1 January 2001

My Conversion, What God told me & Drug Education

I was not brought up in a Christian home, God and Christianity was as much a reality to me growing up as Santa Clause being real is. There was no understanding, comprehension or thought about God or Christianity that’s how dead to me the truth was.

I was thrown out of home and onto the streets when I was 15 so I had to learn to survive in that world very quickly, you either sink or swim. I sank and swam at the same time in the process of learning and getting to grips with how to live life whilst as a boy growing up in this crazy new world that I found myself living in, life on the streets, living the street life, with the other people who were further down the ‘street’ path than me.

As a vulnerable adolescent it is very easy to get mixed up in dark things whilst on the streets learning about life and having to survive. Once you do learn, this new reality then becomes your new ‘path in life’ your career path. Most teenagers get into a working career or continue studying which is their new path in life once they leave high school and enter into adulthood, whilst others like me are forced into, and have no other choice but to carve out their career path into adulthood on the streets. For good or for bad we are each born into different lives with different situations, with different consequences and have to deal with it, and in the process hopefully not make too big a mistake that is irreversible, this is just the nature of life and creation. We are born, given a chance at living a life and then we die. On one side of scale you have the likes of David Beckham who has been blessed with every earthly possession someone could want and then on the middle of the scale you have someone like Charles Bronson who made his mistakes as a boy and has ended up spending almost 30 years incarcerated at Her Majesties Pleasure in solitary confinement and then at the other end of the scale you have someone born completely disabled with a completely different quality of life to all of us. Different people living in the same world just born into different situations, with different paths before them and with different consequences on those paths – God still Loves all of us equally – This is just the nature of life.

I was living in what by the world standards people would say is the darkness, bound by the consequences of my actions due to the ‘path’ in life that I was placed on as a boy. This was my life journey and the daily path that I was living, walking and carving out for myself, with the future set before me, until one day I had a divine encounter with Jesus.

People who do not believe in Jesus or who do not understand will not be able to grasp this point, all I can say is please don’t switch off because of this fact and at some point I will explain what happened and what I mean.

This divine encounter and revelation stopped me dead in my tracks; the Light from heaven had shone upon me, exposing my living hell and the darkness that I was bound into.

In the light of this revelation that I had just had, I had absolutely no alternative but to re-evaluate the dark path that I was on, my dark misguided journey in life up to that point and now my future path and journey.

I was born again, dead to the old me, with the dark path and journey I was walking and alive into a new me with a new path that shone brightly. I can truly say that I was now alive where as before I was dead just existing, living and surviving in this dark human existence.

When I had my divine encounter I was given revelation from Jesus, again some people will not understand or grasp this point because you do not understand or have any comprehension of the God dynamic to life, but bear with me because I can prove this point.

I was very well known within the local community due to the darkness which was my life. The vast majority of people throughout the community have absolutely no understanding or concept of who or what God is so when they heard about my conversion to Christianity which became front page news in the local paper their minds had no way of understanding it or taking it in, so the way their minds rationalised it was by saying that I had lost the plot (gone mad) or that I was trying to use this as a ploy to get off of a criminal charge. None, other than the Christians in the community could accept it for what is was, an act of God, a sinner turning around and repenting.

I walked into the local Church in 1999 and when the Pastor realised I was the one from the front page of the local paper he was amazed and said he had someone for me to meet. It turned out that I knew his son very well; we had gone to the same high school was in the same year and were in some of the same classes, so his son knew me very well. When he had seen the newspaper article he could not believe it because he knew the old me and what I was like but it was true, God had chosen to set me free and reveal the truth to me.

If you had of known the old me then you also would never have believed this transformation to be true, this is why people thought I had lost the plot or it was a ploy, but it was true; Jesus had set me free from the darkness and birthed me into the light of His Kingdom.

