3 April 2012

Breivik admits he is part of Gladio

Dagbladet: Breivik admits Gladio

Unless google translate is wrong in its translation of this Dagbladet article, it looks like Breivik has admitted his involvement with Operation Gladio.

This fits in-line with the evidence.

Quote: Yes, hello, my name is Commander Anders Breivik Behring in the Norwegian anti-communist resistance movement, said the gunman to the police when he called the emergency number from Ut√łya and claimed he would surrender.

Operation Gladio was set up after the Second World War and was comprised of ‘secret groups’ of individuals set up in different Countries who would be ready, willing and trained to fight against a “communist” invasion of Europe if it ever occurred.

There is said to have been a Gladio network set up in Norway after the Second World War.

Was Breivik the son of a Norwegian Government diplomat to London and step son of a Norwegian Army Major recruited into a secret neo-Gladio network prior to 2002 in Norway?

Looks like it!

When Breivik was arrested he never said “I am Knights Templar Breivik of Order blah blah blah” he said “My name is Anders Breivik Behring in the Norwegian anti-communist resistance movement”.

Project Gladio

Breivik carried out a terrorist mission on July 22nd 2011 which was an attempted coup and is in-line with Gladio ideology.

If google translate is correct Breivik has admitted that the movement he is from has carried out up to 50 terrorist attacks since the Second World War which could only mean Gladio.

The most famous Gladio terrorist attack prior to Breivik was the Piazza Fontana bombing in Italy.

Quote: The police have been hard at Breivik to find out more about this alleged organization. As he had not wanted to mention the names of alleged accomplices, intellectual relatives or partners, has Breivik now questioning mentioned several alleged members: Breivik claim that people who are behind a total of 50 or so attacks in Europe since the 2nd World War is that movement.

This could explain why there has been an attempted white wash of the whole case with it closed down from the very beginning by whoever is in charge of the investigation at the very top of the chain in Norway or outside of Norway. They know more than we know and do not want the full truth to come out for some reason irrespective of all those murdered by Breivik.

It does not say much for the integrity of the current Norwegian intelligentsia when faced with the cold blooded murder of 69 of their innocent Norwegian children and the butchering and maiming of many more. Their pay packet and gold plated pension schemes seem to mean more to them than truth and justice within the society whose safety and security they claim to defend and uphold.

Their simple mistake of not checking on Breivik when told to do so by Customs resulted in the massacre on Utoya Island, so you could say blame rests solely at their feet and now they cover up the truth.

Is there high level PST involvement?

Do your research on Leo Zagami. Amongst other things he is linked to Project Gladio and P2 out of Italy around 2002, is directly linked to Norway and London where he has lived, and he has made a direct threat of carrying out a coup against the Norwegian Government because of a historical grievance with the Establishment there.

No mainstream newspaper has reported on this, and there has been no continuation of reporting on the Norwegian Democrat MP’s recorded talking about carrying out a coup in Norway.


Breivik has stated that the recent German neo-Nazi’s involved with the murders of Turkish shop owners between 2000 – 2006 are members of the same movement as he. It was revealed as part of the investigation into this case that there was a rogue German intelligence hand in this group’s terrorist campaign with a German officer being present at the scene of one of the murders.

The Germans have faced up to their own internal problems.

This group in Germany somehow evaded capture for a number of years and were uncovered in the months after Breivik, with 2 members of the gang allegedly committing suicide and the third now in prison.

All evidence points to the fact that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ and the question still remains about his possible links to MI5/MI6.

Lake also has contacts in the political Establishment in Norway and Sweden.

He has not been arrested yet in the face of mounting evidence against him concerning his involvement with Breivik so there is something going on that Joe public doesn’t know about him. Probably high level people involved with him who have the means and capability to try and close down the case surrounding him so that they themselves are not brought out into the open and their treasonous murderous actions against innocent children be uncovered. (look at the prestigious bank he works for)

Lake also has a friend called “Richard the Lionheart” who the Norwegians have still not traced to my knowledge even though it is a critical piece of evidence for the full investigation.

Yet the head of the PST claims Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one without fully investigating all credible leads and bringing them out into the open!

Who is he taking ‘orders’ from?

He looks ridiculous and everyone taking a serious interest in this case knows it too but he/they are in control of the official investigation and this includes the information fed to the media. An investigation that has used a completely flawed psychiatric report with more holes in it than a golf course for the past 6 – 7 months to deem Breivik as an insane “solo terrorist” in the public eye around the World.

How is the stage managed global media going to report on this one now?

They have propagated the official lies for the past 8 months and created a perception of Breivik and the case through the world’s media that is completely false; so as to cover up the real truth about him and his attempted coup de tat in Norway that is directly linked to Operation Gladio.

Insane “solo terrorist”, based upon a psychiatric report that has absolutely no legal grounds to even reach the court house on April 16th now due to the serious conflicting information it was based on, and the views and opinions about his state of mind by what can only now be described as a co-conspirator.

This is on top of all the historical evidence not proven or disproven yet.

The Norwegians claim Breivik’s Knights Templar organisation does not exist. They are probably expecting to look over the hills and see a standing army on horses like in the days of the Crusades and then they will believe him.

We live in the 21st Century and not the Middle Ages…

Something out of the ordinary was going on with Liberia & London so to dismiss these facts as irrelevant and a part of Breivik’s paranoid psychotic schizophrenia undermines the whole investigation as anyone reading this knows.

Would be interesting to hear the Norwegian polices explanation of the Liberia/London trips. One thing is certain is that they have consistently stated there is no evidence of a group meeting taking place in London.

Just because they cannot prove it does not mean it did not take place but that is just Norwegian investigative logic. It was 10 years ago, and the Liberia then London trip blatantly says something out of the ordinary happened yet the Norwegians deny anything untoward was going on with their domestic political terrorist.

Christian Halto is wheeled out on TV to tell the gullible public there is no evidence, and most accept it hook line and sinker because it comes from the officials so it must be right and true.
Breivik says he is linked to a small group of people from different Countries emanating out of London in 2002 who will have each been carrying out their own preparations individually over the past 10 years, with the July 22nd terrorist attacks and “2083” manifesto being used in an attempt to unite people from all over the world to their political ideological European banner, and calling on real ‘lone wolves’ (clean skins) to follow Breivik’s lead as laid down in the manifesto.

A secret well connected neo-Gladio style group exactly like Breivik claims who have damaged the reputation of Knights Templar’s everywhere by spilling the blood of innocent Christian European children in their name.

A network who set me up to be their fall guy!

“It’s better to have the right friends than the wrong enemies”

It’s about time people stepped forward…

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