1 January 2001

All 12 parts

Part 1. Low-level Civil War

Things are not alright in Great Britain, as we can clearly see from last weeks failed horrific car bombings. The military wing of the Islamic Kingdom within our midst is actively working towards murdering us and destroying our British way of life. It is about time people woke up to their surroundings and what is happening under the surface of day to day life within Great Britain before it is too late and we are past the point of no return, with our society collapsing in upon itself becoming even more lawless than what it is already.

The streets have become a war zone with the innocent in society on the receiving end of this lawlessness and anarchy.

I have friends who are dead, family who are dead, I have friends whose lives are completely ruined, there are many of my friends still exposed and there is a whole generation of young people who are the future of our communities who are directly exposed to Al Qaeda’s Jihad against British society within the confines of my community. This is all happening with the forces that are paid to protect the British public unable and inept to stop this low-level civil war, one of Islam and Al Qaeda’s frontlines in their global Jihad.

Who then are the ones who suffer from our police services inaction?

The weak, the innocent and the vulnerable, exactly the ones who the British authorities are paid to protect in our supposedly modern 21st Century law abiding democratic society.

We face a military Islamic enemy upon our streets who are conducting a civil war against us, that have a political ‘Islamic’ agenda with clear set goals. This makes our British laws obsolete when facing a military enemy and is the reason why the police can do nothing but sit back and watch as our communities are over run by this blood thirsty Islamic monster. When I say monster I mean everything that makes up the workings of the religious, political and military Islamic beast that is intent on our destruction which is ravaging and destroying my community and country on a daily basis.

If the police cannot do anything to stop this murderous Islamic beast then what hope is there for the future of my homeland and what are we the innocent non-Moslem British public supposed to do?

Just sit back and watch while our communities are pumped with Al Qaeda’s street drugs with our friends, our families and our neighbours lives destroyed, the whole community forced into Dhimmitude through Moslem violence, intimidation and fear and then ultimately our communities taken over with us surrounded by Islamic dominance.

A real nice reality don’t you think? And is exactly what is happening.

My forefathers never sacrificed their lives upon the battlefields of the world for this my homeland and the community where I live, so that now in my generation Islam could set up camp, build its Kingdom and then conduct Jihad (Holy War) to take over my country.

Come on those of you in positions of power and especially the Christian ones, how can you sit back allowing this to happen to your homeland?

If what is happening to my community is what the leaders of this country want, or it is something they do not care about, then those of us who can, might as well all move out to somewhere less populated with Moslems as soon as possible, we will then be a whole lot safer for a few years!

Islam and its Moslem followers cannot live peacefully with non-Moslem society, Islam teaches that when they are in a minority to keep their heads down and play the peace card and then when they are in a majority or their numbers are large enough to then start to enforce Islamic dominance upon the population. Islam teaches that Moslems are superior human beings and that non-Moslems are nothing less than dirt and it is their divine Islamic duty to enforce Allah’s laws – Sharia law – upon all mankind.

You probably will not believe that, that is your choice and personal opinion but what I would say is please come back and watch this extremely important revealing video first before you reject that claim:
Undercover Mosque

We face a modern 21st Century Islamic paramilitary army upon the streets of my community who are taking over and no one is doing anything about it. I am here on the ground crying out for help with everyone listening and sitting back watching and ignoring this modern 21st Century ‘theatre of War’ as it is over run by the Islamic enemy.

Those in power ignore it at your own personal peril!

You tell me what the future consequences of this inaction will be? It does not take a rocket scientist to add it all up and come up with a picture.

It would be easier for everyone if I said nothing about the situation my community faces, leaving the situation out of sight and out of mind from those who cannot see it. Several different ‘forces’ have actively tried to silence the truth I speak and intimidate me into silence which I will explain through this post. I will also explain the reason why I will not and cannot be silenced, not by anyone!

Matthew 10:27 – 31 Jesus Teaches the Fear of God “Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. 28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

I have friends who I have grown up with whose lives are now ruined because of Al Qaeda’s aggressive targeted Jihad against them and my community, also what are the consequences for the future of the community I grew up in and ultimately our children’s futures living here if everyone is forced into silence by the Islamic Kingdom and its paramilitary army of street soldiers who are conducting Jihad (Holy War) against us?

If I was to sit back and do nothing and say nothing when I know and see what is going on, then what type of friend or person am I?

I personally will not be silenced through fear by Moslem intimidation and violence or anyone else’s intimidation and threats of violence.

There comes a point though when I have to say enough is enough why should I bother if no one else is bothered, what can one man do against an army of hundreds of highly organised, heavily armed and extremely wealthy street soldiers. I might as well put up and shut up like everyone else, turn my back, walk away and get on with my life and watch as my homeland is destroyed and taken over.

You will say I am exaggerating about the threat upon the streets but believe me I am not and it will all be revealed with supportive evidence through this post. The police and security services know exactly what I am saying is the truth because it is their job to know what is happening on the streets of Great Britain and the internal and external threat our country faces.

Ask yourself this; whose agenda were the highly educated Islamic Moslem Doctors working too when they aimed to blow up several cars killing untold innocent young people outside the Tiger Tiger night club and on the streets of London, or when they drove a human car bomb into Glasgow Airport.

What was the agenda behind these acts of horror aimed at you and me?

There is a global Islamic war happening around the entire world within every Nation on Earth. Here in Great Britain that war is being played out on the ground in a street and neighbourhood near you by British born Moslems along with their International Moslem brothers. We have an Islamic Kingdom in our midst that is built up of upwards of 3 million Moslems. Out of this cess pool of 3 million spiritually sick human beings there is a significantly large, that the government class as, a ‘minority’, who are the military wing of Islam in Britain who are actively engaged in armed Jihad (Holy War) against our non-Moslem British society and way of life.

This is the 21st Century Civil War facing Great Britain, with this post being an expose from one of the frontlines. It is an on the ground first hand account of my personal experiences, from where I live, so please follow my blog to see the seriousness and severity of the situation facing my community and ultimately the whole of the country.

Part 2. Fortress Bury Park

In Luton which is the Town adjoining Dunstable we have an area called Bury Park. This is a several square mile area in the Heart of Luton that leads into the Town Centre and onto different parts of Luton.

For the British readers who follow Football, Bury Park is where the Luton Town Football ground is situated.

Bury Park is what you would class as the Moslem quarter of Luton, it is the area most heavily condensed with Moslems, mainly of Pakistani and Bangladeshi origin.

There are tens of thousands of Moslems who live in this area with many mosques and madras’s serving the community.

This area of Luton is completely separate from normal British life; it is the heart of the Islamic Kingdom within Luton and with the inhabitants living there, is a true modern Islamic fortress within Great Britain which is heavily fortified from within. This area is the epitome of what is happening throughout Great Britain. Bury Park is Islam’s own mini Islamic Kingdom with its own Islamic way of life for the Moslems who live on the ground there in the community (Who we the non-Moslem British public are ignorant of, that we know absolutely nothing about because the two communities do not mix).

The Moslems then go out from this modern fortress blending in and taking over other parts of Luton.

When we look at the Bury Park area of Luton we see the
two Kingdoms living in the one country situation. The Moslems living within their Islamic Kingdom then disperse out, blending in and advancing into and taking over the wider Luton community – The indigenous British Kingdom and its way of life.

The Moslems in Great Britain do not want to integrate into our British society; they are just growing, developing and cultivating their Islamic community and Kingdom at the complete expense of the innocent non-Moslem British citizens living here whose country and way of life this is.

Basically the people of Luton are being
forced out of their communities due to the growth of the Islamic Kingdom and because of the savage barbaric Islamic way of life that they then bring with them which is being enforced upon the local wider British society at the complete expense of our own British way of life.

The innocent British citizens living throughout Luton are forced to just accept this alien way of life enforcing itself upon them and their communities otherwise if they speak out, or vote for a political party which is addressing this most pressing issue facing the whole of Great Britain in the 21st Century they are then classed as racists. Nobody wants to be called a racist and potentially imprisoned for it so it is easier and safer to pull the curtains shut, switch on the TV, sit back in the armchair, and say nothing. Maybe get up and pull the curtains back to have a little sneak glimpse at the new Islamic monsters moved into the street and then just sit back bewildered and helpless and accept this aggressively enforced take over of their street and community by this savage barbaric dominant Islamic way of life, or move out.

Imagine what it is like for our weak innocent elderly folk who have no option but sit back and watch through the curtains, as this alien Islamic Kingdom grows within their midst, taking over their streets and community. They cannot get up and move out doing the
White Flight like the rest of us, no, our most weak and vulnerable are just left, forced to sit and accept this abomination, watching the take over of their streets and community by this ever advancing and growing Islamic community that brings with it the alien aggressive ways of its sub-human Islamic culture.

Bury Park is 100% Islamic so whatever it means to be a Moslem then this is the environment for that way of life to grown and too flourish.

Jihad is a fundamental to Moslem life so the Moslems living in this community go out from here on a daily basis into non-Moslem British society conducting Jihad in whatever form is relevant to them with the ultimate aim in their mind of converting and enforcing Sharia law upon us and our non-Moslem British way of life. Then at the end of the day they go back into their fortified Islamic Kingdom, let their hair down as they say, and start living the Moslem way of life within the Islamic Kingdom with their Moslem brothers and sisters under Sharia law.

At the core of this Islamic community you have the Koran and what it teaches, you have the religious leaders, teachers and preachers who are indoctrinating the Moslem community to what the Koran teaches. You then also have the wider Moslem community which consists of good law abiding Moslems (who still want to live under Sharia law), you have the young suicidal testosterone bubbling Moslem religious extremists and a large hardcore Moslem criminal Jihad element. Each of these different human elements make up the Islamic community who are all ultimately conducting Jihad in their own respective way against non-Moslem British society because the Koran teaches them too – Us and our way of life is inferior to them and their Islamic way of life.

Bury Park is one of the boiling pots of Islam within Great Britain that as the facts in the public domain show, has boiled over several times now into mainstream Britain with terrifying horrific murderous consequences. Throw in a few ingredients and spices into that boiling pot like Al Qaeda, Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Al majaroun and Al Qaeda’s Heroin and you start to have a horrific picture of the Islamic Kingdom living next door that you knew absolutely nothing about which is now actively and openly conducting Jihad (Holy War) against you, your non-Moslem community and British society.

Frightening really but all factual.

Within this one community you have tens of thousands of Moslems which makes up their Islamic Kingdom. This consists of the religious wing, political wing and the military wing of Islam and is what those of us who live around here face on a daily basis.

A saying from crime watch “please sleep tight and don’t have nightmares”

Part 3. Al Qaeda links to Bury Park

Images of the July 7th London suicidal mass murdering psychopaths entering Luton Train station as they set out on their Al Qaeda ‘ordered’ declaration of War against Great Britain on that fateful day in 2005 are images that have been viewed by the whole world. These psychotic Moslem suicide bombers placed Luton well and truly on the global map of Islamic inspired extremism and terror. They showed the whole world that this medium sized Town that is located about 30 minutes North of Central London is well and truly one of Al Qaeda’s strongholds within Great Britain.

They declared war on our country and have strategically opened this area up as one of their frontlines in their Jihad (Holy War) against my country. The Moslems within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park who support Al Qaeda’s global Islamic war believe that they are strong enough here in Luton to actively go out conducting Jihad – Civil War – against us and our society, plus defend themselves and their community from any backlash.

From living around the area I can truly say that they have a large mobile Islamic army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable every single day, who are organised, extremely wealthy and armed so it is no wonder Al Qaeda declared war against our country from here. This Moslem community is conducting Jihad, which is a low-level civil war, on a daily basis and have been for many years, they have forced the whole community into silence and Dhimmitude through their violence and intimidation.

Al Qaeda’s 7/7 mass murdering psychopaths travelled to Luton on that morning in 2005 and spent time with some of their Islamic religious brothers before travelling to the local train station, leaving their car in the car park which was subsequently found and contained more live bombs, and then boarded their trains into London. So before Allah’s human sacrifices carried out their bloodbath they spent time in a house in the Bury Park area of Luton, praying, talking and encouraging their Luton Moslem brothers in the way of violent Jihad. These Moslem brothers who spent time with the 7/7 murderers are still walking the streets of Luton in the full knowledge that they spent time with these human sacrifices before spilling their blood on the streets of London along with the blood of 52 innocent human beings for their god Allah.

Can you imagine how the military wing of Islam within Luton now feels knowing that their community played a central role in the first suicide bombings on the streets of Britain? How many more young Moslem men from Luton do you think these acts have inspired to also carry the ‘violent’ flame of Jihad against non-Moslem British society? This act will have fanned the flames in the local community of their Jihad – civil war – against Great Britain, and is the Moslem community in the vicinity of where I live.

