1 January 2001

Part 11. What God showed me!

Christian perspective

Joel 2:28 - 29 And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions, And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

This is something the God showed me one day when I was driving through Dunstable Town centre, it will be hard for to believe or understand if you are a non-Christian because you have no concept or understanding of who God is. If you believe in something but do not know what, then all I can say is that that something is the God whom I know, through Jesus Christ His Son.

God is as real to me and every other Christian as ‘you’ who is reading this, He is the Living God who interacts and talks with His people, it is just a whole different concept, view and understanding of life that only opens up to you once you accept the truth into your life. Until then you only view life in the 5 senses which is void of the truth and revelation of God and the spiritual dynamic to life.

I was driving through the centre of the Town and God opened up my eyes of understanding and showed me a ‘weapon of mass destruction’. I cannot say for sure that it is going to happen in Dunstable, I just think to myself why would He have shown me it if it was not going to happen in Dunstable, and is there the possibility of it happening in Dunstable?

With all the facts then yes it is very possible and even likely that this could happen, so the possibility is very real.

He showed me clearly that a weapon of mass destruction does not have to be a bomb going off with a mass mushroom cloud rising from the explosion that is unmistakable and everyone can see. This is what we naturally think of when we think of a weapon of mass destruction - A nuclear explosion.

He showed me that a weapon of mass destruction is also when there are chemicals or biological particles within the atmosphere that no one can see, people are going about there business walking around Town, doing their shopping completely unaware of anything happening around them, yet in the atmosphere all around them there is something so devastating and destructive that the eye cannot see, which is causing mass destruction and devastation.

A chemical or biological attack is a weapon of mass destruction, causing its deadly murderous devastating effects with everyone completely unaware of it until the deathly effects set in. The type of destruction and devastation that this causes makes it a weapon of mass destruction on the same scale as a dirty bomb, just a different type.

We know for a fact that Al Qaeda has already sought to obtain the capability to detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Great Britain. It is also a known fact that one of those seeking the capability was the bomb maker of the fertiliser plot from Fortress Bury Park - Luton, so the potential for something this devastating is very real and very close to home.

The security services say that it is not a matter of if a dirty bomb will be detonated upon the streets of Great Britain but a matter of when!

I remember several years back reading that Dunstable was going to be a centre for training the emergency services for a potential hazardous attack on our country, so the thoughts about something of this nature, in this area were obviously very real thoughts from someone somewhere.

The only people who know whether Al Qaeda are planning a chemical or biological attack is the security services, they would also know if this was a real and possible threat that we faced, and the type of chemical or biological weapon it would be that could spread in the atmosphere in the open.

Chemical and Biological weapons are a very real threat and danger facing our modern world, and just because they have not been used yet does not mean they are not going to be used. The proliferation of this type of weaponry throughout the world on the black market must be rife and who are the ones in the market to buy this type of stuff? The Islamic extremists, and who is the leader of the Islamic extremists? Osama Bin Laden, so you can safely say that he does have this capability in his arsenal.

Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda army have nuclear weapons so it is certain that he has chemical and biological capabilities, especially considering a country like Iran who is engaged in an undeclared war with us would almost certainly have these capabilities along with other Islamic Nations, and even the Russian mafia. Each of these would be more than willing to place this type of weapon in the hands of the global Moslem army – Al Qaeda – to use against the common enemy – The Western World, when the time is right.

There is a global Islamic war upon this Earth as you are reading this, with the Islamic world seeking to conquer the non-Moslem world. In war there can only ultimately be one winner meaning death at all costs to the enemy. You tell me if you think the Islamic enemy would use these types of low level weapons of mass destruction to achieve their ultimate aims of terror and victory over the infidel?

People and Nations do not set out on the ‘war path’ unless they believe they can win, and in modern times these types of horrific and deadly, devastating, capabilities are all tactical weapons to be used or held in an arsenal of weaponry by a 21st Century army to win a war.

It is an established fact that Fortress Bury Park is an Al Qaeda stronghold within Great Britain, do you think there is the slightest possibility that chemical or biological weaponry could be hidden somewhere within that community, considering the facts about Al Qaeda on the ground there that we already know about? They smuggle tons of Heroin & Cocaine into our country every year so how easy do you think it would be to smuggle a small bile of a deadly pathogen or chemical into the country and then hide it? Then hold us to ransom!

I personally know of Moslem scientists in the community of Fortress Bury Park who have degrees in dealing with chemicals so the potential threat in my view is very real and possible.

Then I question why did God show me? Is it going to happen in Dunstable? Is it possible considering all of the factors?

The security services know whether it is a viable, possible threat facing us, all we can do is live our lives and know that death comes to us all at some time, and hopefully wake up to the imminent threat we face from the internal Islamic enemy that is in our country on the war path seeking to destroy of British way of life and take our country over, so that we can stand together and defend ourselves.

If God showed me it then it will happen, where and when I don’t know, could it be Dunstable? Yes looking at the facts but I cannot be 100% certain it will be Dunstable.

Look at what happened to the Russian dissident Litvinenko who was murdered in London by someone when they released a nuclear chemical near him. No body saw anything, yet this nuclear chemical was released into the atmosphere and killed him and made his associates seriously ill. The British security services found traces of the nuclear chemical everywhere Litvinenko had been from the point of his poisoning. This is obviously a very small attack but it was still an attack with a chemical/nuclear weapon within Great Britain that was released into the atmosphere to kill somebody.

Litvinenko was a Chechen supporter who accepted Islam on his death bed. The Islamic Chechen army are the most feared and ruthless Moslem army in the world, they are the ones who laid siege to the Beslan school in Russia, killing many children, they are also the ones who held hundreds hostage in the cinema that also killed many innocent people. The Chechens are the worst Islamic terrorists in the world and deal with nuclear weapons and everything else on the black market, it is said that the nuclear chemical used to kill litvinenko was the exact type needed to be used in the triggers of tactical nukes. It is common knowledge that Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network has tactical suitcase nukes so you can only wonder if there is some deeper meaning to the litvinenko death.

There is a war raging upon the Earth with the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction rife, so the chances of a seriously heinous nasty attack with a chemical or biological weapon has to be a very real thought in peoples minds.

On the ground here in Great Britain we have a British born Moslem army of Al Qaeda trained and inspired terrorists who enjoy nothing more than pleasing Allah killing us the infidel in their Jihad against us the infidels. They are at war with our country and will stop at nothing in their quest to destroy Great Britain, conquer our land and enforce Islam upon the Nation.

This is the fact of the future on the ground in Great Britain that we now face.

We are at war and there can only be one winner!

Could a suicidal psychopathic mass murdering Al Qaeda trained terrorist from Fortress Bury Park jump on a bus, catch a taxi or drive a car into Dunstable and release a chemical or biological weapon into the atmosphere?

We have now learned Al Qaeda’s modas operandi, and that is, that their attacks against our country are always changing to stay a one step ahead and cause as much terror, carnage and devastation as possible, in ways we the uninformed never realised.

We must hope and pray that an attack of this nature does not occur, but if God has spoken it, then it will happen, where and when the security services are the most informed to know, we the innocent must just prepare and brace ourselves for this type of inevitable attack upon our country.

God bless you


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