24 March 2012

Critical error of judgement

Article: Dagbladet

Norwegian news Dagbladet have now reported that the police are still interrogating Breivik about possible accomplices and where his ideology came from.

Breivik’s trial is only 3 weeks away and the Norwegian police stated in October last year that they had concluded this line of enquiry, which meant they were at the end of that angle of questioning of him and that they were satisfied that Breivik acted completely alone in the entirety of his actions.

The official line…

The first psychiatric report carried out on Breivik determined he was a paranoid psychotic schizophrenic based upon the fact that the police stated this angle was a figment of his imagination based upon their evidence (that they had not yet finished collecting).

That is the get out clause of those who wrote Breivik’s first psychiatric report within their respective field of psychiatry if the new one tells a different story because theirs is a flawed report due to the fact the police misled them.

The Norwegian police have now backtracked on that first official statement of being concluded with that line of enquiry and 8 months on are continuing to question him about accomplices and his ideology.

If you have not concluded questioning almost 3 weeks before Breivik’s trial, then how can you spread the official line around the world’s media that Breivik is a “solo terrorist” without first proving beyond doubt?

If google translate is right, they have only now after 8 months become confrontational with him.

This is a man who murdered, butchered and maimed a bunch of innocent kids on their summer camp as the worst act of right-wing terrorism in Europe of the 21st Century and it’s taken them until 3 weeks before his trial to get aggressive with him in interrogation when there is the possibility he is part of a terrorist group that they have not fully discounted yet which is why they are continuing to question this angle?

This adds a whole new dimension to the case and the trial if proven that Breivik did not act alone.

The Norwegian police were supposed to have carried out this phase of aggressive questioning last year but did not, yet still publicly said they had, and then the official line went out and was covered by all mainstream news outlets around the world and then fed to their global readerships to set the stage of public opinion and view point concerning Breivik and his acts.

Trial by media...Political tactic just like the Madeleine McCann case!

All evidence completely contradicts the official line and they have now made every statement they have ever made stating Breivik is a “solo terrorist” null and void if they are still investigating this angle 3 weeks before trial.

That’s good because it leaves the door open for the truth to come out.

Quote: The Dagbladet have both police and Breivik's defenders repeatedly stressed that Breivik explains in detail, but refuses to say anything about possible accomplices.

If Breivik is loyal to his associates still on the outside then it’s pretty obvious he is not going to tell the police who they are. Breivik had been planning his attacks with others for a long time so the mental preparation about what he was going to encounter under police interrogation was in place. That was after being prepared to actually give his life up as a sacrifice for their mutual cause.

He/they did a nice job of pointing me out for possible arrest as the English ‘mentor’ though.

Quote: When Breivik was arrested on 22 July 2011 he is quoted as saying: "When the third cell implements its plans, it's going to be hell."

- We have not been able to uncover some cells. We become more and more confident that there are two cells, as he describes it, said Hatlo last year.

If Breivik was able to set the scene for this group by carrying out the type of massacre which he did, then if the group does exist it does have the potential to create a living hell somewhere now we are living in the age of nuclear proliferation, accompanied with wars, instability and coups happening all over the world.

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A few recruited and trained terrorists loyal to the cause just like Breivik is a very real possibility when you look at things in context, and look at what Breivik was able to achieve on his own? He carried out a successful terrorist mission (attempted coup), and not ‘lone wolf’ terror like in France.

It all depends on whether or not the group/network exists and who they are.

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