It has also come to light after the security services smashed the terrorist cell, which where planning the biggest ever bombing campaign against Great Britain in our history, was planned and facilitated from here within the Bury Park community of Luton. This plot is commonly known around the world as the ‘
Fertiliser plot’ and was connected to Al Qaeda’s British General Diren Barot. The Emir (Al Qaeda’s fixer/recruiter) of this plot was a Mr Q Khan, he was the one who recruited the cell, facilitated the project and sent the Moslem operatives to Al Qaeda’s training camps in Pakistan for their radicalising and training. The security services called the operation to catch these Al Qaeda operatives ‘operation crevice’. Once arrested it was revealed that there was a 5 man strong cell from Crawley in West Sussex and the bomb maker for this the ‘fertiliser plot’ was a Moslem from Bury Park Luton. This bomb maker from Luton was also seeking to obtain a radio-active bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium that he wanted to detonate on the streets of Britain.

Mr Q Khan and the Luton bomb maker both worked locally as Taxi drivers in Luton & Dunstable. It is said that Mr Q was the one who recruited Mohamed Siddique Khan the leader of the 7/7 cell, sending him to the training camps of Pakistan and that he is also a major recruiter from within the local Pakistani community for Al Qaeda’s terror training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

For some strange reason this man is still
walking the streets of Luton & Dunstable, living within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park.

Diren Barot who was said to be Al Qaeda’s General in Britain has recently been sentenced to life in prison for his hand in the fertiliser plot and also for his hand orchestrating another horrific plot of mass murder and carnage with another Al Qaeda trained cell. This cell the media called the
Oceans 11 of terror because each of the Moslem men involved was hand picked specifically for their abilities. Within the group, one of the Moslem men who was Diren Barot’s protection, who helped forge documents and obtain false bank account was a Moslem from the Bury Park area of Luton. This Al Qaeda cell was also seeking the capability to detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Britain.

These horrific Islamic inspired Al Qaeda led acts of atrocity against the innocent people of Great Britain from within the Bury Park community of Luton are clearly one aspect of the Islamic Kingdoms Jihad – Civil war – against the country.

From within this same Islamic community there have also been many young men who have been recruited to
Al Qaeda’s global Jihad and sent off to fight British and American troops abroad in Afghanistan and Iraq. Several of these young Moslem men are thankfully never going to return because they have been killed by allied bombs dropped from our planes.

This brief overview gives you an insight, in part, into the size and scope of the religious military wing of the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park - Luton - that is full of young Moslem men who are inspired by Al Qaeda and its global Islamic war who are ready and willing to kill and be killed for their religion.

Behind all of this military action by Allah’s soldiers living on the ground within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park – Luton – are the main voices of Al Qaeda’s Islamic inspired Jihad (Holy War) against the non-Moslem Western World and Israel - Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri.

These two men both used Bury Park - Luton - as one of their main preaching and recruiting grounds for Al Qaeda’s war, calling the Moslem men of the community back to the basics of their Islamic faith which is Jihad (Holy War) against the infidel (non-believer), you and me.

Abu Hamza who is now residing at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in HMP Belmarsh, lived in the Bury Park area of Luton for about 10 years so you can only imagine what he got up to on the streets of Luton in those years. Building the local Islamic civil military infrastructure with the local Pakistani Moslem men of the community, imagine how many young Moslem men he would have recruited to the Islamic ideals of Jihad against the infidel and the types of networks he would have set up?

It is a frightening thought but a very real thought based on facts.

Having this Moslem monster living in your community is a frightening scenario and here in Luton & Dunstable we had to put up with just that frightening scenario, with the authorities giving him a free reign to do what he wanted, just so long as he promised not to turn on us and threaten our National Security.

He was allowed to birth an Islamic beast in our midst, nurture it, feed it and train it, ready for the days ahead that he knew were coming.

Abu Hamza then left Luton and set up camp in London taking over the now ‘world famous’
Finsbury Park mosque. There have been many failed Al Qaeda terrorist plots, like the failed shoe bomber Richard Reid and many British born Islamic global terrorists whose roots are traced back to Britain and into Finsbury Park Mosque along with Abu Hamza!

Those of us living in and around Luton had this man building for Islam’s war against the Western world within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park Luton, in the vicinity of where we live. We are now living surrounded by his legacy, the modern Al Qaeda led Islamic beast he helped create.

Omar Bakri was Al Qaeda’s other Islamic preacher who set up camp in Luton, using Bury Park as fertile preaching and recruiting ground for his war against Israel and the Western World.

Omar Bakri went a step further by creating his own openly
extreme Islamic terrorist organisation that was aligned with Al Qaeda. This organisation which is now banned in Great Britain was called Al Majaroun; have a guess where they had their headquarters? Yes you guessed it, Bury Park – Luton.

Thankfully the Islamic preacher Omar Bakri has now been expelled from our country but that was not before has was able to set up his Islamic terrorist organisation that is still going strong today just out of sight and out of mind from mainstream British life, and under different guises.

Our whole country and the international community now face the legacy of what this man created with British born Moslems within Great Britain. To prove that fact, every ‘British born’ suicidal mass murdering Moslem who has carried out a suicide mass murder mission for their Islamic masters is linked back to Al Majaroun, including the bombers of 7/7.

This mans Luton legacy lives on and the innocent non-Moslem population living around here now face it.

Omar Bakri did a good job for Allah and his fellow Al Qaeda leaders in creating an army of suicidal British born Moslem psychopaths from with the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

Please watch this short video:
Al Majaroun links to Terror

Omar Bakri & Abu Hamza:
In their own words

With all these links to Al Qaeda’s Islamic inspired war against the Western world and Israel is it any wonder they decided to open Luton up as one of their frontlines in the Jihad upon British soil? Not only did they open Luton up as a frontline they actually openly declared war on the innocent people of Great Britain from here in Luton, using British born Moslems.

You might think that the situation on the ground just does not get any worse after hearing about all of these Al Qaeda links to the military wing of the local Islamic Kingdom. Well believe me it does, this is just one aspect of the Jihad – Civil War - on the ground here.

For those people who live around the area of Luton & Dunstable, if you never knew that all of this was happening in the community that joins your community then it is about time you woke up to it and the dire, frightening situation we all face. These horrific links to terror are stuff of nightmares that you do not want to believe could be happening so close, but the facts clearly state that it is, and it is right next door in the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park.

This is only one dimension to the Jihad; it gets just as bad when you hear about the other dimensions.

What is the situation going to be like in another 15 – 20 years when our children are growing up when it is this dangerous and volatile now due to the Islamic paramilitary army operating on the streets of Luton & Dunstable who are conducting Jihad against our society?

Take a step back and think to yourself; when was the last time you ever heard of anything like what is happening on the ground in Bury Park within your own community? When did you ever hear of any of your friends being involved in suicide bombings, seeking material to detonate low-yield Nuclear bombs, going to Islamic terror trainings camps or wanting to die for Allah? This type of behaviour is alien to us and is unheard of in our communities because we are civilized people living in Judeo/Christian societies and leaves us wholly unprepared in the face of this modern 21st Century Islamic paramilitary enemy we now face that has openly declared war on our country, has surrounded us, who are conducting Jihad – civil war – on a daily basis and whose ultimate intentions are to destroy Great Britain and enforce an Islamic way of life upon the Nation.

It is no wonder the whole community is forced into silence and Dhimmitude don’t you think?

If the police cannot stop this paramilitary army conducting a guerrilla war, then honestly what hope is there for the innocent unarmed man on the street who does not even have the law on his side, that just wants to live a peaceful life and bring up their families.

Part 4. Allah’s Luton militia

1 Samuel 17:10 – 11 And the Philistine said, “I defy the armies of Israel this day; give me a man, that we may fight together.” 11 When Saul and all Israel heard these words of the Philistine, they were dismayed and greatly afraid.

1 Samuel 17:26
Then David spoke to the men who stood by him, saying, “What shall be done for the man who kills this Philistine and takes away the reproach from Israel? For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should defy the armies of the living God?”

This large group of young Pakistani Moslem men from Luton are the frontline defence of Fortress Bury Park. They emerge from this community on a daily basis conducting low level civil war against non-Moslem society that those of us who are living here on the ground in Luton & Dunstable have to face on a daily basis.

This is the British born arm of the paramilitary wing of the Islamic Kingdom of fortress Bury Park and is another real and very frightening extension of the Al Qaeda led and inspired Jihad – War – against Great Britain and our non-Moslem society.

Allah’s Luton militia are also Al Qaeda’s frontline foot-soldiers in this modern civil war. These Moslem men are the ones on the ground on street level who are conducting Jihad against the infidel for their god Allah, and have successfully forced the whole community into Dhimmitude through their
violence, intimidation and enforced fear. There are hundreds of these Moslem foot-soldiers who are all connected by family or friends in one way or another. They move around in groups, are well connected and are mobile. If you have trouble with Pakistani Moslems on the streets of Luton & Dunstable you can guarantee that they will have a few car loads of angry violent Moslem men at the scene very quickly, and have the potential to have even larger numbers involved and hunting for you dependent on the level of trouble.

This large ‘Pakistani Moslem paramilitary army’ are the ones who are involved in all of the criminality on the streets.

Due to the large numbers involved in their activities, their organisation into different groups and
gangs, their extreme wealth earned through their criminal activities and their willingness to conduct extreme levels of violence against any opposition leaves them in complete control of the streets through fear.

They have been left with a free unhindered reign to do what they want upon the streets of Luton & Dunstable with no opposition from anyone because of the consequences of having trouble with this army of violent Pakistani Moslem men.

If you do try opposing anyone who is involved in the criminal activities of this Moslem paramilitary army then you face very serious, violent, murderous consequences from those involved in the criminal networks, with the potential of having all of them joining forces looking to harm you and silence you.

It is easy for the authorities to class the behaviour of this large force of mobile, connected and wealthy Pakistani Moslem men down to just criminality, but if you take a closer look with all the facts you can clearly see that this is more than just criminality. This is an Islamic paramilitary army who have a military and
political agenda, are being led and inspired by Al Qaeda and are using the vast amounts of wealth earned through the black market economy in all high value crime to finance their Jihad – Civil war – against British society. They are also able to enforce their dominance upon non-Moslem society through this vast network of street soldiers because they all stand together and go around in large groups. You have a problem with one of them then you potentially have a problem with all of them and they are more than capable of kidnapping, murder and rape, which is the knowledge that the wider non-Moslem community that lives around here knows all too well. It is easier to say nothing, do nothing, and let the gangs of Pakistani Moslem street soldiers do what they want rather than bring trouble to your front door that has very real and serious, extremely violent and potentially murderous consequences.

Allah’s Luton militia control the ‘highly’ lucrative trade in
Heroin & Crack cocaine on the streets of Luton & Dunstable, using this as a weapon of war against our non-Moslem society. They also run the local Prostitution economy, with most of the girls on Heroin & Crack cocaine. There was a report in the local paper a year or two back that quoted that 46 out of the 48 street Prostitutes interviewed were hooked to Class A drugs. Members of the Militia get young girls hooked on hard drugs then pimp these innocent vulnerable young girls, and even children, out, and onto the streets forcing them into prostitution to pay their Moslem masters for the Heroin & Crack cocaine they are addicted too.

Another high income earner for them is through insurance fraud, there is millions to be earned through VAT fraud, stealing vast amounts from the VAT man also
credit card cloning and crashing a car load of themselves into an innocent driver and then claiming mass amounts of damages for the car and injuries that never happened.

Allah’s militia finance their paramilitary army through these and many more different types of criminal activities. They have a complete disregard for our non-Moslem society and by their actions clearly show us that they are conducting civil war against us - their innocent non-Moslem neighbours - so as to enforce Islamic dominance upon the population. This aspect of the Jihad goes unnoticed by main stream society because it is on the ‘streets’ out of sight and out of mind, until one day unfortunately and unexpectedly it some how knocks on your front door.

Then you will see the reality of my words when you are confronted with this Islamic army of highly organised Pakistani Moslem street soldiers who will stop at nothing to enforce their will and dominance upon you and anyone else standing in their way.

The young people living and growing up on the social scene of the streets in our communities are the ones who are forced to face this harsh 21st Century reality of Moslem dominance on the streets they are growing up on, and is the reason why so many of them are now hooked on hard drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine.

Our communities and individuals have been aggressively targeted by Allah’s Moslem militia in their advancement to take over our communities, increasing their wealth and dominance against the infidel.

Within Dunstable, Public Enemy No.1 Dave Shar has been the one who has helped Allah’s Luton militia come in and desecrate our community. He has been their link, the middle man, into the community which is why his departure is long over due, along with those non-Moslem traitors who have been working with him at the complete expense of the innocent non-Moslem community. There is no place for these traitors and their treasonous behaviour anymore that threatens the innocent and vulnerable next generation of children who are growing up in the Town. Those of us that ‘know’ can clearly see what these traitors have been doing up until this point in time, and this is not going to change, with future generations of young people of the community on the receiving end of their behaviour so why should the community put up with it anymore.

