12 January 2001

My apology to LGF

First published on 12/01/08

My personal reaction to the slander and defamation of my character on LGF has created a massive storm of protest from LGF readers.

This is my public apology to LGF for saying that they are Nazi collaborators who would have been shot were we living through WW2.

This was my righteous anger at having someone who does not know anything about me using his platform to defame and slander me for others to read and then pass judgement on.

I have been under an immense amount of physical, emotional and spiritual pressure, not just over the past week but over the past year and I saw this as one more attack on me to which I obliged the fight.

Fighting amongst ourselves as we seek to convey the truth about what is befalling our world is definitely not what should be happening because it causes confusion and internal strife which damages everyones efforts, when we should be going forward in unity for the sake of our children's futures.

If people who do not know me want to call me a neo-Nazi facist then that is up to them, I know who I am and my friends of every other ethnic persuasion do too.

Just for the record for LGF and their readers so you know my position which I hope will explain things.

I had my life threatened by Pakistani Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda where I live, I was forced out of my home, my business, into bankrupcty and then into semi hiding with Moslems wanting me dead which can be read on my blog.

This is what happened to me during the whole of 2007 as many credible friends will confirm.

I have lost everything, and I mean everything because of Jihadi Moslems.

Then at the end of the year I receive an arrest warrant under the banner stirring up racial hatred because of my blog.

Can you imagine being in my position, how you would feel after everything to then be placed in the position of being arrested and imprisoned for speaking the truth about having your life threatened?

Not very nice let me tell you.

Then I saw the slander and defamation at LGF which I reacted too.

I take back my words and personally apologise to Charles for my words and my actions.

United we stand - Divided we fall

Please follow my Sword of Truth post, this will explain the gravity of my situation and explain my quickness to respond to someone who is meant to be on my side.

I know LGF wrote a supportive post about my plight, but in the same instance ripped it apart and did alot more damage than good.

God bless you Charles and may He continue to use you.



Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you are nothing if not courageous. God bless you. Personally I found that a bit snarky, but loved it just the same. I look forward to reading your blog more often.

Anonymous said...

From the Jihadists' point of view, every adult non-muslim male, whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Pagan, Agnostic or whatever is walking around with a target pinned on his back. Every non-muslim female and boy is walking around with targets pinned over other parts of their anatomy.

These people want us all either dead or enslaved and sexually humiliated.

We must not allow petty squabbles to divide us and we must be especially vigilant against muslim agents who will attempt to 'divide and conquer' by inciting divisions betwen the non-violent religions, especially between Christians and Jews, as we have seen in some of the muslim troll comments on this site.

If we do not all hang together, then we shall most definitely hang separately.

First they'll hang the Jews.
But don't worry because you're not Jewish.

Then they'll hang the Hindus. But don't worry because your not Hindu.

Then they'll hang...

Anonymous said...

Do you have even the remotest intent of apologizing for your use of the word "Tw-t" to refer to someone who does not agree with you?

Or do you simply plan to ignore all women readers from now on?

We can be conservative and Christian women, and still not allow terms like that to be used casually without taking on the oh-so-hated mantle of feminist.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot until the quinny in the preceding post reminded me, moslem agents can also try the divide-and-rule by gender. Do not feed anonymous Moslem trolls.

P.S. It isn't just the female pudenda which are used as terms of abuse. "D*ckhead and w*nker are common expletives in my part of the world.

P.P.S. I would never describe Gordon Brown as a c*nt, tw*t, qu*m or sn*tch, since such analogies
imply that he is useful for certain activities.

Anonymous said...

"We can be conservative and Christian women, and still not allow terms like that to be used casually without taking on the oh-so-hated mantle of feminist."

Oh dear, I see the politics of victimization has reached even self-professed conservatives now. Get over it! It was nothing more than an insult.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, this apology is a step in the right direction, but there's the biblically proverbial fly in the ointment that ruins it: Charles just did not slander and/or defame you, and you say he did, that's a violation of commandment #9. He just reported facts, and rightly so, because if not reported then people might jump to wrong conclusions about Charles himself by his supporting your right to free speech. Come on, man, do the right thing, and let's be reasonable. - ER

VinceP1974 said...

Secure in my belief that in the end justice will be done on this world, I eagerly await the day Sanctimonious assholes like Mr Anonymous gets what he deserves.

Anonymous said...

Righteous anger? Horsepuckey. You were pissed and pissed unthinkngly and most unrighteously. Don't try to coat your unthinking/ungodly response with a Biblical veneer.
The FACT that Charles Johnson and most of the LGF minionate support you in your fight for free speech should, at the very least, be acknowleged.
Instead, when reservations are expressed, you perceive it as an attack. Doesn't work that way, pal.
Threatening and seething used to be a trademark of those you oppose -- not any more. Threatening and attacking anyone who doesn't express 100% support for you and your friend's views seems to have become a common tactic of many who've taken up opposition to the calihapte.
Continue on your path, drive away supporter and I predict a future of isolation and lonliness for you.

Anonymous said...

Politics of victimization? Hardly. The only thing I'm asking for is to be treated with the same respect you'd use when addressing your mother. Would you call your mother a tw-t? A sn--ch? Why did you refer to me as a quinny? Ask yourself, is this the kind of language you want used around your sisters, your daughters, and friends? I was asking for courtesy, not politics.

Anonymous said...

Charles responds to your apology:

"I'm sorry, but I have zero tolerance for groups like the BNP. Their history is so hateful and extreme that if someone chooses to associate with them, they know exactly what they're getting into.

And I'm not assuming anything about Lionheart's support for the BNP. It's right there on his blog."

You know with friends like Charles, who needs enemies.

Radical extremists are feeding this hatred on both sides and your government is doing a good job dealing with it.

