16 April 2012

Breivik's big day in court

Breivik’s trial starts today but the reality is that it is nothing more than a show trial with the script already written by a certain faction who are in control of the Security Apparatus of Norway.

What is written in the media about the Breivik case is a complete white wash of the whole thing with the “solo terrorist” who is insane ‘official line’ that is then spread around the worlds media as if its truth which then forms the public’s perception over the case.

They are the ‘officials’ so they must be right and the willing media then create their stories around the so called truth they are told by these ‘officials’ like Christian Halto.

I don’t think I have read one single mainstream news report that has called into question the very serious anomalies in the case that shatter the illusion of Breivik the “solo terrorist”. It was the “solo terrorist” who is insane for 7 months until public opinion in Norway forced through another psychological report to be carried out, which has turned out, 3 weeks before trial, to be completely contradictory to the first ‘official line’ of insane (paranoid psychotic schizophrenic).

All professionals in the field of psychiatry who dealt with Breivik on a daily basis ridiculed the first report except those who wrote it.

Why did those first psychiatrists write a report that was completely wrong?

It worked for the trial by media for 7 months though with the whole world calling Breivik insane that reinforced the ‘official’ “solo terrorist” line.

Not only this but someone even stepped forward from somewhere offering to medicate Breivik with anti-psychotic drugs during his trial. How blatant is that, wanting to pump him with drugs so that he does looking like Charles Manson in trial for the Worlds media. A dribbling psychotic for the cameras to re-enforce the ‘official line’ of insane.

What a big mistake that one was.

The first psychiatric report would be immediately thrown out of any Court in Britain, and most other Democratic Countries around the World based upon the simple facts that make it a clearly an unsafe report.

The police stating they had finished their interrogation over possible accomplices and they were clear that he was “solo” not connected to anyone. Then 3 weeks before trial it turns out they were still interrogating him over other accomplices.

That shatters the illusion in an instant.

That first highly important report that had been spread around the world for 7 months was based upon police misinformation amongst other things which inevitable dictated the psychiatrists thought processes whilst evaluating him. So they evaluated Breivik wrongly based upon ‘official claims’.

Not only this but Breiviks mother whose opinion of her son was another part of the evaluation which was then spread around the world to reinforce the ‘official line’ of insane, is a co-conspirator. 3 weeks before trial it emerges that 5 years ago when she was claiming Breivik was insane she was actually washing $600,000 terrorist funding through her own bank accounts for her son with no questions asked (Breivik’s Achilles heel).

Who is insane?

She might be a little old lady but she still washed the financing of international terrorism through her bank accounts that resulted in the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century, with 8 killed at the Government building and 69 kids murdered on a summer camp with many more injured and maimed. No wonder she said her son was insane, he must have been to have done that to her.

Why has she not been arrested for her complicity?

Instead her opinion of her son is in the first psychiatric report that upholds the insane label, in a report that no longer has any legal basis and the mainstream media are continuing to promote her opinions of her son as if they have credibility. All it does is continues the complete white wash of everything through the media which in turn creates public perceptions that are based upon lies.

Trial by media just like the Madeleine McCann case in Portugal where the parents were accused of killing their daughter and covering it up which seriously hampered the continued search for Madeleine.

The defence lawyers have been criticised for not stepping up to the plate over this and not challenging the first report.

In a case of this magnitude you tell me whether that first report has any credibility to still be in the legal proceedings of the case, based not only on the 2 points above but the other serious discrepancies that make it a flawed report?

Now they are going to battle it out in the court room with the world watching.

Breivik’s defence team are going to make the prosecutors look completely stupid if they pull each point out of that first report to show why it has no basis to be held up against their client. Those points are then going to need answering in front of the whole world who are watching the proceedings.

Call it a catch 22 situation.

Even the Norwegian Prime Minister has stated that it is better that Breivik be found sane which means he has looked at the evidence, drawn a conclusion, formed an opinion and then made a public statement over the matter.

That’s the Prime Minister of Norway!

The King of Norway has now instilled a new head of the PST after the last caretaker made the last ‘official claim’ of Breivik the “solo terrorist” linked to no one in the media, even though the police were still interrogating Breivik.

Who are the ones giving the orders on the official statements to be released through the media?

If the King has any authority and power over his Kingdom then it’s his responsibility to get to the bottom of exactly what is going on in his Country, and he would do so on behalf of the people murdered on July 22nd 2011 which included specifically a bunch of innocent misguided Norwegian kids snatched from this life by a man dressed in a police uniform claiming it was a coup de tat.

A crime against humanity in anyone’s mind who has humanity within them, and any network or group behind that should be held to account by the International community irrespective of who they are or how high their support goes.

Trust me it does not go to the very top…

No King of any Country can sit back and say and do nothing when this horror is happening inside his Kingdom against his people, unless of course he and his family are just rich privileged relics for the tourists, with him possibly soon to find himself in exile and his Country a Republic.

