26 April 2012

The final piece of the jigsaw

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The email.

Is the revelation of this 'anonymous' person directly linked to Alan Lake going to be that damaging to people's reputations that it is being held back for a reason?

There are 3 independent witnesses who can confirm this persons existence separate from Lake himself.

And the Norwegian police have confirmed this persons existence.

So why have we not been graced with his presence yet?

The most horrific act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century with this persons identity critical to the investigation and 9 months on his identity has still not been revealed to the public or the ongoing enquiry.

Why not?

Breivik said he was mentored by an English man codenamed 'Richard the Lionheart' and all evidence is traced directly back to Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake.

Why are the newspapers not pressing the Norwegian or British police about this?

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