1 January 2001


For everyone who reads my blog from around the world I wanted to once again write about what is happening on the ground in my home Town in England. It seems that everything I have written so far, even though it is so repulsive and revealing has fallen on death ears, so hopefully now after these failed horrific Islamic car bombings, my words might start to make an impact forcing people to look up and start to think about their surroundings and the Islamic threat they face.

I can substantiate everything written in this post so please do not read this with rose tinted glasses, read this as a fact based expose of one of Al Qaeda’s war fronts within Great Britain – 21st Century Civil War – Guerrilla warfare.

I hope and pray that the truth contained in this post will sink deep into the souls of those people living locally who read it and that it will create a spark bringing you to life making you want to make a difference for your community and the wider British society before it is too late. Bottom line is that this is your present reality, your future reality and your children’s future that you cannot escape from.

Just because you personally cannot see what is happening around you does not mean that it is not there and not happening, or that it will not affect you.

This post to those people that live in Luton & Dunstable will help explain what you see but do not understand, and to my friends who follow my blog from around the world it will give you an insight into what is happening on the ground where I live.

I am aiming to write a bit of background to myself and my situation for my next post after this one is finished that will explain what has happened to me personally due to my actions in standing up, stepping forward, doing what was right and then speaking out against the Islamic Jihad and the take over of my community.

Please click on the links above to read each part as I place them up online. There will also be supportive links embedded in the posts with articles and videos to substantiate my writings.

Part 1. Low-level Civil War
Part 2. Fortress Bury Park
Part 3. Al Qaeda links to Bury Park
Part 4.
Allah’s Luton militia
Part 5. The Luton & Dunstable taxi cartel
Part 6.
Dunstable – Royal Town
Part 7. Chemical warfare - "street drugs"
Part 8. Islamic Kingdom building
Part 9.
Threats, intimidation & Inaction
Part 10.
Terror attacks – The Potential
Part 11. What God showed me!
Part 12.
A Message to God’s Church
All 12 parts - printable

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