Look back into history.

The innocence murdered that day is being watched by the Almighty and it has implications for many people. It has had implications for me so I do know what I am talking about, and I am looking at the whole situation through the eyes that God has given me.

My only position in all of this is that I want an explanation to, is why I was smeared all over the world’s media as Breivik’s alleged English ‘mentor’. I was not accused of being his inspiration that the media enjoyed using to paint the picture of me because they thought it fitted; I was accused of being the person he actually met after his Liberia trip in 2002.

It has been my personal belief that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake was Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ and that he set the plan in motion to have me arrested via his brainwashed pawn Anders Breivik as part of a larger conspiracy.

The Norwegian police have my full belief after 3 days and 15 hours spent in Norway with them.

There is a mountain of evidence that is piling high against Lake that puts him directly in the frame of being Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ which includes factual evidence linking them both yet no action has been taken against him.


I know that there are international observers watching my blog who are listening to my thoughts and opinions over this whole case because of what people attempted to do to me.

I am in my right to defend myself after such heinous accusations have been leveled at me, and I want to know the truth and get to the bottom of the truth for several different reasons, only it’s in the hands of the Norwegians who are controlling the case and their ‘official line’ is that Breivik is connected to no one.

Jokers…anyone with a sane mind and that includes the international observers reading my blog know that is a complete white wash of the truth, and then you have to draw your own conclusion as to why those in control of the enquiry in Norway have done this.

Is that serving the interests of the Norwegian people who pay their taxes to fund these public institutions to protect and preserve the rule of law within their Democracy, especially when 69 innocent kids were murdered and a whole load more butchered and maimed?

Has the coup taken place just like Breivik stated with a transference of power in Norway with it now in the hands of others who have no regard for the lives lost on Utoya island, what the survivors experienced and the aftermath?

You could say they are just as bad as Breivik, when in reality they are if they are behind him and protecting the network/group he is from.

That’s for the King of Norway to determine and I am sure in the scheme of things our Queen is watching his back as part of the network of European Monarchs because God only knows what is now going on within the power structure of that Country he resides over.

That’s my opinion anyway.

Look back over the last 8 months of this blog and draw your own conclusions from it and then form your own opinion.

What I have absolutely no doubt over is the fact that anyone reading chronologically the last 8 months of this blog will come to the conclusion that there are many many unanswered questions that need answering and that my opinions are very valid. I would even go as far as to say that many people would agree with me although it’s a taboo subject amongst many concerning something of this magnitude.

I straight away explained the fact that Breiviks first psychiatric report was flawed and in the end I was right and it turned out to have even more holes in it than the ones I first picked out.

Kind of like another blow to the prosecution if there is credibility to my words just like the first psychiatric report, although its maybe too late for the whole conspiracy to be brought out into the open, especially knowing Breivik will be in court for the next 3 months so there will be no more interrogations.

Maybe if there is substance to the work on this blog, which I have not seen anywhere else, enough people in Norway will call the whole thing into question just like they did with the first psychiatric report, then truth will emerge and the people behind Breivik will be held to account for what they have done which is justice in a Democracy.

I’m all for anti-Jihad, but not at the price of 69 innocent kids on their summer camp and especially not after accusing me for being behind it.

Another example to take from this case to put it into the bigger picture is the fact that all witnesses in the case have had their testimonies leaked to the public which has deterred many people from coming forward.

Breiviks own father has even refused to name his sons friends through fear of it being leaked to the public. How can that be right?

Who gains from such a tactic? Definitely not the memory of those children or those left behind who the Norwegian police are employed to protect.

I know how he feels on a personal level about this case because I have read his thoughts in the media!

Breivik’s Dilemma

Anders Breivik is now in a dilemma and if the Norwegian police have not used this card against him then you have to question yourself as to why once again.

Breivik’s mother now sits in the position of being charged for conspiracy to commit terrorism. There is absolutely no way out of that one even though she has not been arrested and charged yet which is probably because of her direct connections into the higher echelons of the Norwegian State.

I did not know does not cut it…it’s like the law of handling stolen goods.

Everyone directly involved with the case will now expect Mrs. Breivik senior to be arrested, there is absolutely no way around that fact.

The rule of law is the rule of law…

I should imagine knowing the gravity of the whole case that anyone directly linked to the financing of international terrorism which resulted in the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century has got to be looking at least 10 years in prison for their complicity to the very grave crimes.

Breivik himself placed his innocent mother in this position.

Is Breivik going to sit quietly and watch his mother do 10 years in prison for him over something she knew absolutely nothing about?

That wouldn’t be a very nice thing for him to do and he is not insane so can make a rational judgement and decision over this exact scenario.

