19 April 2012

My position - Norway August 2011

Interview in Norway after visiting the government building bomb site after I traveled there to be interviewed.

1.50 seconds into the interview (video below)

I want to know who Alan Lake's friend 'Richard the Lionheart' is and the Norwegian police in conjunction with their British counterparts have a responsibility to the whole 'enquiry' to make this information know to the public.

Just like they did with me!

We are all equal before the eyes of the law in a democracy with not some more equal than others!

LinkFurther reading: A companion of honour linked to Breivik enquiry

That's how high that 'groups' known contacts go.

Further reading: Is Lake an agent or asset of the State

There is a mountain of evidence proving Lake is behind Breivik yet the Norwegian prosecutors are reading from a script saying Breivik who was 10 years in the making after traveling to one of Africa's bloodiest civil wars is linked to 'nobody' in the outside world which is farcical. They even got him certified as 'insane' at the beginning stages to support the "solo terrorist" claim in the public eye. Only the second report completely contradicts the first report, with the first report being full of holes making it a legally unsafe report that would not even be allowed to enter the courts proceedings if it was in the UK.

Maybe the mainstream media should report on how unsafe Breivik's first psychiatric report is.

When Breivik was arrested on Utoya Island he claimed to the arresting police officers that it was a coup de tat.

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