8 January 2001

2. The background to Al Qaeda’s Luton War front

To get a better understanding of why Al Qaeda have used Luton as their frontline in their Jihad against Great Britain you have to look at the background to the Bury Park area of the town and the large Pakistani Moslem community that lives here, including what has been going on amongst them over the last 20 years based on the facts that are in the public domain.

Those of us who live around here obviously have a much better understanding based on every day observations and knowledge about life here, with the information that ends up in the public domain just being confirmation of the truth that we already knew.

Most people try to ignore that this is happening around them though because they are either ignorant to the situation, fearful because of the consequences to themselves or they feel powerless to act – Dhimmitude

People from around the world who are reading about this are outsiders looking in, where as me and everyone else who live around here are surrounded by this everyday.

The question is; do we just accept this Islamic take over of our communities or do we repel it?

The answer no matter what you pick is not a nice one, but from an Englishman’s perspective there is only one answer to that question!

Why do you think I am writing this for you to read now, and why do you think this Loony Liberal Left Wing Labour government now want to silence me?

Who led us into this mess is a question that needs answering, and they should each be held accountable for forcing innocent people and their children into this terrible situation?

Margaret Moran the Luton Labour appeasing dhimmi MP is probably a good start.

The daily actions of the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton are nothing less than War, just a low level type of guerrilla warfare that I will explain in my next post, this guerrilla warfare that is being conducted against us sometimes then spills over into large scale acts of war like we saw on 7/7 and what was planned with the fertilizer and dirty bomb plot.

Here are some of the human ingredients that are and have been contained within the predominantly Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton that will give you an idea and insight into what is going on inside the enclosure of their mini kingdom that us outsiders have no idea of because we are not Moslem, we do not mix in their community with them so as to know the social scene and psychology of day to day life.

One thing is certain is that Mohamed and the Koran is central to the community, and the Koran teaches its followers that they are superior enlightened human beings to the kuffar (non-believers), that we are sons of apes and pigs and that they must fight Jihad against us, on every single level of life until Islam rules supreme over the non-believers - This is a religious command that must be obeyed if you are Moslem!

They obviously think that the god of Islam is real so Mohamed's commands that were laid down in the Koran must be obeyed far above anything else, especially above the kuffar’s man made laws and way of life, it is every single Moslems duty to enforce Islam upon their surrounding no matter what the cost, including blowing themselves up to force the kuffar into silence and fear.

A foreign community of 10’s of thousands who view their surroundings and way of life completely different to the British way of life outside their demographic area, a kingdom within a kingdom – You cannot escape that fact no matter how hard you try, everyone knows the Islamic way of life is not the same as the British way of life, so that being the case what does that then mean?

2 kingdoms in the one country – If you look into the future based on that fact what do you see, the two forever living in harmony in some multicultural utopia dream like society or bloody Civil War?

Considering what is going on in Luton & Dunstable on a daily basis now and what has been going on for the last 20 – 30 years, a 21st century 4th generation Civil War is actively taking place already, people will deny this because their minds cannot accept it or perceive it, but that doesn’t mean its not real, the facts are the facts that you cannot escape from if you know them, if you don’t know the facts you should keep quiet because how can you pass judgment on something you know nothing about?

My perception is based on proven unquestionable ‘facts’, your perception is based on nothing but feelings and emotion – Who would the judge believe – me or you?

Who is the crazy one, me for basing my reality on the facts, or you for basing your reality on feelings and emotions? Feelings and emotions are fantasy where as facts are reality and I live in the real world, even though some come on here and say I am crazy!!!

I wish I was then our country would not be full up with Moslems, with an alien Islamic Kingdom here, and with hundreds of thousands more invading our shores every year with our demented foreign secretary opening up the front door telling everyone it’s a good thing to give 70 million more of Turkish origin unrestricted access to our homeland – You tell me if your innocent grandchildren in the future are going to be safe?

I am sure the military intelligence and the British security services would agree that there is a very serious problem on the streets of Luton & Dunstable and in many other areas across the country, and government analysts and think tanks will have a good idea about what the future holds based on the present facts.

Why do you think Loony Labour give the Islamic Kingdom everything they want, they live in daily fear of upsetting the Islamic community because if they do and don’t give them their demands they make subliminal threats, with the prospect of the military wing then inflicting murder and bloodshed upon our country – That is no way to live, that is surrender to an invading enemy!

It would have been easy for me personally to have said nothing about what happened to me through fear, to have run away like everyone else who is seriously threatened by the drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslems on the streets of Luton & Dunstable, and then the equilibrium stays the same where it is Islamic dominance upon the streets with Moslems desecrating and destroying the community on a daily basis, with no one able to say anything about what is going on and the police unable to do anything because they face a military enemy and not a criminal enemy – Come on the community is full of Al Qaeda trained terrorists and their supporters and sympathizers.

They think they can win this War against us!

I rocked the boat and shattered the equilibrium of the area and now look at what has happened, my own people now want to arrest me, with me now facing the prospect of losing my liberty for many years just for speaking the truth about Pakistani Moslems who have threatened my life and who are at war with my country.
Everyone in my community that I know agrees with me they are just scared for their own safety!

And the security services and local police cannot deny the truth of my words, and the ones who do are nothing more that brainwashed Politically Correct servants to their paymasters, the Labour government.