God bless them †

Anonymous said...

"Would you call your mother a tw-t?"

No, and I think it was a terrible thing to say, and I would expect that you get an apology for it. However, it's a word - I think you're reading far too much into it. Most people don't self-consciously think about what the words mean when they use them, or try to denigrate any particular gender. That is just ridiculous.

wolfline said...

Dear Lionheart,

I think you qualify for a Righteous Gentile nomination, and I stand with you.
Since you and LGF are practically fighting for the same cause, I hope your differences can be worked out before too long.
God bless you!

Anonymous said...

"I have lost everything, and I mean everything because of Jihadi Moslems.

Then at the end of the year I receive an arrest warrant under the banner stirring up racial hatred because of my blog."

Mmmm, maybe you should stop blogging .


Anonymous said...

If the facts make you look bad, work to change those facts instead of attacking those who report them too accurately for comfort.

Sever all connections to the BNP. If there is no other alternative then found one! You might not win a single public office, but if it wakes other people up and demonstrates that "YES you can stand up to militant Islamism without being a crypto-faschist", then you'd have succeeded.

Re: "You know with friends like Charles, who needs enemies."

If you ally yourself with the BNP and other fascist groups, you won't a friend of LGF. You will be a mortal enemy of them, just like radical islamists are.

Do not assume that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.

There are parties in Europe with shady pasts that are actually trying to throw out some old evil skeletons from their closets - like the Sweden Democrats. But parties like the BNP, or the French Front National or the Flemmish VB, even if they want to appear respectable, actally want to KEEP their evil skeletons; simply because it's the very core of their party and ideology. The skeleton of the party, as it were.

Anonymous said...

Beware of moslem trolls practising taqiyya:


Anonymous said...

Your "traitor" statment was way over the line, but in general you're right. Forget Charles. This guy and his brainless commenters claim they support Israel, but at the same time they promote Fred Thompson who is the most anti-Israeli candidate there is, over Huckabee and Giuliani who are really truly pro-Israel.

He likes to attack EU fascism because it makes him seem politically correct and balanced, he's no different than the MSM. But there is no "balance", EU fascism is a meager threat compared to the Islamo-Leftist alliance.

Anonymous said...

EU fascism might be a meager threat to you over there in the USA, but it's a real threat over here in Europe. And if we ignore them, or especially if we lend them credibility, they might.

I've read some comments on LGF and they generally seem to like both Giuliani and Thompson, and want more attention for Duncan Hunter. They are more reserved about McCain, more so about Huckabee, and detest Ron Paul

Now tell me what about Fred Thompson makes him anti-Israeli, unless you're a Richard Melville Hall type.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous @ 00:16:00. You're an idiot. The LGF post of Charles' that you quote was NOT a response to Lionheart "apology". How do I know? Charles' post was a response to a commenter on LGF and was published before Lionheart posted his apology.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who says EU Fascism threat is close to the level of the liberal-islamic connection threat, is eather a loon or a liar.

The recent rise of EU Fascism, neo-paganism and neo-tribalism are counter reactions to the insane liberalism happening there, not the real thing. The real old fashion Neo-Nazis are actually sidelining with the Islamists.

Fred Thompson openly supports a Palestinian terrorist state, his co-campaign manager is the lebanese Israel-hater Spencer Abraham. And more of the same.

Joanne said...

"Dom, you sound like such a self righteous 'Twat',...." by Lionheart

Yes, it certainly is unbecoming to refer to a person, especially a woman as such; the word 'tw-t' is right up there with 'c*nt,' very offensive to women.

Lionheart - take your criticism from LGF with a grain of salt....people have hated me over being pro-monarchy and pro-organic farming, and have called me all sorts of names and challenged my intelligence, but fortunately,I always consider the source first, maybe you should do the same.

Joanne said...

Could someone answer this question for me please; do British police officers/bobbies routinely carry side arms?

In Russet Shadows said...

Lionheart, you have just jumped a few notches up in my book. Anyone that LGF opposes is probably deep in the culture war, whereas CJ and his minions sit on the sidelines and snipe. I've been following the Gates of Vienna/LGF melee and LGF has been wrong EVERY SINGLE TIME. Charles has proven (to me at least) that he knows nothing about the BNP or VB or anything else as regards European politics. Leave him and his sanctimonious effrontery behind. If this blog gets shut down, you can always post at mine. God bless!

Anonymous said...


no british police do not carry pistols, only SO18, their para military back up do. I should know i've had the SO18 close off Charing Cross road waiting for me outside a pub, as left they pounced me with automatic rifles. I only had a plastic pistol!

Anonymous said...

Russet Shadows: "Anyone that LGF opposes is probably deep in the culture war" - but on what side? Do you really want to be on the side of fascists and Confederates? I'm going to shout UNION, stick to my crazy guns and kick the copperheads to the curb.

"sanctimonious effrontery" - pietistic disrespect? Isn't that almost an oxymoron?

Joanne: Not all UK police officers are even authorized to be armed. The London metropolitan police have 3-officer armed response teams (ARVs) that are the first line of armed response by the police and they can call on "SWAT" like officers (SFO's) if needed.

Anonymous said...

moshe: Note that Spencer Abraham is no longer the campaign manager for Thompson, and also that Abraham was hired to manage the campaign - not as a foreign policy advisor. From what I've seen I wouldn't call Spencer Abraham anti-Israel, but I would call him unhelpful in the fight against illegal immigration and terrorism.

Thompson is strongly pro-Israel though. Try to find anything in his voting record or what he's written that's anti-Israel - in fact what I've seen from him is very pro-Israel.

"The recent rise of EU Fascism, neo-paganism and neo-tribalism are counter reactions to the insane liberalism happening there, not the real thing."