Why should your children’s lives and futures be faced with these scum bags? Each of them knows exactly who they are!

The leaders of Allah’s Luton militia are called the Khan mafia because the main leaders carry the Khan name. Then below this top group you have several other large gangs of foot soldiers who are all connected, and then below that you have the wider young Moslem community who stand with, support and help their Moslem brother’s actions against the infidels. The leadership of Allah’s Luton militia have all branded themselves with the Islamic crescent moon on their foreheads, hands or necks which sets them apart within their Islamic Kingdom as being the leaders of this aspect of the Islamic paramilitary army. This is common knowledge on the streets, through the local police force and through the criminal justice system. You cannot miss the tattoo they wear so it is quite obviously setting them apart with their communities. This Islamic crescent moon tattoo that they wear clearly shows everyone who is looking where their ultimate loyalties lye of the leaders of this militia, and it definitely is not towards Great Britain and our civilized Judeo/Christian way of life.

The fearsome ‘force’ that is Allah’s Luton militia is an extremely large, violent and frightening force that even enforces their violent dominance upon their own Moslem community through demanding protection money from local businesses within Fortress Bury Park. Outside of this their Islamic Kingdom they then target other ethnic minority businesses for protection money, believing that they will not go to the police for protection because of the consequences from Allah’s militia. I have personally watched them with my own eyes intimidating the small little Chinese take away at the top of Chiltern road in Dunstable so this is another aspect of their street crime that they are enforcing upon the peaceful community of Dunstable in their advancement to take over.

Allah’s militia is clearly a paramilitary army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable who have the Islamic belief system of Jihad at the core of their outlook on life. They have been brought up in Moslem homes where they are taught Islamic dominance and supremacy over the non-Moslem. They are a part of a large Islamic Kingdom which has been taught the basics of the Islamic faith – Jihad -and the coming Islamic war against the infidel’s Western world by the likes of Omar Bakri and
Abu Hamza to name just a few. They are a part of a large Islamic community that played a central role in Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden’s open declaration of war against Great Britain on 7/7. There are hundreds of these Pakistani Moslem foot soldiers who are all connected by family, friends and ultimately Islam. They are highly organised, extremely wealthy through their control of the black market economy. They are heavily armed and they believe that they are at war with the non-Islamic world, namely Great Britain and our civilized Judeo/Christian society.

If the actions on the ground, of Allah’s Luton militia are not ones of Jihad – civil war – against their innocent non-Moslem neighbours, and they are not a large highly organised paramilitary army, then I would like to know what the real definition is, because in my simple mind this is clearly civil war by an Islamic paramilitary army who have a political ‘Islamic’ objective.

I feel that people just do not want to accept the true reality of the situation, it is easier to switch off and class someone like me who is speaking out about the truth as crazy because if you admit to yourself that what I am saying is true then you have to then face up to the consequences. It is easier to switch off, ignore the facts and continue living in your false bubble of ‘peace and security’, rather than look at the facts surrounding you, to see what they all add up to and what they then mean to you.

Bottom line you cannot deny the facts when you look and everything I have written is based on facts, some facts that you cannot see or understand, others that you cannot deny but choose too ignore. While you enjoy your lives, going to school, studying, working, partying, bringing up your families and enjoying life away from any thoughts of violence or murder, there is a large Islamic community living right beside you who are living a completely different way of life to you, that you know absolutely nothing about. With an extremely large number of the Moslem men from within this community who do have thoughts about extreme violence, murder and war aimed towards you - Their peaceful non-violent non-Moslem neighbour – The Koran teaches them these ways.

It is this type of ignorance, cowardice and the subsequent inaction of the British people that is sleep walking all of us into a horrible ‘future’ of Islamic supremacy, dominance and second class status in our own country, especially in the communities here where I live. At the moment it might not be a legal second class status where we have to pay the ‘jizya’ tax to the Moslem authorities but it is a definite unwritten rule of the streets, where the community lives under Islamic dominance.

Allah’s Luton militia is one more frightening aspect of the Islamic ‘force’ which is conducting Jihad – civil war - against Great Britain, in the vicinity of Luton & Dunstable where I live.

This cannot be denied by those people whose job it is too know what is happening on the streets of Great Britain, especially after the spotlight was switched on towards Luton after the 7/7 bombings.

Either something is going to happen to change the situation on the ground, stamping out this Moslem paramilitary army and their sources of vast Black market wealth, If not we can clearly see what the future holds based on the facts and the present reality we are experiencing.

The Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park has achieved their take over of Luton, enforcing Islamic dominance upon this geographic location and has now clearly started their advancement and take over of Dunstable.

Dave Shar and his Dunstable associates are Allah’s Luton militia’s point men in their advancement to take over the streets of Dunstable so all of the people working with them on the ground are what are commonly termed as ‘Traitors’!

All I say is wake up and look around you at what is going on, especially at all of those you now see wearing the Islamic beard and garb delivering your fast food, driving your taxi or serving you in the local shop.

Wake up before it is too late because this ship is clearly sinking and your innocent, vulnerable non-Moslem children cannot save it from sinking, that’s your job and responsibility!

Part 5. The Luton & Dunstable taxi cartel

Upon the streets of Luton & Dunstable every single day you have in my estimation, well over three hundred Moslem taxis driving around the communities. These Pakistani Moslem men emerge from Fortress Bury Park entering British society. They are obviously mobile, in communication with each other through their radio network, they have satellite navigation systems and are absolutely everywhere.

This is an extremely ‘frightening’ large mobile Moslem army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable every day that are well organised, and connected to the other aspects of Islam’s Jihad – civil war – against Great Britain.

They are Moslem from the Islamic Kingdom so know exactly what is going on, on the ground within Fortress Bury Park, and the Islamic perspective of the modern Islamic way life and its objectives in Great Britain. They know about the likes of Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri to name just a few, who have used Bury Park as fertile recruiting and preaching ground for Islam’s coming war against the non-Moslem world. They know about their
fellow Moslem brothers who are connected to all the extremist groups within their midst like Al Majaroun, who are preaching and recruiting for Jihad. They know the street soldiers in Allah’s Luton militia because they are related in one way or another to them. Many of them will know of or be related to the young religious Islamic zealots who have been trained by Al Qaeda in the training camps of Pakistan and Afghanistan. They know that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda declared war on Great Britain from within their Luton Moslem community on 7/7 and they also know that Jihad against the infidel is ultimately a fundamental requirement within Islam that all Moslem’s must follow if they are good Moslem’s.

The ultimate loyalties of the men in this army of Moslem taxis are firstly to Allah, secondly to the teachings of the Koran (Jihad), thirdly to their family and Islamic community and fourthly to the destruction of Great Britain and the infidels way of life because this is what Islam teaches. They do not care about non-Moslem; we are the dirty kuffar to them.

There are ten times as many Moslem taxis, mobile, on the streets of Luton & Dunstable every day than there are Police, which is a very vulnerable position to be in and one more dimension of the Islamic Jihad – civil war - threat that the innocent non-Moslem people living on the ground in this area face on a daily basis.

If you have a serious enough problem with anyone from within Fortress Bury Park whether Allah’s Luton militia, Al Qaeda or the religious zealots, then it is the hunting packs of Moslem taxi drivers who are released to track you down. They are able to drive around the community ‘undercover’, they then sniff you out, follow you and keep tabs on you for their Islamic masters who have released them onto you. Once the hunting packs of taxis are released to hunt you out, unless you know what you are doing it is ‘game over’ there is no escape from them and is another very real and very frightening murderous Islamic force on the streets of Luton & Dunstable that leaves the innocent non-Moslem population at the mercy of the Islamic Kingdom through fear.
Think about it, how would you personally deal with having this army of Moslem men hunting you to kill you? You could not deal with it, so it is easier for you to turn your back, turn a blind eye and ignore the devastation they are causing to your family, your friends, your neighbours and your community rather than stand up and step forward to be counted, placing yourself into the position of potentially having this murderous Islamic force hunting you, which is exactly what is happening on the streets.

This is another aspect to the military wing of the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park and another extension to Al Qaeda’s Islamic inspired war against Great Britain and the Western world. Add this to the Al Qaeda links we already know about from within Fortress Bury Park and the extremely large army of British born Moslem foot soldiers in Allah’s Luton militia and you have a seriously frighteningly large mobile Islamic paramilitary army on the streets, which in my opinion from personal experience, is an ‘emergency’ on the streets of Great Britain in the 21st Century.

I should know I have faced them!

Romans 8:31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Jihad – low-level civil war – against non-Moslem society, on the ground, in the streets, by potentially thousands of Moslem men, with absolutely ‘no’ response or defence from this invading paramilitary army by the British people.

This is an Islamic Guerrilla war being fought against Christian Great Britain on the ground and in the streets within our homeland, with the non-Moslem British population saying and doing nothing about this advancement.

With all of the facts that you have read so far, it is not hard to work out what the future consequences are for our local communities and British society, and is no wonder Al Qaeda declared war on Great Britain from the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park.

The owners behind the Pakistani Moslem Taxi cartel which comprises of hundreds of mobile Moslem men are the Khan mafia - The leaders of Allah’s militia. You cannot trace it back to these leaders of the militia on paper because they are not stupid, but it is a known fact that because of the taxi business being a cash business it gives the militia who own the local black market economies, mainly with their trade in Heroin & Crack, a way of laundering and washing their illegal money through, thus legitimising their proceeds.

The trade in Heroin & Crack cocaine is the most lucrative and most destructive commodity in which to fight Jihad against the infidel with. Owning the taxi business gives the militia the ability to be able to drive their most prized and lucrative possession – Heroin & Crack - around our communities unhindered,
delivering Heroin & Crack cocaine to their addicted non-Moslem slaves. It is not out of place to see Moslem Taxis absolutely everywhere because of how many there are, so they are able to drive around unhindered with absolutely no worries about being stopped or looking out of place.

They also act as the eyes and ears for the drug dealing street soldiers of Allah’s militia. They park themselves up en-route to a location and keep watch for their Moslem brothers, who are plying their deadly trade into the community, and again, it is not out of place to see these taxis parked up at the side of the road or in a bus stop keeping watch.

They use the Taxi business as ideal cover for their war with street drugs.

This ‘network’ within the taxi cartel business acts as a highly organised and sophisticated surveillance operation on the streets of Luton & Dunstable for Allah’s militia.

As with Allah’s militia if you have trouble with one of these Pakistani Moslem taxi drivers you potentially have trouble with a lot of them, I know stories of people who, drunk, after a night out have had problems with their driver, and then the next thing there is 10+ taxis on the scene with angry Moslem men with weapons either chasing the people or beating them there and then. This is all common knowledge that those of us living around here on the streets know about. They are all mobile and in communication so once the signal goes out all the taxis available in the area descend on the location. They can have more Moslem taxi drivers to the scene than the police can to the scene of a crime.

Read this harrowing example from another area:
Stoke Taxi attack

This army of
Moslem taxis also think they are above British law; there was recently a front page article in the local paper revealing that over 100 local taxi drivers had tried evading the ‘law’ by giving false details to the authorities. Thankfully the judge dealing with this Moslem criminality sentenced some of the men to prison for their actions. It also turned out that one of the drivers up on charges had been sent to prison previously for selling Heroin and for armed robbery – proof that they use taxis as a cover.

Taxis are the ideal cover for the militia to conduct their black market businesses, but it has now also come to light that British born Al Qaeda operatives like to use the taxi business as cover too.

The Emir –
Mr Q Khan – the Al Qaeda recruiter and fixer of the fertiliser bomb plot along with his Luton bomb maker also worked as taxi drivers in Luton & Dunstable.

Can things get much worse on the streets of Luton & Dunstable?

Do we just accept this Jihad - civil war - against us by this extremely large Islamic paramilitary army and give in, give up, roll over and take second class status and allow the Islamic Kingdom to continue on its violent destructive murderous path, arising in our midst and taking over, or is there going to be ‘help’ from those who cannot deny the truth to my words, to stop this Islamic paramilitary armies destruction and civil war against the innocent, vulnerable and weak in society?

Each and every day of the week we have Al Qaeda trained terrorist operatives and sympathisers, Heroin & Crack cocaine dealers, rapists and child molesters driving our women, our children and our elderly around our communities.

Islamic dominance and supremacy is here, because if you think about it, who in their right ‘sane’ mind would allow this ‘lunacy’ to continue? No one, but it is continuing, and on a daily basis, and is growing getting worse.

This is the madness of life upon the streets of Great Britain in the 21st Century and is clearly low level civil war by British born Moslems against their non-Moslem British neighbours, with no response from their scared Dhimmi non-Moslem neighbours.

