6 February 2012

Alan Lake Breivik's controller

There is now no doubt in my mind about Alan Lake being Anders Breivik's controller linked to his terrorist atrocities in Norway on July 22nd 2011.

For 6 months after being 'framed' as Breivik's English 'mentor' I have been trying to work out if I was right in my belief that Alan Lake & Co were the ones who set me up which would mean they were directly linked to Breivik himself and his actions. All circumstantial evidence pointed in his direction but there was one massive missing piece of the mental jigsaw puzzle that I just could not work out.

How could Alan Lake possibly be linked to the Balkans, Serbians and maybe even Russians.

The big missing link to my mental picture to make it complete.

Then this week Tash Shifrin thankfully released the information that Alan Ayling aka Alan Lake had been suspended from his job within a major London bank where he worked as the manager over their Oracle database.

I checked the website of the bank and clicked on the 'about us' page and the Balkans jumped out of the page at me. Alan Lake working in a trusted position within an international bank directly linked to the Balkans and obviously Serbians?

This is no ordinary bank like Barclay's or RBS either, everything is in the name of this bank that Lake was working for: The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

It is an independent bank supported by international Governments dealing with Reconstruction and Development in Countries emerging from war exactly like in the Balkans pre 2002, and broken Countries that need assistance in development just like the name states.

A powerful international European bank with a political mandate.

You can check their website yourself to see the good work that the bank is currently doing in helping developing Nations, and the work in other Countries they are intending to do, but as with everything there is always the chance that criminals at some level get involved with such large organisations and operate under the cover of the organisation until found out. This happens in life in any major company where criminals work out the system from the inside, find fellow criminals and then abuse the system for their financial advantage, or as in this case political advantage due to the nature of the bank and its work. Sometimes this abuse can reflect extremely badly on the image of the organisation/company depending on the type of organisation/company it is, and in other instances its just a case of a financial lose through fraud or theft.

Alan Ayling operating under his alias Alan Lake has the potential to damage the reputation of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development because of his extra curricula political activities, and his direct connection to the Anders Breivik mass murder enquiry because people will now be asking questions and want answers about their employee and his activities.

Considering all of his work in the UK as director behind the EDL and his links into the European anti-Jihad movement that includes Sweden where he has contacts in the Swedish Government and even Norway itself where Breivik struck, you could argue that the damage is already done unless the Chief Executives issue a public statement distancing themselves from their employee Alan Ayling.

Unless they have the bury your head in the sand syndrome concerning such a serious situation their bank is now implicated in.

To have only suspended him when their is evidence all over the internet about his extra curricula political activities and not sacked him with immediate effect does not bode well on the banks future public image around the World. At least if they had of sacked him with immediate effect the public would have perceived the Chief Executives acted immediately over something of such a serious nature that they had no knowledge of when it was brought to their attention. This did not happen.

Either the Chief Executives of the bank know about Alan Ayling's extra curricula political activities, and his direct link to the Anders Breivik mass murder enquiry and endorse him and support him, or they do not?

I go with they did not.

That's a question for others to ask them though that the Norwegian and British public will now want to know, not least for Norway where he is alleged to be linked to Anders Breivik who massacred 69 innocent kids on their summer camp and blew up the Government building killing 8 people inside, but also here in the UK where he has been directing the hijacked EDL and costing the British tax-payer millions whilst working as an employee inside their bank that has a political mandate in foreign Countries, even wanting to go into Islamic Countries.

If they do not support him or endorse him, then along with a public statement the only way they can prove this is by conducting their own internal and transparent investigation into his work activities internally to see if he has been abusing his trusted position and is involved in criminal activity within the structure of the bank along with others, whilst the Norwegian and British police continue to carry out their investigations into his extra curricula political activities, and his links to Anders Breivik and the massacre in Norway.

Alan Ayling was not just floor staff either, he was the trusted 'manager' of the banks Oracle database overseeing a whole team of employee's.

I have absolutely no idea what the Oracle database is or what it does but it must play an important function of the bank and Lake was the trusted man for the job. How did he attain that trusted position?

You could ask yourself; what was their trusted manager doing directing the EDL street protest movement and how did it all happen? Was Alan Ayling recruited into a secret group with a funny handshake by other employee's of the bank who were unknowingly abusing their positions from within and needed others to help as an extension of their criminal work?

You cannot say this does not go on!

Its all about the money for some people.

I am all for secretive groups with funny handshakes planning and plotting for the defence of Queen & Country but this group behind Breivik are not for Queen & Country.

Most people reading this worry about their mortgage payments, car payments, mobile phone bill or internet bill etc which are small amounts of money being transferred around banks like Barclay's or RBS, where as major criminal and terrorist organisations worry about transferring many millions of pounds, euros and dollars around international banks via enterprises like arms trading, drug smuggling to fund conflicts and terrorist campaigns.

