24 April 2012

A quick recap

Breivik went operational in the preparation and planning of his terrorist mission in September 2009, 2 months after the founding EDL meeting in Alan Lake's Barbican flat. This was after the first meeting with Lake in the same flat several weeks before when Kinana, Ann Marcini and the anonymous 'Richard the Lionheart' were all present.

What was the trigger to spark Breivik on his preparation and countdown in 2009?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist...

Alan Lake & Co are not children playing toy soldiers with action men. They are fully grown adults who rub shoulders with influential people in civil society. They took a hold of the EDL movement in the UK for their own political agenda and they invested a lot of time money and influence over the 2 1/2 years I was in self imposed exile after getting it off the ground in the first place.

A political agenda that has seen them attempt to create a larger European wide movement based upon the EDL model.

Why have the UK press not reported on the truth behind the EDL and the people involved?

At the founding EDL meeting Lake knew he had to get rid of me as several times he was put in his place in the group setting which showed I was not a pliable obedient little pet dog, and money could not buy my loyalty or subservience. I set the table with Ann Marcini so had a different view of how the proceedings should go. Little did I know that she had no respect for me and he was coming to the table with a much different agenda. I thought he was a homosexual to be honest, a little weak man who wanted to be another Geert Wilders, and that's no disrespect to any homosexuals reading this, its just a statement of fact about Lake.

That's why talk of murder by him is s joke...but the British police should have arrested him for it as part of the bigger Breivik enquiry but they never.

Ann Marcini brought Lake to the table after I approached her about setting the EDL up as a National street protest movement as she was my contact.

I received news about Lake sticking his knife in my back amongst the 'group' from my friend Dymphna at 'Gates of Vienna' several months after the founding meeting.

It makes me wonder whether or not I was always the intended scapegoat for the atrocity, someone they could wrap it up in and accuse to deflect all attention and blame from themselves, using the imagery and iconography of the EDL that I brought into the movement.

In attendance at the founding EDL meeting there was also a professor in military strategies present. Gandalf of the Up Pompeii blog.

Like I say, these are not children playing toy soldiers with action men, they are people with money and political influence, who have life long political agendas, and have been using the EDL movement for nearly 3 years in pursuit of that mutual political agenda.

You ask yourself how far are they willing to go? Breivik?

Call them 'cultural conservatives' if you will. Lake did state to Dagbladet that he is an old school conservative which kind of like proves the point in a round a bout way.

Then Breivik strikes and although on the outside to those who have no knowledge of the truth the finger is pointed at me because of the very simple things (clothes) Breivik wrapped up his ideology in. At the heart of Breivik's ideology is Fraudman, he named the manifesto after one of his works, and all links of where Breivik actually came from, meaning his English 'mentor' is traced back to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake & Co and the same network.

But no action has been taken against him or them?

Then you do a little digging around Lake and a whole different world opens up and proves the point even more that Lake is behind Breivik and a much more sinister plot potentially involving high powered people emerges.

The media who knew nothing about the case look at the images Breivik promotes, they look at my blog and then they write their stories convicting me in the public eye which shows the integrity and competence of modern journalism. It looks like a good story and the pictures fit together so we will smear him all over the news as the English 'mentor' irrespective of the facts.

Is Breivik not more than clothes and imagery?

Its all about the ideology inside the manifesto (cultural conservatism - militant nationalism) that's why he massacred a bunch of innocent kids, and I am not even inside that manifesto thank God.

Breivik even admits that the Knights Templar stuff has been made up.

Look a little deeper than the window dressing and you will see that Fraudman who has a catalogue of 'cultural conservative' essays is Breivik's ideological inspiration and he has had direct email communication with him. Fraudman also hid his computer from the police when he knew they were about to come knocking on his door. Fraudman is linked inside Norway to the same network as Breivik and 2 Norwegian MP's were recorded talking about carrying out similar attacks to what Breivik actually carried out at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference.

What happened with that line of inquiry?

All these unanswered questions and the Norwegian prosecutors want everyone to believe Breivik was a "solo terrorist" connected to no one who is insane, which turns back upon them, and questions their own reality and simple analytical skills.

Fraudman is directly connected to Lake etc and the same ideological political European network which is the same as the one Breivik belongs to.

Yet I stood accused of being the English 'mentor' with the press still promoting that lie or trying to still fit me in the box because its an easier job that rooting out the truth or challenging injustices in this case at the detriment to the Norwegian children murdered and maimed by Breivik. You have all these direct links and ideological links linking Lake, Fraudman and the network and nobody bats an eye lid because their journalistic competence, integrity and intelligence does not take them past the eye candy to the heart of the matter (that's not all of course).

That's the respect they have for their readers as they churn out rubbish every day and call it news.

And nobody likes to admit they are wrong, especially newspapers because they know there is a massive libel suit heading their way if they are wrong and it could cost someone their jobs. And why not when the public expects high ethical standards from those bringing the news into people's daily lives every day about serious current events that they also pay money to learn about.

Its about time the media started promoting the facts in this case to the public and not wishy washy stories that look good but are completely false.

You think I would have gone to Norway if I did not know my hands were spotless before God?

Its about time Alan Ayling was all over the World news and then lets see if he can stand under the spotlight or whether he falls because he is guilty.

Time will tell...

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