I then crossed paths with several people who have now become good friends of mine that I never knew before God brought us together, who come from similar backgrounds to me who also had divine encounters and conversion experiences at the same time as mine. These are several of my witnesses to what Jesus told me – This was all back in 1999

The pastor of the church that I started attending in 1999 where I knew his son, cannot deny what I told him had been told too me. I spoke several things to him and to my witnesses, but this format is not the place to speak all of it, but what I did say was that war is coming and we must prepare for it. This was immediately rejected as if I was wrong, that this way of thinking was wrong and basically what would I know this young little street urchin. I was subsequently rejected from the Church, not literally but through friction and because of other reasons I left, but I never rejected Jesus from my life and continued walking my life with the revelation that Almighty God was real, had chosen me, spoken to me so I stood before Him.

He who is without sin cast the first stone!

I could not deny what Jesus had told me in 1998 and the people who I told in 1999 cannot deny either.

I saw life now with completely new eyes, my outlook contained a divine revelation of the future based on what had been told too me. I knew that a war with the Islamic world was coming and I also knew that it was coming to the streets of where I lived. I knew personally from my living experiences that from within Fortress Bury Park there is a paramilitary army of foot soldiers on the ground that are pumping their Heroin out into our communities using this as a weapon of war against our societies, destroying our young people, destroying our communities and making themselves extremely wealthy in the process.

I have friends who are dead, friends whose lives are ruined and friends recovering so I know from first hand experience what is happening

The Church did not want to know so what could I do?

I knew that the biggest threat to the ‘young people’ in our communities was the army of Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park who were pumping their Heroin out in the community. This trade in Heroin brings nothing but death and devastation to those caught up in it. Those trading in this chemical know this ‘fact’ that is why it is quite obvious what is happening on the streets with this highly ‘addictive’ deadly drug considering it comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, is controlled by Al Qaeda and is a commodity being used on the ground by the Pakistani Moslems from within Fortress Bury Park - Luton. It is as a double edged sword in the hands of those conducting Jihad against the infidel, it is killing our youth, breaking down our British society and making them vast amounts of black market money in the process which they then turn back into furthering and fighting their Jihad against us.

Win Win situation with Heroin in the hands of Al Qaeda.

I knew what God had told me and shown me, but at that stage there was not much I could do but pray. This I did, and God then opened up doors for me to go into local schools to educate school children to the threat and dangers of street drugs. I needed money to survive so applied and received a loan from the Princes Trust so as to be able to set up a small business to keep me financially afloat, and then I started doing drug education lessons in local schools.

I did this for about 4 years with an ‘excellent’ and highly respected school liaison Police officer, and also on my own independently, completely on a voluntary basis. I never once took any payment for my efforts in educating young people to the dangers of street drugs in schools, in my mind as I stood before Almighty God, money was not the issue or the reason for me doing the work, doing what was right, and counteracting the threat posed to the young people of the community by Class A street drugs was the issue, which is what I did for several years successfully.

Please click link for News article: Dunstable Gazette

The Church rejected me but God never did, so ‘He’ opened up the doors for me to fight in my small way, the scourge of Class A street drugs upon the local communities and society by Pakistani Moslems from within Fortress Bury Park, from what He Himself had told me and shown me.

The paramilitary army of Islamic foot soldiers from within Fortress Bury Park are clearly at war with our society, it is easy for people to look at this behaviour as just criminality but when you look at it properly based on all of the facts and then add the Islamic religious dynamic of Jihad against the infidel to the equation, it completely changes the nature of the ‘beast’ taking it to a whole new level – Low level civil war.

I first entered the Church and told the Pastor what Jesus had told me in 1999 and it was rejected. I also told another travelling Pastor who again rejected it and told me I was wrong and mistaken, in my mind though I could not and would not deny what Jesus had told me, how could I?

Nobody other than the intelligence community knew about the threat posed by global Islamists and Al Qaeda in 1999, and then in 2001 Al Qaeda achieved their declaration of war against America on American soil by reducing the Twin Towers to a pile of rubble in full view of the whole world, which then changed the whole world.

The War of our times had truly begun.