What would your local Barclay's bank branch manager think if millions of pounds were being transferred through your accounts?

It would definitely raise his suspicions that's for sure.

But what if you were working in a bank use to multi million pound transfers being switched around accounts, working in developing Countries and war torn Countries and you had paid willing accomplices on the inside so as to not raise suspicions over the criminal enterprise?

Money laundering.

Would a bank like the one Alan Lake worked for be the type of bank that large sums of money could be passed around without much suspicion? And considering the nature of the work the bank does and the Countries it works in would it be possible that it has gone on under the nose of the Chief Executives by a network of compliant criminal employee's like Alan Ayling?

Breivik was chosen by someone for some reason and sent as an errand boy to Liberia in 2002 with all probability the reason for the trip being about arms trading amongst other things, considering it was at a time when the Country was gripped in a bloody civil war. Breivik has stated that there were other reasons why he went to Liberia other than meeting his Serbian contact which would tie in with being an errand boy for arms traders. After this trip to Liberia he then travelled to London where he has stated that the founding meeting of the secretive militant right-wing group was formed. Could it be possible that members of that group, especially his English 'mentor' were part of the financial side of the international arms trade which would mean working on the inside of a large international bank based in London? Or having someone on the inside?

Further reading: Birth & Baptism of Anders Breivik

It is highly likely that Breivik was recruited because of his father who was the Norwegian diplomat to London in 2002. Its not unheard of that some diplomats have dual roles as spies either, so Breivik probably came to someones attention as a useful young recruit into a neo-Gladio style group. Did Breivik's father have any dealings with Alan Ayling's bank whilst working in his capacity as the Norwegian diplomat to London? If you type Norway into the banks website search engine you will see that Norway is a financial backer of this bank so the possibility is there.

That's for the Norwegian investigators to find out.

Breivik's father obviously fears something because he refuses to travel to Norway to answer questions which says allot about the man. A man who was entrusted to be the representative of the Norwegian people as a government diplomat in a foreign Country who now refuses to travel back to his native homeland to answer questions over such a serious matter that has effected the Nation. That leaves the very real thought that he must have something to hide with regards to his son and how his son ended up as an extreme right-wing political terrorist who has committed the worst act of political terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century and committed a crime against humanity.

It all starts to make much more sense now, and is the reason behind the British press refusing to report on Alan Lake this self explanatory considering who his employer is?

One thing is for sure is that if Alan Ayling was working inside this particular bank in 2002 then that is another nail in his coffin concerning his direct involvement with Anders Breivik.

Breivik's map co-ordinates

I'm not going to go into my full hypothesis of this now because there are missing and conflicting pieces of information.

There are 46 map co-ordinates inside Breivik's manifesto, a few of them are near Islamic buildings, Islamic ghetto's and places related to Islam and the political left. The rest are linked to no where at all, or anywhere of any real significance except one, and its not likely with everyone knowing these places that they are ever going to be bombed by Breivik's accomplices. They are all pretty irrelevant places anyway and not worth bombing if you were a terrorist so what is the meaning of them?

The one significant location pictured above is placed a stones throw from where the MI6 agent Gareth Evans was murdered and placed inside a North Face bag.

If you go North from London what Country is facing you? Norway

Both coincidences? Maybe

There is a college near the Pimplico location giving diplomas in Islamic finances though so it might just all be a coincidence, but if you were an MI5 or MI6 agent would it raise your suspicion in the scheme of things considering one of your own was murdered in that exact location that has turned up as a map coordinate in Breivik's manifesto?

All 45 locations in the map coordinates are pretty much irrelevant (red herrings) but the extra one is a stones throw from the unsolved murder of an MI6 agent.

Was this a finger print placed in there by the group behind Breivik?

Gareth Evans was said to have been working on a project called Echelon tracing the financial proceeds of Russian organised crime (arms trading and drugs) into and around Europe. In other words millions of pounds, euros and dollars being transferred around banks disguised as legitimate business transactions.

Could Gareth Evans murder be linked to Anders Breivik and ultimately the people behind Anders Breivik?

I am sure William Hague would like to know considering Mr. Evans was one of his employee's, and I am sure his fellow MI6 officers would like to know unless they already know but just cannot prove it.

Did the European bank for Reconstruction and Development ever come up on Gareth Evans radar whilst tracing black market money?

William Hague knows the answer, and if yes then there is scope for a hypothesis based upon facts.

We are still yet to know if the former Soviet Colonel linked to the Belarus training camps was behind Breivik's schooling in the art of terrorism which would shed more light on eveything?

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