17 April 2012

Time frame to terrorist attacks

Picture: Newcastle 2010
On the first day of Breivik’s trial the prosecution showed the acquisition list of Breivik’s purchases but I have not been able to find it to put it up as an image.

It shows the time frame of when he started buying all of the materials needed for his terrorist attacks and the Knights Templar anti-communist regalia he dressed it all up in.

I believe the time frame was September 2009 to 2011 before the attacks.

What sparked Breivik into action in September 2009 to start the final planning and purchasing phase for his terrorist mission he had been waiting 10 years for?

The English Defence League was formed as a National movement in July 2009.

2 months later and Breivik has begun the countdown to July 22nd 2011?

Breivik stated that he wondered if his English ‘mentor’ ‘Richard the Lionheart’ had formed the English Defence League which puts Lake directly in the frame.

It is not beyond the realms of possibility that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake used the code name ‘Richard the Lionheart’ between him and Breivik which nobody else knew about. Although there is someone actually using that exact name who is a friend of Lakes and was at the pre founding EDL meeting in Lakes Barbican flat but the police have not publicised who this person is yet.

The ideological network Alan Lake is a part of all use the names of past historical figures which is inline with Breivik.

I did not take the name Lionheart based upon the historical ‘Richard the Lionheart’ I took the name independently as a name in its own right although I do know the connotations. This is why I have not ever used the name ‘Richard the Lionheart’ in the 5 years writing to this blog.

So 2 months after the EDL has been set up Breivik starts his final countdown.

Is there a direct link?

Not only this but the Templar iconography and Christianity behind the original EDL was brought into the movement by me, and coincidentally Breivik the agnostic anti-communist cultural conservative decided to wrap up the ideology behind his impending attacks in Templarism and Christianity in 2009 - 2011.


Alan Lake was recorded on a Swedish documentary talking about wanting to go back to Sweden now he has gone to the next level after his involvement with the EDL. What was Lakes meaning of the next level? As a coincidence this same documentary was also played on Norwegian TV before the July attacks.

Where does Alan Ayling aka Lake come from pre EDL and what is his political agenda?

Several months into the EDL being formed, news filtered through to me that Lake had been telling everyone that they had to get rid of me from any influence over the EDL. This information came through to me from Dymphna at Gates of Vienna.

So the agenda for Lake to remove me was already in place behind my back.

I was obviously a threat to Lakes personal political agenda.

The conduct of the EDL leadership to the membership and me personally resulted in a very serious dispute that resulted in despicable actions by the EDL IRA puppets “Tommy” and Uncle Kev.

I then became one of the most ardent critics of the EDL leadership and the ideological network supporting them.

Without Alan Lake the ideological network had nothing, and without “Tommy” and Uncle Kev, Alan Lake had nothing, so it all centered on that trio.

It was only a ‘matter of time’ until that leadership were removed and Lake knew this which threatened all of the hard work he had put into his political agenda in Europe.

We were a direct threat to him.

This is all public knowledge if you knew the internal politics of the EDL in late 2009 – 2010

Then on July 22nd 2011 Breivik who is directly connected to the ideological network supporting Lake and his EDL leadership strikes and blame is directed my way as if I am the one behind Breivik who I have never had any type of contact with in my life.

2 – 3 days later my face is all over the world news as Breivik’s English ‘mentor’.

I don’t like any of that ideological network/group behind the EDL leadership and that is public knowledge, yet Breivik champions them all in his manifesto which includes the Norwegian blogger Fraudman who the manifesto is named after.

2 + 2 = 4

It’s quite clear it was a hostile act towards me and the only place it could have come from was the ideological network that are behind the EDL leadership that
Breivik himself is directly linked to.

I had not written to my blog for quite some time but did so on July 21st 2011, coincidentally a day before Breivik struck.

I obviously had to question whether or not there was any link in this.

My only conclusion based upon my belief is that what I wrote on my blog on July 21st 2011 could have incensed Breivik who was already mentally prepared and ready for his mission, and sent him over the edge. Or it sent his English ‘mentor’ over the edge who ordered Breivik to strike when he did.

Or it might have just been a coincidence and Utoya Island on that day was the pre planned target?

Breivik’s terrorist mission on behalf of the cultural conservative group (extreme right-wingers) he belonged to included, in my mind, setting me up on behalf of his English ‘mentor’ so as to shut me up and remove me from being an obstacle to his future political agenda he had committed his life to just like his understudy Breivik had, as part of the whole conspiracy.

What is written in that post on July 21st 2011 that could have sent Breivik or his English ‘mentor’ over the edge if that’s what happened?

Unless it was a coincidence…

This is what I think could have been what incensed them.

Quote: “the snake Alan Lake”

In the context of the whole post.

Read the post yourself: Newcastle demo 2010

Its highly suspicious that Breivik acted the day after my first post in months, so you have to look to see if there is any meaning behind it, or whether or not it is just a coincidence.

For me the time frame is just more confirmation about Alan Lake being Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ and my post on July 21st with Breivik's attacks on July 22nd is definitely suspicious.

The time frame of Breivik’s acquisition list is the exact same time frame as the start of the EDL, and the parallels in time and Templar iconography and Christianity cannot be ignored, especially when placed with all of the other circumstantial evidence against Lake.

Lake was active with the EDL from the start, and this was exactly the same time frame as Breivik’s final countdown to July 22nd.

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