The authorities can do nothing about the situation facing the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable so it is easier to
write me off as crazy, a racist, Ismalaphobic or extremist, and then brush all of this truth back under the carpet of reality, out of sight and out of mind, where people forget about what is really going on around them, duping the gullible British sheep people back into their false bubble of ‘peace and security’. Ultimately into the hands of the wide awake blood thirsty Islamic monster that knows exactly what it is doing.

What is the future consequence of that action though?

Everything I write is based on facts which can be proved and has been proved.

Part 6. Dunstable – Royal Town

Dunstable where I live is a medium sized market Town with a population of around 35,000 and is situated 35 minutes north of central London. It is in the county of Bedfordshire with Luton right next door, Leighton Buzzard a short drive away, with several small villages going out of Town in the Aylesbury direction and Milton Keynes further up the A5 which is the main road that goes straight through the middle of Dunstable Town Centre leading straight into London in one direction and far north in the other direction.

Dunstable and the surrounding area’s, is the community where I grew up so I know exactly what is happening on the ground and in the streets amongst my peer group and the younger generations, from within the community. This obviously gives me the vantage point that I have on the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park and their Jihad – low level civil war – against my non-Moslem community.

I have experienced first hand their drug dealing in the community, the firm foothold they have through their criminal connections and police corruption, their violence and intimidation against innocent people, the workings of their black market businesses. I have also had my life threatened with serious violent assault and murder by them and I have lived with Allah’s Luton militia and the taxi cartel hunting me.

All this happening on the ground, street level, within Dunstable the community next door to Luton, the set of point by of Al Qaeda’s suicidal mass murdering psychopaths on their Islamic inspired ‘declaration’ of war against Great Britain on 7/7, which is also the location of the local Islamic communities ‘Fortress Bury Park’ with all of the Al Qaeda connections within the confines of this modern Fortress, along with the British born Islamic paramilitary army living on the ground there.

Dunstable is steeped in Christian and Royal history, so to see what is happening in the here and now to the innocent within this ‘blessed’ pasture and the future this community now faces adds an extra dimension to my words and actions to those who are listening. This community was founded on a Christian Royal heritage, and will always be a Christian community founded by Royalty but as you are reading this in the 21st Century there is an invading army of British born Pakistani Islamic foot soldiers who are advancing to take it over, actively destroying and desecrating the fabric of the local community and killing the youth in the process.

I say again; Dave Shar and his fellow local ‘traitors’ are the point men for the foot soldiers in Allah’s Luton militia as they advance to spread their Islamic dominance and supremacy upon the innocent, peaceful, vulnerable, community.

The community was initially formed around the Augustinian priory of Dunstable, founded by King Henry I.

The Augustinian priory of Dunstable was founded by King Henry I. about the year 1132, and endowed by him at the same time with the lordship of the manor and town in which it stood. Tradition says that the same king was also founder of the town, and had caused the forest to be cleared away from the point where Watling and Icknield Streets crossed each other, on account of the robbers who infested the highway. However this may be, he certainly granted to the priory all such liberties and rights in the town of Dunstable as he held in his own demesne lands. His charter was confirmed by Henry II, who also granted to the prior and convent the lordship of Houghton Regis; and before the reign of Richard I.

Then several years later the Black Friars arrived.

The Black Friars arrived in Dunstable in 1259 at the invitation of the king and queen and the magnates of the neighbourhood, and began at once with the help of alms to build their church. They were very unwelcome to the canons of that place, and not without reason; for the novelty of the friars' coming, and of their manner of life, drew many people away from their parish church, and diminished the customary offerings there at a time when they were sorely needed.

In the Middle Ages Christian pilgrims travelled to the Town to view Christian relics housed within the Priory.

However the priory did bring some benefits to the town. In the Middle Ages people went on long journeys called pilgrimages. Some travelled to Dunstable Priory to see holy relics there. The pilgrims spent money in the town adding to its prosperity.

Dunstable was a cross roads and stop off point for those who were travelling to, and from London from the North of the country. This is why the King built himself a residence here that still stands today as the Old Palace lodge hotel.

In 1290 King Edward’s wife Queen Eleanor died somewhere near Lincolnshire, and the King wanted his Queens body to be buried in London so had to transport the body the 13 day journey to London stopping off at significant religious places on the way. Dunstable’s Priory was one of those locations for her body to lay over night. There is now a statue in place where the Queen’s body lay all those years ago back in 1290.

This background to the ‘Christian Royal history’ of Dunstable is the foundation that those of us living in the community now are a part of, we are the living legacy in the 21st Century, of our early Christian predecessors.
Now we have an invading Islamic army coming out from Fortress Bury Park who are destroying, desecrating and seeking to take over our Christian community, your community, the community in which your innocent children are growing up in and the Christian community steeped in Royal history.
The future of Dunstable is in each of our hands and there is no more a pressing issue facing it and facing those living here on the ground than the threat posed by the Pakistan Moslem community living right next door in Bury Park Luton.

You can choose to ignore it because it is not knocking on your front door at the moment, you can move away like a complete coward or you can stand up, step forward and be counted and help turn back the tide of Moslem destruction that has engulfed the community that is destroying so many of our friends and families lives. Everybody knows somebody within the local community whose life is destroyed or has been destroyed by Class A drugs that are being pumped into our community by Allah’s Luton militia from Fortress Bury Park.

Those people reading this who have children and teenagers growing up in the community should take note of my words because the most serious issue facing them as they grow up in the Town is being confronted by the Islamic foot soldiers that are pumping out their Heroin & Crack cocaine into our streets. Once your son or daughter gets hooked on this stuff then its years and years of heartache, pain and devastation, with the possibility of their lives ultimately ending in death, and filling the Islamic armies war chest with vast amounts of wealth in the process at the complete and total expense of you and your son or daughters lives – Believe me, a true living hell.

What type of person does it make you, if you sit back and do nothing, knowing that all of this is going on around you, affecting you, your friends and your family and you turn a blind eye?

Times are changing, with a new day dawning, the Pakistani Moslem wolves from Allah’s Luton militia have had long enough destroying and desecrating the innocent in this Christian Royal pasture. This community is soon to wake up from this living nightmare that also contains the Moslem Dave Shar and each of the ‘traitors’ who have helped him and Allah’s Luton militia achieve their aims of destroying this, and the next generation of youth and young people from within the Dunstable community with their Heroin & Crack cocaine.

My prayer is that Almighty God will raise up men and women from within the community who have the heart & soul of Christian Knights, who are willing to stand up and be counted with a divine mandate from Heaven to stop the invading army of Allah’s Pakistani Moslem militia from Luton who are intent on our murder and the conquest of our Christian community and country.

King Edward and Queen Eleanor who have both left their Royal mark on our community, both lived through a time period in the history of the world when the Crusades where called for from within Christendom to protect peaceful Christian pilgrims who were travelling to and from the Holy Land from the ‘blood thirsty Islamic monsters’ who were murdering and robbing them in their Jihad for Allah. A similar time is upon us again in modern times; the only difference now though is that we do not have to travel to the Holy Land to defend the innocent and vulnerable pilgrims from the blood thirsty Islamic beast’s Jihad. The modern blood thirsty Islamic beast is here, now, in Great Britain, has invaded the beautiful green shores of our homeland, has declared war on our Nation, is actively and daily conducting Jihad – civil war – against us the non-Moslem population, with the full intention of taking over and enforcing their Islamic way of life and its dominance and supremacy upon us, upon our communities, upon our British society and upon our children’s futures.

Wake up and look around you!

It is our ‘responsibility’ once again in modern times, to defend the innocent, the weak and the vulnerable from these modern Islamic monsters, only this time it is in our very own Christian communities in the Heart of our Christian British homeland.

Allah’s Islamic Moslem army is here, is ravaging, desecrating and destroying our innocent peaceful Christian communities, harming and killing the weak, the innocent and the vulnerable from amongst us, and raping and impregnating our women and children.

What will you tell your children in 15 years when we win or lose this civil strife, when they ask you; what did you do?

You cannot say you did not know, or were not warned!

John 10:1 - 18 Jesus the True Shepherd 1 “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door, but climbs up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber. 2 But he who enters by the door is the shepherd of the sheep. 3 To him the doorkeeper opens, and the sheep hear his voice; and he calls his own sheep by name and leads them out. 4 And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice. 5 Yet they will by no means follow a stranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.” 6 Jesus used this illustration, but they did not understand the things which He spoke to them.

Jesus the Good Shepherd

7 Then Jesus said to them again, “Most assuredly, I say to you, I am the door of the sheep. 8 All who ever came before Me[
] are thieves and robbers, but the sheep did not hear them. 9 I am the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. 10 The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly. 11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd gives His life for the sheep. 12 But a hireling, he who is not the shepherd, one who does not own the sheep, sees the wolf coming and leaves the sheep and flees; and the wolf catches the sheep and scatters them. 13 The hireling flees because he is a hireling and does not care about the sheep. 14 I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own. 15 As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. 16 And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd. 17 “Therefore My Father loves Me, because I lay down My life that I may take it again. 18 No one takes it from Me, but I lay it down of Myself. I have power to lay it down, and I have power to take it again. This command I have received from My Father.”

Part 7. Chemical warfare

There can be no disagreement on the point that Osama Bin Laden and his global army of Moslem terrorists ‘Al Qaeda’ are waging an Islamic inspired war against the non-Moslem world, seeking to enforce Islam across the entire globe. It is also a known fact that British born Pakistani Moslem’s who have been trained by Al Qaeda live and work in Luton & Dunstable in the Heart of England.

Osama bin Laden is waging this modern holy war against our non-Moslem societies from the mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, with Western born Moslems travelling to the Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan being trained ready for the global Jihad - civil war - within their own respective countries.

The lawless, poor and barren Islamic land of Afghanistan is Al Qaeda’s ‘headquarters’ due to the sanctuary and support the leaders of the Taliban gave Osama Bin Laden to wage his Jihad against the non-Moslem world after defeating they defeated the Russians.

The main source of income that holds up the fragile Islamic Afghani economy is from its vast amount of poppy fields, this is the number one crop for farmers in the region due to the financial yield gained from the poppy compared with other crops. The opium from the poppies is processed in special facilities in Afghanistan/Pakistan and turned into the extremely deadly and highly addictive street drug ‘Heroin’, that is now rampant throughout Great Britain.

Afghanistan at this moment in time, with Iran hot on its heels, is the world’s number one global distributor of ‘Heroin’ with
90% of the Heroin on the streets of the UK originating from Afghanistan.

Once someone is hooked on Heroin it is an almost ‘impossible’ task to get off of the drug due to level and nature of how physically addictive it is. Unless you have experienced friends or family on the drug then you could not possibly comprehend or understand the hold that this white of brown powder has on the individual. Heroin addict’s need Heroin every single day once hooked just to feel normal and get through the day, if not they experience excruciatingly painful, what they call, cold turkey symptoms where the body is physically telling the person that it needs the Heroin to function normally. It is the painful cold turkey symptoms that force the addict into taking more Heroin to alleviate the horrendous physical sufferings.

The daily life circle of addiction.

The mental desperation and need for a fix of Heroin to alleviate the physical suffering of the cold turkey, where the body is clucking for the drug is what forces some addicts into committing
horrendous crimes in our society or into selling their bodies through prostitution. Once hooked on the drug you can say without a shadow of a doubt that the person is going to experience many many years of torment and suffering ending ultimately, for many, in death.

Once a person is hooked on Heroin it is game over for them to ever have a normal life again for many years if ever again, they then become slaves to the Moslem masters who are selling the drugs to them, paying them anything from £10 a day up to a few hundred pound a day for their Class A drugs.

The effects of someone who is a Heroin addict is not limited to just them on a personal level, it effects all of those who are close to the person because they cannot escape from watching the devastation, destruction and ravaging effect the drug has on the individual, they watch with their own eyes as their son or daughter, brother or sister or mother of father’s lives are destroyed right before their very eyes turning their lives into a living hell, ending ultimately in death.

The effects on the wider community can be just as devastating due to the level, nature and amount of crime that is committed by a ‘social group of addicts’. There are untold cases of innocent people being murdered at the hands of Heroin addicts who have attacked them for money for the drug.

In one way or another, everyone is affected in the community by people who are addicted to Class A drugs, namely Heroin & Crack cocaine. This is one of the most serious pressing issue’s facing young people growing up because once hooked on this stuff theirs and their family’s lives will become completely destroyed, with them becoming drug addicted slaves in the hands of their Moslem masters.

I wrote my first ever article titled: Heroin:
The Golden Sword of Jihad

I used the name the ‘Golden Sword of Jihad’ because Heroin in the hands of Allah’s Luton militia is their number one weapon to destroy my community with, it is killing and destroying the youth of the community, causing social deprivation and no go areas and making them vast amounts of money in the process which they then turn back into fighting Jihad against us in other ways and for building their Islamic Kingdom. They cannot lose using Heroin as a weapon of war against us.