In part one of this 4 part post I wrote about 7/7 and the other horrendous Islamic terrorist plots that originated from this Moslem community in Bury Park Luton, no one can deny those facts because they are facts – It is the truth

Here are some more facts that will give you a greater insight into the social scene and psychology of the young local male Moslem population, these are facts so put them in the picture I have already given you, so as to expand that view of what it is like in Luton & Dunstable, Al Qaeda’s frontline within Great Britain.

Frontline means there is a War going on does it not?

Everyone will know of Abu Hamza, the one eyed hook handed Islamic preacher who is currently in prison serving seven years for inciting racial hatred, the same charge they are arresting me on, who is now being extradited to America to face charges of setting up Al Qaeda training camps in Oregon.

Tony Blairs Labour government gave this man a free reign for many years to recruit and radicalize for the global Jihad upon British soil, with that Islamic terror then being exported around the World to Russia and America to name a few of the destinations.

One of this mans protégé’s is Richard Reid the shoe bomber, now serving his time in an American maximum security prison for trying to blow up an airplane.

Abu Hamza became famous around the world because if his pit in Finsbury Park, which became a hub for global Islamic terrorism, with International terrorists from around the world descending on it for a sanctuary as they fight the global Jihad against the Kuffar’s.

After many years of inaction, Tony Blairs Labour government were forced to take action because of the heroic efforts of a very good friend of mine Glen Jenvey and his intelligence contacts like Jeremy Galt, they forced the government to act in the interests of the British people and the international community.

Abu Hamza & Omar Bakri video's - Glen Jenvey

Abu Hamza was one of the worst Islamic terrorists to have ever walked the streets of Great Britain as every one will know, and this man spent 10 years or so living in the Bury Park area of Luton.

New York Times: Abu Hamza & Luton

Can you imagine how many young minds this man radicalized and recruited to the global Jihad that is laid down in the Koran, can you imagine the legacy in that large Moslem community that he has left behind, thousands of young Moslem men inspired for Jihad from the teachings of Mohamed.

This man almost certainly established an army of young Moslem men within this community to fight Jihad when the time comes, is it any wonder that the Moslem community is conducting a low level civil war already.

The other most dangerous man to have ever walked the streets of Great Britain is Omar Bakri who is the World leader of Al Majaroun, this man and his group are so dangerous to the internal affairs to Great Britain that our government did not dare arrest him they merely deported him when the time came that they were forced into it, again by the evidence provided by Glen Jenvey.

This man had the power to declare whether our country lived under a covenant of peace or not with him and his extremely large group of Moslem followers.

He now lives in Lebanon and continues to preach to his British audience through the internet – Lets hope the Israeli’s use one of their American laser guided bombs to remove him for our safety the next time Hezbollah cross the line.

Every single British born suicide bomber that has ever been used to attack innocent civilians on behalf of Al Qaeda or other terrorist groups has direct links with Omar Bakri and Al Majaroun, that includes the 7/7 bombers, and the bomb maker of the fertilizer plot both concerning the Bury Park area of Luton.

Video: Al Majaroun links to terror

Omar Bakri had the headquarters of his organization Al Majaroun in Luton, and used the community as fertile preaching and recruiting ground for the global Jihad that he is involved in.

All these links to Islamic terrorism within the Bury Park area of Luton, can you imagine what the social scene must be like amongst the young Moslem men living here, they have been inspired to Jihad by the two worst terrorist recruiters to have ever walked the streets of Great Britain and from amongst them they have declared war on the Nation on behalf of Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, what must their Islamic psychology be like towards non-Moslem Britain – One of Jihad direct from the pages of the Koran don’t you think?

You tell me if this is a front line in a Civil War based on the facts?

From amongst this same Moslem community there has been untold anti terror arrests and there have been young Moslem men going off to fight coalition troops in Afghanistan and Iraq who have been killed.

Why travel vast distance and get killed by precision bombs, is it not much easier for them to fight the dirty Kuffar in their own land considering all of their soldiers are off fighting in foreign lands?

There are many many Al Qaeda trained Moslems from the camps of Pakistan and Afghanistan living within the Bury Park community of Luton, it is a safe haven within Britain for Islamic terrorists.

Another one of Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza’s protégé’s Abu Izzadeen, who again Glen Jenvey gathered the information on to have him removed from our society, everyone will remember him from the time he barged in upon our then Home Secretary John Reid in London declaring that he had no right to be in a Moslem area, when he was arrested under anti terror laws, he was arrested with 5 other men, one of them was from Luton.

All these facts about Al Qaeda and Jihad (Holy War) in and around where I live in Luton & Dunstable is not a very nice picture for those of us living around here who are surrounded by this don’t you think.

What conclusions would you draw from all of these facts?

The street Jihad which is the low level civil war that is going out from Bury Park on a daily basis is my next post, this reality and the reality from the last two posts that is based completely on proven facts states the case for a 21st century Civil war.

The only thing is, is that no one is standing up in defense of this daily atrocity that is being inflicted on my local society, I have stood up and spoken out and now my government and their private army the police force want to arrest me and potentially throw me in prison for a considerable amount of time for it.

Silencing the truth from being told!!!

The patients are in charge of the asylum.

Come on Gordon Brown what are you playing at, I thought your father was a minister of the Gospel, what would he say about your governments actions towards me?


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