1 January 2001

Part 2. Fortress Bury Park

In Luton which is the Town adjoining Dunstable we have an area called Bury Park. This is a several square mile area in the Heart of Luton that leads into the Town Centre and onto different parts of Luton.

For the British readers who follow Football, Bury Park is where the Luton Town Football ground is situated.

Bury Park is what you would class as the Moslem quarter of Luton, it is the area most heavily condensed with Moslems, mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin.

There are tens of thousands of Moslems who live in this area with many mosques and madras’s serving the community.

This area of Luton is completely separate from normal British life; it is the heart of the Islamic Kingdom within Luton and with the inhabitants living there, is a true modern Islamic fortress within Great Britain which is heavily fortified from within. This area is the epitome of what is happening throughout Great Britain. Bury Park is Islam’s own mini Islamic Kingdom with its own Islamic way of life for the Moslems who live on the ground there in the community (Who we the non-Moslem British public are ignorant of, that we know absolutely nothing about because the two communities do not mix).

The Moslems then go out from this modern fortress blending in and taking over other parts of Luton.

When we look at the Bury Park area of Luton we see the two Kingdoms living in the one country situation. The Moslems living within their Islamic Kingdom then disperse out, blending in and advancing into and taking over the wider Luton community – The indigenous British Kingdom and its way of life.

The Moslems in Great Britain do not want to integrate into our British society; they are just growing, developing and cultivating their Islamic community and Kingdom at the complete expense of the innocent non-Moslem British citizens living here whose country and way of life this is.

Basically the people of Luton are being forced out of their communities due to the growth of the Islamic Kingdom and because of the savage barbaric Islamic way of life that they then bring with them which is being enforced upon the local wider British society at the complete expense of our own British way of life.

The innocent British citizens living throughout Luton are forced to just accept this alien way of life enforcing itself upon them and their communities otherwise if they speak out, or vote for a political party which is addressing this most pressing issue facing the whole of Great Britain in the 21st Century they are then classed as racists. Nobody wants to be called a racist and potentially imprisoned for it so it is easier and safer to pull the curtains shut, switch on the TV, sit back in the armchair, and say nothing. Maybe get up and pull the curtains back to have a little sneak glimpse at the new Islamic monsters moved into the street and then just sit back bewildered and helpless and accept this aggressively enforced take over of their street and community by this savage barbaric dominant Islamic way of life, or move out.

Imagine what it is like for our weak innocent elderly folk who have no option but sit back and watch through the curtains, as this alien Islamic Kingdom grows within their midst, taking over their streets and community. They cannot get up and move out doing the White Flight like the rest of us, no, our most weak and vulnerable are just left, forced to sit and accept this abomination, watching the take over of their streets and community by this ever advancing and growing Islamic community that brings with it the alien aggressive ways of its sub-human Islamic culture.

Bury Park is 100% Islamic so whatever it means to be a Moslem then this is the environment for that way of life to grown and too flourish.

Jihad is a fundamental to Moslem life so the Moslems living in this community go out from here on a daily basis into non-Moslem British society conducting Jihad in whatever form is relevant to them with the ultimate aim in their mind of converting and enforcing Sharia law upon us and our non-Moslem British way of life. Then at the end of the day they go back into their fortified Islamic Kingdom, let their hair down as they say, and start living the Moslem way of life within the Islamic Kingdom with their Moslem brothers and sisters under Sharia law.

At the core of this Islamic community you have the Koran and what it teaches, you have the religious leaders, teachers and preachers who are indoctrinating the Moslem community to what the Koran teaches. You then also have the wider Moslem community which consists of good law abiding Moslems (who still want to live under Sharia law), you have the young suicidal testosterone bubbling Moslem religious extremists and a large hardcore Moslem criminal Jihad element. Each of these different human elements make up the Islamic community who are all ultimately conducting Jihad in their own respective way against non-Moslem British society because the Koran teaches them too – Us and our way of life is inferior to them and their Islamic way of life.

Bury Park is one of the boiling pots of Islam within Great Britain that as the facts in the public domain show, has boiled over several times now into mainstream Britain with terrifying horrific murderous consequences. Throw in a few ingredients and spices into that boiling pot like Al Qaeda, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Al majaroun and Al Qaeda’s Heroin and you start to have a horrific picture of the Islamic Kingdom living next door that you knew absolutely nothing about which is now actively and openly conducting Jihad (Holy War) against you, your non-Moslem community and British society.

Frightening really but all factual.

Within this one community you have tens of thousands of Moslems which makes up their Islamic Kingdom. This consists of the religious wing, political wing and the military wing of Islam and is what those of us who live around here face on a daily basis.

A saying from crime watch “please sleep tight and don’t have nightmares”


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Anonymous said...

You can not define this a racist act rather a area of many families, others finding it hard to live here move out themselves they are not forced out in any way so why this racist idea?

Anonymous said...