He has just sat for the past 8 months in prison so knows that prison life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, even in Norway where it sounds like home from home for him. His mother on lock down for 10 years with all sorts of criminal convicts and daily prison life isn’t going to be a very nice thought for him to mull over in his mind and he has had to do it for 8 months.

Now or in the future.

He knew this scenario was ever present which is probably why he said his mother was his Achilles heel.

Everyone knows the story about defeat through the Achilles heel, so call it a prophetic insight from Breivik himself if it does turn out the way it should.

Time will tell whether or not this will be Breivik’s defeat and I am sure he has had a lot of time to contemplate this exact scenario coming. Why it has not happened yet is down to those leading the investigation questioning him.

What other opportunity is Breivik going to have to cut a deal? After his trial is going to be too late and it’s on for the next 3 months so no more police interrogations and the real English ‘mentor’ in the clear for now.

If Mrs. Breivik senior is completely innocent of the knowledge of her son’s terrorist activities then I am sure nobody could complain about protecting her from prosecution if Breivik opened up and admitted the truth about who his real English ‘mentor’ is. It is obviously this man who has brainwashed Breivik and sent him out to commit his acts so he should be held to account the same as Breivik himself.

Breivik is the willing young brainwashed pawn who now sits in prison in Norway and will do for the rest of his life whilst his real English ‘mentor’ is still in the outside world enjoying the luxury of freedom to enjoy the rest of his life and the pleasures we all enjoy in the outside world.

Pleasures that Breivik will never experience again because of his real English ‘mentor’ and their mutual political cause that Breivik gave his life up for whilst his English ‘mentor’ sits back with his feet up drinking tea and thinking about Breivik on lockdown for the rest of his life with a wry smile on his face.

Breivik is the fool and what misplaced loyalty it would be if he would rather see his mother go to prison for 10 years rather than give up the truth and tell the investigators who his real English ‘mentor’ is.

Atleast then it will be the man who placed him in prison doing 10 years rather than his innocent mother.

They will never have communication ever again so what does it matter?

I think Breivik would gain a lot more respect from people in the future over protecting his mother than the man who helped place him in prison and a new reality will be brought to bear on him within his mind about the future.

We all know the established Knights Templar organisation is false, that in reality it is a small group wanting to set up and start a terrorist campaign so Breivik has nothing to lose because it was not there in the first place and we know that now. His message resonates with many people in the outside world because they think similar to him; they could just never accept his actions on July 22nd 2011 so do not ever want to listen to anything he has to say.

Breivik has started a new life now and he is intelligent enough to make the right decisions for his immediate family and his future.

Deals on the table…

There is a saying “You do the crime you do the time” so why should Mrs. Breivik senior go to prison for being a naïve fool and the real criminal walk free because of Breivik’s silence?

It’s a no brainer…

Then let the real English ‘mentor’ defend himself and his support network from a thorough investigation, its then up to the police to break that man unless someone knows everything anyway which could be why there has been a white wash of the whole case from the beginning.

Who knows.

After what Breivik did on Utoya Island anyone directly behind that should be brought out into the open and held to account and I think everyone would agree with that other than those directly linked to Breivik himself.

They say blood is thicker than water and Breivik now knows this saying better than anyone with the dilemma he has found himself in.

I’m quite offended that the Norwegians have not invited me as a witness to the trial.

They smeared my name and reputation all over the World news, forced me to have to turn and voluntarily travel to Norway to prove that I was not Breivik’s English ‘mentor’. Even after this they did absolutely nothing to rectify my position by claiming I am still a witness in the case which then left me and my family to bear the brunt of such heinous accusations over the past 8 months with nobody except me and those investigating the case knowing the truth. Not only all of this but what I have had to personally endure because of this.

Anders Breivik had absolutely nothing to do with me other than it being a conspiracy against me so that I would be their fall guy for the day after which suited his English ‘mentor’ and his associates agenda against me. Breivik was their willing pawn that does not even know me.

This forced me to defend myself for the past 8 months on this blog.

Then I find out that they have been reading Breivik my statements written on this blog in police/psychiatric interview. I don’t know which one yet, but there is something Breivik stated about me that could have only come from this blog which means someone showed him.

A little like “The ultimate insult” claim which I gave him about the first report. That one might have been a coincidence but the other one definitely was not.

So the Norwegians have done all of this to me and they do not even give me the respect and opportunity to face the man who set me up as part of the trial they themselves brought me into - Nice

After the past 8 months and what has gone on with this case I should have expected nothing less from the Norwegian State which is a shame because the people of Norway seem like nice people and I have done my very utmost to help explain this and further the investigation which is exactly what I said I would do.

I immediately said who I believe the English ‘mentor’ is and there is a whole body of evidence against him. Maybe all that is left is for Breivik to give the man up himself and then the Norwegians have everything they need to get the real English ‘mentor’ and charge him for his role in the whole affair.

Time will tell but it’s not looking good now the trial has started…

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