20 April 2012

Need I say more?

Video: Tommy - Breivik & Alan Lake

Video: The folly of Alan Lake

A liar is always a liar...

Watch the video yourself and then ask who is the dummie!

Is it a Republican faction in the UK backing this group and protecting Lake from prosecution?

They are Irish Republican stock after all.

I hear from my reliable EDL sources that "Tommy" & Co have been in direct talks with Noraid Chicago chapter about funding their politics in the UK which is Paul Weston's British Freedom Party (BFP).

Direct threat to the throne of England, and Operation Breivik and part 2 has been tailored for the UK militant right-wing scene with the "2083" manifesto in perfect English signed by Breivik's Anglicised name.

All the hail mary's and God bless the Queen that comes out of "tommy" & Uncle Kev's mouths on youtube in front of a bunch of willing English sheep.

Further reading: Yaxley & Aylings finger pointing

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You think the likes of Alan Lake & Co are using the EDL and its membership for Saturday fun?

They have a cultural conservative political agenda that is in-line with Breivik's political ideology.and are obviously a committed group of people who have high level political and financial support.

If they are the group directly connected to Breivik then they have Lord's and Ladies supporting them and its not going to look very good that English Lord's and Ladie's with bloodline are directly connected to the group connected to the man who massacred 69 innocent Norwegian kids on a summer camp while dressed as a policeman, and butchering and maiming a load more, all in the name of their politics.

What a dark stain on Britain if it is true...and one has to wonder if some hardcore militant nationalists out there in the UK are planning a spectacular like July 22nd 2011, with them having their own UK Breivik, willing to give up his life for the cause.

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