1 January 2001

Part 4. Allah’s Luton militia

1 Samuel 17:10 – 11 And the Philistine said, “I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together.” 11 When Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistine, they were dismayed and greatly afraid.

1 Samuel 17:26
Then David spoke to the men who stood by him, saying, “What shall be done for the man who kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel? For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

This large group of young Pakistani Moslem men from Luton are the frontline defence of Fortress Bury Park. They emerge from this community on a daily basis conducting low level civil war against non-Moslem society that those of us who are living here on the ground in Luton & Dunstable have to face on a daily basis.

This is the British born arm of the paramilitary wing of the Islamic Kingdom of fortress Bury Park and is another real and very frightening extension of the Al Qaeda led and inspired Jihad – War – against Great Britain and our non-Moslem society.

Allah’s Luton militia are also Al Qaeda’s frontline foot-soldiers in this modern civil war. These Moslem men are the ones on the ground on street level who are conducting Jihad against the infidel for their god Allah, and have successfully forced the whole community into Dhimmitude through their violence, intimidation and enforced fear. There are hundreds of these Moslem foot-soldiers who are all connected by family or friends in one way or another. They move around in groups, are well connected and are mobile. If you have trouble with Pakistani Moslems on the streets of Luton & Dunstable you can guarantee that they will have a few car loads of angry violent Moslem men at the scene very quickly, and have the potential to have even larger numbers involved and hunting for you dependent on the level of trouble.

This large ‘Pakistani Moslem paramilitary army’ are the ones who are involved in all of the criminality on the streets.

Due to the large numbers involved in their activities, their organisation into different groups and gangs, their extreme wealth earned through their criminal activities and their willingness to conduct extreme levels of violence against any opposition leaves them in complete control of the streets through fear.

They have been left with a free unhindered reign to do what they want upon the streets of Luton & Dunstable with no opposition from anyone because of the consequences of having trouble with this army of violent Pakistani Moslem men.

If you do try opposing anyone who is involved in the criminal activities of this Moslem paramilitary army then you face very serious, violent, murderous consequences from those involved in the criminal networks, with the potential of having all of them joining forces looking to harm you and silence you.

It is easy for the authorities to class the behaviour of this large force of mobile, connected and wealthy Pakistani Moslem men down to just criminality, but if you take a closer look with all the facts you can clearly see that this is more than just criminality. This is an Islamic paramilitary army who have a military and political agenda, are being led and inspired by Al Qaeda and are using the vast amounts of wealth earned through the black market economy in all high value crime to finance their Jihad – Civil war – against British society. They are also able to enforce their dominance upon non-Moslem society through this vast network of street soldiers because they all stand together and go around in large groups. You have a problem with one of them then you potentially have a problem with all of them and they are more than capable of kidnapping, murder and rape, which is the knowledge that the wider non-Moslem community that lives around here knows all too well. It is easier to say nothing, do nothing, and let the gangs of Pakistani Moslem street soldiers do what they want rather than bring trouble to your front door that has very real and serious, extremely violent and potentially murderous consequences.

Allah’s Luton militia control the ‘highly’ lucrative trade in Heroin & Crack cocaine on the streets of Luton & Dunstable, using this as a weapon of war against our non-Moslem society. They also run the local Prostitution economy, with most of the girls on Heroin & Crack cocaine. There was a report in the local paper a year or two back that quoted that 46 out of the 48 street Prostitutes interviewed were hooked to Class A drugs. Members of the Militia get young girls hooked on hard drugs then pimp these innocent vulnerable young girls, and even children, out, and onto the streets forcing them into prostitution to pay their Moslem masters for the Heroin & Crack cocaine they are addicted too.

Another high income earner for them is through insurance fraud, there is millions to be earned through VAT fraud, stealing vast amounts from the VAT man also credit card cloning and crashing a car load of themselves into an innocent driver and then claiming mass amounts of damages for the car and injuries that never happened.

