1 January 2001

Part 8. Islamic Kingdom building

The Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park have taken complete control of the demographic are of Luton on the ground and have now made their move on the Town where I live, Dunstable, and are using it as an untapped resource of wealth for their Moslem Kingdom, all built and financed with the proceeds earned from their black market drug Empire of Al Qaeda Heroin direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, at the complete expense of the vulnerable and weak people within my community who are now drug addicted slaves addicted to Moslem Class A drugs.

Dunstable has become an outpost for the Islamic kingdom of Bury Park Luton. They drive into our Town all day every day pumping Heroin & Crack cocaine out into the community with the aid of the Pakistani Moslem Taxi cartel. They are then using the wealth earned to buy local businesses in which to wash their drug money through. Their main business strategy is to buy fast food & Pizza shops along with their taxi companies because they then have delivery drivers mobile on the streets undercover in which to deliver their drugs.

It is common knowledge throughout the town that delivery drivers from several of the local Pizza businesses along with taxi drivers are delivering Class A drugs.

The local police are helpless to stop this advancement into the community, so the vulnerable, weak and the young are at the mercy of Allah's Luton militia who have a complete disregard for us and our way of life and are using street drugs as a weapon of war against us to break down our society, make themselves vast sums of money in the process which then goes into the building of their business empires, to further Al Qaeda's aims of Jihad and future terror attacks against Britain..

What can the innocent people of Dunstable do against a highly organised paramilitary organisation?

Luton has been left for the last 20 years through police and community inaction due to government enforced political correctness through fear of being racist and look what has become of it, a central point for Al Qaedas terror operations against Britain. It is good to see the people of Luton now rising up though, they now see the terror that surrounds them because it cannot be ignored anymore, their community is always on the news recently regarding Al Qaeda terrorists in the Town. This is the environment and reality that their children are now having to grow up in which cannot be ignored anymore.

This is the future for Dunstable unless the local community plucks up enough courage to help prevent the damage that is being caused on a daily basis, prevent the continued Kingdom building into the community and help clean up the mess of a generation of drug addicts inflicted upon our society by the Al Qaeda led army of Pakistani Moslems from Luton.

Please click on the links to see the shops in the community that are either delivering drugs or drug laundering fronts.

Chicken & Pizza Hutt The owner of this shop is a known convicted Heroin & Crack dealer approximately 100 yards away from a local school. The police have known about his continued actions since November last year yet he still operates openly selling Heroin & Crack within the community using this premises as a laundering front for his drug operation.

Domino's Pizza This shop sits on the grounds of our once Great Priory Church which was the central point of the local community. Pakistani Moslems from Luton work in this premises and I know for a fact that at one point one of Dunstable main Pakistani Moslem drug delears was working their delivering drugs into the community.

Pappa Johns Pizza

Fast & Fresh Pizza Pakistani Moslems connected through family to the main people in the Luton Khan mafia. They have many Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton working for them every day and night driving around our town.

Pizza GoGo People I know have had drugs delivered by delivery drivers from this premises.

Southern Fried Chicken An outpost for the Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton including a drug laundering front.

Kings Kebab & Houghton mini market

Regal Indian takeaway

Hot & Tasty money laundering front with known family links to drug dealers.

Potential Mosque or Prayer centre The Pakistani Moslems who are renovating this property are connected to Chicken & Pizza Hutt shop. I have seen Radical Pakistani Moslems coming from around the back of this property. Lets hope that this is not a prayer centre or Mosque that is being erected.

Tikka Hut

Southern Fried Chicken Another outpost for Pakistani Moslems from Luton including a money laundering front.

Cost cutter A known drug front where it is common knowledge that drugs can be bought. This is owned by Pakistani Moslems from Luton.

Curry Cottage Another outpost for Pakistani Moslems from Luton including a money laundering front

Cost cutter A known drug front where it is common knowledge drugs can be bought. This is owned by Pakistani Moslems from Luton.

Dunstable Food & Wine Pakistani Moslems from Luton

Louis launderette Money laundering front

If the authorities could trace back the origins of the money used to buy these local businesses then I guarantee that Al Qaeda Heroin will be behind almost all of them. They cannot trace the origins so we are left to watch these businesses be erected within our community.

I had my own local computer shop business last year until the Pakistani Moslem Kingdom of Luton issued me with Death threats. I am now penniless, homeless and bankrupt.

No one can tell me my words are not true.

My community is not swimming in illegal drug money to finance our business operations, so we cannot set businesses up in the town because we have no money so have to just sit back and watch as we see these Moslem businesses arise within our midst. Our community is just blighted with drug addicts caused by the Bury Park Luton Pakistani Moslem's Heroin & Crack Jihad.

This is the harsh truthful reality my community faces that everybody is choosing to ignore.


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Anonymous said...

Do you think if this information was published to the wider community then the police would have to take action against it? you say some of the local officers are corrupt but on a wider scale it could be quite embarrising for the police to ignore it? the question is of course how to expose it to the wider community

Lionheart said...

Thanks for reading my blog anonymous.

What i write about here has been going on for years with police inaction. The problem is so big on the ground that there is nothing the police can do anymore. Yes they make some arrests but that is like a rain drop in the ocean.

People who know about what i write about here cannot deny anything i say which is a frightening situation to be in for our country and for those who are living on the ground here. In peoples minds though its not knocking on their frontdoor so it is easier and safer for them to say nothing, ignore it and allow things to continue.

Is it any wonder that Luton played a central role on 7/7?

The corruption is 'deep rooted' that is why the leaders of Allah's Luton militia have escaped prison for so long, they have an unlimted amount of wealth in which to buy off corrupt officers. The Pakistani Moslem drug gangs are deeply entrenched here and have been for over 20 years.

They talk of the police being institutionaly racist but they never say about them being insitutionaly corrupt. Corruption goes hand in hand with some officers to protect each other and this threatens the security of the community and country.

Take a read of my part 9.

I am someone who it is easier for them to get rid of so as to keep things hushed up and brushed under the carpet. They close ranks to hide corruption for the sake of their collegues.

i am a Christian though so God is on my side and sees all things.

I have been crying out for 6 months for someone to expose what is happening here where i live and to me personally but not one person has stepped forward to expose this or address it.

I have been sold out, betrayed and left on my own to face death threats by those who i helped that are supposed to be there to protect the innocent in the community.

I have lost everything, my business, my home, i am bankrupt, i have had to sell all of my earthly possesions, ive had to sleep in a car and am homeless with Pakistani Moslems wanting to kill me, with no end in sight of my situation and all because i stepped forward to do the right thing.

I am still here though fighting in my small way speaking the truth through my blog. Maybe it would have been easier and better for me to say nothing like everyone else, then i would not be in this situation.

Where does that type of attitude leave our country though?

God bless you


Anonymous said...

Amazing how the Cops keep letting this get worse and worse. Be careful out there...

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
give terrorists BIG drug trade

help feed infidel addicts
let jihadis pay off cops

absurd thought -
God of the Universe wants
terrorists laundering cash

turn drugs into guns and bombs
it's all just BIG business

Anonymous said...

I know the Hindus are also sick and tired of these Pakistani moslem gangs. A few of them were complaining bitterly to me the other day about such gangs elsewhere targetting Hindu girls for conversion to Islam. We need to join hands and just rid Britain of this moslem plague.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!