It is very clearly chemical warfare.

The opium originates in the poppy fields of Afghanistan and is controlled on the ground there by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. It is then transported and processed into pure Heroin in Afghanistan/Pakistan and then gets sold onto international traffickers for cash or traded for weapons. At this stage of the Heroin trail the cash earned from the opium is going straight
into the hands of Al Qaeda and the Taliban who are using the finances earned from the poppy in their war with the coalition troops in the country. It is then placed into the hands of International Islamic traffickers who then make their cut from the Heroin to finance their Jihad wherever in the world they are located. Then finally it ends up on our streets in Great Britain in the hands of the Al Qaeda trained terrorists who use it as a weapon of war against us in our communities on the streets. The double edged Islamic sword, killing our youth, breaking down the fabric of our society and making themselves vast amounts of money in the process that is then reinvested to finance their continued Jihad – civil war – against us.

Win win situation with Heroin.

To fund a war you need money, to fund a civil war you need black market economy money where no one sees where it comes from and no one sees where it goes. So street drugs is the number one financier of Al Qaeda’s Jihad – civil war – upon the streets of Great Britain; it is making the military wing of the Islamic Kingdom millions in illegal money to fortify their position and finance their Jihad against the innocent people living in Britain and it is on tap for them from the killing fields of Afghanistan.

The vast revenue that Allah’s Luton militia is earning on the streets by the Moslem foot soldiers in their trade of street drugs is a frightening situation to be in for those of us who are living on the ground here. We, the innocent and peaceful non-Moslem’s are left on our own, forced to just sit back and watch this violent, Islamic, aggressive, advancement, dominance and supremacy forced upon us the infidel and upon our streets, financed by their highly lucrative and murderous business in Class A drugs, with our friends, family and neighbours on the receiving end of this onslaught.

The non-Moslem community on the streets does not have a pot to pee in as the saying goes, while our Moslem neighbour’s from within Fortress Bury Park who we have established are actively daily conducting Jihad – civil war – against us are swimming in millions of pounds in illegal drug money, are armed to the teeth with weapons bought from the proceeds of their street businesses and have an unlimited source of street drugs to continue their Jihad with.

The wealth earned on the streets through this trade in street drugs is what has financed the growth and strength of Allah’s Luton militia and what controls the Taxi cartel.

It is this unlimited source of wealth that has been here on the ground, in the streets for many years, owned and controlled by the foot soldiers of Allah’s militia that has created the Islamic paramilitary army that is on the streets here, who we know for a fact are led by Al Qaeda from their headquarters in Afghanistan, home of the poppy fields.

Pumping our streets with Heroin is an ideal tactical war move by Al Qaeda’s military strategists in Afghanistan where the drug originates, and has already been outlined to be used against us by one of Al Qaeda’s British generals. I read some time ago an article about Diren Barot the British general who is now serving life in prison where he outlined the use of street drugs under the title ‘chemical warfare’ to be used as a weapon or war against the infidel in Great Britain.

It does not take Einstein to work out that Heroin is a good tactical weapon to use against the Western infidels for Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

You have to wonder if Mr Q Khan traded Western born Moslem fighters with Al Qaeda and the Taliban for Heroin. He is a Khan from within Fortress Bury Park; he is a known recruiter for the global Jihad and civil war in Great Britain and deals directly with the top levels of Al Qaeda in Pakistan.

I have lived and grown up on the streets round here so I know exactly what is going on, on the street level and as I have stated previously, Allah’s Luton militia conduct themselves on the street as a highly organised, extremely violent, heavily armed, extremely wealthy and well connected paramilitary army who are ploughing their trade in death against the non-Moslem community, killing us and making themselves vast sums of money in the process.

They also own the local trade in Crack cocaine on the streets so they are obviously trading their Afghani Heroin at some point along the trail for Cocaine that they then ‘wash up’ into Crack. Crack cocaine and Heroin go hand in hand on the street with those who are hooked on Class A street drugs.

There is an epidemic of Heroin & Crack cocaine upon the streets of Luton & Dunstable with a whole generation now affected by it, the streets are awash with the drugs, and it is available 24/7 delivered by gangs of Pakistani Moslem foot soldiers or Moslem drivers in the taxi cartel.

This is the most
pressing issue facing the next generation of innocent young people who are sitting in the local schools now, who are growing up locally. From my observations this situation on the ground has only grown and gotten worse over the years as the Moslem militia from within Fortress Bury Park have advanced out invading other areas, plying their lucrative and deadly commodity – Heroin.

I have many friends now who are hooked on the drug and others who are dead!

We also know that
Jihad – civil war – against the infidel is in the Moslem mind and outlook of Allah’s Luton militia so they have no problem killing us and destroying our communities in the process. They view our country and communities as the Dar al-Harb which means ‘land of war’, they are to treat us as the enemy and conduct war against us until they convert our country and community into Dar al-Islam ‘The land of Islam’. This is a basic fundamental tenet within the cult of Islam.

There is absolutely no response to this low level civil war against my community, the police in their own words cannot do anything because of the level and scope of the problem on the streets, so we the innocent and peaceful are left to just sit back and accept this blood thirsty Islamic beast growing conducting Jihad against us, ravaging and desecrating the weak, vulnerable and innocent in the community, turning our streets into lawless places of anarchy where the innocent are murdered.

This is real life on the streets of Great Britain in the 21st Century. We face a British born Islamic paramilitary army that is conducting low level civil war against us and there is absolutely no response to stop it.

What hope is there for the future of this country when the large well armed and organised Islamic enemy is here on the ground, is growing by the day, is actively at war with us, has its Islamic agenda and goals which is to conquer our land for Allah and there is absolutely no resistance from them achieving their aims, as can be witnessed by everyone where I live who see the same as what I see.

The police and security services cannot deny anything I write!

Everything I say is based on facts, from the reality on the ground from where I live; it is complete and utter madness. Is it any wonder that I
fear for my life now considering foot soldiers from within Allah’s Luton militia have already threatened my life and have actively hunted me with the taxi cartel?

Yet those who can help choose to ignore my words and the truth about life on the ground surrounded by this Moslem army from Fortress Bury Park, it is ignored and brushed under the carpet of reality – out of sight out of mind – until it is your son or daughter who is affected by Islam’s Jihad with street drugs then you will hear my words.

The local police who are supposed to be there to protect the innocent in society even sold me out when I helped them tackle this threat and arrest a Moslem foot solider from Allah’s Luton militia who was pumping his Heroin & Crack out into the community.

How do they honestly expect people from the community to step forward and help them tackle this threat when there is absolutely no confidence in them because of situations like mine, with information leaking onto the streets and into the hands of the militia?

Ill talk about that in the threats, intimidation and inaction part.

Psalm 25
A Psalm of David.
1 To You, O LORD, I lift up my soul.
2 O my God, I trust in You;
Let me not be ashamed;
Let not my enemies triumph over me.
3 Indeed, let no one who waits on You be ashamed;
Let those be ashamed who deal treacherously without cause.

4 Show me Your ways, O LORD;
Teach me Your paths.
5 Lead me in Your truth and teach me,
For You are the God of my salvation;
On You I wait all the day.

6 Remember, O LORD, Your tender mercies and Your lovingkindnesses,
For they are from of old.
7 Do not remember the sins of my youth, nor my transgressions;
According to Your mercy remember me,
For Your goodness’ sake, O LORD.

8 Good and upright is the LORD;
Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.
9 The humble He guides in justice,
And the humble He teaches His way.
10 All the paths of the LORD are mercy and truth,
To such as keep His covenant and His testimonies.
11 For Your name’s sake, O LORD,
Pardon my iniquity, for it is great.

12 Who is the man that fears the LORD?
Him shall He[a] teach in the way He[b] chooses.
13 He himself shall dwell in prosperity,
And his descendants shall inherit the earth.
14 The secret of the LORD is with those who fear Him,
And He will show them His covenant.
15 My eyes are ever toward the LORD,
For He shall pluck my feet out of the net.

16 Turn Yourself to me, and have mercy on me,
For I am desolate and afflicted.
17 The troubles of my heart have enlarged;
Bring me out of my distresses!
18 Look on my affliction and my pain,
And forgive all my sins.
19 Consider my enemies, for they are many;
And they hate me with cruel hatred.
20 Keep my soul, and deliver me;
Let me not be ashamed, for I put my trust in You.
21 Let integrity and uprightness preserve me,
For I wait for You.

22 Redeem Israel, O God,
Out of all their troubles!

Part 8. Islamic Kingdom building

The Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park have taken complete control of the demographic are of Luton on the ground and have now made their move on the Town where I live, Dunstable, and are using it as an untapped resource of wealth for their Moslem Kingdom, all built and financed with the proceeds earned from their black market drug Empire of Al Qaeda Heroin direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, at the complete expense of the vulnerable and weak people within my community who are now drug addicted slaves addicted to Moslem Class A drugs.

Dunstable has become an outpost for the Islamic kingdom of Bury Park Luton. They drive into our Town all day every day pumping Heroin & Crack cocaine out into the community with the aid of the Pakistani Moslem Taxi cartel. They are then using the wealth earned to buy local businesses in which to wash their drug money through. Their main business strategy is to buy fast food & Pizza shops along with their taxi companies because they then have delivery drivers mobile on the streets undercover in which to deliver their drugs.

It is common knowledge throughout the town that delivery drivers from several of the local Pizza businesses along with taxi drivers are delivering Class A drugs.

The local police are helpless to stop this advancement into the community, so the vulnerable, weak and the young are at the mercy of Allah's Luton militia who have a complete disregard for us and our way of life and are using street drugs as a weapon of war against us to break down our society, make themselves vast sums of money in the process which then goes into the building of their business empires, to further Al Qaeda's aims of Jihad and future terror attacks against Britain..

What can the innocent people of Dunstable do against a highly organised paramilitary organisation?

Luton has been left for the last 20 years through police and community inaction due to government enforced political correctness through fear of being racist and look what has become of it, a
central point for Al Qaedas terror operations against Britain. It is good to see the people of Luton now rising up though, they now see the terror that surrounds them because it cannot be ignored anymore, their community is always on the news recently regarding Al Qaeda terrorists in the Town. This is the environment and reality that their children are now having to grow up in which cannot be ignored anymore.

This is the future for Dunstable unless the local community plucks up enough courage to help prevent the damage that is being caused on a daily basis, prevent the continued Kingdom building into the community and help clean up the mess of a generation of drug addicts inflicted upon our society by the Al Qaeda led army of Pakistani Moslems from Luton.

Please click on the links to see the shops in the community that are either delivering drugs or drug laundering fronts.

Chicken & Pizza Hutt The owner of this shop is a known convicted Heroin & Crack dealer approximately 100 yards away from a local school. The police have known about his continued actions since November last year yet he still operates openly selling Heroin & Crack within the community using this premises as a laundering front for his drug operation.

Domino's Pizza This shop sits on the grounds of our once Great Priory Church which was the central point of the local community. Pakistani Moslems from Luton work in this premises and I know for a fact that at one point one of Dunstable main Pakistani Moslem drug delears was working their delivering drugs into the community.

Pappa Johns Pizza

Fast & Fresh Pizza Pakistani Moslems connected through family to the main people in the Luton Khan mafia. They have many Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton working for them every day and night driving around our town.

Pizza GoGo People I know have had drugs delivered by delivery drivers from this premises.

Southern Fried Chicken An outpost for the Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton including a drug laundering front.

Kings Kebab & Houghton mini market

Regal Indian takeaway

Hot & Tasty money laundering front with known family links to drug dealers.

Potential Mosque or Prayer centre The Pakistani Moslems who are renovating this property are connected to Chicken & Pizza Hutt shop. I have seen Radical Pakistani Moslems coming from around the back of this property. Lets hope that this is not a prayer centre or Mosque that is being erected.

Tikka Hut

Southern Fried Chicken Another outpost for Pakistani Moslems from Luton including a money laundering front.

Cost cutter A known drug front where it is common knowledge that drugs can be bought. This is owned by Pakistani Moslems from Luton.

Curry Cottage Another outpost for Pakistani Moslems from Luton including a money laundering front

Cost cutter A known drug front where it is common knowledge drugs can be bought. This is owned by Pakistani Moslems from Luton.

Dunstable Food & Wine Pakistani Moslems from Luton

Louis launderette Money laundering front

If the authorities could trace back the origins of the money used to buy these local businesses then I guarantee that Al Qaeda Heroin will be behind almost all of them. They cannot trace the origins so we are left to watch these businesses be erected within our community.

I had my own local computer shop business last year until the Pakistani Moslem Kingdom of Luton issued me with Death threats. I am now penniless, homeless and bankrupt.

No one can tell me my words are not true.

