29 April 2012

Alan Lake – Food for thought

I wasn’t going to comment on anything concerning Breivik and who I believe his English ‘mentor’ is anymore but I just couldn’t help myself.

When you look at it in context Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake has some serious protection in this earthly realm, protection that is not afforded to us mere mortals lower down the social ladder who do not have the added wealth or family background to walk in such circles who we can call upon to protect us from the law.

How high that protection goes and whether or not it reaches right up into the Queen’s courts is obviously something we mere mortals would not know.

Someone knows though.

Hopefully the Queen and her consorts would want to do what is right before God and get to the bottom of this nasty stain within her ‘Realm’ for the sake of the families and survivors in Norway, and not turn a blind eye to something of such a grave nature that is still festering under the surface.

Alan Ayling has been directly implicated in the Breivik enquiry as the English ‘mentor’ behind the monster Ander’s Breivik. He is directly connected to Temple Church London which is the home of the Knights Templar in England. He was there at the founding meeting of the English Defence League because it took place in his London Barbican flat. Breivik's countdown for the planning and preparation for his July 22nd 2011 attacks is within the exact same time frame as the establishing of the EDL. He is directly connected to someone who uses the alias ‘Richard the Lionheart’ online, and it’s now known from Breivik himself from police interview that Ayling’s 4Freedoms Community website is ideologically identical to Breivik’s own political ideology and agenda. He has secretive social political brainwashing meetings in secret locations throughout London under the 4Freedoms banner that have been attended by Norwegians. He is directly connected to the same ideological politcal network Breivik is a part of which includes Breivik’s Norwegian comrade Fraudman who the manifesto is named after. He has stated that he has friends from within the Norwegian political Establishment, and in one of his money funneling businesses he had a Norwegian secretary. He is also directly connected to a professor in military strategies who was present at the founding EDL meeting as can be confirmed by a Sunday Time's journalist.

He is also a proven liar!

The Norwegian State prosecutors have also claimed that Breivik is a failed business man, but he laundered $600,000 through 3 of his mother's bank accounts from 11 offshore bank accounts, so I don't know where they get the "failed" from when he is dealing with that sort of money.

Who taught Breivik the art of international banking and money funneling?

Alan Ayling and his associates are all bankers, working inside prestigious international banks.

Based upon all of that information you have the exact profile of the English ‘mentor’ Breivik speaks of in his manifesto. And there is more information linking him but they are the most obvious and clear points.

Yet he has not been arrested and interrogated by anti-terror police under police caution?

I wonder in my mind whether he was lawyered up to the maximum when he had his voluntary police interview about his possible involvement or whether he went ‘alone’ to answer questions to help the enquiry along?

After all Temple Church that he is directly linked too is full of the best lawyers in the Country.

I should imagine the Norwegians who have been called an international pipsqueak by international experts hit a mighty big brick wall in the UK when they came across Ayling due to all of his connections.

Let’s not forget that Norway has a smaller population than Ireland, so compared to most other European intelligence agencies they are small and not as well equipped to deal with international terrorism like we are, especially not to deal with an incident of such magnitude as July 22nd 2011 that spans many Countries and several continents.

I should imagine they found many brick walls in the course of the investigation, and makes you wonder whether they resigned themselves to the fact that they are never going to get to the bottom of the truth behind Breivik and hold others to account because of the level of the actors involved with him and the protection they have, so settled with the “solo terrorist” linked to no one ‘official line’.

I am quite sure that most researchers of this case know that that claim is ridiculous.

It’s highly unlikely the Norwegian prosecutors are going to start throwing accusations at their bigger European counterparts without any concrete evidence are they, and what about the links into America?

One of the founding admins on the Norwegian Defence League Facebook group that Breivik was a part of at its inception was the profile of a dead man from West Virginia.

All the Norwegians are left with is Breivik who is one of their own so have tailored the proceedings around him alone.

That is called a Government cover up which does not do justice for all those murdered and maimed on July 22nd 2011 and their families left behind, and does not do justice for me and my family either. We are not Norwegian, we are English so I am coming at this from a different perspective and I want the full truth to be known on an ‘official basis’ regardless of who is offended.

An explanation as to why I was dragged into this and the unanswered questions surrounding Alan Ayling/Lake to be answered, namely who his friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is.

