4 January 2001

EDL core Leader is now a convicted paedophile

Update 5/01/11: EDL Noncegate affair...(sickening)

Update 6/01/11: EDL Noncegate affair explained

I thought this was worth a mention on this blog because it ties in with the very public hostilities several months ago between myself and Nick with Luton MiG crew’s Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson” (who has been head of the EDL since its birth), and the rest of the EDL leadership and their supporters.

Richard Price who in some kind of dreamed up fantasy was likened to John Bunyan a couple of weeks ago by the EDL after he was sent to prison and placed on a 10 year ASBO for his EDL activities, has been convicted of possessing child pornography images of a level 1 nature. He will now be registered on the sex offenders register for his beastly conduct that feeds on the vile horrific abuse of children, to satisfy un-natural adult sexual urges.

He was also found in possession of cocaine and crack cocaine during the police raid on his home.

Rather than “
Tommy” or Kevin Carol who are currently the Irish Republican leaders of this English street protest movement, out rightly condemning Richard Price and his extra curricula activities, they have actually sought to defend him, defending someone who has been convicted in a court of law of possessing child pornography and who is now on the sex offenders register.

Blaming the police and State rather than having to admit that one of their own is a convicted paedophile who is now on the register. This obviously begs the question surrounding their mentality around this serious issue involving innocent vulnerable children.

You cannot believe one word that comes out of Steven Yaxley-Lennon’s mouth, which has been proven time and time again with his compulsive lies, so anything he says in defence of Richard Price you can safely assume is a complete pack of lies to try and cover up and defend one of his closest aides from the Birmingham EDL, who is also a founding member of the EDL.

Read the "Tommy Robinson" supporting a paedophile story for yourself: Everyone else but EDL

Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “
Tommy Robinson” actively trying to cover up and lying for a convicted paedophile/child abuser?

There is absolutely “
NO WAY - AT ALL” that if you were “not guilty” of possessing child pornography, would you EVER - EVER plead “guilty”, also knowing you were going to be placed on the sex offenders register as well. If you were “not guilty”, then you could prove that you were ”not guilty” because you are “NOT GUILTY”, so no matter what you have to go through, which would be to hell and back, you would go through it to prove your innocence over such a horrendous charge.

Would you admit to being a child abuser and be branded with that label if you wasn’t one?

Anyone in their right mind knows that if you plead guilty knowing you’re going to be placed on the sex offenders register over the most socially un-acceptable crime there is, then you must be guilty otherwise there is absolutely no way any sane minded person would plead guilty.

It doesn’t take much to work out, so how on earth can Steven Yaxley-Lennon & Kevin Carol and the EDL leadership support a convicted paedophile who is now on the sex offenders register after admitting his guilt in a British court of law, and blame everyone else instead of the one who admitted his guilt about abusing children?

This is the current EDL leadership for you!

I can only think that the house of cards surrounding these two are about to come tumbling down, so it’s easier to blame everyone else rather than admit the guilt. Richard Price’s recent conviction is another opportunity to cry “
Police Persecution” for their EDL supporters here and from around the world, rather than admit guilt, ready for when their time comes and they can once again cry “Police Persecution” which is what has happened recently. The difference here is that they have defended someone who has actually admitted the guilt himself in a British court of law, knowing he was going to be placed on the sex offenders register, for possessing child pornography.

Doesn’t matter what way you wrap it up, Richard Price is a convicted paedophile and the EDL leadership have come out in un-dying support of him and his crimes against children.

The sick and twisted ideology of those currently at the top of the EDL…

Steven Yaxley-Lennon’s vocal support of a convicted paedophile is a far cry from the vocal support I received when one of his lieutenants Chris Renton aka John Sheridan was attempting to assassinate my character whilst smearing my name in the eyes of the EDL membership to discredit me. It was this lack of respect and loyalty to the one who placed him as leader of the EDL that led to the chain of events that has placed me as one of his direct enemies (This is all a story yet to be told, but a story based upon facts rather than lies and half truths).

Chris Renton and his girlfriend Gail who is head of the EDL womens division started spreading the most despicable lies about me across their EDL platform (Renton & brother controlled platform). Lies, that if I had of gone to the police would have resulted in them doing jail time for what they were saying. It was at this point that I came out publicly against Chris Renton in defence of my name and reputation. I had stayed silent about his pathetic childish smears over the months until he crossed the line and took them to another level. I then had absolutely no choice but to defend myself publicly. It was when this happened that the EDL cheerleader Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs came out publicly attacking me too; in defence of her “new blog news baby” the EDL and Chris Renton. I stayed silent about Miss Geller and what she said about me until I was in the right position to defend myself and for the record that’s what I did.

After what lies Chris Renton was spreading about me, “
Tommy” had no alternative but to publicly boot him and put out an official statement because his silence meant tacit support, and knowing these were lies, where was my support from the EDL leadership for the membership to know the truth about what Chris Renton was saying?

We spoke about his on the phone, and he wanted me to “
just keep quiet” and “get back on-board”.

Obviously that’s not my style…especially not after something so serious...this obviously changed my view in an instant about "Tommy" leader of Luton's MiG Youth.

This ended up in the first threats against female members of my family, and set the future and my involvement with the EDL and my opposition of its leadership in motion.

What a twist of fate that now “
Tommy” is publicly coming out in support of a convicted paedophile who is on the sex offenders register rather than publicly condemning him, when he stayed silent over the pure lies spread about me by his leadership team.

To anyone following the EDL this should show the type of people who are currently directing this English cause upon English soil, supported by English patriots blinded from the truth by a lying leadership who have a strangle hold over the EDL media platform.

When the mainstream media report on them, it is the MSM who are the liars in some government plot and the EDL hold the truth, and the gullible believe them. Sadly there seems to be many gullible English patriots out there all congregated around the EDL and its Irish Republican leadership.

Truth always holds up under scrutiny where as lies and liars are always found out.

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