I'd suggest that the very real fascists are using the issues and grievances of the times to their advantage, as they did in the past. They seek to use the movement against militant Islam as a stepping stone to a return to fascism - maybe not Hitlerism but at least Italian style Facism in the style of Mussolini. And these actually are the old-fashioned neo-fascists, even the faces and names have stayed the same for decades. Their siding with Islamists are short-term and of for conveniences such as getting rid of Jews and free society.

Anonymous said...

Actually, I want to take back a part of what I wrote: These fascists appear to be more racist than Mussolini, so I'd rather call them neo-Nazis than just neo-fascists.

Wabano said...

Islam make you lose your mind
and many here sound like they lost theirs!!!

The neo-nazis are part of the red-brown-green alliance...CAPICE???

Jean Marie Lepen curse the immigrants because of their skin color but
from the other corner of his mouth
praise the Jihadists fighting civilization in Israel, Iraq and

In that, he just imitate the Gulf Arabs, his masters, who hate the North Africans and the Turks for racial reasons.

I see that Gates of Vienna has done
like the Front National and sold
out to the enemy.

Sure, they keep badmouthing the Muslims, but their job is like
for Lepen, to destroy all opposition to Islam by provoking infighting.

That Lionheart go along with this shit is highly suspect!!!

(B.N.P. ARE Nazis!!! CAPICE!!!)


Anonymous said...

As a "lizard" at LGF, I'd like to express my surprise at the level of anti-LGF sentiment among the TBers here.

From my vantage point, LGFers, both Charles and the lizards, have a reasonably coherent approach to Islam: Islam is a problem because it is jihadist at its core. This perspective certainly does not shy away from what is most important. It also is consistent with a view that individual liberty is core to Western values and that such liberty is incompatible with Islam as now practiced and as historically practiced.

I don't want to put words in Charles's mouth. But for me, at least, the opposition to Islam is not based on Christian doctrine, but on Enlightenment values. This is a powerful approach to religious fanaticism.

Anonymous said...

kiss my jewish ass

Anonymous said...

The LGF crowd seeks a vangaurd to keep the extremist Muslims from ruining homosexual marriage, sitcom television, rave parties blasting ghetto music, drugs and hookers, endless wars for Israel, and their "humanist" beliefs that corporate greed and astronomically unfair worker vs. CEO salaries represent the highlights of western civilization.

Because they're jews. And as Siah above states, once you cross a jew, once you fail to kiss the ring, the moment you forget to treat them like a "chosen" and instead treat them like any other human being: You are done.

You are now non-kosher meat. "Free speech" does not apply.

I don't know how you or Fjordman got caught up in this crowd. I myself used to post on LGF in the early days ('02 to '03), but the Israel-first chanting, as a gentile, eventually got to me.

You are naive. Don't you know the jews sided with the Muslims and let in the moor invaders because as they always complain we were "intollerant"?

Now they say the Muslims are "intollerant". Don't believe them just because this time you are not at the end of their mercinaries sabre!

There is NO war of civilizations! Stop foreign Muslim immigration fed by jewish multiculturalism / bottomline predatory capitalism and "tollerance" (hatred of European indigenous folkways) and that's all their is to it!

Anonymous said...

I love that graphic under Solidarity at the top of Lionheart's blog, on the right.

A Cross of St George and a Star of David, side by side.
So may it be, for evermore.

Anonymous said...

Moshe -
Seems to this Lizard that Charles is a Giuliani man, if not openly. Fred has support among the commentariat, but Rudy does as well and it's hard to tell who has more.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Lionheart, sincere apologies like this are rare specimens. Thanks a bunch for having the integrity to do so.

As for Charles, the loss of LGF was the worst setback of any that happened in 2007, and it literally gave me nightmares back then. Influenced by left-wing extremist Strömmen, Charles Johnson has converted what used to be a dangerous, MSM-challenging research machine into an angry, howling mob. That's Bad.

Dear lizards, I think you should notice that Charles Johnson is systematically employing fascist methods himself, cracking down on dissent and avoiding intelligent discussion. He uses his choir of me-too'ers to quench intelligent debate and believes that this makes him the greatest guy in the blogosphere. All fine, if it weren't for the fact that this is damaging the anti-Jihad effort.

To really understand fascism (and I think it's worth the effort), I suggest following this lead at Daniel Pipes. He reviews a new book where it is documented that fascism is closely related to socialism (as in the Soviet Union). Fascism is *not* related to the libertarian, free-market ideals that Brussels Journal, Vlaams Belang (and myself) stand for.

I hope this clears up some confusion.

Anonymous, your anti-Jewish rant belongs better in other parties which I shall not name. The Jews have contributed immensely to our culture and science, and are laregly very bright people who see clearly the danger we are facing. Some of the best analysis to be found on the matter is actually in Jerusalem Post. While Soros and the like are causing us trouble, my appreciation for Jews and Israel easily outweigh that. We need to stand with them, now.

Henrik R Clausen said...

"I'm sorry, but I have zero tolerance"

Yup, sounds like Charles Johnson at his finest.

Time to focus elsewhere. Europe has a great tradition for diversity, we're not all the same, and we act and think in different ways. Charles should get used to that, or stop commenting on European affairs altogether.

John Trenchard said...

i gave up on LGF when instead of analysing WHY the likes of Vlaams Belang had so much support in Belgium, they just turned into a baying mob, who simply were not interested in the cultural and political reasons behind VBs popularity.

And one sort of baying mob is just as bad as any other sort.

Anonymous said...

Henrik: What "fascist methods"? What "cracking down on dissent", what "avoiding intelligent discussion"? Are you sad that RON PAUL spammers and 9/11 troof trolls like Dylan Avery got banned there?

