28 April 2012

2 inescapable questions

You might not like me and you might not like my thoughts and opinions written on this blog but they do not change my life in the slightest.

But you cannot escape these 2 questions that are critical to the Breivik case.

1.) Who is Alan Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’?

2.) Why has Breivik’s mother not been charged with conspiracy?

It is said that Breivik’s mother has had a breakdown because of the actions of her son, and I should imagine also because of the knowledge of knowing her son has intimately involved her in his heinous crimes that leave her open to prosecution with absolutely no way out, with a prison sentence inevitable due to the gravity of the case.

Hear no evil, See no evil, and Speak no evil was her approach to laundering $600,000 through her own bank accounts for her son that has resulted in the massacre of a group of innocent kids on their summer camp as the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century.

If you want to test Breivik’s sanity then you should offer him the deal for his mother’s immunity from prosecution which I should imagine everyone would be happy with.

Most importantly the survivors and their families.

The King of Norway should order it seen as though his PST service and Prosecutors are scared of the truth coming out.

Would Breivik allow his innocent mother to go to prison for many years for something she knew nothing about, or would he trade her for his real English ‘mentor’ that he made contact with in London in 2002, whose face is all over the internet as being the man behind him anyway.

Alan Lake has been interviewed by the British police under the watchful eye of the Norwegian police, and there is a man called ‘Richard the Lionheart’ directly linked to him that is now critical to understanding the whole case.

Why have these 2 key points not been addressed yet?

No one, no matter their thoughts about me, can disagree that these 2 points need clarifying for the public, and for the case as a whole.

I was falsely accused at the very beginning of being the man behind Breivik because of the carefully crafted plan that was devised around me that the media loved and played their part propagating falsely against me.

The Norwegian police and prosecutors did absolutely nothing to help my position even after taking every step necessary to prove my innocence in their eyes.

These 2 critical questions now remain.

I had absolutely no connection to Norway prior to July 22nd 2011, and had definitely not been in contact with Breivik in any way shape or form, unlike Lake and the network he is affiliated with.

I have spent the last 9 months following everything I can about this case to try and understand what is going on and work out why I was implicated as the English ‘mentor’. My thoughts, opinions and explanations can be read throughout the pages of this blog.

All other information I have written about this case now surrounds these 2 critical questions that need answering, and is just the understanding and explanation surrounding Breivik and the bigger picture.

So how long do we have to wait for these questions to be answered?

If I was Sweden I would be concerned about your internal Security because Ayling/Lake has had an intimate hand in your Country via his friend Kent Ekeroth in your Government, so you never know if there are any Swedish Breivik’s out there that you do not know about yet, who are ready to strike.

In all likelihood there is.

Ayling/Lake had contacts in the Norwegian Government too so take these words as a warning!

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