28 April 2012

Alan Lake - A profile

Ander’s Breivik the extreme right-wing political terrorist who butchered, murdered and maimed a bunch of innocent misguided kids on their summer camp is the son of the former Norwegian diplomat to London and step son of a former army Major.

When he was arrested on Utoya Island he claimed that his actions were a coup de tat.

What circles was he walking in at 22 years old and whose path did he cross, in and amongst those circles when these are his family ties?

Let’s not be naïve here.

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Breivik claims that he attended a meeting in London in 2002 with a group who he has stated are Knights Templar’s. He was in London in 2002 directly after his Liberia trip (1 – 2 weeks). He has stated that his trip to Liberia was part of his recruitment process into the secretive right-wing group.

Was his father working in London in 2002?
What type of circles was his father walking in, in London due to his diplomatic political position?

Let’s not be naïve here.

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I obviously do not know the full background to Alan Ayling/Lake and what secretive little groups he belongs to but what I do know is that one of his partners in his property company Bridgewater House included Penny Jonas who is the fund director at Temple Church London.

Temple Church is the Knights Templar Church in England.

Not knowing whether or not Alan Ayling/Lake is a member of the Knights Templar in England, he does have a direct connection through Penny Jonas that is known of. Not just any person from within the Order but their Church fund director which is as high up within the structure as a director position is.

Is Ayling/Lake a member of KT London?

I in no way believe the leadership of the Knights Templar in England would have sanctioned Ander’s Breivik in Norway to carry out his massacre against a group of innocent European children in the name of right-wing politics but that is not my remit to state for a fact, that is the remit of the Grand Master of the Order to find out and make clear to the public through whatever channels now that their names and reputations are on the line.

My belief is that Ayling/Lake set up his own extremist group aside from the Order but in their name.

Again that is not within my remit to know.

Knowing that Ayling/Lake is directly connected to the Knights Templar in England through the fund director Penny Jonas at Temple Church, it is the responsibility of the Knights Templar’s leadership to get to the bottom of Alan Ayling and his association within their ranks and what he has been carrying out in their name.

The blood of innocent Norwegian children at this present moment stains their names and reputations in the eyes of others because of Ayling/Lake, and the Lord Jesus Christ sitting upon His throne is watching what those who claim to defend his name and His followers throughout the ages will do about this.

This is just a matter of fact about the situation.

So Alan Ayling/Lake is directly connected to the Knights Templar in England which links him to Breivik’s claim of a meeting with a secretive group in London calling themselves Knights Templar’s.

Video: The folly of Alan Lake

Several witnesses have spoken to the Norwegian media about attending secretive group meetings held in London organised by Ayling/Lake that are ideological meetings with the purpose of brainwashing people to his way of right-wing social political thinking.

Part of that social and political thinking he has impressed upon his group followers is to lie to the media and police.

Alan Ayling/Lake has been interviewed by British police under Norwegian observation over his possible involvement with Breivik.

In light of the new revelatory information about him, his connections, and direct involvement with Breivik, what lies will he be found to have told to them in interview that could be used against him in a court of law?

These secretive group meetings held in London are part of his web based 4Freedoms Community network.

Breivik has stated in police interview that he was inspired by the 4Freedoms Community and that it is ideologically identical to his planned Knights Templar group he has been hoping to establish on the back of his terrorist atrocities.

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It has been confirmed that Breivik did not participate on the web forum he was only an observer to my knowledge.

Breivik is known to have actively participated on many web forum discussions about politics, so why did Breivik not participate in discussions on 4Freedoms if he was inspired by it and it is ideologically identical to his own political agenda?

You would have thought that if 4Freedoms was ideologically identical to his own political agenda, then he would have been one of its most active members. He obviously spent enough time browsing the site to know that it is ideologically identical to his own.

To participate in forum discussions on 4Freedoms would have meant leaving an electronic foot print on the website and traceable direct link to Ayling/Lake.

For some reason Breivik did not want to leave a foot print?

What is that reason?

There is a whole host of extremists who participate on the 4Freedoms Community website who fully endorse Breivik’s murderous actions against innocent children, and who are directly linked to Ayling/Lake and the EDL leadership.

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I was in attendance at the pre founding EDL meeting and founding EDL meeting so know exactly who was present at both meetings.

Breivik claims that his mentor was an English man whose code name was ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

At the pre founding EDL meeting there was a man present who operates online under the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ who the Norwegian police know of (not his identity to my knowledge).

Kinana and Ann Marcini can both independently verify this fact if they choose to tell the truth, if not they will be perverting the course of justice which is a very serious crime.

I have an email sent to me from Kinana concerning this meeting 3 years ago after I mistakenly emailed him instead of Ayling/Lake after the meeting took place. Kinana states who was present at the meeting which includes this anonymous person who calls himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

A direct link linking Ayling/Lake to someone calling himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

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The Norwegian State prosecutors have claimed that Breivik was a failed businessman.

Breivik had multiple offshore bank accounts, I believe 11 if I am correct, and he washed $600,000 through 3 of his own mothers bank accounts which is a fact released by the Norwegian police.

Who taught Breivik the art of international banking, and was the money really from fake certificates and diplomas or the financing of international terrorism from external sources?

Ayling/Lake works/worked as the manager of the Oracle database within the prestigious European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and is the director of multiple financial/banking businesses that look more like money funneling operations.

In one of his companies he had a Norwegian secretary.

Who is she and what is her background?