Johnson and Strömmen have had numerous posts replying to what the VB supporters have written about LGF.

Strömmen is a former Green. He's a self-described centrist, while I see him as left of center. But what does that matter when he shows his sources and backs up his research with references that anyone can check, while those those who support alliances with nazis pile on the taqiyya and kitman?

John Trenchard: They know why. They've followed militant islam and "youths" in France, the Netherlands and Belgium too. Islamic radicals feed on grievances and fears that go under-adressed by the regime, and nazis do the same.

Personally, the moment of truth came when Filip Dewinter stood by his wish for a "white Europe" as a "metaphor".

"I'm dreaming for a white Christmas." -- The Jew Irving Berlin

Henrik R Clausen said...

Uh, more "You're a Nazi!" mudslinging. Please, if you love scapegoating, indulge. Fascists since beginningless time show you how to do it.

When mentioning "cracking down on dissent" at LGF, it's a reference to the many posters (I know Fjordman and 1389 myself) who have been banned for disagreeing with Charles. He'd insult them, have his crowd villify them, then to the applause of everyone ban them from further posting. This creates unity behind the blog leader, but destroys intelligent debate. Charles' choice, of course, but LGF is certainly not the place I'd go to look for variety of analysis on current subjects. His posts are interesting, but the comments dull.

To add credibility to the 'anti-fascist' ranting, it is at least required to examine historically what Fascism is actually about. It's a variant of socialism. Big state, involved in every aspect of the citizens' life, guaranteed jobs, guaranteed healthcare, guaranteed this and that, all from the all-mighty state. The Soviet Union was a masterly example of how to implement this. Interventionism into the affairs of other states is seen by many fascist regimes, such as Italy and the USSR, while others, like Spain, abstained.

Ironically, Stalin loved to call his *opponents* 'fascists', as this gave him the moral higher ground. He got away with this all too well, in spite of Soviet communism being closely related to European fascism itself - an exhibit in Moscow "Hitler and Stalin" exposed this mercilessly some years ago. Many an old Babushka left the exhibition in tears, their childhood belief shattered. But it was healthy.

Nazis, at least in Denmark, consider themselves to belong on the left wing of the political scale. Myself, being a clear conservative and a staunch supporter of Israel (as above), can't related to this ideology. The tiny group of real Nazis in Belgium detests the Vlaams Belang for 'treachery', and want nothing to do with them, either.

It's all needless scapegoating. Left-wing extremists since the days of Stalin have tried to confuse what it is about, though. Checking up the real ideology of fascism, comparing it to what our politicians are standing for today, should settle the quarrels.

The conclusion from my side(also utterly anti-fascist): We need to be involved in the civil society, in political life and make a difference. Lots of us, doing little things here and there. Projecting our authority on some 'dear leader' or 'Big Brother' will cause us no end of trouble, as we'll lose sight of the issues that really matter. Like freedom of expression, respect for private property, protection of minorities, creative dissent etc.

Now, if someone could talk Charles away from jumping at shadows and get him back to his senses of appreciating diversity, it would be good for everyone.

Then he might also be able to recognize that the European Union is starting to show totalitarian tendencies, which is bad. The recently revived European Constituton, and the Framework Decision cracking down on the ill-defined crime of 'extremism' are two uncanny steps on this road.

Anonymous said...


You sound like a little boy who has taken his ball and gone home because his little friends were mean to him. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. You started this blog with a specific agenda. Suck it up and quit the poor pitiful me routine. Fine, post your views, but do we really need to hear your whining about your finances the terrible pressure you endure? People don't come here to read about your empty personal life.

Anonymous said...

Rob Wagner: Sure he can write about his personal life especially when it pertains to the issues here.

Henrik: I'll look into the circumstances of Fjordman and 1389 leaving/bannings. I'd only heard of Fjordman, and if I remember correctly he had several "this is my last post" posts before he left for good.

These people want a Europe for the "white race" or the "Volk". That is Hitlerian rhetoric. If they said the same about "classes" it would be more close to Leninism and Stalinism. Are you saying that these people are not for strong state control, and that if that's true that disqualifies them from being nazis?

Anonymous said...

used to live in a muslim country, the women are treated as commodities, but not allowed to work or wear western clothes. If sharia law and the muslim way of life is so great, why do the muslims in England not go back to a muslim country ?
Know luton fairly well and would not live there, too much of an enclave in the centre of the town
Not think much of the BNP either, recall a john o'gaunt radio show where the BNP invited to chat about traffic congestion, within 2 minutes it was all the fault of immigrants and the guy got verbally shredded by john who showed him what an inept fool he was :)

Henrik R Clausen said...

"if I remember correctly he had several "this is my last post" posts before he left for good."

Yup. I know how it feels to leave a stupid debate when one feels that there's falsehoods to be corrected and slanders to be disproven. It's tempting to go back, once again, and try to set the record straight. But also futile in many cases.

That's a very human trait. I can't understand that you try to hold this against Fjordman, but I do remember Charles ridiculing him for this very thing. Grave issue? Not in my book.

"Are you saying that these people are not for strong state control"


"and that if that's true that disqualifies them from being nazis?"

Please. Read up on fascism and nazism. In particular Nazism was a vicious ideology who simply killed dissenters, in what they called "Concentration" camps, which were really extermination camps. They killed social democrats, communists, gypsies, gays and in particular Jews. This is the *ultimate* in state control, scaring every kind of dissent into submission.

Soviet Communism was the same, in a less efficient way.

A lean state makes it impossible to excersize such intense mind control. Unfortunately, we seem to be going in the opposite direction, implementing more and more Orwellian features today, including cameras everywhere and removal of 'offensive' words from our language. It's scary

What I'm suggesting, and I know it's quite likely, is this: Stop the scapegoating.