Allah’s militia finance their paramilitary army through these and many more different types of criminal activities. They have a complete disregard for our non-Moslem society and by their actions clearly show us that they are conducting civil war against us - their innocent non-Moslem neighbours - so as to enforce Islamic dominance upon the population. This aspect of the Jihad goes unnoticed by main stream society because it is on the ‘streets’ out of sight and out of mind, until one day unfortunately and unexpectedly it some how knocks on your front door.

Then you will see the reality of my words when you are confronted with this Islamic army of highly organised Pakistani Moslem street soldiers who will stop at nothing to enforce their will and dominance upon you and anyone else standing in their way.

The young people living and growing up on the social scene of the streets in our communities are the ones who are forced to face this harsh 21st Century reality of Moslem dominance on the streets they are growing up on, and is the reason why so many of them are now hooked on hard drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine.

Our communities and individuals have been aggressively targeted by Allah’s Moslem militia in their advancement to take over our communities, increasing their wealth and dominance against the infidel.

Within Dunstable, Public Enemy No.1 Dave Shar has been the one who has helped Allah’s Luton militia come in and desecrate our community. He has been their link, the middle man, into the community which is why his departure is long over due, along with those non-Moslem traitors who have been working with him at the complete expense of the innocent non-Moslem community. There is no place for these traitors and their treasonous behaviour anymore that threatens the innocent and vulnerable next generation of children who are growing up in the Town. Those of us that ‘know’ can clearly see what these traitors have been doing up until this point in time, and this is not going to change, with future generations of young people of the community on the receiving end of their behaviour so why should the community put up with it anymore.

Why should your children’s lives and futures be faced with these scum bags? Each of them knows exactly who they are!

The leaders of Allah’s Luton militia are called the Khan mafia because the main leaders carry the Khan name. Then below this top group you have several other large gangs of foot soldiers who are all connected, and then below that you have the wider young Moslem community who stand with, support and help their Moslem brother’s actions against the infidels. The leadership of Allah’s Luton militia have all branded themselves with the Islamic crescent moon on their foreheads, hands or necks which sets them apart within their Islamic Kingdom as being the leaders of this aspect of the Islamic paramilitary army. This is common knowledge on the streets, through the local police force and through the criminal justice system. You cannot miss the tattoo they wear so it is quite obviously setting them apart with their communities. This Islamic crescent moon tattoo that they wear clearly shows everyone who is looking where their ultimate loyalties lye of the leaders of this militia, and it definitely is not towards Great Britain and our civilized Judeo/Christian way of life.

The fearsome ‘force’ that is Allah’s Luton militia is an extremely large, violent and frightening force that even enforces their violent dominance upon their own Moslem community through demanding protection money from local businesses within Fortress Bury Park. Outside of this their Islamic Kingdom they then target other ethnic minority businesses for protection money, believing that they will not go to the police for protection because of the consequences from Allah’s militia. I have personally watched them with my own eyes intimidating the small little Chinese take away at the top of Chiltern road in Dunstable so this is another aspect of their street crime that they are enforcing upon the peaceful community of Dunstable in their advancement to take over.

Allah’s militia is clearly a paramilitary army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable who have the Islamic belief system of Jihad at the core of their outlook on life. They have been brought up in Moslem homes where they are taught Islamic dominance and supremacy over the non-Moslem. They are a part of a large Islamic Kingdom which has been taught the basics of the Islamic faith – Jihad -and the coming Islamic war against the infidel’s Western world by the likes of Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza to name just a few. They are a part of a large Islamic community that played a central role in Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden’s open declaration of war against Great Britain on 7/7. There are hundreds of these Pakistani Moslem foot soldiers who are all connected by family, friends and ultimately Islam. They are highly organised, extremely wealthy through their control of the black market economy. They are heavily armed and they believe that they are at war with the non-Islamic world, namely Great Britain and our civilized Judeo/Christian society.

If the actions on the ground, of Allah’s Luton militia are not ones of Jihad – civil war – against their innocent non-Moslem neighbours, and they are not a large highly organised paramilitary army, then I would like to know what the real definition is, because in my simple mind this is clearly civil war by an Islamic paramilitary army who have a political ‘Islamic’ objective.

