26 April 2012

“Perspectives” - The domino effect

I would like to take this opportunity to apologies for any accusations or claims leveled at the Norwegians on this blog that are wrong.

My gripe is the refusal to accept that there are others behind Breivik who played their part in framing me for his heinous crimes on July 22nd 2011, and those walls that have been put up need explaining and this blog is my outlet to vent my frustrations and explanations from my perception as to why those walls have been put up.

Refusal to admit that Breivik is linked to anyone means that I am wrong and in this instance I know for a fact that I am right, so want to get to the bottom of everything regardless of who my words offend on this ‘my’ blog and those who set me up held to account on an ‘official basis’. I am not taking the massacre of a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp by a bunch of people I detest even before the events of July 22nd 2011 because of what they stand for, on my reputation or conscience and I will take whatever steps necessary.

I’m happy with an ‘unofficial’ basis but we live in a Democracy so all avenues must be pursued first until no other options are left on the table and then just send the money this way.

I forget that Norway only has a population of 5 million which is less that 10% the size of the UK population, which is smaller than Ireland, and we have almost as many moslems in our Country as Norway has as a population. You could say what was Breivik worrying about when his Country is nowhere near as bad a state as the UK is in, but he was heavily influenced by the UK right-wing scene via his English ‘mentor’ who sent him off to commit his acts in their ‘cultural conservative’ name so it makes a little more sense. This is why Breivik keeps citing the UK as an example as justification for his actions and the main right-wing movement in the UK is the EDL under Lake’s directorship which links in.

Sleeping Norway was an easy target for them and their dirty disgusting politics.

Norway the peace loving Nation and home of the Nobel Peace prize, has sadly awoken in a horrific manner to a new reality in the world outside of their Norwegian bubble that many other Countries already face on a daily basis.

I’ve been to Norway and Oslo and its nothing in comparison to London and made me wonder what Breivik was going on about. Obviously there is stuff going on under the surface of reality but nothing compared to other European Countries and Cities, namely the UK and London where it’s in your face wherever you go.

The perfect conditions and people created the rampaging Norwegian right-wing monster Anders Breivik that has led to this point in history, and the trail leads directly back to London which at this moment in time puts a dark nasty stain on the UK’s reputation abroad that we would hope the Queen and her consorts would rectify in the eyes of others by getting to the bottom of the truth and allowing those guilty to be held to account for their involvement irrespective of whose reputations are damaged in the process.

History will bear witness…

There is a long line of them behind Alan Lake going into the heart of the British Establishment because of his control over the hijacked English Defence League. I should imagine there are people on all sides of the political and social hierarchy who are now looking at that small influential faction behind Lake which I hope isolates them.

Those sitting in Westminster are not blind and deaf.

Truth & Justice within the “Mother of all Democracies” overshadows the reputations of ‘dark men’ who threaten the peace and stability of the ‘Realm’ from within, even working with, endorsing and supporting an IRA influenced EDL leadership. Let’s not forget the Gadaffi and the PLO were some of the IRA’s main supporters and these people in high places are running around trying to play British politics with them.

Bunch of clowns…

You would have thought they had more sense but they made their bed, backed their horse and now they must lay in it with a bunch of lying little devils who have brought this wrath upon them and their reputations through their lies and cheating that they believed in.

Where does the domino effect stop though and how high does it go?

I only care about Lake because he is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’; the rest isn’t my problem it’s theirs.

Chris Knowles is a prosecution witness and he has worked in the children’s department of Leeds City Council for many years, so he should take a long hard think about all those innocent children he is implicated in the murder of and do the right thing and clear his name and reputation in a court of law by telling the truth about Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake.

There is no way out for him now and he is a sensible man so I cannot see him wanting to pervert the course of justice for Lake.

Ann Marcini is another prosecution witness and she should take a long hard think about what it would be like if that was one of her children ripped from this life in such a horrific terrifying manner, and the hopes and expectations she had for them destroyed forever just like the mother’s of the Utoya victims.

Unless of course she/they knew what was about to happen which makes them complicit in the conspiracy and means they will spend many years in prison away from their families and friends. Only time will tell now, it’s in God’s hands and He will avenge you for your actions make no mistake about that because truth will always prevail over falsehood before God’s sight if we stand upon truth in righteousness.

Truth and Repentance is the path to redemption and a clean conscience before God.

The right path or the wrong path that’s your choice now unless you have already started walking one of them and then there is no way back.

The Sunday Times journalist heard all the lies from Marcini and her lawyers, so it will be telling to see whether she still wants to hide from the truth with a web of lies even spouted by a professional lawyer, or whether she has taken sound advice from those who surround her, if her hands are clean.

That Sunday Time’s journalist is a prosecution witness regarding Marcini’s lies which would seriously damage her reputation and integrity before any court of law and jury.

There is no way out for Kinana so either he is a stupid old man or a wise old man - Prison or freedom

It’s about time the truth was revealed about Lake’s friend ‘Richard the Lionheart’ and how this all fits into the bigger picture. Everyone has waited long enough!

I’m all for anti-Jihad and anti-Islamisation but not at their price and definitely not after being accused of their crimes that they used in an attempt to silence and remove me.

There is enough evidence of the glorification of terrorism against Lakes friend batty Berta too so there is another prosecution witness unless she wants to spend a few years in jail like the moslems do for glorifying terrorism. British justice works both ways, even though sometimes it is lop sided against the indigenous peoples of Britain so as to not upset sensitivities of the minorities in our midst.