My community is not swimming in illegal drug money to finance our business operations, so we cannot set businesses up in the town because we have no money so have to just sit back and watch as we see these Moslem businesses arise within our midst. Our community is just blighted with drug addicts caused by the Bury Park Luton Pakistani Moslem's Heroin & Crack Jihad.

This is the harsh truthful reality my community faces that everybody is choosing to ignore.


Part 9. Threats, intimidation & Inaction

The Game of life, upon the streets of Great Britain has completely changed now because of the Islamic inspired civil war that is happening around us in our midst, so that means that the ‘rule of the streets’ has changed.

There is a domestic and global Islamic enemy that wants nothing less than the complete destruction of our British way of life and the take over of our country, so that they can enforce Islam upon our homeland and upon us the innocent people living here. When I say enforce it is exactly that, they want to force you, your children and your grandchildren to live under the ‘rule of Islam’ which is Sharia Law. Mohamed through the Koran teaches Moslem’s that the Islamic way of life is supreme and that they must conduct Jihad (Holy War) to force this way of life upon the world for their god Allah.

I am from the streets so know the Game and the rules of life there, and have always stuck by the rules that is why I earned the respect I have from amongst my peers and is why I have still have that respect on the street amongst those same people where it matters most. Those where is does not matter are the ‘traitors’ who are now my natural enemies, who have never played by the rules of the Game on the streets, and is the reason why they have escaped prison so many times.

The line in the sand has clearly been drawn.

Knowing the severity of the civil war within our country that we now face from within by Islam, especially locally by the Islamic Kingdom of Fortress Bury Park and how the militia from this Kingdom have for years been pumping their Heroin & Crack cocaine out into the community building themselves into a large, organised, wealthy, armed, paramilitary force, when I had one of the foot soldiers from Allah’s Luton militia using the house next door to where I lived as a holding place to cut up his Heroin & Crack cocaine I did not hesitate to step forward and go to the police. This is I believed was the right, legal and just thing to do under the circumstances, which it was.

I did not ask for money for the information I gave, and money was not discussed, it was not the issue, I gave the information because it was the right and just thing to do.

This in my mind and view was not ‘grassing’ someone up; this was me doing my Patriotic duty for my country at a time of civil strife from an internal Islamic enemy. The British born Pakistani Moslems from Luton are at war with my country and are destroying my community with their Heroin & Crack cocaine and are killing my friends and neighbours. Standing up and stepping forward was the right and only thing to do under these circumstances. I could have turned my back, ignored it and walked away but then what type of person would that have made me when I know full well what these Pakistani Moslem street soldiers intentions are towards me, my family, my friends and my neighbours?

Think of how many people’s sons and daughters are hooked on Heroin & Crack cocaine now because of this one Moslem street soldier? and it gets worse.

What would you have done under the same circumstances?

The police are supposed to be our first line of defence in society with something of this nature; they are the only ‘legal’ ones out there who are meant to protect us, who we should turn to when something like this is happening around us upon our streets, so this is what I did, I turned to them as you should.

Being from the streets and knowing the workings of the streets I also knew of fact based corruption from within the local police force which ultimately threatens the security of the community so I gave that information too.

Allah’s foot soldier from the militia was busted due to my corroborated evidence with him spending less than a year in prison. I got on with my life and set up my own business in the town, and then one day out of the blue I was contacted by a young Moslem from Luton who threatened me with very serious assault/murder. A friend was with me at the time and witnessed the conversation. Knowing all that I know about the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park and Allah’s Luton militia of foot soldiers, I knew that the threat was not an idol threat, it was a very real and serious threat so for my own safety I had to close my business down and move home, which I did. I was not going to move away because then I would have given in too them, I went to ground and let things run their course. I then received another threat back to me through another friend who buys his Heroin from one of the large Moslem gangs of foot soldiers saying they knew I ‘grassed’ one of their people up and that I am going to be meeting God soon. I did not grass anyone up, I did my patriotic duty against an internal enemy and I stand by my actions and feel no way about it. The threats were very real and very serious from people more than capable and willing of carrying the threats out.

Allah’s Luton militia had found out about me giving information to the police, and also the other person who had given information that I later learned had already been dealt with by them. It is common knowledge that information leaks out of the local police force and into the hands or criminals on the street. I had personally given fact based allegations of corruption so I know that to be 100% true.

I had already raised my concerns about my safety in relation to the gangs of Moslem drug dealers with the police which were dismissed. When they could not ignore what had happened with me anymore I was eventually invited in to speak with someone about what had been happening.

I had had two very serious threats made against my life by the street soldiers in Allah’s Luton militia who everyone knows around here, not least the police, are extremely violent and dangerous, and in the presence of witnesses and not one bit of help was offered to me or that they would need to speak to my witnesses to the death threats aimed at me. What I write about the taxi cartel and Allah’s Luton militia is all truth and fact based so as you can imagine it was not a good situation for me to be in, and all because I had stepped forward and given the police information to help them arrest a Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack dealer. Because of this I had lost my business, my home, my whole life and now had very serious credible death threats aimed at me by murderous Pakistani Moslems and the police offered me nothing, not one slightest bit of protection or help. I was just left to fend for myself out on the ‘streets’ in the community amongst the army of Pakistani street soldiers. Luckily I am from the streets so know how to look after myself, cover my tracks and not allow myself to be caught which is what I did, and have had to do every since.

When I was invited into the police station all they were really concerned about were the fact based allegations of corruption, they did not care about me and my personal safety. In my opinion considering I was the one in the situation, it would have been easier for everyone if the Moslem drug dealers from Luton had have gotten hold of me and silenced me, or if I had left the area because of the threats against me never to return again because of the severity of the situation I now faced, then everything could be hushed up again and brushed back under the carpet.

God had other ideas and my blog is one of them.

When I was invited into the police station the Moslem street soldier who I had given information to the police on was back out in the community again, had bought a chicken and chip shop to wash his illegal drug money through and was blatantly back at work pumping his Heroin & Crack out again, which I told the police about. His shop is 100 yards away from a school and 4 months after I had first told the police about the Moslem drug dealer continuing to sell his Heroin & Crack cocaine in the community I learned that he was delivering fast food from his shop into the local high school and had children in his shop at school lunchtimes. I could not believe the gravity of the situation and the police inaction so I wrote an article on my blog and sent it to the school and the police as a warning to the serious situation on their doorstep. The children in the local high school are potentially the next generation of drug addicts and here you had the local convicted Moslem Class A drug dealer getting to know the school children delivering food into the school and having children in his shop with the police in full knowledge. It is not my responsibility to have to write an
article on my blog about the severity and gravity about the situation, it is the polices job to do something about it, yet I had no other option because in my view for the sake of the future of the community the school needed to know, so it was the right thing to do.

This Pakistani Moslem drug dealer also has a young wife of 18 who has 3 children by him and one of those children was born whilst she was under age and still at school, so not only is he a Class A drug dealer he is potentially a predatory paedophile mixing with school girls. All those who know about Islam know that Mohamed had sex with a 9 year old girl so Moslem men have no problem having sex with children, and that Pakistani Moslem men in this country use street drugs to groom children for sex.

You tell me if the situation could be any worse?

This was in February that I wrote the article and sent it out to the school, and then in June I stood in a house where this Moslem foot soldiers drug gang were delivering Class A drugs to my friends, so he was still blatantly operating pumping his Class A drugs out into the community. The money laundering chicken and chip shop is still open 100 yards away from the local high school with him and his gang still openly operating from it and all with the polices full knowledge.

The thing in my mind is; what if your son or daughter has become hooked on Heroin or Crack cocaine during those 7 - 8 months the police have known about the situation and done nothing about it?

If the police are not going to stop the Pakistani Moslem army of street soldiers from pumping their Heroin & Crack cocaine out into the community then who is? Who is going to protect your children and grandchildren from being exposed to this flood of Heroin & Crack that is now upon our streets? And if you do come forward and give information about what is happening on the streets and you are treated how I have been, along with the information you give ending up on the streets in the hands of murderous Moslems then who in their right mind is ever going to come forward and help. The
community is just left at the mercy of the invading army of Pakistani Moslems from Fortress Bury Park with those who are paid to protect us, inept and doing absolutely nothing to protect us from this invading army of drug dealing foot soldiers, and also threatening the security of the community by leaking information out onto the streets to protect themselves and each other.

No salary or pension is worth protecting for a corrupt colleague and believe me the Living God knows absolutely everything so time is running out for each of you because His light is shining on you and exposing your darkness. It has to for the sake of this Christian community and for the sake of the good police officers whose work in protecting the community and society is severely jeopardise and undermined by the bad apples that end up rotting the whole crate.

Matthew 10:26
Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.

I would like to add here that the majority of police in the police force are genuine good people and brave protectors of the community who do an excellent job making our society a safe and secure place for us to live in, but those weak links completely destroy public confidence in the whole force and jeopardises innocent people’s lives.

If the community cannot trust the police force, then how can you expect people from within the community to help you?

If people from within the community step forward and give information on the Pakistani Moslem drug dealers from Luton, they are completely placing their lives in the police forces hands. Allah’s Luton militia would have no problem kidnapping them, seriously assaulting them or even murdering them. This is the gravity of helping the police and is exactly what I did; now look at what has happened to me as a prime example. I have been completely let down and sold out by those who I put my life on the line to help for the sake of my community and now have people wanting me dead.

If things could not get any worse for me, not only have I been issued with death threats from Allah’s Luton militia, sold out and let down by those who I helped, I have also had
comments on my blog from London’s biggest crime family seeking to intimidate me on behalf of Dave Shar - Dunstable’s public enemy No.1.

If it is them, then I wonder why they would want to stick their head above the wall for Dave Shar? If it is not them and someone placing the comments on my blog on behalf of Dave Shar thinking naively that it would scare and intimidate me then I will remove this immediately because I have no beef with them, I had respect for them. All I can say that if it is then you are backing the wrong horse and should cut those people free who you are seeking to help before it is too late for you because mark my words they will be the demise of you.

London is your manor and quite easily one of your family members could have been murdered in London on 7/7 when Al Qaeda declared war on our country. Your wives of daughters could have quite easily been in the Tiger Tiger night club on the ladies night when the most recent bombs failed to go off or one of you could be caught up in the next bombing campaign to hit London by Islamic extremists. Yet you choose to intimidate a British patriot seeking to defend his community and country from Pakistani Moslems who are at war with our country intent on all of our destruction, on behalf of a Pakistani Moslem. What does that make you? Traitors!

Like I say, if it is someone using your family name then I will remove this immediately and apologise, if not you should seriously take check of where your loyalties lye and believe me, like I say, as I stand before Almighty God this will be the demise of you, you cannot threaten and intimidate a child of the Living God. I do not want to see that because London needs a line of defence from the Islamic Kingdom taking over from ‘within your midst’ but you must choose whose side you are on.

1 Chronicles 16:22 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

I place my life completely in Gods hands so there are no threats of violence or intimidation from anyone that is going to faze me or stop me.

Matthew 10:27 - 31
Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. 28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

There is a new day dawning for everyone, out with the old way of thinking and in with the new so that we can defend our country and children’s futures, exactly the same as what our forefathers had to do in their generation.

Islam has declared war upon Great Britain, Gordon Browns advisor Sir Alan West has come out and publicly stated that the Islamic enemy is seeking to destroy our 'whole way of life' so decide where you stand and who you stand with.

It is the people of this Nation that gives our country the title ‘Great’ Britain, so no matter what the cost we will win this modern conflict.

’No surrender’ is our motto and we will not be intimidated or threatened into silence by anyone.

Part 10. Terror attacks – potential

If only everything I had written so far about what was happening on the ground here in Luton & Dunstable was just a creation of my over active imagination, a fantasy dreamed up in my sleeping hours then I would not be sitting here having to write the most horrendous thought or possibility imaginable of the potential for a murderous Islamic inspired terrorist attack against the innocent people of the local community. We have a daily onslaught of ‘chemical weapons’ (Heroin & Crack cocaine) against the community by Allah’s Luton militia, so a larger terrorist attack to keep us in Dhimmitude status through enforced fear is the natural progression once things start to change.

It is easy to switch your mind off from reality, turn your back on it and pretend that this modern living Islamic horror is not there in your midst surrounding you, but the thing is, is that this modern Islamic horror is very real, is here and ‘is’ surrounding you, so for your self preservation and that of your families it is a reality that you must accept and think about.

