1 January 2001

UK - Al Qaeda's Horrific Failed Car bombings

Part 3. England - Life in the 21st Century

Encamped upon the shores of Great Britain within the Islamic Kingdom the length and breadth of the country there is an army of Islamic soldiers who are ready, willing and actively conducting Jihad (Holy War) against non-Moslem society. These youths and young men have a modern Islamic world view and outlook on life which is one of global war and conquest on-behalf of their religion - Islam. These Moslems believe falsely that here, and now, in modern times, it is Islam’s golden age upon the Earth and that they are blessed to be Allah’s soldiers in this, his religious war that will bring about this golden age across the entire globe. Many amongst this group within Great Britain are Al Qaeda trained terrorists straight from the training camps of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is this group of trained Islamic soldiers who are living amongst the massive British human cess pool of Moslem men throughout the Nation of Great Britain who are the torch bearers of this modern Islamic war against us, the citizens of the civilized Judeo/Christian world.

These British born Moslems are playing their part for the idol Allah in this modern global war upon the streets of Great Britain, possibly upon your street and if not then definitely very close by.

These Al Qaeda trained terrorists carry the ideals of Islam’s Jihad from the training fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan back to their Islamic communities within Great Britain, radicalising, recruiting and training their fellow Moslem brothers in the ways of Jihad, building their British born Islamic army, ready for their part, in this, the modern global conflict of the 21st Century.

The Islamic world - V - The Western world “The clash of Civilizations”.

Nobody wants to truly admit what is happening within Great Britain because of the fear and panic that would spread throughout the land and the demands that would then be placed upon the government do something about the problem.

There are voices rising up though from amongst the masses that can see clearly what is happening, who are demanding action from their leaders before it is too late.

Prevention is better than the cure because sometimes there is no cure!

At this point in time the government, security services and the police have shown that they are powerless to act against this modern murderous problem because it is so large, widespread, completely out of control and un-containable. This is why the murderous Islamic army whose only intentions are to conquer our land and enforce Islam upon this Nation are just left to fester and grow under the surface of everyday life in Britain, being ignored and swept under the carpet by all those in power as if the problem does not exist, ‘ultimately’ because they cannot and do not know how to deal with the problem.

Look at how full our prison system is? Where are we going to put masses of Moslem soldiers who are demonstrating against us and our way of life and whose intentions are of war and hate towards us? We have absolutely no response whatsoever against this modern British born Islamic army, so they are left to continue radicalising, recruiting and training for their Al Qaeda inspired path of War and Conquest against Great Britain.

It is better to leave them to their own devices as long as they do not upset anyone or encroach too much upon British society. That is the only explanation I can see for the inaction of those who are employed to protect us!

They have got the leaders of our country over a barrel with not one of them knowing what to do, or if they do know what should be done, then they are too frightened to do it, so the problem is left with the innocent British flock being on the receiving end of this Moslem intimidation and violence.

Those of us who do speak out are classed as Islamaphobic or racist to silence our dissent to keep the masses of gullible British sheep people duped into their false reality and sense of security – The false bubble of ‘peace and security’ that the people of Great Britain live in, along with their Eastenders, Coronation street and Big Brother escapism or BBC propaganda.

We the innocent people of Great Britain are the ones who have to face this modern day madness everyday, alone, this civil war that is aimed at the destruction of our British way life. The Islamic army in Britain holds our government to ransom – forced blackmail through fear – so that our government gives in to the Islamic Kingdoms demands, giving them the freedoms they want within our country, so that they can do what they want to change our British society so that it falls in line with Islam and Sharia law. This is all at the complete expense of the innocent people of Great Britain and their British way of life, the way of life that each and every one of our forefathers sacrificed their lives for upon the battlefields of the world in the last century for.

The facts speak for themselves when you have Moslem terrorist spewing hatred and treason against us and our way of life openly upon our streets, these terrorists who have been aligned to the worst Al Qaeda linked terrorists to have ever been given permission to live in Britain, who again where openly calling for and declaring Islam’s aims of War and conquest against this country. We catch a small glimpse of this when the Islamic Kingdom demonstrate upon our streets like what we saw recently with the demonstration against Sir Salman Rushdie’s Knighthood where the Moslem army led by Al Qaeda’s man in Britain Anjem Choudry were calling for his murder and throwing vile insults towards our elderly Queen.

We could write an endless list of the polices inaction in the face of this Islamic barbarism upon the streets of Great Britain. This continued inaction just leaves the wider innocent people in society, once again, feeling alienated and helpless in the face of these aggressive angry young Moslem men who are calling for the destruction of our way of life.

If the police and government will not act against these treasonous traitors then who will??? We are just forced to sit back, watch and accept what is happening around us!

One thing is certain is that those in positions of power including the intelligence services and military cannot deny anymore, what is going on under the surface of everyday life in Britain with regards to the suicidal murderous British born Islamic army that has arisen within our midst, that this country now faces.

There are many different sets of statistics in the public domain that scratches the surface of how large and widespread the problem we now face is.

Bottom line is that there is upwards of 3 million Moslem guests living in the country who all ultimately want to live under Sharia law because that is what their holy book teaches them, and within that 3 million you have the military wing, political wing and the religious wing who all work together to achieve the aims that are laid down in their holy book – The Koran.

Two Kingdoms within the one tiny Island, with one of those Kingdoms now actively at war to overthrow the ruling Kingdom! This is life within Great Britain in the 21st Century, an age old religious conflict in modern times upon our beautiful green shores. We only wish we were dreaming all of this, but we are not, and the future of our once Great Nation and all that the British people hold dear is now at stake because of these now ‘unwelcome’ Moslem guest that we have living beside us, who have set up camp, and that are now aggressively trying to enforce their Islamic way of life upon us and upon our whole island, thus pushing aside our indigenous British way of life that has developed over millennia.

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