Better than locating 'evil traitors' left and right is to focus on the issues. An old standard in rethoric states that 'ad hominim' attacks carry no weight or value in debate. I think this is very true and very useful.

Actually, in the computer circles I'm used to debating in, accusing anyone of being a Nazi is considered so bad style that the accuser himself automagically is considered to have lost the debate. This is a sideeffect of Godwin's law and has been very useful to calm down Internet flamewars.

Unless explicitly debating Nazism or fascism as such, bringing these vile ideologies up usually only serves to poison the debate. It takes a bit of discipline to avoid doing so, but it is well worth it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lionheart,

You are thoroughly righteous on with nearly everything on your blog.

You are extremely courageous to stick to your guns despite the death threats, personal losses and legal intimidation.

You've also been humble enough to try and defuse this counter-productive situation with LGF.

You've only seriously put a foot wrong with the support of the BNP.

It is not a libel against you, if Charles points out BNP's fascist leanings. It's also quite understandable for him to be wary, considering the vilification he has received from supporters of similar groups in Europe.

Paul - please allow me a minute to try and summarise the background to situation we face.

Since the turn of the century, a huge war has been steadily brewing under everyone's noses. Most people haven't really noticed this. They are used to conventional battles between nations.

The media spotlight has been on certain aspects of the war (e.g. 9/11, 7/7, Iraq, Afghanistan), but they've missed the larger picture.

The real battle of the 21st Century is between ideologies and values. It's between civilised people and twisted barbarians (and the evil idiots who support them).

As the situation clarifies, the support bases are being formed (and not without pain, misunderstanding and confusion).

While decent folk like you and LGF work out your differences, the rest of us are also trying to figure out our political identities in this new reality we find ourselves in.

I always voted Labour. Now they facilitate the rise of Islamism in our country and I can't support them. I also find it hard to support the Conservatives. In his futile quest to appeal to left wing voters, Cameron is more interested in making sound-bites about the climate change myth, than tackling the rise of Islamofascism.

I understand why ordinary people look in desperation towards the BNP. I also understand the political opportunism that is driving the BNP.

Ordinary, decent people are politically disenfranchised. We have no party of radical sensible moderates. If nothing else, I hope at least that BNP's exploitation of our fears of Islamofacism will steer the Tories on to the right course.

In the meantime, as I say, sides are being drawn.

We may come from different backgrounds but, as sensible, decent people, we react to obvious evil.

We group together in mutual disgust of the enemy, their supporters and apologists. We campaign against those that sweep the reality of the enemy under the carpet, who stifle criticism of the enemy as "racist", who let cultural "sensitivity" inhibit them from reporting stories on conventional media and who pressure police to arrest those that do speak out.

We group together online, but as our numbers increase and we get more organised, I hope we'll group together on the streets in protest, in political advocacy groups - countering the MCB & MPACUK - pressuring Labour & the Tories on behalf of nice, moderate, ordinary citizens.

The enemy's support base is also forming - and if our political journey is tough and confusing, theirs is positively surreal.

Islamists are converging with Marxists who hate religion. The extreme right is finding common ground with the far left. Iranians who want to wipe Israel off the map are being supported by antiwar peaceniks. All these groups are joined by various isolationists and conspiracy nuts.

Groups that previously had little in common are coming together. Their common ground is hatred and extremism. They share a hatred of Jews, a hatred of true Christian values, a hatred of our way of life, a hatred of Western civilisation and especially, a hatred of Israel, America and democracy.

The Stop the War coalition is made up of Marxists and the Muslim Brotherhood. George Galloway's Respect Party is a fractured alliance of jamaat-e-islami and the SWP. Ken Livingstone (a supposed champion of progressive liberalism) rolls out the red carpet to honour Yusuf Qaradawi - an Islamist who advocates domestic violence, suicide bombing and the murder of gay people.

On the other side of the pond, the Neo-Nazis of Stormfront back the political campaign of isolationist Republican Ron Paul. Cindy Sheehan, darling of America's left, says that the Iraq war is being fought for Israel. Her message is praised by the American Nazi Party.

With his article lionising Rachel Corrie as a "martyr for peace", David Duke's No War For Israel site could pass for a leftist campaign.

Duke is, in fact, America's leading racist and the founder of Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. He is also in tight with Nick Griffin - check Google.

Now the BNP *seemingly* buck this trend. Griffin has been carefully cultivating the appearance of radical move away from the anti-black racism and antisemitism that has always characterised BNP.

But even if he is sincere, what of the rest of the party. Griffin may have the brains to know what stops his party being electable, but the BNP was build upon a bedrock of skinhead thuggery. The BNP racists haven't vanished into thin air. They are waiting behind the scenes.

Griffin is also clever enough to spot populist causes and latch onto them. Yes - there's merit & truth in his arguments against creeping Islamism and yes, kudos to him for having the balls and brains to redirect his party onto this issue. It will, I'm sure, get him votes from people who have nowhere else to turn. People who would otherwise be appalled at what the BNP really stands for.

It's the rest of the BNP package - what lies under the surface - that worries so many at LGF. It's also the hypocrisy of taking a stand against one sort of fascism while excusing another sort.

Islamic Supremacists are basically alcohol-free white supremacists. Sure, they may have a loopy theology and a 7th century penal code, but the racism and underlying dreams of world domination are pretty standard. No wonder Mein Kampf is such a big seller in Arabic language bookshops.

White supremacism is still the heart beating in the chest of the BNP and that is the reason it is so desperately counter-productive to support them, Paul.

It plays into the hands of left wing & media Islamism-apologists.

