25 April 2012

Lake's friend batty Berta Moore inciting murder

Wikipedia: Glorification of terrorism charge

Dagbladet: Roberta Moore wants AUF leader murdered

Roberta Moore the Brazilian non Jewish, one time head of the English Defence League Jewish Division has stated on Alan Lake's 4Freedoms website that the Norwegian AUF leader should have been murdered by Breivik.

The comment was made on Alan Lake's 4Freedoms website, the same website that Breivik claims he was inspired by, and that he said was ideologically identical to his Knights Templar Organisation.

An organisation that does not exist that he was creating with others.

So why has Lake not been interrogated under police caution?

The article claims that Roberta Moore is one of the most influential anti-Islamists in Britain. I would like to correct that statement. Hardly anyone in the EDL liked her when she was amongst them and she was only used as a token for publicity. She is good friends with Alan Lake, and the question is; how did she get involved with the EDL in the first place? Who sent her?

Non Jewish Brazilian heading up a Jewish English Defence League...and you question Breivik's sanity, when these are the people he is connected to.

The British government should arrest her for incitement and everything else they have on her. She has been one of Breivik's most ardent online supporters and their is a whole database of statements she has made that would make even Hitler himself frown and place her in Holloway for a few years to contemplate her ideas.

Who knows what she would tell about her bosom buddy Alan Lake and the EDL leadership.

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