Then on July 7th 2005 Al Qaeda declared war on Great Britain by using 4 British born mass murdering suicidal psychopathic Moslems to blow up three tube trains and a London bus, killing 52 innocent people and wounding over 700.

This declaration of war against Great Britain by Al Qaeda in 2005 was planned, plotted and facilitated by British Al Qaeda leaders within Fortress Bury Park. Not only that, the four mass murdering suicidal Moslem psychopaths who carried out their murderous task on behalf of their Al Qaeda leaders travelled into Fortress Bury Park – Luton - on the morning of July 7th 2005, they spent time with their Islamic brothers there before boarding their train into London to declare war on Great Britain for Al Qaeda.

Then in 2007 after a 50 million pound investigation called operation ‘Crevice’ by the British security services a group of five men were sentenced to life imprisonment for their parts in planning the biggest bombing campaign ever in British history which is now commonly known around the world as ‘The Fertiliser plot’. The Emir of this planned horrendous bombing campaign against Great Britain who recruited and had this cell of British born Al Qaeda psychopaths trained in the terror training camps of Pakistan/Afghanistan is a man called Mr Q Khan who lives and works in Luton. Mr O is also said to be the one who recruited the leader of the 7/7 atrocity, Mohamed Siddique Khan. The bomb maker of the fertiliser plot who also wanted to obtain a nuclear device from the Russian mafia in Belgium, to detonate upon our streets, is also a Moslem from Fortress Bury Park who lived and worked in Luton.

All the other links to Al Qaeda’s war against Great Britain and the Western World from within Fortress Bury Park Luton are well documented; these are just some of the main acts of war that I wanted to highlight.

I first entered the church in 1999 after my conversion experience and told the Pastor of the Church and others what was coming and no one listened or believed me.

Now look at the evidence!

People can pretend this is not happening around them, they can ignore what is happening and they can pretend they cannot see it but that does not change the truth and reality of the situation or make the situation go away!

You would have to be blind and deaf not to see and hear the truth that surrounds you.

This situation is very real, the Islamic inspired intentions are very clear, it surrounds us, has engulfed us and is actively and daily inflicting horror upon our communities, and I do not see anyone saying or doing anything about it other than ignoring it as if it is not here.

This type of inaction is not going to make the Islamic warmongering beast that is taking over our streets go away, the beast is here, is growing and is seeking to ultimately take over our communities and country - Jihad against the infidel they call it.

Jesus saved me, set me free and gave me a message, the pastor of the Church I first entered and the friends around at the time know what I told them was told to me, and this was way before 9/11, 7/7 and any other known Al Qaeda inspired terrorism upon the streets of Great Britain or around the world.

I spoke about these things that had been told too me, which people rejected as me being ‘off the plot’ that could never happen, years before they happened and became a reality, with them same people ‘except those full of pride’ now unable to ignore what I spoke because it is now real and happening around them.

I have again spoken out about what is happening on the streets here in Luton & Dunstable in relation to the Islamic Kingdom and its intentions towards the innocent people of our communities and have placed my life completely on the line in doing so.

I now have several different forces wanting me dead and silenced for my actions.

What is Christ’s Church doing about this most pressing murderous deadly issue that is facing our communities and country, and what has it done?


Helping the Police, Moslem Death threats & My Personal Situation

After doing the drug education for several years my life took a turn for a while and I stepped away from doing this work. I then set up a business locally and got on with my life.

God obviously wanted to take things to the next level because I moved into a house next door to where a drug dealing Pakistani Moslem foot soldier from Fortress Bury Park was holding and cutting up his Heroin & Crack cocaine that he was then pumping out into the local community.

Going to the police about this type of stuff can be a very dangerous thing to do which I have subsequently found out, nevertheless when I knew what was going on I did the right thing, I stood up, stepped forward and went to the police. I am from the streets so I know from the street mentality that talking to the police is a ‘no no’ but in my mind this was not snitching on someone. The Islamic Kingdom is at war with our Judeo/Christian society and British way of life so giving the police the information was my duty as a British citizen against an Islamic enemy that is killing and destroying innocent people from within the community where I live.