It gives the false impression that your hatred of Islamo-fascism isn't a natural disdain for barbarism and violence, but instead a BNP-like hatred of foreigners. It gives the police and those who sent them, mileage to accuse you of race-hate.

There are plenty of Anti-Islamist groups away from the BNP. I suggest you seek them out.

With respect & sympathy.

Uptight (LGF member)

Anonymous said...

Charles is the fascist, his pavlovian responce and his crusade against fascism is just another way to clear himself from obvious and rightful occusations. Fascism is about forcefully silencing and ridiculing anyone who does not agree with you. Thus, Charles is a fascist, because that's exactly what he does on his blog.

I DO NOT blame him for being a fascist blogger, nobody said a personal blog should be a free democracy. I do blame him for hypocrisy though, and his hypocrisy stinks up the entire blogosphere.

Bolleke said...

Dear Lionheart, I admire your courage in fighting islamofascist thugs. In the Netherlands the situation grows worse everyday. The followers of this deathcult try to do everything to have it their way and to curb our basic rights, such as freedom of peace. You are one of their victims. I also blog about the dangers of islam in our societies and will continue to do so. I support you and hope you will carry on. Thank you verry much for your ongoing war with the islamofascist cancer.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Hm. If Charles one day decides to quit blogging, it'd be a blessing for me. I wouldn't come across all these posts about BNP.

Not being British, I actually couldn't care less about BNP. I know Britain is in a pretty difficult situation with the Islamists by now, this is what I want to know about and figure out how to deal with it. It's part of a European challenge and good methods are needed. Blasting at BNP is a waste of my time.

Also, it obscures the fact that another UK party (UKIP) is standing up to the Islamists as well. They had a representative at the CounterJihad summit in Brussels (where BNP was explicitly not invited) who showed off some interesting stuff with this wonderful Sam Solomon fellow. That deserves publicity.

More useful than speculating about possible hidden BNP agendas would be the study of Global Jihad. This is what we are facing, and it is much more extensive than just terrorism.

Sodra Djavul said...

Charles Johnson's echo chamber is unworthy of an apology.

They did in fact slander you, claiming you were a full-fledged "neo-fascist" based on an article you wrote explaining why you find the BNP politically agreeable.

LGF is the enemy. And if they like to play victim, let them and ignore them.

- Sodra

Anonymous said...

Nomad said

"Charles is the fascist, his pavlovian responce and his crusade against fascism is just another way to clear himself from obvious and rightful occusations. Fascism is about forcefully silencing and ridiculing anyone who does not agree with you."


LGF is a blog FFS!

At worst, throwing people off your blog is short-tempered. Sometimes it's just a human reaction to being insulted. Often it's just crowd control and filtering trolls for the benefit of the majority.

Whatever it is, it isn't fascism.

You deplete the real horror and danger of GENUINE fascism by bandying the term around like that.

According to the online dictionary Fascism is "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism."

i.e. - the kind of regimes that Charles has been in the forefront of campaigning against for years.

Blogs aren't countries. Charles has every right to dictate and control policy on his own blog, just as you have every right to decide how people behave in your house.

LGF is a pioneer - reporting stories that the MSM won't touch because of "political correctness".

I don't agree with Charles on everything, but I resolutely applaud and appreciate him for his efforts in standing up for Israel, freedom & democracy over the years.

Those who are concerned with the rise of REAL fascism owe LGF & Charles a debt of gratitude and few blogs come vaguely close to being worthy of standing in LGF's shadow.

Sodra Djavul said...

Charles will never get any gratitude for attacking those actually involved in the fight against the rise of Islamists.

Charles is free to start his own political party, organize anti-Islamist conferences, and the like and then it will be he who can be deemed worthy of standing in the shadow of those he accuses.

F him.

- Sodra

Anonymous said...

We all hate Islamofascism, right? We hate it because it seeks to wipe out our freedom and impose its own deranged ideologies on a wave of violence, repression and genocidal hatred of people who aren't Islamofascists.

Now if you are making a stand against Islamic supremacist fascists doing that, why give white supremacist fascists a free pass?

Why complain when LGF is consistent in its campaigns against all kinds of vile extremism?

We hate Islamofascism because we believe in freedom and civilised behaviour. White supremacists don't. They hate Islamofascism because they hate foriengers. Furthermore, they want your votes and support. Don't let them pimp you. Make a stand against racial and national supremacism, regardless of its complexion.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Sodra, I think it's a bit excessive to call Charles 'fascist', even though he uses some methods that matches the definition. There are two misses:

- Strict socioeconomic control. Since there's no economy to control, that point is moot.

- Racism. Charles does not hate people for their skin colour, he hates them for their ideology, which he extends by association to anyone who has contact to the 'original evil'. While it's still scapegoating, it's not racism.

I think 'Stalinist' is a more accurate description of his methods. Purging of dissent is a remarkable trait that doesn't facilitate good blogging. He's a better photographer than blogger, I think.

Henrik R Clausen said...

"We all hate Islamofascism, right?"

Well, not quite. I just think it's a grave treat to civilization that should be utterly defeated.

Anonymous said...

"First they'll hang the Jews.
But don't worry because you're not Jewish.

"Then they'll hang the Hindus. But don't worry because your [sic] not Hindu."

...and then they'll awaken two sleeping giants, India and China, and, together, they'll rain devastation on the countries promoting white supremacy.

A sobering thought, indeed!

Lionheart said...

I had no idea that the person i said t**t too was a woman, i was peeved yesterday and reacted, my apologies.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Moshe said:
"The real old fashion Neo-Nazis are actually sidelining with the Islamists."

I guess it should be 'siding', but it's essentially correct. For documentation about this, I suggest reading this booklet Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalism.

Whining about the non-existent resurgent Euro-Fascist movement is a waste of time. Not worth worrying about.