As soon as this happened and I stood accused of being the English ‘mentor’ because of the carefully crafted plan that was tailored specifically to suit me, I said Alan Lake was the real source of this and 9 months on all the evidence that has emerged proves that my very first claim was right, only no action has been taken against him due to the level of State protection he has surrounding him.

This obviously leaves me wondering all the different angles as to why nothing has happened against him yet.

There is a string of witnesses in the UK who should also be interviewed or interrogated under police caution as part of the ongoing enquiry yet this still has not happened 9 months on.

I personally can only come to certain conclusions about this.

Alan Ayling has State protection which means he has high level State actors working on his behalf within the British Establishment who have been protecting him from a full and thorough police investigation which means they have been influencing the police (Scotland Yard) even though all of the evidence is stacked up against him as being the English ‘mentor’. I did question some months back as to whether or not he was an asset or agent of the State.

Is he or isn’t he Mr. Hague?

Are his ‘protectors’ the rulers of the British isles, so his protection comes from within the Queen’s courts and have sanctioned his work in Norway or are they corrupt people in high positions of power behind him and his political activities who now have the blood of Norwegian children on their hands and want it all covered up so that it is not traced back to them?

Based upon the evidence “Dave” the leader of the British people should have ordered the known members of this group who are mentioned throughout the pages of this blog to be arrested and interrogated by the British police as part of the ongoing enquiry but this has not happened.

I personally do not care about those sitting in Westminster or the House of Lords who have been working with Ayling and his EDL activities over the past couple of years because I think it very unlikely that they would have endorsed the attack against Norway if they knew anything about it.

That was Ayling operating on his own, or with close associates like his military strategist professor friend who was present at the founding EDL meeting to discuss strategy, thinking it would never come back to haunt him/them which is why they set me up.

Their only crime in Westminster and the House of Lords is backing Ayling and his political activities in the UK, but that’s politics and what we expect from politicians.

International terrorism is a completely different ball game.

If they are protecting him from a full and thorough police investigation based upon the evidence against him as part of the ongoing Breivik enquiry then that’s a completely different matter and means there is complicity on some level in his crimes and then they should be held to account for their actions.

Perverting the course of justice...

Apart from that Ayling in my mind based upon the facts is the one Breivik speaks of in the manifesto and as part of any police investigation if the evidence trail leads somewhere then the police have a duty to enforce the law and investigate the evidence properly which is the system that is in place within a democracy, and nobody is above the law.

Even those sitting in Westminster and the House of Lords.

One of the people who should be arrested as part of the investigation is Ann Marchini who is a close friend of Ayling’s and an integral part of the enquiry.

I turned to her about setting up the English Defence League as a National street protest movement in June/July 2009 and she turned to Ayling aka Lake who I had never met before this point, who arranged a meeting in his Barbican flat pre the founding EDL meeting.

Ayling invited 2 other people to that meeting, Kinana and the anonymous ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

Why did Ann Marchini turn to Ayling, what was the reason to choose him to set the EDL up?

She has already told a load of lies to a Sunday Times journalist so it’s highly unlikely you will get the truth out of her, but there are clear facts and evidence she cannot escape from.

Ann Marchini worked for Sir Howard Hodgkin’s who is a ‘Companion of Honour’ within his art gallery for the past 17 years, so that shows you the high level influence right up into the British Establishment she has behind her.

She was also a business partner of Michael J Hermann who is a respectable British author and expert on Economic Growth in Eastern Europe who has a publishing company in the Czech Republic.

You could argue and wonder whether or not these people knew about Ann Marchini’s extreme right-wing political activities, but that’s irrelevant at the moment because they are not the ones in question here.

The question remains though; whether or not Marchini's connections are influencing others to protect her from a full and thorough police investigation because she is key to Ayling and the anonymous ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

After working for Sir Howard Hodgkin’s for 17 years you can only imagine the contacts she has made that go right into Westminster and the Houses of Lord’s who are probably on very nervous ground right now because of the Breivik enquiry and her direct involvement.

This is why the investigation has been controlled from the VERY TOP of the British State!!!

And they have avoided the heat up until now which does not serve ‘truth & justice’, it only serves the interests of men and women who think themselves to be more equal than others because of their money and social standing who do not want to be tainted with the horrors of Norway.

Imagine how I feel then, and how my family feels.

