24 April 2012

Correcting a Guardian journalist

Guardian: How true are Breivik's claims

In his statement to court in Oslo, terrorist Anders Breivik made a number of bold assertions. Do they have any basis in fact?

Claim "Three out of five Englishmen believe that the UK has turned into a dysfunctional society as a result of multiculturalism." Breivik claimed to be quoting from a survey in the Times newspaper on February 9 2010.

Fact Breivik appears to be inaccurately citing the paper's lead story on that date, based on a Populus poll, which makes no reference to multiculturalism and immigration. It reads: "Nearly three-fifths of voters say that they hardly recognise the country they are living in." But the target of their ire does not appear to be immigrants. The paper says: "Voters' main fire is directed at political institutions: 73% say politics is broken in Britain and 77% say there are far fewer people in public life that they admire than there used to be. The poll suggests anger at MPs who have had to repay expenses. A third say that they will vote against their local MP if he or she is required to repay money."

Ask most people behind closed doors what they think about immigration and Islamisation. I say behind closed doors because everybody is scared of being called a racist in society because of the NULabour regimes State persecution during their time in power, which has instilled fear into people about speaking their minds on how they feel about their Country and its future.

Many are leaving the Country for greener pastures...because of the state of things now!

Racism is one thing, being aggrieved about the state of your Country because of mass immigration from the 4 corners of the World and the burden on our inherited 'Welfare State' is completely different.

No homes for our homeless, no homes for our returning soldiers, but free handouts of everything the welfare state has to offer for immigrants and asylum seekers.

I think multiculturalism and immigration is the real reason why people no longer recognise their Country and they blame the politicians for it but there is no political alternative because the ruling political class are perceived as one and the same.

Who wants a mega mosque built at the end of their street in the area their families have lived for generations?

Next step is always ‘white flight’, and a displacement of our people upon our land to a more safer place, away from the degradation against non-moslems Islam brings with it.

The signs are there already.

This belief about multiculturalism and immigration is a mainstream belief amongst many people throughout the UK and that belief does not equate to supporting or endorsing Anders Breivik.

He is using a mainstream belief that is neither "left wing or right wing" to try and justify and endorse his actions on Utoya Island that cannot be justified.

Claim Breivik asked his audience to look at Luton "and the more than 1,000 Islamic no-go zones where police do not dare pass through". The city was, he said, living in "warlike conditions".

Fact Bedfordshire police said in a statement that "no-go areas do not exist in Bedfordshire". According to the 2001 census, 60% of inhabitants in Luton are Christian and 15% are Muslim. A 2009 Office of National Statistics report estimates that Asian or Asian British people make up 18.9% of the population in the area. It has, however, been cited as a home to some people with extremist views. The Muslin group Al-Muhajiroun was based there before it was banned. A Muslim protest in March 2010 was staged against soldiers returning from the Iraq war. The English Defence League has staged protests there.

Bedfordshire Police are not going to publicly admit that there are areas of Luton, namely in and around Bury Park that it is dangerous for whites to enter are they. That would mean publicly admitting they have lost control of the streets. They enter certain places with trepidation I can assure you of that, and it was the police force most used to having to take firearms to incidents.

There are always reports of people being shot, stabbed and robbed at the parks surrounding Bury Park by “Asian youths” as anyone from Luton reading this would agree.

Elderly black and white people being targeted as serious religious racial hate crimes in and around Bury Park in an attempt to force them out of their homes so that “moslems” can live there.

Many unreported or under reported cases of racial religious hatred towards whites by “Asian youths”, in inverted commas because that is the politically correct term for Pakistani moslems in the area. I could give you a personal account of 2 young boys racially assaulted and robbed in the streets for their phones.

1.) Al-Muhajiroun is an organisation that is linked to every British born suicide bomber to have carried out an attack in the world and they had their head quarters in Luton under Omar Bakri who was expelled from the UK for hate preaching. It is now headed up there by Sayful Islam under a different name.

2). Abu Hamza lived in Luton for 10 years preaching jihad.

3) The investigation into the 7/7 terrorist attacks centred on Luton with Mr Q Khan (Bashful dwarf) being named as the Emir of the plot. The bombers boarded their train into London on the morning of 7/7 from Luton, their final port of call for prayers with their jihadi brothers before their final mission.

He also has links to the planned Bluewater shopping centre and ministry of sound night club attacks (Operation Crevice).

He still walks the streets of Luton.

4) The biggest anti-terror operation in British history at that point in time after 7/7 was ‘Operation Crevice’ and the Al Qaeda trained bomb maker was a taxi driver in Luton & Dunstable.

5) One of Diren Barot’s hench men lived in Bury Park Luton. Barot was one time Al Qaeda General who wanted to create a black day in British history by rupturing the Thames or setting off a dirty Nuke. He outlined for moslems to use heroin as a weapon of war. He called it ‘chemical warfare’.

5) The recent Swedish suicide bomber was recruited and radicalised in Luton.

6) The first disruption of a soldiers homecoming parade happened in Luton.

7) Numerous terrorists have emanated from Luton with several of them being killed in Afghanistan.

8) The streets are awash with Al Qaeda controlled heroin that is supplied by a well established organised criminal network of Pakistani moslems.

Journalists visit the area in the day time, look around and see everyone going about their daily business and then claim there are no problems, whilst on their way back to white middle class suburbia or the safety of their hotel rooms.

Pull back the ‘curtain of reality’ and what is lurking underneath in the Bury Park area of Luton when this has all been going on for the past 20 or more years?

It’s an Al Qaeda fortress that’s why most terrorist attacks have emanated from there. Luton was also one of the main IRA bases on the mainland during the “Troubles” which is probably why Al Qaeda have festered and taken root there because there was a common enemy (The British State). The IRA are linked to the PLO and Gadaffi, so business partners with jihadi’s in whatever form they come in.

There is serious talk on the streets of Luton in certain circles that "tommy" is and has been, in business with them for some time which is why he has been able to get away with his EDL activities in Luton. I have my contacts who know the real deal about Irish "tommy boy".

Would you like to live in that area knowing all of this is the known stuff that’s going on there with all the British moslem descendents of Bakri and Hamza using it as s staging post because of how strong the militant wing of the religion is in Luton (Bury Park).

What about all the stuff happening out of sight and mind that has not been reported on yet because the threat is an ongoing threat?

Those journalists should go walking around some of these areas alone at night and then see whether or not there are ‘no go’ areas in Luton or anywhere else they have been reported, or speak to the anti-terror squad for a risk assessment of these places after dark.

Instead they do a half baked report for their readers when it concerns something of such importance.

What has Breivik got to do with Luton anyway?

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