Anonymous said...

Memories of the Willow Tree-

SO18 are not the only officers to carry guns. All British cities have their own armed response units attached to the regular constabulary. If I remember correctly, SO18 is attached to the Metropolitan police.

Always On Watch said...

Interesting article in The Telegraph. Worth reading, if you already haven't.

Sodra Djavul said...

I also don't believe CJ is a fascist. I agree that he is engaging in Stalinist behavior in his crusade against neo-fascists, proto-fascists, crypto-fascists, and whomever else he may happen to disagree (which will conveniently warrant a new phrase to which "fascist" will then be attached).

I still think he's more of a hindrance than a help.

Here's an interesting lens through which you can view LGF. Foshizzle my nizzle, y'all!

- Sodra

Henrik R Clausen said...

Oops, my comment about calling Charles a 'fascist' should have been directed at Nomad, not at Sodra.

Anyway, his obsession with White Pride movements is not really worth spending our time on. Charles is so far away from Europe he can't judge himself what's going on here, and he sees thing through the somewhat distorted mirror of Øivind Strømmen, who has an agenda of stirring up fear of some phantom enemy, distracting us from what's really significant.

Anonymous said...

"A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship"

Yip. Sounds EXACTLY like LGF.

centralization of authority? Check.

stringent socio------ controls? Check.

suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship? Check.

/ Not that there is anything wrong with it. Fascism is OK as long as it is practiced on a private and voluntary basis. If Charles hates individualist thinking and his commenters agree, it's just fine.
My problem is only with hypocrisy and PCness.

Sodra Djavul said...

Nomad said:
"It gives the false impression that your hatred of Islamo-fascism isn't a natural disdain for barbarism and violence, but instead a BNP-like hatred of foreigners. It gives the police and those who sent them, mileage to accuse you of race-hate."

To say that your nation should no longer admit foreigners from alien cultures is not race-hate. It is up to a native culture to determine who would be able to assimilate into their societies and who would not. It is not racism, fascism, or Nazism to state that Muslim immigrants are not shining examples of would-be Britons. One cannot expect peoples who for centuries past have lived with barbarism as a basic tenet of their existence to magically abandon such endemic characteristics for simply crossing the border of a nation.

Please, enough with the charge of "racism." It's absurd in the extreme, particularly when you consider that human history itself is "racist" as you would call it.

Drop the multiculturist drivel and stand up for what your nation is, historically, socially, and culturally.

- Sodra

P.S. I am not a BNP-style skinhead, and always thought those types were just basically hooligans. I am, however, quite proud of what Western civilization has produced, and feel that other civilizations are, in fact inferior to my own. I don't wish to live in Riyadh or Islamabad, why must this alien culture be forced down my throat? What you may call cautious support for the BNP may in fact be the realization by many that in fact all cultures are NOT created equal, and Britain as a society is worth saving from those who would destroy it just as fast as they've destroyed their own societies.

Anonymous said...

To all Ladies and Gentlemen of Good Will on this Message Board (that means - no one like the infamous 'anonymous' the Hate-Spreader], let us rise above all this bickering.

We are all in it together after all - Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindis, Atheists and all the others the Islamists are just waiting to torture, rape, enslave, behead, or convert to Islam at the point of a scimitar.

While we do not hate or incite to murder, we are now, at last, alert to the very real dangers of yet another attempt to set up an eternal Reich, this one led by the fanatic Islamists.

Thus we must overlook the rare occasions where we don't see exactly eye to eye on everything.

LGB made its point that it fears the BNP. Lionheart explained why, for a tolerant non-racist like himself, there didn't seem to be any other political group in Britain willing to take on the imperialistic ambitions of
'British' Islamists.

Brits with no hatred towards Jews, multiracialists, blacks, Asians, Africans, W. Indians, etc. but with deep fears about the possible take over of Britain (white-native & all the aforementioned 'also-
either voted for the BNP in local elections, joined it or were seriously thinking about it in spite of its racist image. I read that even some Jews had joined it -and it seems they were accepted!!

We must stick together and with God's help - and Lionheart at our helm - try to find a way to set up a truly decent, tolerant patriotic British party - where all Brits who care for all the virtues, advantages and rights of being British, can live in freedom, without fear of criminal religious or political fanatics threatening these hard-fought for human rights.

This means that Islamist pimps, drug-sellers, hard-core criminals, racist murderers, hate-mongers, suicide-bombers, potential conquerors will no longer be tolerated and will be 'exported' back to their native lands. And if Radical Leftwing bleeding-heart goody-[no]goodies don't like it, they can join the Fundamentalist Islamic exodus - and good riddance to bad rubbish.

As Abraham Lincoln so correctly stated: United we stand, Divided we fall. So please put aside petty disagreements and move forward to preventing us all from falling into another catastrophic Abyss.

Support Lionheart to the hilt & try to find & develop all the positives we share. Amen.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Online Dictionary or Wikipedia do not put a stamp on an arbitrary definition of Fascism.

Fascism is a centristic, nationalistic and opressive form of goverment. It's not neccesarily xenophobic, racist or otherwise bigoted against minorities. The only thing relevant to Fascism is loyalty to the Goverment and the State. An ethnic, racial, cultural, religious or otherwise defined minority could theoretically pose more of a problem to a fascist centristic goverment than the non-minority, but it is not neccesary.

In fascism, there are no civil rights, but it is because fascism puts the State before any citizen liberty, not because it is racist by default.

Which means LGF can be Fascist without being racist, it is Fascist because there are no liberties to think otherwise than the State (aka Charles).

On the other hand, white supremacists are racists but not necessarily Fascists. Racists may be Monarchists, Theocratists or even Democrats.