She is Brazilian so what does she know about our cultural historical way of life, she is just a foreign rabid extremist stirring up racial and religious hatred in the name of “Jews” in Britain because she gets a kick out of it.

It’s a historic fact that I do not like any of that network linked to Breivik and the EDL leadership, yet I am the one who stood accused of being behind Breivik as his English ‘mentor’ because of the clothes he dressed up his acts and manifesto in.

He is a militant nationalist and I am a Christian fundamentalist, the difference is like chalk and cheese with a bridge that can only be crossed by accepting the message of the Cross into your life.

They expected a nice clean story with me and others being arrested as another terrorist cell ready to strike so as to remove the threat to their European project. Breivik even admitted himself in interview that he expected someone to be arrested which isn’t very hard to think who he was thinking about in the scheme of things.

If I had of been arrested then the media would have gone to town on me and crucified me in the eyes of the public around the world as being the man behind the monster with no way back for me, and nobody would have ever gone looking for the real source behind Breivik which they seem to be refusing to do now for some reason. The media did a good job at the start by painting a picture and smearing me as the ‘mentor’, but thankfully I have had the time and space to defend myself and my reputation which is what I have done, even if it is only in the eyes of a few.

Let others judge based upon the information I have gathered and spoken about over the past 9 months.

I voluntarily went to Norway and sat for 3 days in interview with a team of professionals watching me, that was enough.

After 8 months the media wolves came sniffing again, and they know nothing about the facts in this case and continue to propagate “bull bleep” for their readership. The Daily Telegraph wants to think about the amount for an out of court settlement because I am coming for you for libel when this is finished as you already know.

Breivik & Co set me up to deflect all attention and blame from themselves, and the media played their game against me perfectly. You don’t hear anything about the real influences behind Breivik in the news; it’s all been me because journalists treat their readerships like lady bird book readers who like looking at pictures rather than understanding intelligence, and the Knights Templar pictures worked a treat for them.

Only Breivik now admits that he made that stuff up because lies will always be exposed in the light of truth. You only have to look at the time frame between his preparation phase and the start of the EDL to see the correlation.

Breivik’s Norwegian comrade Fraudman who he had direct contact with is Breivik’s main ideological inspiration but that is not all over the world news because there are not pretty pictures to go with it for the audience. Only a geeky left wing looking Fraudman who hid from the World back in 2005 so he could propagate his words that inspired Breivik “anonymously”.

What was the catalyst to make Fraudman go underground?

Fraudman is directly connected to the Breivik network with Lake as the spider in the middle.

2 Norwegian Democrat MP’s were recorded talking about carrying out a terrorist attack against their government similar to the exact attack Breivik carried out, at a Stop the Islamisation of Norway conference that Lake is also connected to.

Why has this information not been all over the World news in conjunction with the Breivik enquiry and the global media attention it has received?


All these ideological links and talk of committing terrorist acts emanating out of Norway itself yet blame was leveled at me because of the pictures and clothes Breivik dressed up his manifesto in, and the media loved it.

How simple yet so cunning by those who were ultimately behind this. An intelligent group of intellectuals who wanted a threat removed to their political agenda so tailored ‘Operation Breivik’ to suit their needs.

They can have their hot potato back and see how they like it.

Fraudman is now a defence witness for the accused, work that one out. He should be sitting in his own box with his own defence witnesses not defending the monster he helped create. That might just be the Norwegian way though, and the logic they come at crime with, although the families of the dead and survivors I should imagine have a different opinion when looking at the evidence.

Hopefully the international connections the Norwegians have made through this case will advise them properly on how to serve justice in a Democracy against all those involved in such a despicable terrorist conspiracy, and that the British authorities help them in that pursuit. Let those who the factual evidence points towards defend themselves in a ‘court of law’ like the accused normally do in a Democracy.

We are all equal before the law.

Nobody can say that the targeting of innocent children is justified in any code of modern warfare, and these people did so in the name of Christianity and Templarism.

Where are the hereditary Knights Templar’s speaking out in defence of their families historical reputations these people have tarnished so despicably?

Or exercising their ‘authority’ to hold those to account who are behind this by cutting them loose to face the music they created?

Lake is directly linked to Penny Jonas who is/was a fund director at Temple Church.

Is Lake operating in your name, sanctioned from above?

If so you have the blood of innocent Norwegian children on your hands and God will judge you when your appointment with Him comes and the thought of eternal damnation does not sit well in the stomach of those who know the truth. And do not even call yourself a Templar if you do not believe in the fundamentals of the Bible that your ancestors fought and died for throughout the ages.

Death comes like a thief in the night when you least expect it!

I have my God appointed contact from amongst your ranks in England where I live who cannot deny the Lord Jesus Christ is in control of our lives – Revelation 12:10 - 12

“Defenders of the Faith” not defenders of child killers, and Breivik’s acts were not carried out in the name of Religion; they were carried out in the name of Politics. Earthly and not Heavenly, and we know who the ruler of this age is so step up to the plate and exercise your Kingdom authority upon this group even if they come from within you.

Cut them loose and throw them into the Lion’s den and see whether or not they stand or fall before God in the sight of truth just like Daniel who the Lord delivered because he was innocent before Him.

God is not mocked…

Further reading: The 'Richard the Lionheart' key

There is nothing left to say now as everything is just going over old ground. If there is any new news that is relevant to this case then ill post it up, if not everything is very clear from my perspective.

My prayer is that the Lord’s wrath will now fall upon those who have sought to do evil in His sight by accusing one of His elect.

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