16 April 2012

Breivik's mother will not have to testify

Dagbladet: Breiviks mother doesnt have to testify

Anders Breivik Behring mother Wenche Breivik, do not have to testify in the trial of his son.

- She was excused from testifying for health reasons, said information officer Irene Ramm at the Oslo City Court to Dagbladet.

Not being funny but she should be under arrest for conspiracy regardless of her age and frame because she laundered $600,000 through her own bank accounts for her terrorist son who committed the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century.

69 innocent Norwegian kids massacred and many more injured and maimed.

The money was either the proceeds of crime or terrorist funding, either way its a criminal offence and nobody is above the rule of law in a democracy.

I should image the reality of what she now faces has made her ill. Thinking of a possible 10 years in prison is a heavy burden to carry especially in the scheme of things concerning her son who has directly implicated her in his actions.

This is Breivik's dilemma...

And why he should trade his English 'mentor' for his innocent mothers freedom.

The Breivik enquiry cannot escape this situation with his mother.

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