6 April 2012

A rebuttal for the discourse

Dagbladet: Breivik's letter to the media

Below is a google translated version accompanied with my comments.

Thus, it is NOT an existing system "
Breivik admits now that the secret brotherhood Knights Templar are not what he claimed it was.

(Dagbladet): Terror defendant Behring Anders Breivik (33) now admits that the secret Templar order, he has claimed to be a part of has never existed as an established organization.

An established organisation is different from a small group attempting to start a new organisation based upon Breivik’s terrorist attacks and the “2083” manifesto.

The true agenda I have explained for 6 – 7 months on this blog.

My question has always been; how did I end up accused as his English ‘mentor’?

As soon as I worked out what was happening I immediately saw where it was coming from and have consistently stated Alan Lake and those connected to his political agenda. Now 8 months later another direct link has emerged linking him to Breivik, along with the ‘Richard the Lionheart’ link.

What more evidence do they need to interrogate him under police caution?

Yet no action is taken, and it’s definitely not all over the world news!

We will see if these people are more equal than others because of their social standing and political contacts!

Hopefully the blood of 69 innocent Norwegian children murdered by Breivik will be enough to hold them to account.

This comes from a 38-page letter he allegedly sent to three Norwegian media companies, including Dagbladet. The letter is Breivik's attempt to speak out against the experts' assessment of him as a paranoid schizophrenic and the criminally insane.

The first public statement from Breivik before trial.

- Does not
In its manifesto, the interrogation and detention meetings Breivik claimed to be part of a larger international network, ready to carry out new terrorist acts.

If he is directly linked to Alan Lake which he is, then it’s all about perceptions based upon someone’s personal truth which for Breivik is rooted in what happened in 2002 and what Lake has been doing with the English Defence League and the SIO groups.

Lake has his tentacles all over Europe and in America helping further his political ideology.

Breivik is the first so others have to follow.

A structured and established Knights Templar Organisation is completely different from an international network of like minded individuals.

Now he admit that this apparently has never been agreed. Knights Templar Knights Templar do not exist in the form in which he has repeated and repeated:

Wolves in sheeps clothing…attempting to start a new organisation in the name of a Christian Order that dates back to the days of the crusades.

"My description of Knights Templar with the medal system, uniform system, ordineringsritualet, principles and code system, the title system, organization system is nothing more than a suggestion for a future organizational system. Thus, it is NOT an existing system, "writes Breivik the letter Dagbladet has received.

He has been brainwashed to believe the agenda he was told by others and was willing to play his part. Their agenda as Breivik states has been to set up a new organisation they are attempting to call Knights Templar’s and this was him putting the regalia of their new organisation together because he is the one with the voice.

Exactly like the salute in court which was created so that when others who are following him end up in court they can show they are part of the same ideological agenda by doing the same sign.

Breivik has put the statement out now regarding a new organization on the back of his actions in July 2011 so time will tell whether or not people answer his call and unite under him with small scale real ‘lone wolf’ attacks occurring being linked back to him as an inspiration, and possibly other large scale targeted terrorist missions if there are others who have walked a similar path and are connected to the same/similar network as him.

Osama Bin Laden used the same tactic on 9/11 to unite the Islamic world under his call, only he had religious justification in the eyes of leading Islamic scholars and many militant Islamic fundamentalists from around the world out of the pool of 1.5 billion answered the call of ‘jihad’ against America and the West.

This is exactly what Breivik is attempting but he is not even a Christian so how can he commit acts of terrorism in the name of the Cross and expect to counter the jihad.

Breivik & Co are right-wing politics dressed up in clothes that do not belong to them which is why he targeted innocent left wing kids and not Islamic fundamentalists.

Meanwhile, Breivik seemingly contradictory. According to Dagbladet understand he is still that he was at a ordineringsmøte the network in London, and that he has met with an associated Serb in Liberia. He will also insist on the existence of the organization to the police.

His explanation of this cannot be doubted, or at the very least someone must attempt to give another explanation to the London – Liberia connection if they believe Breivik is lying and there is another more fitting explanation.

This is a small group who want to set up a new terrorist organisation to further their political ideology, toppling left-wing Governments is a part of that ideology and Breivik was a part of that plan with July 22nd 2011 their example.

Breivik also writes in the letter that he is "a self-sustaining and independent militant nationalist and not a member of an organization."

An organisation is different from being connected to a small secret group, and Breivik obtained over $500,000 through his multiple bank accounts in foreign Countries so of course he was a self-sustaining and independent militant nationalist.