I feel that people just do not want to accept the true reality of the situation, it is easier to switch off and class someone like me who is speaking out about the truth as crazy because if you admit to yourself that what I am saying is true then you have to then face up to the consequences. It is easier to switch off, ignore the facts and continue living in your false bubble of ‘peace and security’, rather than look at the facts surrounding you, to see what they all add up to and what they then mean to you.

Bottom line you cannot deny the facts when you look and everything I have written is based on facts, some facts that you cannot see or understand, others that you cannot deny but choose too ignore. While you enjoy your lives, going to school, studying, working, partying, bringing up your families and enjoying life away from any thoughts of violence or murder, there is a large Islamic community living right beside you who are living a completely different way of life to you, that you know absolutely nothing about. With an extremely large number of the Moslem men from within this community who do have thoughts about extreme violence, murder and war aimed towards you - Their peaceful non-violent non-Moslem neighbour – The Koran teaches them these ways.

It is this type of ignorance, cowardice and the subsequent inaction of the British people that is sleep walking all of us into a horrible ‘future’ of Islamic supremacy, dominance and second class status in our own country, especially in the communities here where I live. At the moment it might not be a legal second class status where we have to pay the ‘jizya’ tax to the Moslem authorities but it is a definite unwritten rule of the streets, where the community lives under Islamic dominance.

Allah’s Luton militia is one more frightening aspect of the Islamic ‘force’ which is conducting Jihad – civil war - against Great Britain, in the vicinity of Luton & Dunstable where I live.

This cannot be denied by those people whose job it is too know what is happening on the streets of Great Britain, especially after the spotlight was switched on towards Luton after the 7/7 bombings.

Either something is going to happen to change the situation on the ground, stamping out this Moslem paramilitary army and their sources of vast Black market wealth, If not we can clearly see what the future holds based on the facts and the present reality we are experiencing.

The Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park has achieved their take over of Luton, enforcing Islamic dominance upon this geographic location and has now clearly started their advancement and take over of Dunstable.

Dave Shar and his Dunstable associates are Allah’s Luton militia’s point men in their advancement to take over the streets of Dunstable so all of the people working with them on the ground are what are commonly termed as ‘Traitors’!

All I say is wake up and look around you at what is going on, especially at all of those you now see wearing the Islamic beard and garb delivering your fast food, driving your taxi or serving you in the local shop.

Wake up before it is too late because this ship is clearly sinking and your innocent, vulnerable non-Moslem children cannot save it from sinking, that’s your job and responsibility!


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Anonymous said...

Erm Dave Shah is half caste I Beleive
thats half caucasian white and half Sikh.

Therefore NO muslim blood in him.

Also are defaming every Khan now?

not only do you connect any one of a olive disposition to being muslim but are you now suggesting that the KHAN name is linked to Islam too?...

Khan is not an ARABIC name number one.

Secondly this is defamation of character if you link ALL people with the surname KHAN to criminial activities.

Give it a rest you fascist right wing BNP activist.

Luton will not be subjected to a race division, or race wars as your right wing lot have created in the North of England.

Be fearful of this hate stirrer people with his HALF TRUTHS and often NO TRUTHS.

He is a hate monger, a scare monger and a LIAR/

Anonymous said...

Also what is jizya? it was for dhimmi's what are dhimi's non muslims who feel they should not pay ZAKAT ( ISLAMIC OBLIGATORY CHARITY ) in an "Islamic State".

The reason for this, they are not muslim and should not par take in muslim practice under the "religous freedom" that they enjoy in ISlamic States it is their inherrent right.

The Sultan agreed they were quite right as non muslims you should not pay ZAKAT - obligatory charity to the poor.

However, citizens of the state as you and I in the UK ( I doubt Lionheart works by the way ) have to CONTRIBUTE to the welfare of the nation by paying obligatory taxes.

Thus the political classification of non muslims as dhimmis were introduced. These were people who should not par take in ISlamic Practices BUT had to pay jizya tax equal to the Zakat.

This would be once a year or spread through out the year as they felt best to pay.

Non payment was criminal as was NOT paying ZAKAT. As is non payment of taxes in this country.

Hope this explains it in simple laymen terms for the hate mongers.