Money was not given, it was not asked for, and I was not giving the information to get myself off of any criminal charge. I gave the information to the police because it was the right thing to do as I stood before Almighty God.

I was then asked to place myself in a severely compromising position by the police officer I had given the information to, so when the situation arose I allowed myself to be compromised because again it was the right thing to do no matter what the consequences as I stood before Almighty God.

I then got on with my life and running my local business when out of the blue I received a threatening text message and then phone call from a Luton Moslem who threatened me with very serious violent assault/murder.

Knowing how large, organised and violent the gangs of Moslem drug dealers from Fortress Bury Park are, and how they would definitely want to carry out their threats against me considering I helped the police arrest and imprison one of their fellow drug dealing Moslem foot soldiers, I had no alternative but to close my business down, move home and bankrupt myself for my personal safety and survival.

When I say there is a paramilitary army of Pakistani Moslems on the streets of Luton & Dunstable believe me that is not an understatement, as the police, security services and people of the street around here know.

I was helping the police with another matter of Islamic extremism at the same time that I received the threats against my life, so this unfolded in full view of different departments within the police, yet each of them severed ties with me, cut me loose and left me out in the community with death threats aimed at me by the large drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems from Luton.

I then received another credible death threat back to me through a friend who buys Heroin from one of the large gangs where they said they knew I gave information to the police on one of them, and that I am going to be meeting God soon.

If you live on the streets around Luton & Dunstable you will know that to have the army of Pakistani Moslem foot soldiers from within Fortress Bury Park wanting to kill you is a very real and serious threat, yet the police who I had helped, who I believe leaked the information into the hands of criminals in the first place, severed all ties with me and left me to deal with the threats on my own with no help or support for my personal safety whatsoever. They brushed everything aside, ignored my warnings and swept it all under the carpet, as if it was not there, hoping either the Moslem drug gangs would get me or I would move away because of the severity of the situation I now found myself in.

My trust and ultimately my life is in Jesus’ hands.

My whole world had fallen apart because I had helped the police so I cried out to God in prayer because I needed His help now more than ever. He told me to go to Israel so I did, I jumped on a plane and went - I had nothing to lose anymore.

This then happened: The International Solidarity Movement unmasked

When I returned I ended up giving my photos away in the end because it was the right thing to do because of the higher purpose and meaning to the photos and the experience.

Because of the desperate situation I was now in, being on the run and hunted by Pakistani Moslems wanting me dead, I needed money for the photos I had obtained, I asked for money for them, was led to believe I would get money for them and then ended up giving them away for nothing because standing with Israel and helping the Jewish people on the receiving end of this groups extremist ‘terror’ was more important than money.

I am not Jewish, so I had absolutely nothing to gain by helping Israel out in this situation in my small way, but when I found myself in the position to do what was right as I stood before Almighty God, that is exactly what I did.

He is the one who places me in these situations.

Israel and the Jewish people are friends and allies of the British people, so me personally I stand with them shoulder to shoulder, the same as with America.

This exposure of the terrorist supporters of the ISM then ended up in the House of Commons as a background paper for a select committee on whether we should send millions in aid money to the murderous Moslems of Hamas who want to drive Israel into the see.

The police then contacted me and invited me into the police station because what they had tried brushing under the carpet and hoping would go away was now known about around the world in certain circles so they could not ignore me, what they had done to me or what had happened anymore.

When I went to the police station I told them about the death threats against my life, the continued drug dealing of the Pakistani Moslem drug gangs in the community and about the police corruption.

I was offered no help or support whatsoever in relation to having serious and credible death threats aimed at me by murdering drug dealing Pakistani Moslems from Luton because I had helped the police arrest and imprison one of them, all they cared about was finding out what I knew about the police corruption and hushing it up. I was then left on the streets again on my own with serious death threats aimed at me.