He had to be because he was a right-wing terrorist in training who had a terrorist mission to plan for, so was that money terrorist funding or was it really made from fake certificates as Breivik states?

Washing it through his mothers account is his Achilles heel and he knows it because implicating her was thoughtless for a man allegedly making false documents. He has had a long time to contemplate his mistakes and this one was always going to come to the front which is why he calls her his Achilles heel.

An act of God.

He did not even make fake documents for himself to open up clean untraceable bank accounts, so his story about making over $500,000 from fake certificates is a little flimsy.

Norway July 22nd 2011 - He then went to Utoya Island Labour youth camp to murder the next generation of potential Labour leaders.

Breivik stated it was a coup de tat.

Three cells
When Breivik 22 July called the police emergency in northern Buskerud Police District, he presented himself as "Commander Anders Breivik Behring in the Norwegian anticommunist resistance movement."


Breivik the step son of an Army Major, and son of a former Government diplomat obviously had a knowledge of Project Gladio from somewhere.

Call it a conspiracy theory but it is firmly rooted in facts.

The Norwegians want to trace the Masonic lodges these 2 are both members of and see if there are any high level people from the Government, Police and PST connected to the enquiry linked to the same lodges which would explain the complete white wash of the whole case.

This would explain why Breivik’s mother has not been arrested and charged as an accomplice regardless of whether or not she knew what was happening, she still washed the proceeds of crime or international terrorism through her own bank accounts with no questions asked that resulted in July 22nd 2011.

Since the very first interview in the reception building at the 22 Utøya July of last year, Breivik said that he is part of the organization Knights Templar, and that two other cells are ready for new attacks. When he was arrested on the island he must have said: "When the third cell implements its plans, it's going to be hell."

Him and others conveniently pointed the finger directly at me and based upon the clothes this group has attempted to clothe their terrorist organisation upon in and the convenient pointers, they attempted to make me look like I was behind Breivik and another terrorist cell waiting to strike.

Setting me up to be their fall guy and media deflection for the days after the event which then set the media stage and implicated me.

In questioning shortly after 22 July Breivik repeated several times that two other cells were ready to carry out attacks.

Lies to continue part of the agenda, but knowing there must be others out there so it’s not a 100% true statement, but a statement for others linked to the group in 2002 that he does not know but believes are out there.

I believe the “2083” manifesto must explain this. I have not read it.

- He told police the two cells in his organization, said Judge Kim Heger 25 last July.

2 cells linked to a group is different from an organisation.

Maybe things have not gone to plan for Breivik & Co, and nobody has stepped forward to accept responsibility and give moral support to Breivik so the fulfillment he was expecting has not emerged and he now sits alone and isolated.

Who wants to own up and accept responsibility for a massacre of a bunch of innocent kids?

Alan Lake did say “The chickens have come home to roost on Norway” which for the families affected is definitely not what you would expect people to be saying unless they agreed with the events.

- Adapts story
In November 2011 he presented himself in the prison meeting as "a military commander of the Norwegian resistance movement and a knight, Chief Justice of the Knights Templar Knights Templar Norway and Europe."

The position he was told to assume.

Who is his fake Grandmaster?

Psychiatry Torgeir Husby and Synne Sørheim picked apart Breivik alleged fraternity as an unrealistic fantasy.

They were looking at it in the wrong light and with the wrong information from the police.

It was blatantly obvious from the very beginning that it is a small group wanting to set up a new terrorist organisation calling themselves Knights Templar's and not an already established organisation.

- It seems like he adapts the story to some of the revelations in the forensic psychiatric report. It further reinforces the hypothesis that he was operating alone, says scientist and terror expert Anders Romarheim at the Institute for Defence Studies told Dagbladet.

The only thing that changes is that his over inflated claim or being part of an established organisation has been relegated to a small group of individuals dating back to 2002 who are attempting to set up a new organisation calling themselves Knights Templar's.

The real truth…

Changes the explanation
Also in the recent police interrogation have changed Breivik explanation about the secret network. The police should Breivik explained that there are no other cells, and that he therefore was alone. However, he has an opportunity to start a new organization behind bars.

Part of the other cell claim was in part his/their attempt to have me arrested and it did not work. An attempt that has credible reason and motive.

The police have long perceived Breivik's talk about terrorist cells and the Knights Templar as fiction.

The Knights Templar as an established organisation is fiction but explained as the attempt by individuals to set up a new organisation and use the name which is fact.

The difference from a small secret group of individuals and an established functioning organisation.