Lionheart is a liar defaming and using a certain community as scapegoats for his lack of abilities, incompetencies and stature in society, therefore zealously views the ASian commuity of Luton.

Everyone knows white people as well as black brown people sell drugs.

This is cultural based on popular Brit culture ...sorry Wider Western Culture.

WHy not do the Islamic thing and outlaw drugs and alcohol.

Anyone caught selling will be punished and repeat offenders destroying our community should be hanged.

What do you say to that Lionheart.

That would be good deterrent to stop such drug dealers.

Problem is who will supply LIONHEART with his addiction for hashish.



Anonymous said...

Your freedom as a British citizen is part of the package of rights of the individual and the State.
Before the high level of displacement of established British identity by the immigration boom of the last Century, for reasons of giving a home to those adrift from their own environment, such as the Vietnamese Boat People, African refugees from terrible wars and famine, Bangladeshi refugees from fighting and flooding,
there were not the levels of crime, religious intimidation, gang wars, guns, invasive drug addiction, and so on.
You suggest that because there are criminals of all shades of colour, that somehow that this justifies the prescense of criminals from one community to be validated by the existence of others.
There were no gangs of street hoodlums of note and organised crime was concentrated in specific areas.
Now our society is broken up by areas that are on the verge of self-governance as if the Laws of England must bow to the edicts of a minority group who claim special rights.
You know what the primary aim of Islam is, you know of the existence of texts that are outlined elsewhere here, that give an open book to those that see themselves as having a God given right to change another's life because they must conform with a set of rules, which are essentially alien to these lands.
Britain is based on a so-called Judaeo Christian model, that has undergone many reformations, and each time the society has been renewed from within by the birth of vast enterprises that have shaped the world of today, and of the gradual evolution of the rights of the individual being upheld by a State apparatus that combines the essentials of the power of the Royal lineage, with an independent judiciary and an elected Parliament of representatives.
There is no call for and no place for an imposed overlay of foreign law, be it the laws of the Europhiles, or the laws of a belief-system that has had no significant influence on the apparatus of State over thousands of years.
Ultimately your struggle is called for as the highest jihad, and that places you on one side of a wall, which you have erected and which has become your invisible prison walls.
The inculcation of such a doctrine as all-encompassing and as de-personalising to the host community, is guaranteed to produce the same results we see across those Nations that have passed that point before.
Who could wish for a future where the dominant belief felt compelled to destroy that which it could not absorb.
If we study the real history of war and strife that has emerged from the Arabic world and is now spreading like a smouldering fire across the West, we may then predict the future events that follow on in a predictable pattern.
With no other real economy except the petro-chemical industry, maintained by foreign companies, Arabia's sphere is being extended through the holes in the fabric of Britain left by the rabid Left wing Socialist brigade and oil dollars are buying up the territory ahead of the eventual collapse of the oil economy, the jittery start of which, we are beginning to witness.
The combination of oil money, religious zeal and words that make you feel that you must hate the non-believer,for his own sake, is explosive.
When methane is drifting inside a mine, there can be only one likely course of events.
Indignant and partial piety, does not convey righteousness on the aggrieved.
Isn't jizyaa the tax being paid for protection against suicide bombers.
It is costing hundreds of millions a year to monitor terror cells and their traffic, just so that when bomb-plotters are caught, they can have all their human rights and appeals paid for by the State.
Just one example, let alone the secret deals with Saudi Arabia and others.
So many are in denial about the unannounced war that is growing throughout this land.
Didn't someone say, "you can tell a man's loyalties from the cricket team he supports."
War will not be declared until it is rumbled, until it becomes undeniable and obvious that the choice will be defeat or resistance.

Anonymous said...

what a shyte stirrer...

Dave Shah is half Sikh ( Indian ) and half Whit Boy?

So what makes him the man he is?

White Blood inside him.

I think your theory is crap and falls flat on it's feet, which you should do.

Your nothing but a BNP, Fascist - right wing supporting, inciter of racial and now religous divide in the U.K.

Someone hot the nail on the head.

Lionheart is not jut one person but he is a group that has one aim and nothing else;

build on the preconceived stereotypes and spread inciteful crap to cement divides across racial and religous grounds.

