6 January 2001

EDL Noncegate affair explained

Following on from: EDL core leader is a convicted paedophile

Update 6/01/11: Official Jewish Defence League statement - Richard Price is not a paedophile even though he admitted guilt himself knowing he was going to have to sign the sex offenders register. Its a stitch up by the British Security Services lol So when the rest of them get turned over because of their extra curricula activities they can cry 'stitch up' and the gullible brain dead believe them. This is Roberta Moore who is the Brazilian head of the English Jewish Defence League's explanation about Richard Price, the one who admitted guilt himself: Everyone and everything else but Richard Prices fault

Quote: He was never an EDL leader? Says who? Secret EDL Group

Halifax EDL: Leadership

Hear say? In England we have what is called a "sex offenders register" how much more concrete do you want little miss apologist? Still defending but backtracking in the process: Roberta Moore

Not one of them has even the slightest bit of integrity or credibility!!!

Well done Canadian JDL - You must like egg on your face!!!

I thought I would explain the seriousness of the EDL Noncegate affair for any seekers of truth and enlightenment about the current EDL leadership and the type of people who are in control.

I agree with the aims of why the Original English Defence League was set up, and support the EDL members past and present who are a part of the street protest movement for the right reasons (how could I not when I was the architect of the EDL movement from its inception). I do not however, support the current leadership for a number of reasons, and this Noncegate affair is just one more of those reasons why this leadership has no place professing to be an “English Defence”, let alone being in charge of it.

Tommy Robinson” and the rest of the core EDL leadership have only been able to cling onto their power and spread their lies because I am currently not in the Country. They have defamed Christianity and the history of the Knights Templar by their actions, and their time is short now.

Whilst the EDL was a fledgling movement, the core leadership led by Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy Robinson”, Pricey, Marshy, Chris Renton, his brother and their online extreme right-wing nazi supporters would smear people’s names and reputations in the eyes of the EDL membership. They were able to get away with doing this because they had complete control of the media platform that any new members who were drawn to the movement would read to form their opinions about the movement and those in control of it. They did this at the early stages against anyone who dared speak out and criticise or share an opinion that was against the core leadership and the direction of the movement. This happened to a number of people including myself. One of the common smears against innocent English patriots spread across their EDL media platform was “paedophile”. Another lie that was spread about me personally (I have the screen shots) was that I had physically attacked a 5 year old child and spent 5 years in prison for it, and they had the newspaper cuttings to prove it. To have someone spreading such things across a media platform with many English members reading it was totally disgusting and horrendous as I hope you can imagine and if I had of gone to the police they would have been locked up for it.

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(March 2010 - video description: Richard Price was the other founding member in Birmingham with Jerry Watson. Jack Smith is Chris Renton's brother who has kept the EDL domains in the family name and thus their position and control within the EDL.)

As you can see it was a complete lie to assassinate my character and smear my name, otherwise they would have produced the newspaper clipping to substantiate their claim and made me out to be the liar. Thankfully others who knew me saw the disgracefulness of their actions and came out in support because they knew it was complete lies, and the most despicable ones to use, at that.

The twist of fate that now sees one of their own core leadership group branded as a convicted paedophile, what they were quick to call others in their smear campaigns to shore up their control over the hijacked EDL leadership. Only this time it is not lies but truth, as can be seen from the newspaper clipping below.

Instead of the EDL leadership coming out condemning the convicted paedophile in their ranks, they actually went out of their way to publicly support him in the eyes of the EDL membership, thus justifying and covering up for their friend downloading disgusting sexually explicit pictures of children, which is in stark contrast to their complete silence when their leadership was spreading total and utter pure lies about innocent people over the same things to try and destroy their reputations.

(EDL Noncegate continued below…)

I remember way back when Richard Price was arrested and I remember thinking to myself “why”, what was it that singled him out to be the first one of the founding EDL members to be arrested?

I reckon somewhere, on some police computer database linked to other computer databases, was the name Richard Price. A database containing the thousands of names and addresses of those who have downloaded disgusting child pornography pictures. What with modern technology, his name probably immediately flashed up like a light bulb once tapped into someone’s computer screen somewhere, someone who was following the EDL and its founding members. (IMOM) They knew exactly what they were going to find when busting him and seizing his computer (just like with Tommy).

Not only that they found crack cocaine and cocaine too during the raid.

A founding member of the EDL who is a crack and coke head, downloading disgusting sexually explicit images of children. Fair enough you cannot be responsible for other people’s actions, but one thing you certainly do not do if you have the slightest bit of integrity, as a leader, and as a human being, is actually support them and their actions when they have been caught red handed and admitted their guilt themselves, then lie to people about it to try and cover it up, which is what Steven Yaxley-Lennon, Kevin Caroll and other EDL members did. Supporting someone who “gets off” on the sexual abuse of the most innocent and vulnerable in our society.