If only I was dreaming that the suicidal psychopathic Moslem
mass murderers of 7/7 travelled to Luton and spent time in Fortress Bury Park before boarding their train into London from Luton train station on their mission of mass murder on that fateful day in 2005, or that the biggest bombing campaign ever in British history, the ‘fertiliser plot’ was planned and facilitated from within Fortress Bury Park, with the Luton born and raised bomb maker of this plot seeking to obtain a nuclear device from the Russian mafia to detonate upon our British streets. That the Emir of this plot, Mr Q Khan who is still a free man walking our Luton streets, worked alongside the Fertiliser bomb maker as a local taxi driver, driving our women and children around the town, or that the same Mr Q Khan was also a leading recruiter for the global Jihad for Al Qaeda, recruiting and sending many of his fellow British born Pakistani Moslem men from the community off to their deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting against coalition troops. He is also said to be the one who recruited Mohamed Siddique Khan leader of the 7/7 atrocity, sending him off to the Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan/Pakistan before coming home to his adoptive homeland and declaring war on our country for his Al Qaeda leaders.

If only it was in my imagination that Al Qaeda’s most prominent
British preachers and recruiters for the global Islamic inspired Jihad, Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri lived and worked locally calling the young Moslem men from within Fortress Bury Park to Islam’s Jihad (Holy War) and preparing them for the coming war against the innocent infidel’s of Great Britain, or that Omar Bakri’s Islamic organisation Al Majaroun had its headquarters in the Fortress Bury Park area of Luton, with every single ‘British born’ suicidal Moslem maniac who has killed himself for the cause of Allah around the world being linked to this same Islamic group with its roots traced back into Fortress Bury Park Luton.

Diren Barot who was
Al Qaeda’s general in Great Britain planned and plotted mass murder, carnage and devastation against the innocent people of Great Britain including detonating a dirty bomb upon our streets. He created the ‘cells’ of Moslem terrorists to carry out his orders with several of the Al Qaeda trained operatives being from Fortress Bury Park.

Did I dream that there has been many Moslem men from within Fortress Bury Park who have been
killed in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting against British troops, and that many young Moslem men have been recruited and sent to the Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan preparing them to fight against the infidel in Great Britain, or that over the years the police have made numerous anti terror raids within the Bury Park community of Luton.

Am I lying when I say that there is an extremely large army of Pakistani Moslem foot soldiers on the streets of Luton & Dunstable who are
pumping Al Qaeda’s Heroin out into the community that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, are using it as a weapon of war against the innocent people of Great Britain and are funding their continued Jihad – civil war – against us with the money earned from their black market economy in street drugs.

If I you agree with me and that I was not dreaming all of the above then do you not think that this is a very real and frightening picture of reality based on facts that the innocent non-Moslem community around here faces from the Islamic enemy living in our midst within Fortress Bury Park?

There is a large radicalised, organised, armed, and wealthy,
Al Qaeda trained, led and inspired group of Moslem men who are conducting Jihad on a daily basis against our communities and British society from within Fortress Bury Park – The facts speak for themselves.

We cannot escape the facts on the ground living here because they are ‘facts’ so we must look at them for what they are – FACTS - to see what they mean to us now and what the potential is for the future based on these ‘facts’.

The facts are not looking at your lottery numbers, seeing that they have come in, and then working out your future based on those facts. The facts here are that there is an Islamic army of Moslem men living in our midst who believe they are at war with our country, have killed and maimed many innocent British people in their pursuit for Islam and Allah, and who are continually plotting and planning to cause mass murder on our streets, to kill and maim as many of us innocent people of Great Britain as possible in their continued pursuit to destroy our way of life and take our country over – Those are the facts.

Don’t we just wish we were dreaming all of these things considering we enjoy living our lives, while those in the Moslem army we face enjoying nothing more than dying killing us in their pursuit of pleasing Allah!

This is about your children’s futures and the future of our country.

People like to ignore these facts because they are horrendous and scary facts to have to think about and deal with, especially when we feel helpless and unable to do anything about the situation. Nether the less, they are very real ‘facts’ that we cannot ignore or escape from anymore so we must deal with them for the sake of our futures and our children’s futures. We can turn our backs on these facts and what is happening under the surface of reality of every day life and turn a blind eye to what is happening in our midst but if we do that then the Islamic enemy we face, whose aims and intentions are very clear, very real and set in motion, will just grown and grow until the beast eventually achieves its ultimate aim of conquering our communities and then ultimately our country.

The local Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park has achieved its aims so far of forcing its dominance and supremacy on the ground on street level, forcing the non-Moslem community into a position of ‘Dhimmitude’ so the situation can only get worse from now on unless the rule of our streets is taken back under our control, that is why it is important to step forward and help the police no matter what the cost or consequence – They are not all corrupt – and we hope will treat you and your life with the utmost respect as you place your life in their hands.

Once the whole non-Moslem community turns on our Moslem enemy that is pumping their chemical weapons into our community killing our friends, families, neighbours and destroying our Judeo/Christian society, by stepping forward and helping the police, then the possibility of them turning on our communities and retaliating is very real. There was an incident in Glasgow when the Islamic Kingdom up in Scotland sought to enforce their continued dominance and supremacy upon the non-Moslem community there. They singled out a
completely innocent young teenager who had nothing to do with anything on the street, kidnapped him, severely beat and tortured him, then set fire to him whilst he was alive. A group of Moslem men in their mid to late twenties were later convicted and sentenced to life for his ‘barbaric and savage’ racist murder.

Those of us living around Luton & Dunstable know that the Moslem foot soldiers from Allah’s Luton militia have no problem kidnapping and inflicting
serious violent assault on innocent people so this is a very real possibility in the future when people do start standing up, saying enough is enough and turning on the Islamic warmongering enemy that is conducting their Jihad – civil war – against us, pumping our communities with their Heroin & Crack cocaine.

It is inevitable that the black market economy in street drugs that is helping to finance Al Qaeda’s Jihad in Great Britain is going to be stamped out at some point, so the possibility of retaliation is very real.

We know for a fact that within Fortress Bury Park there are trained Al Qaeda terrorists living on the ground there; we also know that terrorist attacks against our country have happened from inside this one community and we also know that other acts of horrendous terror have been planned and facilitated from within there so this is another fact based dimension to look at.

We think to ourselves that Al Qaeda terror doesn’t happen here in our community but look at the facts our country has already faced from within Fortress Bury Park – Luton where we live.

What is the possibility of Al Qaeda sometime in the future committing a terrorist attack against our peaceful non-violent Christian community in their Jihad against Great Britain? They have everything they need within Fortress Bury Park to carry out such an attack. Instigators to put it together, willing mass murdering Moslem psychopaths and the bomb making skills, this is all based on the facts from all of the proof in the public domain. They only have to travel 5 miles from the centre of Bury Park to carry out such a horrific attack.

This is a very real and frightening situation the community now faces!

If such a planned attack was to take place then there is absolutely nothing anyone could do to stop it, other than the security services somehow knowing about it.

Ask yourself the question; how easy would it be for a mass murdering suicidal Moslem psychopath to travel into Dunstable with a rucksack full of explosives, jump on a bus, walk into a café, shop or a pub full of innocent non-Moslem people like what happened in London on 7/7 and blow himself up?

We have absolutely no defence from any such terrorist attack and it could be planned and carried out with the greatest of ease from within Fortress Bury Park.

Or how easy would it be for an Al Qaeda trained bomb maker, which we know do live in Luton, to fix a car
full of explosives in the secrecy of Fortress Bury Park, with a mass murdering suicidal Moslem psychopath then driving that car into the town, park outside of one of the night clubs or pubs in the town at closing time when many young people will be leaving after a night out and then blow himself and the car up, killing and maiming as many innocent people as possible as an act of war against our community and country?

We know for a ‘fact’ that British born Al Qaeda trained terrorists have absolutely no problem with carrying out such horrendous acts of terror against the innocent people of Great Britain so it is a very real possibility based on the facts on the ground here, considering we know Luton is full of Al Qaeda trained terrorists, and that the first ever Al Qaeda led attacks against Great Britain happened from within this same community!

At the moment the Islamic Kingdom and Allah’s Luton militia have an unhindered reign upon our streets doing what they want against the innocent and vulnerable within our society, enforcing their Islamic dominance and supremacy upon our communities, so they have no need to attack us and disrupt the control of the streets that they already have. Once things change though - and they will - and we start helping the police and start taking back the rule of the streets from this Islamic Kingdom and its Al Qaeda led and inspired foot soldiers who are conducting a civil war against us, then there will be a retaliation from them as they seek to force us back into a position of Dhimmitude (subservience) and silence through fear, just like us retaliating by helping the police, the only difference is, we go to the police who we hope will stick handcuffs on them, they go to their leaders and strap bombs to themselves.

Civilized Judeo/Christian society – Barbaric & Savage Islamic society.

We either sit back and do nothing about the situation on the ground through fear and allow the Islamic Kingdom in our midst to arise around us, with its military wing actively conducting Jihad against us, with the ultimate aim of taking over our community and enforcing their
Islamic dominance and supremacy upon the innocent and weak in our society and then ultimately in the future taking over our whole country. Or we say ‘enough is enough’ of this murderous warmongering behaviour aimed at our British way of life and stand up for ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbours, our community and our futures and start defending ourselves from this invading British born Islamic army that is intent on nothing less than our complete destruction and conquest.

All I would say is that you cannot escape the picture of reality that is now facing the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable that is based on facts. The question is; How does your mind rationalise what we are facing? Do you turn your back and ignore it and pretend it is not there? Do you run away from it because you can, or do you stand up and step forward and be counted with the other innocent people within the community and stop the enforced Islamic future that the Islamic Kingdom is seeking to enforce upon you and your children?

Just because you cannot see it does not mean that it is not there!

Just because it is not knocking on your front door yet does not mean that it won’t!

Look at the facts!

Why should we, the innocent and peaceful non-Moslem British people put up with this murderous and
savage Islamic behaviour that is aimed at us, our country and ultimately our children’s futures?

Neither through our choosing, nor whether we like it or not, but Luton and the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park has arisen as a
frontline in Al Qaeda’s Jihad against Great Britain.

We either rise to the occasion and win, or we give in, give up, roll over and, accept Islamic dominance in our society and then ultimately the Islamification of our Nation?

Our futures, our children’s futures, the future of our communities and the future of our Nation are in each one of our hands in this generation.

We wish it was not so but it is, so people need to start thinking in terms of the new reality that is now upon us based on the facts in this new reality.

We thank God - through Jesus Christ – that those bombs never went off outside of ‘Tiger Tiger’ nightclub in London and also for the failed mass murdering suicidal Moslem psychopathic human bombs who were seeking to blow up Glasgow airport.

Other Islamic terrorist attacks within Great Britain are not a matter of if, but a matter of when, so stay vigilant to your surroundings and who is in them!

Part 11. What God showed me!

Christian perspective

Joel 2:28 - 29 And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions, And also on My menservants and on My maidservants I will pour out My Spirit in those days.

This is something the God showed me one day when I was driving through Dunstable Town centre, it will be hard for to believe or understand if you are a non-Christian because you have no concept or understanding of who God is. If you believe in something but do not know what, then all I can say is that that something is the God whom I know, through Jesus Christ His Son.

God is as real to me and every other Christian as ‘you’ who is reading this, He is the Living God who interacts and talks with His people, it is just a whole different concept, view and understanding of life that only opens up to you once you accept the truth into your life. Until then you only view life in the 5 senses which is void of the truth and revelation of God and the spiritual dynamic to life.

I was driving through the centre of the Town and God opened up my eyes of understanding and showed me a ‘weapon of mass destruction’. I cannot say for sure that it is going to happen in Dunstable, I just think to myself why would He have shown me it if it was not going to happen in Dunstable, and is there the possibility of it happening in Dunstable?

With all the facts then yes it is very possible and even likely that this could happen, so the possibility is very real.

He showed me clearly that a weapon of mass destruction does not have to be a bomb going off with a mass mushroom cloud rising from the explosion that is unmistakable and everyone can see. This is what we naturally think of when we think of a weapon of mass destruction - A nuclear explosion.

He showed me that a weapon of mass destruction is also when there are chemicals or biological particles within the atmosphere that no one can see, people are going about there business walking around Town, doing their shopping completely unaware of anything happening around them, yet in the atmosphere all around them there is something so devastating and destructive that the eye cannot see, which is causing mass destruction and devastation.

A chemical or biological attack is a weapon of mass destruction, causing its deadly murderous devastating effects with everyone completely unaware of it until the deathly effects set in. The type of destruction and devastation that this causes makes it a weapon of mass destruction on the same scale as a dirty bomb, just a different type.

We know for a fact that Al Qaeda has already sought to obtain the
capability to detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Great Britain. It is also a known fact that one of those seeking the capability was the bomb maker of the fertiliser plot from Fortress Bury Park - Luton, so the potential for something this devastating is very real and very close to home.

The security services say that it is not a matter of if a dirty bomb will be detonated upon the streets of Great Britain but a matter of when!

I remember several years back reading that Dunstable was going to be a centre for training the emergency services for a potential hazardous attack on our country, so the thoughts about something of this nature, in this area were obviously very real thoughts from someone somewhere.