We are all equal before God and truth & justice will prevail.

Alan Ayling is a different ball game all together, and he must have some SERIOUS money behind him although he plays the part of only being a manager of the Oracle database in the prestigious European Bank for Reconstruction and Development as his day job.

Ayling’s partners in his Pacific Capital Investment company that I know of at this moment in time include the likes of Michael Collins who was recently appointed President of the European Chamber of Commerce (Eurochambers) in Singapore and Karen (onsoyen) Tan who is an investor and Director of a hedge fund group at Deutsche Bank in Singapore.

All these direct links into European Banks spanning the Globe.

How did that work out?

You could argue and wonder what has Alan Ayling been doing running around the UK as the director behind the English Defence League for, for the past 3 years when these are his business associates?

Did his business partners know about his extra curricula right-wing political activities?

Alan Ayling and the EDL leadership try denying his involvement but I know the truth and there’s enough interviews and videos all over the internet that show you as clear as day, so any denials are blatant lies to try and cover up the truth.

Can you imagine the type of protection he has and the type of people he is mixed up with if these are his known contacts in prestigious European banks, not just contacts in banks either but actual business partners?

What’s that all about?

Alan Ayling’s other past and present partners at his property company Bridgewater House RTM includes the likes of Penny Jonas who is the fund director at Temple Church (Knights Templar), Jim Thornton who is a lay-preacher and former Conservative Councillor in Hertford and Bob Humphreys who now heads up IS and Finance at Oxfam.

Again, all money men and women except for the Tory Councilor which is a direct link into Westminster.

Is it any wonder the Norwegians have hit a brick wall when faced with Ayling when these are the known contacts he is intimately involved with, imagine all the unknown contacts he has surrounding him who you can be sure know about his right-wing political activities and have been supporting and endorsing him in them over the past 3 years with the EDL street protest movement, and beyond that dating back to the 2002 time frame.

I should imagine there are Government ministers dictating to Scotland Yard on this one which has placed Ayling beyond the reach of justice because of the reputations of people that are now at stake.

What do they care about little old Norway I should imagine is their fat cat attitude, just so long as the s**t does not land on them and they will take whatever action necessary to make sure it doesn’t in their secretive little hand shake meetings.

Maybe the serious journalists following this case should contact a few of these people, confirm their links to Alan Ayling and get their thoughts and opinions on his extra curricula right-wing political activities and put their names linking them to him through their mutual businesses, and his link to Breivik enquiry as the possible English ‘mentor’ in the National newspapers.

It’s in the public domain now because it’s written here on this blog.

All evidence in the Breivik case traces back to Alan Ayling as being the English ‘mentor’ behind Ander’s Breivik. If Alan Ayling was just a respectable business man who worked in a bank connected to all of these people and this was just accusations then you could understand a hint of skepticism. Ayling has been running around the UK with the EDL since its beginning, he has been across Europe preaching his anti-Islam political ideals, and has been trying to start a Europe wide political movement with a much much bigger international group. He also owns a right-wing website that hosts talk of murder and assassinations against political opponents that is directly linked to Breivik himself who has said in police interview that the 4Freedoms Community website owned by Ayling is the same political ideology and agenda as his own.

Alan Ayling also had very good reason and motive to use Breivik to frame me as the Norwegian police know.

All of those respectable known contacts of Alan Ayling cannot say they did not know of his political activities, then the question remains as to how high up his supporters and endorsers go and are they shielding and protecting him on Government level from the Breivik enquiry.

Alan Ayling is a State actor or State controlled so I answered my question Mr. Hague.

I can only imagine the complex investigation surrounding Alan Ayling when these are all his business partners. His business partners reach to the very top of Civil Society and beyond into Europe, the same as Ann Marchini’s and is the reason why he has evaded a full and thorough investigation in the Breivik case even though all evidence traces back to him.

I should imagine the police have much more incriminating evidence against him as well, other than the stuff I know about and have written about.

Maybe Breivik being offered the deal for his mother’s immunity would save a lot of time and hassle and would be the final link in the chain to prosecute Alan Ayling..

It’s about time Ayling was held accountable for his crimes and the truth behind this anonymous ‘Richard the Lionheart’ was revealed to the public as part of the discourse over the Breivik case

I cannot see how it can be ignored any longer?

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