will pay for what you have done and apologies to me for putting me through this.

I in no way support Breivik and in no way do I defend him.
But if the Norwegians want to close the case down and claim Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one, even in the court room in front of the worlds media, then that means they are saying I am wrong and that nobody set me up to be a fall guy.

And I have my right through my own media platform to refute anything that goes against my belief, and then let others judge for themselves and decide.

Trial by media and I have my own media even if it is a little smaller than the controlled governmental media ‘beast’. I don’t need the media wolves to do my bidding.  I did so at the beginning in an attempt to defend myself, but they still wrote what they wanted irrespective of it being the truth or not, because it looked like a good story in their eyes and opinions.

I believe with all my heart that I was set up and by who and I want it fully investigated on an ‘official’ basis if there are grounds for it to be investigated.

I am not taking the Island massacre on my consciounse or my reputation and that’s what the past 9 months have been about for me.

Read my blog and you decide whether or not there are grounds enough for Alan Lake to be arrested and interrogated under police caution.

I had absolutely no links to Norway, I had never been there, and definitely have never been linked to Breivik in anyway whatsoever otherwise I would not still be sitting here after traveling to Norway to prove these points.

If I am proven right once a proper investigation has taken place based upon the evidence against Alan Lake, then what is this going to say about the credibility and competence of the Norwegian Security Apparatus and their justice system?

The PST is already under investigation.

Independent online:
Norway's truth seeker
Quote: In comments before the trial, Bejer Engh let it be known that she was proud to be part of the prosecution team. "It will give me an opportunity to show our humane system of justice to the rest of the world," she told reporters.

Or it will show something very very different to what she expected of her Norwegian justice system in the eyes of the World.
Quote: In the real world of a Norway still coming to terms with the pain and horror of the Utoya atrocity, Bejer Engh is now winning praise for a remarkable performance which may well determine the outcome of the 10-week trial.

That’s in her hands and her future career depends on her actions and the final verdict.

Quote: In the eyes of the fanatical far right, a verdict of sane would lend some legitimacy to Breivik's murderous actions. He would be imprisoned and it is clear from Breivik's pronouncements that he would claim to be Europe's far-right martyr.

He has achieved his status amongst the extreme far-right and his message is now out there so a verdict of sane or insane is irrelevant now.

Quote: Quietly cross- examining the accused while remaining seated, she told him that the prosecution had no evidence to show that the "Knights Templar" existed.

This is the difference from an established Organisation as Breivik first claimed, to a small group of intelligent individuals wanting to start a war against Left Wing Marxist governments.

Anything founded upon lies will always be exposed when faced with the light of truth as has happened with Breivik’s Knights Templar Organisation.  It has been relegated to the truth by Breivik himself because it has been exposed as a lie by those evaluating him.

Liar…wolf in sheeps clothing.

The Knights Templar iconography and Breiviks attempt to create a terrorist organisation with him as the ideological leader on the back of KT ideology and iconography, is what the group Breivik is connected to have used to set me up as their fall guy, as if I was the English ‘mentor’ behind Breivik.

He committed his acts and everyone pointed the finger at me  -  It’s not brain surgery
Quote: Instead she exposed the organisation as something which looked very much like a figment of fantasy created by a school dropout and failed businessman who was addicted to the computer game World of Warcraft.

How many soldiers are on the battlefields of the World today, now, as you are reading this who have grown up in the gaming age immersed in an almost addictive daily real life version of war?

It’s the in thing for some computer users, old and young.

If he was a failed businessman then where did the $600,000 come from that he washed through his mothers 3 bank accounts?

If through selling fake certificates then that’s a lot of money for a so called failed business man.

If it is the financing of international terrorism then his mother should be charged with conspiracy and Breivik offered the deal.

Which one is it?
Quote: Breivik had earlier claimed that he was ordained by the so-called "Knights Templar" at a meeting in London in the spring of 2002 where nine of the "most brilliant political strategists in Europe" were sworn in at a founding ceremony where white gloves and uniforms were worn. Its members included his English mentor codenamed "Richard the Lionheart". "Were uniforms and white gloves really worn?" asked Bejer Engh. "No, I expressed that rather pompously," admitted the mass murderer.
Breivik admitting that the ideology and iconography behind his “2083” manifesto is based upon lies. 

Are there core truths underneath those lies though or is Breivik a “solo terrorist” linked to no one who was recruited, radicalized, trained and financed from the confines of his bedroom in his mothers house?

Pull the other one…

Its now been claimed that the Serbian Breivik met in Liberia was Milorad Pelemis

Read this for yourself and see if you can come up with a better explanation.

Further reading:
The Liberia London connection
Quote: she added. Under her questioning Breivik was forced to concede that his brilliant strategists were more like "sofa generals" and "keyboard warriors" than latter-day crusaders.

Alan Lake & Co
Quote: During her relentless questioning of Breivik on Wednesday, she cross-examined him about the two military training courses he claims he attended in the Baltic states in 2004. "Cell commanders" from throughout Europe were supposedly present. "On the first occasion you were in the country for 25 hours, on the second for 19 hours. What could you do on these training courses in such a short time?"

An active General or Commander of a Terrorist group is not going to sit down and have a week long conference with tea and coffee at break time like State prosecutors do is he.

Time is of the essence and the more time you spend with your network of active terrorist soldiers then the more likely it will be that you are discovered  -  That’s just basic logic

In and out within a matter of hours does not raise suspicion just like the Norwegian prosecutor is saying.

What is more plausible, Breivik the insane “solo terrorist” linked to no one, or Breivik the international jet setting political terrorist who carried out the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century linked to a network who he met on several occasions clandestinely and who have an agenda.

How long would it take to meet face to face with your terrorist cell commanders and debrief them?

A 2 or 3 hour meeting I would assume is sufficient.

They were not being paramilitary trained, that happened in Belarus, they were being debriefed about their mutual cause and possibly meeting other trusted contacts connected to the network.

So Breivik knows exactly what is going on even if the Norwegian investigators and prosecution do not or even believe him.

Look at the evidence and draw your own conclusions.

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