I have been standing on my own now for many months with the death threats aimed at me having to cover my tracks and live like a fugitive just to stay alive. I am from the streets so know how to look after myself and survive, even with the drug dealing Moslem foot soldiers from Luton wanting me dead, it is very hard now though because I have run out of all resources and am completely alone. I have had to sell all my earthly possessions except the clothes on my back.

But I am still here, still alive and my blog is still active for you to read.

I have gone from having a business, a safe home, being financially stable to losing everything and all because I did the right thing.

I have had to sleep rough in a car for a period of time; I thankfully have had several good people put me up in their homes for short spaces of time and at the moment I have a roof over my head for a short period of time and help with a small amount of money each month, which is just enough to scrape by and put food on my table to survive, I have nothing anymore, not even a future in my own country.

I have no bank accounts anymore, I cannot use my i.d because our country is so infiltrated by the Islamic Kingdom that it is not hard for them to trace anybody they are looking for by tapping the persons name into the right computer system, so I cannot even work or claim benefits the benefits that I am entitled too as a British citizen.

I am in what they call limbo in my own country because of the invading British born Islamic army living here within my homeland that wants me dead and that are ultimately at war with our Judeo/Christian British society.

Have my actions been worth it?

There have been many things that have happened to me over the time period of having the initial death threats until now, but what is most important is that I am still alive, and I am still speaking out the truth about Al Qaeda’s Jihad - low level civil war – upon the streets of Luton & Dunstable and against the civilized world.

I walked into the Church back in 1999 and said this was coming, now look at the living proof!

The Next Level

Even though I have been living like a fugitive in my own country because of my words and deeds in facing up to the civil Islamic enemy that is actively and daily at war with my country, I have kept my blog going at much daily risk to my life.

I stand almost completely alone physically before Almighty God, but know that I have much moral support globally from those who read my blog and are in similar situations, seeing what is happening around each of us wherever we are in the world.

What are our individual countries and the world we are living in coming too when on the ground we have an Islamic enemy that is trained and inspired by Al Qaeda who are actively at war with us and our way of life on different levels on a daily basis, and us the innocent peaceful non-violent people of our communities on the receiving end of this Islamic murderous war mongering behaviour can do absolutely nothing to protect ourselves?

When we do stand up and speak out we are classed as racists, extremists and Islamaphobics. These are words used by the Islamic Kingdom to silence opposition in this Politically correct modern age. Many of my closest friends, who I look towards as family, are from different ethnic backgrounds, so I am not a racist. I have experienced at first hand a part of the Islamic Kingdoms war against British society that you probably will never personally experience so you cannot say my words are not true or that I am Islamaphobic, I have spoken the truth from my perspective as an Anglo-Saxon Christian British citizen. Am I an extremist for writing the truth on my blog? Or is it extreme to have murdering drug dealing Pakistani Moslems wanting to kill you for helping the police and losing absolutely every worldly possession in the process? All I have left is my life and my Faith?

Who is the extremist and who is the racist because it is not me?

You are blind, deaf and dumb if you think it is me!

I am just an innocent British citizen who has said enough is enough of this murderous war mongering Islamic behaviour and has stood up and done what was right when the opportunity arose, which is more than I can say for you who criticises me by calling me names.

Like the saying goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

This modern war is being played out on our streets as well as the frontlines around the world; the only difference is the civil Islamic enemy that is here upon our streets has a free reign to do what it wants within our communities with no real resistance from anyone, so is taking over.

The British government have publicly called on the British people to come forward and help them tackle this modern Islamic threat, look at my experiences as a prime example of what happens when you do!

We have the British police against us and we have the Islamic Kingdom against us, so the innocent British people are forced through no choice of their own to take ‘Dhimmi’ status in the face of the surrounding murderous, aggressive and intimidating army of Moslem men who are on the ground in our communities, or face a similar fate to me if they stand up and step forward.

What future is our government and those employed to protect the innocent and vulnerable in British society walking us and our children towards when this is what is happening on the ground throughout our country?

