7 January 2001

An open letter to Rabbi Nachum Shifren

Dear Rabbi Shifren,

I am writing this open letter to you as a mark of respect and as an olive branch.

I am making this public so that everyone is quite clear about things, and you cannot say you never knew nor had the opportunity to make a public statement over the issue of concern.

This is about your future reputation and credibility in the eyes of others.

After the last 48 hours events I now call upon you to make a public statement concerning your support of Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “
Tommy Robinson’s” leadership over the English Defence League now it is perfectly clear that he covered up and supported his fellow EDL leader who admitted guilt in a British court of law, of downloading disgusting sexually explicit pictures of children, and who is now registered on the sex offenders list for 5 years over his conduct.

Steven Yaxley-Lennon, Kevin Caroll and Roberta Moore each lied to the English Defence League membership and tried blaming Richard Price’s disgusting criminal acts against children on everybody else rather than admit their leader’s guilt.

This begs the questions; how long did they know about this? And why have they lied and tried to cover it up?

You obviously ignore the fact that Steven Yaxley-Lennon lies through his teeth to everyone because anyone with the slightest bit of intelligence and commonsense will come to that conclusion within 5 minutes of looking at the information in the public domain, and I assume you are an intelligent man so can only draw the conclusion that you overlook this aspect of the EDL leadership.

Now the question is; will you overlook this Noncegate affair?

I am now publicly giving you the opportunity to make your position clear because you are the EDL’s most high profile supporter so that we all will know where you stand and what your opinions now are. In making your decision please pay careful consideration to the fact that in Britain you are percieved as the EDL's link to the Tea Party movement in America, so any statement you do or do not make will inevitable reflect on this movement and its leadership.

There is much you do not know yet about the EDL leadership, or maybe you do know but choose to ignore what they have done? Either way the Lord God Almighty knows and I personally hope that you know nothing about what they did to my English family otherwise you are as bad as them and my only statement to you if so, is now is your time to repent for your culpability.

Everyone now following the EDL Noncegate affair is expecting your public statement and do not say you were not warned. This is the Olive branch.

In service of the King – Jesus the Lion of the tribe of Judah

Lionheart of England

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