- It is, according to intelligence information from the British authorities and the authorities of another country no indication that there must have been such an organization, said police attorney Paal-Fredrik Hjort Kraby earlier this year.

An established organisation is completely different from a secret small group attempting to set up an organisation. Alan Lake has secret meetings in his London flat and in the backrooms of various London Churches to promote his political ideology that is similar to Breivik’s own. He runs a website that Breivik claims is identical to the ideology behind his Knights Templar organization he belongs to (the new organisation). 2 + 2 = 4 and looks like Breivik is selling his real English ‘mentor’ out because things have not gone to plan and no one has supported him.

Lake is also directly linked to someone called ‘Richard the Lionheart’.

The police at the beginning stages were hunting for the English ‘mentor’ and now all the evidence is stacking up against who I said was the real English ‘mentor’ and no action has been taken.

Instead the “solo terrorist” linked to nobody has been the official line from the very beginning and they refuse to change that position for some reason.

Considering Lake is the director behind the EDL, the British intelligence service must know exactly who he is and who he is connected to within the British Establishment.

What links does Alan Lake have with MI5 / MI6?

- Will create fear
According to police lawyer says the police are part of Breivik's overall terrorist plan that he says this to create the most fear in the community.

Blowing up a Government building killing 8 people, then going on and massacring 69 innocent kids on their summer camp, and butchering and maiming many more, accompanied with a 1500 page manifesto explaining his reasons why (amongst other things), I should think created enough fear in the Norwegian community.

The worst act of right wing terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century and worst in Norwegian history.

The rest was just words to project the vision behind Breivik into the public psyche.

Can he hold out they are thinking.

I am thinking; does he serve men with interests or a belief?

- He wants us to believe in this as part of the threat that he wants to impart. But we have said that not found any traces of this organization.

A new organisation which was the whole agenda behind Operation Breivik and the “2083” manifesto from the beginning, is different from a small secret group of influential right-wingers who met in London in 2002 and then went their separate ways, with Breivik assigned his English ‘mentor’ who then radicalised him and got everything ready prior to July 22nd 2011.

Operation Breivik…

Still, as late as March to Dagbladet revealed that police are still grilled Breivik about possible accomplices.

All the evidence has mounted up against Alan Lake so it’s no wonder they are still grilling him over accomplices. Hopefully Breivik will admit that Lake is his English ‘mentor’.

This information along with other information makes the first psychiatric report null and void.

- The central theme is now medvirkere. We have long said that we do not think anything of it, but we have also said that we have finally concluded, and we have still not done (An official lie the first psyche report was based upon). We confront him with all possible information from the investigation that we believe indicates that it is not medvirkere or any organization, as he claims, said prosecutor Christian Hatlo to Dagbladet.

I immediately stated Alan Lake is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ back in July 2011 and now 8 months later there is a whole catalogue of circumstantial evidence linking them both, with it now being revealed that Breivik has been radicalised on Alan Lakes own website Four Freedoms. Breivik claims the website is ideologically the same as his Knights Templar organization that he was attempting to set up. This is along with lake being directly connected to someone who calls himself ‘Richard the Lionheart’, whose presence we have not been graced with yet for some reason?

The Norwegians have shut the whole case down from the beginning and claimed Breivik is a “solo terrorist” not linked to anyone which does not explain how I ended up center stage in the days after July 22nd 2011.

The Norwegian police have absolutely no way out of this one because they involved me in this case and smeared my name and reputation all over the world, and I want answers.

It is up to others to decide whether or not there is substance to the body of work on this blog. One thing is for certain and that is there is a whole body of factual evidence surrounding Alan Lake linking him directly to Breivik but absolutely no action has been taken.

Work that one out, I have been trying too…

The only conclusion I can come up with is that he is directly linked to a faction high up within the British Establishment who gave him the nod for his work with the EDL, and linking him to Breivik could cause them some very serious problems so the Norwegians must be 100% certain.

I dont know what more certainty they need than all the evidence continually stacking up against him.

Conservatives David Davis MP is a stalwart for National Security within the UK.

Fight for the accountability of
Five days before Beivik should have sent his letter to Dagbladet, said his defense Vibeke Hein Bæra NRK that Breivik affirm the existence of cells and a secret society.

Its all in the explanations and perceptions of truth that cannot be moved from reality.

- Breivik maintains that the "Knights Templar" is an organization consisting of several cells, said the bear.

According to Dagbladet is illuminated by sources close to the investigation, Breivik is in a phase with many contradictions.

Call it the unraveling…

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