Al Qaeda and all of its trained Moslem soldiers and followers on the ground, street level, in our communities have no problem whatsoever declaring their aims, intentions and working towards them against us because they have no regard for our way of life and the legal system in place to protect the innocent in society. They believe that Allah, the Koran and Mohamed are the ultimate rule and way of life for Moslems, and that our British way of life is inferior to Allah so should be removed and replaced with an Islamic way of life.

This is the view of the 21st Century Islamic guerrilla army that is living in our land, feeding from our generosity and is at war with us. Do you really think they care about our laws and legal system? Do you think they are going to scare them into not following the Islamic command of Jihad (Holy War) against us?

Of course not that is why they are getting away with their Jihad and are taking over our communities with the full intention of destroying our way of life and enforcing Islam upon this Nation, its people and your children.

There can only be one winner in war, so it is either going to be them or it is going to be us. The way things are going at the moment with what is happening on the ground it is going to be them because they have taken over large sections of the ground already.

This ship is sinking with the leaders of our Nation at ever level sitting back inept allowing it to happen.

How can those who profess Christ and stand before the Living God, and that includes the Queen who is supposed to be the ‘Defender of the Faith’ sit back and allow this to happen to the innocent and vulnerable within our very homeland.

Why did so many men and women give their lives for this country, only for it to be destroyed from within by an internal Islamic enemy now in this generation? Take a step back and think about what your forefathers would be thinking now if they knew that their sacrifices were in ‘vain’ because of this weak pathetic generation who are handing parts of our Nation over to the Islamic Kingdom and its way of life upon our homeland, upon their great grandchildren’s futures.


What am I personally to do now?

I am homeless, penniless, and unable to work because of no bank accounts and no i.d with Moslems wanting me dead. I would accept my situation joyfully if I could at least work to put food on my table, but I cannot even do that. Thankfully God has provided for me in my lack each step of the way but that is no way to live, enduring and existence, what future do I have?

This is the future for your children unless we win in the next 15 years, 15 years is the time frame that Gordon Browns military advisor has stated that it will take to win the hearts and minds of the Moslem youth in our country. The thing is that if we do not win in the next 15 years then we will be past the point of no return and Islam will be in a position of power and dominance in our Nation. Anyway why should we be fighting for their hearts and minds? if they do not like us and our way of life why does our government not lock them up or deport them for the safety and security of the British people, is that not ours and our children’s human right? Imagine if one of your loved ones died on 7/7 or if the failed car bombings had of gone off, yet we are to tip toe around the Islamic Kingdom so as to not offend them.

Modern madness!

Those words are probably taboo in such a politically correct society, which is a sign of the times we are now living in, and a sign for our children’s futures.

I hope and pray that Gordon Brown stands with the British people in this Christian Nation in the days that lay ahead and not side with, and bow down to, the Islamic Kingdom.

We are all walking towards the future.

If there is anybody out there who reads my blog that would like to help me then any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. It takes me many hours and sometimes days to write some of my posts for my blog so any financial appreciation would go a long way.

I am very limited to what I can do and how I can use my blog, so I have another project in the pipeline to take the blog to the next level and hopefully reach a wider audience, it does feel like I am preaching to the converted sometimes, its all good though because it is good to share, but it would be good to know that it is reaching the unconverted and uninformed with the truth of the threat our country faces from the hidden enemy – 2 Kingdoms 1 Country – so if there is anybody out there who would like to financially help and support this project then we can make it a reality.

I am also in the process of writing a book – The 21st Century English Civil War – so I am going to knuckle down and get this completed. If there is anyone out there who could help me get it published or knows of anyone who could help me get it published then it would be very much appreciated.

I am down and I have been down for sometime now, but I am not out!

’No surrender’ is the British motto so with every last drop of blood and every bit of personal wealth we must stand up and defend ourselves, our communities, our country and ultimately the future of our Nation which is our children’s futures.

I have given my wealth and my blood, only my blood has not been spilt yet.

What are you personally willing to give or to do in defence of your homeland and of the civilized world in which we live?

God bless you


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