Ayling/Lake is also directly connected through his money funneling companies to other very high profile people working within large international banks (Deutche Bank Singapore) (Eurochambers Singapore), whose reputations would be SERIOUSLY damaged if it is proven that Ayling/Lake is behind Breivik.

Who taught Breivik the failed businessman the art of international banking?

Considering Breivik’s mother is inextricably linked to his crimes through the money trail, why has she not been arrested and charged for her complicity in Breivik’s heinous crimes?

I didn’t not know, or realise, is not an excuse before the law when a serious crime has been committed.

Then you ask; why has Breivik not been offered a deal to prevent his mother from being prosecuted?

I am sure everyone intimately involved in Breivik’s crimes would agree that a deal for his innocent mother is a price worth paying in the scheme of things.

The bank that Ayling/Lake works/worked for operates in Serbia and the Balkans which possibly brings in the link to the Serbian connection in 2002.

One of Breivik’s main aims has been to highlight the work of Fraudman his Norwegian comrade after he named his “2083” manifesto after one of Fraudman’s essays “A European Declaration of Independence”.

When Ayling/Lake was interviewed by the Norwegian press he also wanted to bring to people’s attention to the written work of Fraudman Breivik’s ideological inspiration.

Breivik had direct email contact with Fraudman and when Fraudman knew the Norwegian police were seeking him he hid his computer from them in a lock up.

Ayling/Lake is directly connected to Fraudman.

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In any mentor mentee relationship there will inevitably be a common language spoken about certain issues discussed, and the ideas, ideology and language that Breivik speaks about his politics and terrorist ideas is exactly the same language that Ayling/Lake speaks.

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Breivik’s video is a vision from a group calling themselves ‘cultural conservatives’ and when Ayling/Lake was interviewed by the Norwegian press he claimed he was an old school conservative.

That obviously does not mean much as many people are conservative in their views and politics but when added up with the rest of the information pointing at Ayling/Lake it is one more piece of circumstantial ideological evidence linking them both.

I believe Breivik boasts in his manifesto (I haven’t read it) of having 600 or more EDL BNP Facebook friends.

Ayling/Lake is the director behind the EDL and point man for all those people behind it that reaches right up into the heart of the British Establishment.

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The EDL’s No.1 & No.2 Steven Lennon and Kevin Carroll were at one time both active BNP members and supporters.

Steven Lennon was on the leaked BNP membership list as a family gold member and was photographed at a BNP meeting where a leader of the neo-nazi group November 9 society was giving a presentation in Luton.

Kevin Carroll was a signatory on his local BNP councilor’s election application form.

They both come from a family of IRA supporters which obviously influences their viewpoint which is against the State and Crown, irrespective of the “bull bleep” they spout in front of their EDL supporters and the media.

Ayling/Lake is the director behind them and the links that go wherever they go which isn’t my problem.

Due to specific historic reasons too long to go into full depth here, Ayling/Lake, Lennon and Carroll all had reason to want me removed from being a threat to their continued European political agenda and mass money making operation that involves the distribution of cocaine throughout the EDL network across the Country, amongst the other things they are making money from in the EDL name.

People very close to Lennon and Carroll claim from reliable sources that the drugs they are distributing amongst the EDL membership originate from the main “Asians” in Luton which is why they have been able to get away with their EDL activities in the Town.

Luton is an Al Qaeda strong hold, so do you really think they would have been able to get away with their anti-Islam activities if they did not have some type of permission from the “Asians” for some reason?

Even the leader of the EDL having a money laundering operation through a sun bed shop that was not torched or attacked by the moslems.

They probably laugh at the English behind their backs amongst themselves in Luton.

Shame on you Old school MIG’s.

Video: Tommy (grass) Robinson

Ayling/Lake had every reason to use Breivik to set me up in the hope that I would be arrested for being behind Breivik or directly linked to him, only that plan has not gone to plan.

Jesus upon His throne has my back against these evil men, and hopefully His servants on Earth in high places who know the truth about this whole saga and want the full truth to be known about them.

Massacring a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp in Norway is hard for anyone to take who have a basic form of humanity within them.

So imagine how I felt being accused by these people of being the person behind it, when it is they themselves where this traces back too!!!

The reputations of those who this traces back to are not above the blood of the innocence of Utoya and the tears of their families that I can assure you of.

The King of Norway should force the deal through for Breivik’s mother and open the truth up to everyone who is watching this case and reveal from Breivik’s own mouth who his real English ‘mentor’ is.

Ayling/Lake is surrounded by a group of extremely influential people in civil society who in no way want to be caught up in the Breivik case which in my mind is the reason why no action has been taken against Ayling/Lake and his little group of ‘cultural conservatives’.

It goes right up into Westminster and the House of Lords.

Is that justice in the “Mother of all Democracies”?

There are many Lord’s who have been sent to prison for breaking the law so they are not immune from prosecution in the UK, so neither is Ayling/Lake, especially over such a horrific case in the small little peace loving Nation of Norway that has shocked the Country and the people to its core.

What a dark stain that needs cleaning up!

God bless the Queen & Duke and long may they reign before the Lord…


P.S Ayling/Lake infiltrated the SIO movement for his own political agenda, operating under their banner in Europe, using them to develop his network of political extremists for his personal agenda, and is directly linked to several Norwegian MP’s who were recorded talking about carrying out a coup against their Government at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference, with similar attacks to the attacks Breivik actually carried out.

And the Norwegian State prosecutors in the court of law before the eyes of the Worlds media want the global public audience to believe Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one, and they are fighting tooth and nail to get the insane label placed upon him to make it complete.

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