Bury Park is one of the boiling pots of Islam within Great Britain that as the facts in the public domain show, has boiled over several times now into mainstream Britain with terrifying horrific murderous consequences. Throw in a few ingredients and spices into that boiling pot like Al Qaeda, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Al majaroun and Al Qaeda’s Heroin and you start to have a horrific picture of the Islamic Kingdom living next door that you knew absolutely nothing about which is now actively and openly conducting Jihad (Holy War) against you, your non-Moslem community and British society.

"Frightening really but all mellow dramatic"PLEASE!?!?

OH PLEASE ISNT THIS OVER-REACTING why this prejudice idea?????
Its nothing like that were all humans trying to live in peace and harmony, spread peace its part of our religon doesnt seem like it with you....

as this alien Islamic Kingdom grows within their midst, the new Islamic monsters isnt that a little agrresive too.. you are making a mountain out of a mole hell what the hell no-one storming down the street and saying "accept this savage barbaric dominant Islamic way of life, or move out" you are given the option to choose your religon that is also a part of our "evil" religon.

Maybe you should focus less on how to attack and more on how to make living better for eachother and stop criticising other religon when nor your religon nor your culture is great.......


Anonymous said...

It has gone TOO FAR ALREADY!
For every British life taken, whilst the cowardly government does nothing, we disgrace our ancestors. There is only one solution and that is Solidarity! Let none rule who do not look to the people for their guidance!


Anonymous said...

What amazes is people like you Lionheart have the time to incite the blind sheep of this land.

let me tell you what is going on in this world buddy.

1980's the world coming out of a recession fall into another ecession in the late 80's early 1990's. American economist knew American and Western economy and others reliant on America will be "SLOWING DOWN" end of the 1990's. America needed to re-assert itself as a superpower, this was the only way that America would have an influence on the world and world economy thus an effect of world politics. The 1990's saw the world not wanting a superpower, America and American products were no longer wanted, Ou precious Great Britan was near to repaying it's debts to the States for WW2. The EU was emereging as a formidable force no longer requiring a Super Power. RUssia was once more opening it's door tot he West. China was opening it's doors to the free market, India to once more after 100's of years was very influential on the economic and political scene. The world's economy trades on the weakening dollar. The Middle East tored of American Imperialist and duplicit policies on Israel were looking at the ever strong emerging Euro. The Dolar survives becuase of the OIL TRADE. America was in crisis. So a couple of policy makers formed the think tank New American Century and talked of an re-engagement of the U.S in the world through a GLOBAL CONFLICT as the only way for U.S economic survival. People belonging to this think tank were Mr D. RUmsfeld, Mr P. Wolfowitz a Ms. Rice and many many more - you know the gang of cronies. They called themselves the neo-cons. Paul Wolfowits mentions in late 1990's that the only way America will get back on it's feet is through a GLOBAL CONFLICT and an event like Pearl HArbour will unite and mobilise American Opinion to allow America re-assert itself in a world that no longer needed it. By re-asserting itself, america will be in the centre of the conflict and have countries relying on it, will influence world politics and economics.

On September 9/11 an "inside job" ocurred in United States that united the nation and a Global war on terror was emerged to once more put the world's only SUPER POWER back where it wanted to be. In the centre of a global conflict - which was self invented.

Here are two more interesting points;
Hamid Karzai the leader in Afghanistan was the leader fo UNICOL a government agency sent by the U.S to dialogue with Taliban in 1990's so tat they can build an oil pipe to the Caspian Sea. The Taliban refused - today Hamid Karzai is in charge of Afghanistan and that oil pipe is built. In 2002 Iraq had a 2/2 years remaining for it's brutal sanctions to be lifted. Saddam a pupet of the CIA now disheartened witht he U.S announces in his self bolshevik style - He will be switching OIL TRADE from Dolalr to EURO at the end of his sanction. This was met with sceptism and very coldy by the U.S and a Great Britian reliant on U.S dollar but met with appreciation by France, Germany and Russia as these countries were given the Oil contracts ( interestingly these countries did not want a war with Iraq ). OPEC also watche din anticipation to se ehow Iraq will do once it moved tot he Euro as they would follow suit. This would be the end of American Economic Superiority - therefore things had to be done.

in 2003 Iran announced it too would like to trade it's oil in EUROS and will do everything to make the EU want to trade with and looked to rebuild relations n 2004 U.S and Iranian relations went very sour nad cntinue to do so until this day.

World is governed by Economy and thos ein power will do anything necessarily to remain powerful.
How far can the U.S last already in a recession, it is fair to say the age of American TOTAL domnance in the eocnomy is over.

Islam - Jihad used as a scapegoat.

The Quran is NO DIFFERENT to the Xtian Bible or the Jewish Books. The tibetan monks showed us even they can take the law in their own hands if forced by human rights violations - it is human nature to fight for freedom. PAlestinian and muslim lands are smack bang in the eye of the Industrious Western Nations as a SOURCE of RESOURCE: OIL, GAS, TIMBER, POTASSIUM etc etc.

Anonymous said...

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