27 April 2012

Voice of sanity in Norwegian bubble of insanity

There is news all over the internet today of a respected psychiatrist from London giving his opinion on Breivik.

Quote: (LONDON) — Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik is insisting in court that attempts to label him as insane are misplaced — and some psychiatrists agree that simply committing such monstrous crimes does not mean a person is mentally ill.

"Everyone's first assumption is that Breivik must be insane because he's done such terrible things," said Dr. Simon Wessely, of the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London. "But it doesn't automatically follow that he must be mad just because what he has done is inexplicable."

In a commentary published Friday in the British medical journal Lancet, Wessely writes that explanation is too simplistic.

Time: Breivik likely not insane

(The agenda of the Norwegian State prosecutors from Day 1 has been to label Breivik as insane, on top of their “solo terrorist” linked to no one claim, which is laughable at how ridicules it is in the face of the evidence, only it’s not funny.)

You can almost hear the gasps of ‘shock and awe’ that someone so high profile as the respected London psychiatrist could come out and publicly say such a thing about Breivik being sane.

This is a professional in his respective field who is not dealing with the feelings and emotions of the case just the cold hard facts in front of him as any professional should which has led him to state his respected conclusion on Breivik’s state of mind.

Saying Breivik is sane does not mean you support Breivik contrary to what people think.

If Breivik was dribbling at the mouth, rocking backwards and forwards on his chair and uttering things worthy of a mad man then the ‘insane’ label would fit perfectly. His crimes aside, he is not, he is speaking logically within the framework of his view point and belief system, although misguided in places from what I have read.

He is not talking about aliens landing from outer space he is talking about mainstream right-wing political thought which is the reason why he has said he committed his acts.

Cameron, Merkel and Sarkozy have all come out publicly and stated that multiculturalism has failed, and we are now living in the aftermath of the failed social experiment in our Countries. Norway obviously has not walked down the path far enough to see the almost irreversible consequences it has had on our Nations to be able to understand and see for themselves through experience.

Maybe they should take note from their European counterparts before it is too late for them.

40,000 people took to the streets to sing children of the rainbow in Norway in defiance of Breivik’s beliefs, which is all well and good because it’s true, God made us all in different shapes, sizes and colours, but go try signing that same song in Saudi Arabia home of Islam and see what the reaction is.

A non-moslem walking in the wrong part of town is punishable by death in some places, there is not one single Church in the Country, and an uncovered Western woman is white meat who is allowed to be dragged off and raped for some moslems sexual gratification.

Our European freedoms are what are going to be the death of our Nations from within when you look at the cold hard facts.

These facts do not equate to supporting Breivik.

Instead of the Breivik trial getting to the bottom of the truth and other people’s involvement which is what most criminal trials are about, it has turned out to be a battle ground between Breivik’s sanity or insanity.

What is the meaning of this?

Me personally I do not care either way whether he is found sane or insane because it changes nothing, but what does the sane or insane label mean to the Norwegian State prosecutors who want the insane label held against Breivik and are fighting for it?

Nice clean Government cover up.

Ander’s Breivik the “solo terrorist” linked to no one who is insane and was radicalised, recruited, trained and financed from his bedroom at his mother’s house and then the Norwegian people can go back to sleep in their State controlled bubble, with Breivik’s thoughts and opinions relegated to nothing more than the thoughts and opinions of a lone ‘mad man’.

I think it’s a little too late for that now, although the present Norwegian State apparatus cannot see it as they seek to control the Breivik case in the public eye. The whole world is now watching what is happening over there, and everyone is forming their own opinions of the proceedings and coming to their own conclusions.

Not being funny but there are millions of people across the West who think exactly like Breivik thinks about immigration, Islamisation and multiculturalism, only they would not turn their thoughts into the actions of a rampaging monster killing children to get them heard.

Are they all mad too?

Are the general populations of Europe watching as the Norwegian State is being pulled out into the public eye and shown to be a “Marxist Dictatorship” in the heart of Europe that does not want its ruling political class to lose power no matter what the cost?

(Call me a conspiracy theorist but I have facts I want answering as the one smeared around the world as his English ‘mentor’)

The blood of 69 dead children and many more butchered and maimed seems to be a price worth paying for them.

I’m with the Norwegian King because I have an understanding from my English view point on the role of Monarchy in the affairs of the Nation, and the Government works on-behalf of the ‘Head of State’ and not the other way around.

I’m not Norwegian so don’t know how things are over there but by the looks of it, it’s the ruling Marxist Labour Party who control all aspects of society and the people’s inherited National wealth, with Breivik and his thoughts and opinions being a threat to that long standing status quo, and the King and his family nothing more than figure heads for the tourists and the façade of having a European Monarch to play the part in the eyes of others.

Correct me if I am wrong but that’s what it’s looking like to me while following the case and trial.

I don’t think the King of Norway is ever going to get a better chance to reassert his position and control over his Kingdom and Government than now while the whole world is watching.

A shift in the axis of power…back to its God appointed place in Norway a distant and close relative of the British Isles and the throne of England.

Get to the bottom of the truth about Breivik on behalf of the dead and their families, prove that he was not a “solo terrorist” linked to no one as has been claimed from day 1, and then the Norwegian people are going to question the integrity of the State and their prosecutors.

Their script just does not hold up in the light.

After 9 months and the charade they have fed to the Norwegian people as ‘truth & justice’ in what they believed to be a European democracy, I don’t think a ‘sorry’ is going to quite cut it when all those children lay dead, especially not now they are continuing the charade in the court room under the glare of the worlds media.

What do I know though, I just want to get to the bottom of the truth behind who set me up and nobody seems to want to pursue this at the moment even in the face of all of the evidence.

Hopefully the King of Norway will have a quiet word in the Queen of England’s ear for her to command her PM to round up Lake & Co and interrogate them based upon the evidence against them in this case, then let the media wolves do their job.

The first State sanctioned psychiatric report that was challenged by pretty much everyone, and most importantly the survivors and their families, has absolutely no legal grounds to even be in the courts proceedings due to the serious flaws it was built upon, yet no body has challenged it yet.

The Norwegian psychiatric commission have pulled the second report and questioned why they have not spoken to Breivik’s mother to help form their professional opinion on Breivik when Breivik’s mother is a co-conspirator behind his crimes.

Would you form a professional opinion on someone’s state of mind based upon knowing that the person in question laundered $600,000 of terrorist funding for the accused which makes them a co-conspirator?

Those second psychiatrists made the right decision leaving the mothers opinion out of their report otherwise they would be in the same position as the first.

It’s about time ‘truth & justice’ prevailed…

Am I wrong in stating that Breivik should be offered a deal excluding his mother from prosecution for money laundering in an international terrorism trial if he gives up the name of his real English ‘mentor’?

If not, then why has that not been offered?

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