The only people who know whether Al Qaeda are planning a chemical or biological attack is the security services, they would also know if this was a real and possible threat that we faced, and the type of chemical or biological weapon it would be that could spread in the atmosphere in the open.

Chemical and Biological weapons are a very real threat and danger facing our modern world, and just because they have not been used yet does not mean they are not going to be used. The proliferation of this type of weaponry throughout the world on the black market must be rife and who are the ones in the market to buy this type of stuff? The Islamic extremists, and who is the leader of the Islamic extremists? Osama Bin Laden, so you can safely say that he does have this capability in his arsenal.

Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda army have nuclear weapons so it is
certain that he has chemical and biological capabilities, especially considering a country like Iran who is engaged in an undeclared war with us would almost certainly have these capabilities along with other Islamic Nations, and even the Russian mafia. Each of these would be more than willing to place this type of weapon in the hands of the global Moslem army – Al Qaeda – to use against the common enemy – The Western World, when the time is right.

There is a global Islamic war upon this Earth as you are reading this, with the Islamic world seeking to conquer the non-Moslem world. In war there can only ultimately be one winner meaning death at all costs to the enemy. You tell me if you think the Islamic enemy would use these types of low level weapons of mass destruction to achieve their ultimate aims of terror and victory over the infidel?

People and Nations do not set out on the ‘war path’ unless they believe they can win, and in modern times these types of horrific and deadly, devastating, capabilities are all tactical weapons to be used or held in an arsenal of weaponry by a 21st Century army to win a war.

It is an established fact that Fortress Bury Park is an Al Qaeda stronghold within Great Britain, do you think there is the slightest possibility that chemical or biological weaponry could be hidden somewhere within that community, considering the facts about Al Qaeda on the ground there that we already know about? They smuggle tons of Heroin & Cocaine into our country every year so how easy do you think it would be to smuggle a small bile of a deadly pathogen or chemical into the country and then hide it? Then hold us to ransom!

I personally know of Moslem scientists in the community of Fortress Bury Park who have degrees in dealing with chemicals so the potential threat in my view is very real and possible.

Then I question why did God show me? Is it going to happen in Dunstable? Is it possible considering all of the factors?

The security services know whether it is a viable, possible threat facing us, all we can do is live our lives and know that death comes to us all at some time, and hopefully wake up to the imminent threat we face from the internal Islamic enemy that is in our country on the war path seeking to destroy of British way of life and take our country over, so that we can stand together and defend ourselves.

If God showed me it then it will happen, where and when I don’t know, could it be Dunstable? Yes looking at the facts but I cannot be 100% certain it will be Dunstable.

Look at what happened to the Russian dissident
Litvinenko who was murdered in London by someone when they released a nuclear chemical near him. No body saw anything, yet this nuclear chemical was released into the atmosphere and killed him and made his associates seriously ill. The British security services found traces of the nuclear chemical everywhere Litvinenko had been from the point of his poisoning. This is obviously a very small attack but it was still an attack with a chemical/nuclear weapon within Great Britain that was released into the atmosphere to kill somebody.

Litvinenko was a Chechen supporter who
accepted Islam on his death bed. The Islamic Chechen army are the most feared and ruthless Moslem army in the world, they are the ones who laid siege to the Beslan school in Russia, killing many children, they are also the ones who held hundreds hostage in the cinema that also killed many innocent people. The Chechens are the worst Islamic terrorists in the world and deal with nuclear weapons and everything else on the black market, it is said that the nuclear chemical used to kill litvinenko was the exact type needed to be used in the triggers of tactical nukes. It is common knowledge that Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network has tactical suitcase nukes so you can only wonder if there is some deeper meaning to the litvinenko death.

There is a war raging upon the Earth with the
proliferation of weapons of mass destruction rife, so the chances of a seriously heinous nasty attack with a chemical or biological weapon has to be a very real thought in peoples minds.

On the ground here in Great Britain we have a British born Moslem army of Al Qaeda trained and inspired terrorists who enjoy nothing more than pleasing Allah killing us the infidel in their Jihad against us the infidels. They are at war with our country and will stop at nothing in their quest to destroy Great Britain, conquer our land and enforce Islam upon the Nation.

This is the fact of the future on the ground in Great Britain that we now face.

We are at war and there can only be one winner!

Could a suicidal psychopathic mass murdering Al Qaeda trained terrorist from Fortress Bury Park jump on a bus, catch a taxi or drive a car into Dunstable and release a chemical or biological weapon into the atmosphere?

We have now learned Al Qaeda’s modas operandi, and that is, that their attacks against our country are always changing to stay a one step ahead and cause as much terror, carnage and devastation as possible, in ways we the uninformed never realised.

We must hope and pray that an attack of this nature does not occur, but if God has spoken it, then it will happen, where and when the security services are the most informed to know, we the innocent must just prepare and brace ourselves for this type of inevitable attack upon our country.

Part 12. A Message to God’s Church

Ephesians 6:12
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

There can be no doubt that there is no greater ‘issue’ facing our local communities in the vicinity of Luton & Dunstable than the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park that sits almost central to our demographic location.

The Holy Bible clearly states that the enemy we face is not the human beings who carry the label Moslem who follow misguidedly the cult of Islam, but the forces driving them. The spiritually sick human beings who carry the label Moslem and conduct themselves in such an aggressive, barbaric and savage way towards those outside of the cult of Islam are the physical manifestations of the evil forces controlling them. This is why it is the Churches responsibility to turn to God and pray about this horror that is in our midst that we face.

How can anyone in their sane civilized mind think that strapping bombs to themselves, then blowing themselves up, murdering and maiming innocent human beings who are going about their normal daily lives be justified? Those who carry out such acts of ‘murderous lunacy’ justify their actions through the teachings of Mohamed which are laid down in the Koran, which is the foundation of the cult of Islam.

In the vicinity of where we live is Fortress Bury Park which played the central role to these ‘devil driven’ acts against the innocent people of Great Britain on July 7th 2005 which were Al Qaeda’s open declaration of War against the innocent people of this Christian Nation who are not ‘in’ the cult of Islam.

This act, including the meaning and significance behind it shows us the size of the dark spiritual forces that are controlling and driving this large demographic area of our locality that our immediate communities face!

On the ground within Fortress Bury Park there is an extremely large section of the community who are actively conducting Jihad against the surrounding non-Moslem society, there is an extremely large section who support them either morally or physically and then there is the wider community who understand that Jihad against the infidel is a fundamental to Islam and being a Moslem.

This is a frightening force in the centre of our locality that ultimately seeks to destroy our civilized Judeo/Christian communities and country, and enforce its Islamic dominance and alien way of life upon us and our children – This is a fact.

This is a horrendous modern day reality facing our communities and country that we cannot escape from, with 7/7 and all the other links to Islamic inspired terrorism being the evidence to prove that fact beyond a doubt.

Those who disbelieve what is happening in our midst and the Islamic enemy we now face are delusional with a false outlook on life, with their false reality created by force fed lies.

The spiritually sick misguided human inhabitants living within Fortress Bury Park have declared war on us and our country and emerge from their Islamic Kingdom everyday conducting Jihad against our innocent peaceful British communities.

Those people who know what is happening on the street level will confirm my words when I say that there is an army of Moslem foot soldiers from Fortress Bury Park who are pumping our communities 24/7 with Afghani Heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, and also Crack cocaine that they trade along the trafficking trail. These street drugs are being used as a weapon of war against our country to destroy and break down our communities, kill our youth, destroy their families and break down our society. This is the most ‘pressing’ modern day issue that is facing the young people of our communities. This Islamic owned commodity is the most destructive force within in our modern society and the most ‘lucrative’ for those who own it.

It is a proven fact that Osama Bin Laden sits at the top of the opium trail funding his global Jihad against the non-Moslem world with the proceeds earned and also using this deadly commodity as a weapon of war against Western youth culture. The streets of Luton & Dunstable are awash with Heroin and Crack cocaine which is owned and controlled on the ground by the large army of foot soldiers from within Fortress Bury Park who are trained and inspired by Al Qaeda, direct from the terror training camps of Pakistan/Afghanistan – This is the reality

This situation we face with Heroin & Crack cocaine and the Islamic inspired Al Qaeda war against our society are the greatest most pressing issues facing our communities now and in the future, with our children being the ones who are being confronted and going to be confronted with this modern deadly warmongering threat.

It is the Churches responsibility to shine its light and expose the dark areas of our society so that the consequences and under lying issues can be addressed, bringing Gods light into the darkness – through Jesus Christ – brings His healing and restoring power to those areas where there has been death, destruction and devastation.

There are obviously many other areas of society within our communities that need the light that we carry as Christ’s Church on Earth, including helping the elderly, the homeless and the most vulnerable. If each Church individually and corporately are not addressing these important issues facing our modern civilized society then how can you call yourself Christ’s Church and what are you doing?

Please click the links:
The Dead ChurchThe Faithful ChurchThe lukewarm Church

If God’s Church is not going to be the beacon of light for mankind within our society, within our communities, then who is going to stop the darkness facing our supposedly Christian society?

Church is not just gathering in a building like a selective club, and then opening the doors expecting people to walk in, are we not as Christians supposed to take the light and revelation that we carry inside of us, out into the darkness?

Matthew 5:13 - 16
“You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men. 14 “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lampstand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. 16 Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

There is a deadly spiritual war going on upon our streets within our communities, outside of the four walls of the Church, with the weak, vulnerable and innocent needing help, and it is only us as Christians who can minister the truth and revelation of God that we carry into people’s lives to help, and heal, the hurting and wounded in our society.

The most pressing issue is the Islamic threat in our midst because of the modern war that they have declared against us that we now face, which is being conducted against everyone who is not Moslem, with the innocent, vulnerable and the weak bearing the brunt of this onslaught on a daily basis.

The Church must stand together united and start interceding for God to turn towards His church here, to move upon our communities and open Heaven and let the rains fall and the light shine, exposing the darkness that surrounds all of us, bringing His healing and restoring power into the areas where our human endeavours and power is insufficient.

No one can deny the darkness that has engulfed and is engulfing our communities and as Christians we know that we have the answer for this crazy and dangerous modern world where we live.

Romans 1:16
For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,[a] for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek.

This 12 part piece of work that I have written confronts the darkest hidden and not so hidden areas of Luton & Dunstable that cannot be ignored. You can choose to keep your back turned and ignore this murderous deadly threat, or you can turn and face it and start praying to Almighty God about it. No one can tell me that anything I have written is wrong because it is all based on facts, facts that you cannot see because it is not from your walk of life; this is the darkness that I see from my walk of life and I have shone the light of Christ within me, upon it.

John 15:13
Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one’s life for his friends.

One man cannot stand alone; it is now the Churches responsibility to unite and stand together in the face of this blood thirsty beast in the embodiment of Islam that is living, breathing and growing in our midst that seeks the complete destruction of our way of life, for the sake of our communities, our children and the future.

Islam is a ‘religion of peace’ is a lie, as a Christian you should know this!

It is only the Living God that can change things and help us to help our communities but we must humble ourselves and turn to him.

We must pray that He will guide and protect our police, exposing the darkness of the low level civil war that is being conducted with street drugs upon our streets, against our society, and that He will guide and protect the security services as they watch the Islamic terrorists who plan mass murder against the innocent people of Great Britain from within Fortress Bury Park – Luton, and that He will ‘expose’ the terrorist activities that are happening out of sight that they cannot see yet.

Pray that the community will stand up and step forward to help the police as they endeavour to tackle the purge of Heroin & Crack cocaine that is upon our streets destroying our society, our friends, families and our neighbour’s lives, and that He will shine His light and expose the deep rooted police corruption that threatens the very safety of our communities, and individuals, to those good people who are looking.

Pray that the signs, wonders and miracles will follow the words that we speak, showing the truth through the demonstration of Gods power in the message that we as Christians carry and speak.

Pray that God will open the doors so that we can take the light that we carry as His people that is contained in His Church, out into the community, rather than sitting scared hiding the precious treasure we have, inside the four walls of the Church building.

There are many points to pray about if you take the time to read the truth contained in this piece of work I have written.

Matthew 9:37 - 38
Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few. 38 Therefore pray the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”

We are all walking towards the future based on what is in the present, no one can escape the things I have written about that are in our present, and as Christians it is our responsibility to rise up and defend the innocent, weak and the vulnerable in our communities from the wickedness in heavenly places and let our light shine before men.

The Islamic Kingdom is actively conducting Jihad, which we call low level civil war, in your community. You can choose to continue turning you back on it and ignore it, or you can turn and face it and start praying to God about it.

The facts speak for themselves.

One thing I would like to say to the Church in Dunstable – Several years ago now, I was given an opportunity to put on a Church based anti Class A drugs event within the town, alongside the youth department of the local council. I knocked on almost every door of the local Church to make this happen for the young people of the community and not one Church stepped forward to help and make it happen.

What does this say?

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