27 April 2012

Your call Dave

The Norwegian prosecutors state that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” linked to no one for some reason, with them now fighting tooth and nail in the court room to label him insane which can only mean a State sanctioned ‘cover up’ of the truth. This means there has either been a successful coup in Norway just like Breivik stated when he was arrested on Utoya Island with a swing to the right-wing inside the Security Apparatus of the Country who had prior knowledge of his attacks or it is a Marxist Dictatorship that wants to hide the truth behind Breivik from the Norwegian public.

If anyone can give another scenario then please email me: Defenceoftherealm@hush.com

As part of ‘Operation Breivik’ I was set up to be their fall guy so that all blame was centered on me and the people I am associated with, thus deflecting all blame from the real source of the terrorist atrocity.

The Conspiracy…

Thankfully I must have some protection out there in the ‘shadows’ and I was not immediately arrested under the prevention of terrorism act as another cell ready to strike as Breivik had envisioned. This has given me the time and space to defend myself from the heinous accusations leveled at me as being the English ‘mentor’ behind the monster.

Those who protected me are obviously good judges of character and God bless the Maltese people.

Over the past 9 months on this blog I have followed the case in the media and written my thoughts, opinions and explanations about the facts that have emerged and have proven beyond reasonable doubt that Alan Lake is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’. Or at the very least given ample evidence in the public domain that warrants a full and thorough criminal investigation concerning the wider terrorist conspiracy behind Breivik and how he is directly linked to Lake. I think public opinion would agree with me if the public knew the facts to this case.

The mainstream media in the UK have pretty much hidden the facts from the public.

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For some reason unknown to me at this moment in time, absolutely no action has been taken against any of those who are ideologically and factually linked to Breivik, instead those who are in control of the case in the UK and Norway have allowed me to be hung out to dry in the public eye through the media as Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ – Trial by media

It has been a big burden to carry but Jesus says Matthew 11:25 - 30

After the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century and being accused of being the man behind it, the British police have not even spoken one word to me about it, even after raising certain issues concerning the whole case on Chief Constable level. There has been a deafening silence over the whole affair within Great Britain, apart from apportioning blame upon me, an innocent man.

My views and beliefs may be similar to some of this groups but they are my views and beliefs and do not equate to Anders Breivik.

I have absolutely no connections to Breivik, and his actions towards me were hostile in nature with the planned intention of attempting to involve me in his crimes “along with others” being to have me arrested and removed from being a direct threat to the European political agenda of the group he is ideologically and factually linked to.

I had absolutely no connections to Norway either before July 22nd 2011

Am I meant to take all of this sitting down?

Sometimes it does feel like I might as well be talking to a brick wall though but I know there are people out there listening even if they have not shown themselves.

This group who wanted rid of me and others from being a direct threat to their leadership because they had spent a lot of time, money and political influence using the EDL street protest movement as part of their European political agenda perceived me as an easy target. These people all work high up in banks and have political support going to the highest levels in the UK Establishment and beyond, and in their eyes I was an easy target because I have nothing like that behind me “so they thought” and believed it would have been a swift nice and clean removal of me from the field.

They have no comprehension of the Lord Jesus Christ who sits upon the throne above heaven and earth, who called me into His Kingdom and service when I was 21.

No Earthly power can compare and no Earthly power can stand against Him. I am one of His Ambassadors on Earth, so as long as I stand upon the truth in righteousness which is what I have done since day 1 over this whole affair then He stands with me and guard over me fighting on my behalf against my accusers, pouring His grace upon those who stand with me who I cannot see and directing them into the pathway of truth.

There is a who’s who behind Alan Lake & Co as the investigators know which is why no action has been taken against them yet - The domino effect

I don’t care about the who’s who behind him I only care about him because he is Breivik’s English ‘mentor’ and is the one who set me up to be the fall guy for ‘Operation Breivik’ because he knew it was only a matter of time until someone removed him and he is “their” point man and they all had a lot to lose.

What a heinous accusation these people have leveled at me, attempting to smother me, someone who is innocent of any crime, in the blood of 69 innocent dead children with many more butchered and maimed whilst on their summer camp. Take a moment and pause for thought and put yourself in my shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if you were in my situation. It’s not as bad now, but imagine the very first day I stood accused in the Worlds media back in July 2011. The Daily Telegraph was the very worst of all the newspapers that named me as the English ‘mentor’ they even put my picture next to his for added effect. They have done it again 9 months on.

Those editors should be sacked with immediate effect and hauled before the Leveson enquiry over press standards and the Daily Telegraph cleaned up like they are attempting to do with Mr Murdoch.

How would the who’s who behind Alan Lake feel if their names and faces were all over the world news as being behind Breivik? I am sure they would not like it, and imagine the implications for their families and their generational reputations. These people think they are more equal than others because of their money and social standing and think they can get away with committing such atrocious actions against innocent people they perceive as expendable peasants.

History bears witnesses to the power of the peasants, and history is again going to bear witness to the power of the peasants because this fight is not over yet. I have not even got physical with these people yet because God has not released the money into my life because He knows my potential if He did. Instead I have had to live on bread, water and prayer before Him in pursuit of “truth & justice” in this case, with a little help from my friends along the way.

This at the present moment in time is only the ideological intellectual fight, even if I am not intellectual by other people’s standards. My sentences can be read well enough by people which is enough for me to explain myself to anyone who wants to listen to the alleged English ‘mentor’ behind Anders Breivik the right-wing Norwegian monster/child killer.

The ball is now in a much bigger court with much bigger players and the assurance I have is that Jesus is there standing watch on my behalf.

It is only a matter of time now and nobody can hide from the truth and this situation deserves the truth to be known and told for the people of Europe, not just Norway.

This group with Lake as their spider in the middle sent their rampaging right-wing monster Anders Breivik to harm the peace loving and gentle people of Norway in the name of their European politics.

Norway home of the Global Peace Prize that effects all Nations on Earth seeking peace and reconciliation from the traumas of conflict have been targeted by a group of dirty men and women in the name of their disgusting politics so you would hope and expect that all those throughout the world intricately linked to the Nation of Norway through the Peace Prize would call for ‘truth & justice’ to prevail and actively involve themselves in that process.

Where next and who else’s children will be murdered by these people in the name of their politics if they are not brought out into the light and judged for their crimes. A Crime that most people would say is a crime against humanity when a man dressed in a police uniform calls children into his presence that they perceived to be a place of safety only to be shot down in cold blood.

How can anyone tell me that those who are behind that should not be brought out into the open and judged for their actions? I was brought out into the open and I have justified myself in the eyes of others, even voluntarily traveling to Norway at the very beginning when emotions were running high to prove my innocence in the eyes of the Norwegians in front of me.

My hope and prayer is that the Queen acts upon her humanity and brings to justice those who have created this dark stain within her realm, and she should be a candidate for the Peace Prize after her historic steps taken in Ireland.

Your call Dave…

In service of the King - Jesus - “The Lion of the tribe of Judah”


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