Your quite right Khan is a "mandarin" name comes from the name Hun, later pronounced as Haan as in Genghis Khan - who was a pagan by the way.

Genghis was a barbarian pagan who through his conquests re shaped the east and parts of Europe.

His offsprings later settled in the lands of the muslim and became muslim and became well educated, cultural people, with advanced political, social and economic systems.

They were responsible for the flourishing cities like Samarkan, Tshkent, parts of persia, Kabul and later made India one of the most sophisiticated and advanced civilisations of it's time i.e. the Mogul era of India.

So before you mouth of why not take a lesson in history.

Any one with half an ounce of intelligent will see lionheart for what he is, a wicked little man venting his confusion on cultural, religous differences of people.

Before you give us the whole spiel about how you are a christian - which I doubt very much.

Remember Christianity came from the same part of the world as Islam and both have roots with Abraham.

Also, I doubt it was covered extensively in the media but Christian Palestinians along with Muslim Palestinians came out on the streets of Bethleham yesterday in an armed protest against the Israeli occupying forces.

Do christians of a non arab heritage have greater rights than palestinian christians.

Is the same kind of divide you wish in Great Britian.

What an ugly thought Lionheart, so please go crawl back under the rock you came out of.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

No jizya was the tax for non muslims in an ISlamic state who felt they should not par take in Islamic practice of Zakat.

Zakat is an obligatory practice on muslims to pay Obligatory charity to the poor.

But non muslims were obvioulsy not concerend about helping the poor (A pillar in Islam).

Therefore a tax was introduced so that non muslims would contribute tot he economy of the Islamic state of the time and help the poor "indirectly" or "directly" from par taking in the economic system of the state.

>>So for some pillock to say jizya is the tax to collect for suicide bombers?<<<

SHOULD indicate to those of you out there who how these people twist and change things to make them fit with their grand plan of divide.

Do not give in to these hate mongers.

Anonymous said...

Jizya was not a tax for the naughty non-Muslims who dodged giving Alms.
Giving Alms is a part of the Jewish tradition and was a command of Jesus to his followers.
Alms giving was adopted by the Prophet as he was influenced by the Christian connections of his first wife's family and the Jewish traditions of the tribes that were prominent in Arabia until they were all slaughtered.
This is all recorded in actual texts, many you may have read.
Jizya was invented by the Islamic rulers of Spain after their conquest of the Visigoth kingdoms, and before the ReConquista when Islam was routed from Spain.
These rulers also required Jews to wear a yellow painted Star of David, and Christians had to wear a blue turban or a cross around their necks.
This was done to distinguish them from Muslims, so that the required discrimination against them could be ensured.
Not only did they pay a Double Tax to the Ruler, on pain of death, they were given only half of the value of a Muslim, in any dispute or business arrangement.
Much like Women in strict Islam are given today.
A woman in court under Sharia is taken as having half of the rights of a man. A woman's word is worth only half of a man.
It is her fault if she has been raped, and though there is a slim chance the man may be punished, the woman is likely to get a very harsh treatment, as if she was to blame.
You cannot deny this discrimination exists today, and we see this attitude clearly in the forced remarriages and even murders of women who do not conform to the family will.
This is all fact and not made up, so why do we deny it?
You must do research as well and not believe everything you are told.
This is Britain remember, and we have our own laws, that come first.
Times will soon change and great events are coming which will sweep away everything we rely on.
Then Man will be tested.
Do you think those that drive around in their swanky cars will do so when fuel runs short, any more than the white boy down the street?
Of course not.
Soon we will see a new great war, started by Iran's insistence on getting the nuclear bomb.
Along with this we will see an unstable Pakistan rattling sabres with India.
You may see your homelands going up in smoke, if the TV still works.
Lets not forget China and Russia.
Gird up thy loins I say.
Your God will not protect you.
We are but humans, and imperfect after all.

Lionheart said...

I think you will find that Dave Shars dad was a Moslem and his mother is a convert.

Ive seen them both.

You would like to think that i am a part of some wider conspiracy, and if that makes you feel better about knowing my blog is out there then thats for your own minds.

Those who know me know the truth!