1 January 2001

Part 2 – Islam’s justification for terrorism

This situation with Sir Rushdie is one more glaring example of the beast that we have growing in our midst living off of our land, proclaiming and conducting Civil war on a daily basis – 4th Generation Warfare – Guerrilla War.

Sir Salman Rushdie was given his Knighthood for his contribution to literature which has caused fury around the Moslem World with members of the Pakistani Parliament actually saying that it is acceptable for Moslems to now commit acts of terrorism against innocent people as a response to the Knighthood.

"The West is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologises and withdraws the 'sir' title," ul-Haq said.

How can people from the Islamic Faith say that Islam is a religion of peace when you have large scale demonstrations around the world calling for murder and bloodshed of innocent people, and in this instance you have a Pakistani politician actually calling for suicide bombings within parliament???

Madness - yet we accept it and people still believe/accept Islam is a religion of peace.

Added to this furore you have a group of Pakistani Moslem clerics who have now bestowed an honour on the Worlds most wanted terrorist - Osama Bin Laden- They have given him the title “Sword of Islam”, they say that if the Queen can give Sir Salman Rushdie a Knighthood even after writing nasty things about Islam then they can give Osama Bin Laden the title “Sword of Islam” for fighting a war against the Russians, Americans and British for Islam.

In the civilized World we honour people for their non-violent contribution to literature and the Islamic world honours people for their contribution to war murder and bloodshed.

The line in the sand has been drawn and clearly shows the civilized world and un-civilized world.

Yet they still say that Islam is a religion of peace???

They say it so much that we accept it and they believe it.

Now it is an open reality for us all to accept that the whole of Pakistan is fully behind Osama Bin Laden and his war against Great Britain. Frighteningly the majority of the 3 million Moslems within Great Britain are from Pakistan, so that means, if you did not know already, that the majority of Moslems in this country are now at enmity with us even more than they were already.

We must thank the Queen and Sir Rushdie for bringing this to a head, it had to happen sometime.

The whole Moslem world is now threatening acts of violence against us because of the Queens praiseworthy gesture of bestowing the Knighthood upon Sir Rushdie.

With these threats and the honour from the Islamic world now bestowed upon Osama Bin Laden, he is obliged to act for the sake of the Moslem world and in honour of the Pakistani Islamic clerics who have granted him his new title.

We know that he and his Taliban brothers have many willing Western born Moslem monsters waiting in the ranks ready and willing to commit suicide to kill as many innocent people as possible.

Please take a read of this article: “Alert” Western born bombers

Even before this present Sir Rushdie affair Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been threatening attacks against our country with their Al Qaeda trained monsters, so this situation has just added fuel to their Islamic fire. It has not created the fire, the fire was already there, it has just added to it and is a good response from the Queen who knows full well the plans these monsters have in place to attack this country, killing many innocent people (you and me) indiscriminately and also the threats that Al Qaeda have made against her personally.

The plans to attack this country are not new and have been here way before this present affair, so the justification of the next terrorist attacks to hit Great Britain by the Islamic community is going to be pure lies when they come out saying that it was this Sir Rushdie affair that brought on the attacks, and a large part of the British population are going to buy into these lies.

Moslems will then come out on our TV screens saying that they do not support terrorism and that the attacks were wrong but they understand why they happened. The Knighting of Sir Rushdie and the offence this caused to Moslems and the Islamic world is the reason.

Disgusting and disgraceful and the British people will accept it and the common consensus will again be “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Please read this article: Dirty bomb on UK streets

The two horrendous large scale terrorist attacks planned by al Qaeda in the article: Dirty bomb on UK streets, were hatched well before Sir Rushdie was knighted and would have caused mass casualties and devestation the like never before ever witnessed upon British streets, way beyond the carnage caused on 7/7.

What was the justification for these attacks that were planned way before this present affair???

The Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain is at war with non-Moslem Britain and will lie cheat and steal at every opportunity to achieve their aims and cover the truth of their Islamic war to conquer our Nation, with the masses of gullible British sheep people believing their lies sitting back allowing the take over to happen which is happening as you are reading this. I just hope that the Politicians and media do not come out protecting the Islamic Kingdom, duping the gullible British sheep people again.

We know full well that the military wing of Islam – Al Qaeda - have been seeking to achieve large scale mass murder within Great Britain and the first ever detonation of a dirty bomb in the Western world upon our streets, yet do you see us taking to the streets with mass demonstrations calling for the death and murder of those involved???

Why do we have to put up with these murderous and intimidating actions aimed at the innocent and vulnerable in society???

This is the sharp contrast with the two kingdoms living within the one country, my country – Great Britain - and should act as a wake up call to everyone, to what is happening within our land and the future we all face!!!
It is abominable to think that Islam within Great Britain is planning and plotting such devastating acts of terror against innocent people. This is why the Queen arising and acting on behalf of her people is so commendable and should be praised by everyone who loves this country.

She has dusted down the old mantle, brought it out into the open for all to see and shown the world the relevance of the ancient Christian Knighthood in modern times.

The War in defence of our homeland has begun!!!

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