More so, not all EU nationalism is eather racist of fascist. There is NOTHING wrong with country's desire to maintain it's ethnicity and culture without being turned into a ultra liberal melting pot. That's exactly why nationalists are the only ones who fight back at Islam. Because national identity is the only real solid ideology which can stand it's ground to liberal imposed "freedom" which brought Islam to EU for the first place. If Charles says nationalism is a no-no, he clearly sides with the Islam. He is on the dark side of the force, but pretends to be on our side. What a crook.

/excuse my poor and broken English.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the ugly face of Nazism rears its ugly head.
Sure as I'm sitting here typing this are these groups like the BNP making headway into the fabric of society, using Islam as thier catalyst.
For those who truley, with every bit of thier hearts and souls believe that the BNP type of groups are your salvation in these trying times when Islam is making headway into your countries.....your FOOLS.
You dont need Nazi groups to comfort you and make you feel that you have a common cause, when in reality you would bring on the "other brand" of Islam in making them a viable political entity.
We have been there and done that, they are the much the same deal.
You defeat Islam by fighting it, fighting against a government led by appeasers.
Islam is a political ideology wrapped up in a religous cover,take back your government and cast out Islam or the end result in getting back to what people that you actually are will be a very, very bloody piece of work....More than likley led by the BNP types...hence, even if you win you will lose, unless of course your memories have all but gone blank.

Henrik R Clausen said...

Nomad, your English expresses perfectly what you have on your mind. The dissection of the core of fascism and some commonly associated elements is most interesting and useful.

On a someone related note, and this is the expertise of Lionheart, I'm wondering if there's any effort to undercut the market of these heroin pimps?

Here in Denmark we are doing limited experiments with giving hard-core addicts their drugs for free, under medical supervision. It's only limited to the deepest addicted persons, but I think it would bring great benefit to expand the program to all heroin addicts, in that the illicit market for the drug would vanish.

Even if the pushers manage to create another addict, he can just join the government program, tell them: "Thanks for making me a junkie - so long!", and they'll have no money to earn, not to mention nothing to fund Pakistani narco-terrorists with.

Sodra Djavul said...

It is considered poor form for you "Anonymous" LGF'ers to refuse to post here under a FREE Blogger account. If you are to refer to certain posters by name, the least you should do is offer the same opportunity to refute your allegations directly.

To the last anonymous who suggested that people are "fools" for looking to the BNP to stand against Islamists because they're just as bad as the Islamists, I'd ask you to back that up with specific political platforms. The BNP in fact is pro-Israeli today. A political party is made up of its constituency, and I'm sick and tired of hearing LGF activists raising the specter of tossing people into ovens the moment they get elected.

It is you, Anonymous, who is the fool. It was the British who paid the cost in blood to save those European Jews who tolerated European anti-Semitism for centuries from Hitler's ambition. To think they are anti-Semitic for wishing to save British culture for Britons is asinine.

I am certainly leading inferences from your post here. However, I'm assuming this is coming from Charles Johnson's recent post on the matter, and that sentiment is rife within that echo chamber.

- Sodra

Anonymous said...

Henrik sais:

"I think 'Stalinist' is a more accurate description of his methods. Purging of dissent is a remarkable trait that doesn't facilitate good blogging. He's a better photographer than blogger, I think."

It's a naffing WEBLOG. He isn't running a banana republic. It's up to him who he lets in or bans. It's his site.

You're loonies, the lot of you!

If someone hogs the remote control, are they a "fascist"?

If I don't let certain people visit my house, am I a Stalinist?

Rhetorical questions, because you are, as I say, all bleedin loonies.

BTW - does my making fun of your lame mischaracterisation make me a Trotskyite or a Visigoth?

Anonymous said...

Lionheart said...

"I had no idea that the person i said t**t too was a woman, i was peeved yesterday and reacted, my apologies."

She was being a bit of a pussy about it.


Sodra Djavul said...

Uptight said:
"BTW - does my making fun of your lame mischaracterisation make me a Trotskyite or a Visigoth?"

No, it makes you a troglodyte. Or, in certain cases, Trogdor the Burninator.

- Sodra

Anonymous said...

I can live with being a Trog

Anonymous said...

uptight, stop trying kiddie LGF pseudo-sarcasm. It doesn't work outside your unclave - there is a real world out there, real dialogues, real opinions.

Charles is running a community, and any community is a miniature society. A community can indeed have Fascist traits. Not all of the traits, but some of them.

When a person "cleans up" dissidents and uses defamatory tactics against anyone who he disagrees with, he is a fascist. It is legal and it is morally admissible, because (hopefully) he doesn't FORCE anyone to be on his blog and post these a*s licking comments. But it's still a fascist community, just as if someone created a fascist state on uninhabited land and people would settle there voluntarily. But i do think it is a bit strange when a person who runs a totalitarian community, relentlessly blames people on other communities of being fascists.

Anonymous said...

Right, if you hog the remote or grow tired of people who lie and dissemble on your blog you're a fascist, but if you want a "white Europe" and kick out all the muzzies then you're acceptable company for these people.

Godwin's law applies when nazism has no bearing on the issue - such as when discussing digital copyrights or whatever - and you call the other person a nazi. When you discuss white supremacists, nazism is already on the table, and most of us are not calling Lionheart a nazi - we're pointing out that he supports nazis.

Christ, look at that BNP supporter blog that was linked to earlier in these comments, with their Führer Griffin in a heroic stance over the Union Flag which has been defaced - and I think defaced in a bad way - with a BNP logo. How could you become more Hitler-like in appearance without donning a mustache and an Sturm-Abteilung uniform?

Better to put Trogdor or the Gurren Dan dragon in the flag to represent Wales more - that would be less ridiculous.