1 January 2001

UK - Al Qaeda's Horrific Failed Car bombings

Part 7. My challenge to Al Qaeda’s UK mouthpiece

Please watch this important short video: Islam's Holy War in Britain

The video above is a short CNN interview with Anjem Choudry, the British mouth piece of the Al Qaeda and the Islamic Kingdom’s Jihad (Holy War) within mainland Britain. He was born into civility within our Judeo/Christian society in Great Britain yet chooses the path of savagery and barbarism towards his fellow man. He owns a British passport so is a subject of the Queen the same as me except he rejects absolutely everything that is enshrined in the Crown stamped on his British passport.

He is a traitor who preaches treason against the innocent people of Great Britain!

Mr Choudry was the leader of the British arm of the Moslem organisation Al Majaroun, which was set up by the Radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohamed, who thankfully, was expelled from our country because of his racist warmongering views against non-Moslems.

This organisation was allowed to be set up in our country with the ultimate aim and clear set goals of transforming Great Britain into an Islamic state ruled by Sharia Law.

You can only wonder who gave permission under Tony Blair’s watch to allow this Islamic beast to be born into our society.

Al Majaroun which has now thankfully been banned because of its open extremist subversive actions within Great Britain and towards our democratic society, is linked to every suicide bombing that has ever been carried out by British born Moslems around the world, including closer to home with the suicide bombers of 7/7. This gives you a clear indication as to the type of British based Islamic organisation this man was leading before being outlawed.

Please watch this short video:
Al Majaroun’s links to Terror

Al Majaroun was the British version of Al Qaeda; they were recruiting, radicalising, training and then sending young Moslem men off to fight Islam’s global Jihad against the Western world. All from the 21st Century streets of Great Britain - From a community near you!

They had their headquarters in Luton where I live which is probably why the 7/7 bombers where linked to here, plus also all the other links to Al Qaeda’s war against Great Britain from here including the daily Heroin Jihad that is being conducted by their Moslem brothers within the community..

Yet this man still walks free upon our streets?

The members and followers of this group were not all rounded up as a threat to the National Security of Great Britain and placed in a Guantanamo bay style holding facility until they came back to their senses of what it means to be a civilized human being, and then allowed back into the human race, like the innocent people of Britain would have hoped for. No they have quietly dispersed into our society into their Islamic Kingdom and formed into other militant Jihadi groups, with the same aims, intentions and objectives in mind, which are of Jihad (Holy War) for Allah against us, our way of life and British society.

The members of this group of which Anjem Choudry was once leader are the core of Islam’s Al Qaeda inspired war by British born Moslems against Great Britain. These Islamic foot soldiers are the ones who are now continuing Islam’s global war by radicalising, recruiting, training and conducting low level Jihad on a daily basis within Britain with the ultimate intention of destroying our British society as we know it and then enforcing an Islamic way of life upon the Nation - These are Allah’s 21st Century British born soldiers.

The Moslems who are connected to Anjem Choudry are a all part of what is commonly known as ‘The Network’. This network comprises of Allah’s army of British born Moslems who are actively engaged in this Civil War within this country and the international Jihad abroad. They recruit upon our college and University campuses, within the prison system and in their communities, targeting the Moslem youth with the fundamentals of the Islamic faith which is Jihad against the infidel (non-believer) and the implementation of Sharia law.

Please watch this video on the network:
Wolf in sheep’s clothing

We have a human cess pool of upwards of 3 million of these Moslems in our country who all follow the Koran and what it teaches. This should give you a clear indication as to the potential threat to this country the innocent people face and the potential army of Moslem youths we now have upon our streets.

Whenever there is a demonstration with violent murderous threatening behaviour, aimed at us and our way of life, Anjem Choudry is there at the front as the lead organiser and instigator of it, along with several hundred of his band of British born Moslem soldiers.

Anjem Choudry clearly states the Islamic Kingdoms aims and objectives within our country and has a mass following of young Moslem men throughout the land who are ready and willing to carry out his will.

We have just had another Islamic inspired terrorist attack against the innocent people of Great Britain thwarted by Gods grace – Through Jesus Christ – so the threat the innocent people of this Nation faces is very real, extremely deadly and imminent.

Anjem Choudry is the public face and voice of this, the Islamic Kingdom’s Jihad within Great Britain. Why he has not been locked up as a violent subversive and instigator of civil strife we can only wonder.

My personal challenge to Mr Choudry is to a public debate so that we can clarify and all clearly see the line in the sand between the Islamic Kingdom and non-Moslem society within Great Britian. Then there will not be anymore confusion for people as to what is happening around them within their country, and why these murderous and intimidating actions towards us are happening.

This is my country; I am a Christian and a British patriot and I challenge you personally, to this, a public debate on Islam, Christianity, 21st Century life in Great Britain and the future.

Let us see if you are man enough to stand up to a child of the Living God, someone who is in complete opposition to you, what you stand for and the way you view your place upon our Christian land within our Judeo/Christian British society.

Christianity is about Love, so there will be no Christians queuing up to kill you, where as Islam is about Hate so I expect there will be Moslems queuing up to kill me, so as long as the environment and conditions are right I would gladly like to challenge you to this debate.

I look forward to a response from you.

God bless you in the Loving name of Jesus.


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