Our children.

There can be no defence when someone has actually pleaded “guilty” themselves without even going to trial in front of judge and jury and pleading “Not guilty” and presenting a case for the defence, look at Michael Jackson for instance. There is no other form of admission of guilt, other than someone actually admitting their guilt and pleading guilty themselves.

This means GUILTY AS CHARGED!!! To any EDL member still supporting Richard ‘pedo’ Price.

To then defend and support the person which is what the EDL leadership did, makes you as bad as them because you are defending and supporting their subhuman actions. In this case Richard Price’s personal sexual gratification at the cost of our most vulnerable in society who need to be protected by adults and not exploited by these types of despicable savage men.

Lets look at it logically.

If Richard Price had of downloaded one picture accidentally then “shock horror” hit the delete button as quick as you can, and it was a terrible mistake never to be done again. No. He was caught with 4 pictures of level 1 - 5 abuse, graded by police who deal with this type of crime on a daily basis. So Richard Price knew exactly what he was doing in downloading the pictures and for what purpose he was downloading them.

It has been said by Steven Yaxley-Lennon aka “Tommy”, as a pathetic attempt of a cover up for his friend Richard ‘pedo’ Price, that he had just bought a second hand computer. This begs the question “What would the police have found on his old computer?

Due to today’s technology, where the pictures were downloaded from, the type of pictures they were, and when they were downloaded meant that Richard Price had absolutely no alternative but to plead guilty (because he was guilty) of downloading child pornography for purposes only known to himself.
“But we don’t know how old the children were?”

If they were borderline teenagers around the age of 16 which is the legal age of consent in Britain, and the police could not trace the children to determine his/her age, then would a conviction hold up in a court of law if you couldn’t determine his/her age? He would have gotten off by the skin of his teeth for downloading teen porn pictures.

That’s not what happened.

The pictures must have been a clear cut case of child abuse otherwise there is absolutely no way you would plead guilty to such a horror charge and have it on your record for the rest of your life, and there is no way your lawyer would advise you to plead guilty to such a crime if they were innocent pictures of children playing. If it was a simple mistake you would go to trial to defend your reputation no matter at what cost.

This never happened.

Richard Price pleaded guilty to downloading disgusting sexually explicit pictures of children, children being the word here, of a level 1 - 5 nature, knowing full well that he was also going to be placed on the sex offenders register for 5 years.

Come on…for any who still defend him at this point…if you were not guilty would you admit guilt and sign that register and be on it for 5 years?

Then the other thought is how comes it took so long to come out?

I would say, just like with other high level EDL leaders like “Tommy Robinson”, the police turned him, on the condition they kept the info about his child sex crimes from the public eye, and he became a prize asset for a time, supplying information on the drug dealing antics of his EDL buddies until he became of no use to his police handlers because of his second conviction. The one that he was imprisoned for which included being placed on a 10 year ASBO and being banned from EDL protests outside of Birmingham. Not much good as an EDL grass if you cannot even attend the meetings and demos now was he. He was then cut free by his handlers and then just after this, the truth about him was allowed to come out once he had served his purpose. I cannot see the police having much respect for him as they think exactly the same as the rest of us about crack head kiddie fiddler grasses.

What level does that put the EDL leaders Steven Yaxley-Lennon, Kevin Caroll and the others who defended Richard Price on, in the eyes of others? You’re your own person to form your own opinion!

Probably to those who have any sense, the same as Richard Price concerning the grass aspect, that’s why they defended him, then you think to yourself, but; “What could the police have on them as well though”, to have turned them, so that’s why they defended him?

Who knows what was on "Tommy's" family computers that the police seized?

So the leadership are the same as each other that’s why they defend each other, even defending their crack head kiddy fiddler friend who admitted guilt himself without even attempting to deny it. What does this say?

It all starts to make a bit more sense now.

Nice…and that’s what has become of the “English Defence League” and the Cross of Christ and Templar iconography they are still holding up as if “Defenders of the Realm”, and “Leading the counter-jihad in Britain”.

Link: Kevin Caroll defence

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Kevin Caroll quote: This is what is known as a smear campaign to use the general public to end up with a chinese whisper syndrome. In other words they hope that rumorville and gossip will do the job for them if they plant the seed of doubt. These people are lower than a snakes belly and are more than likely being pushed by the government.

In defence of his crack head kiddy fiddler friend Richard Price, Kevin Caroll has called this a smear campaign.
A smear campign is when lies are told about someone to demonise them in the eyes of others, which is the modus operandi of this EDL leadership of which Kevin Caroll is a part.

When someone pleads guilty in a court of law knowing they are going to be on the sex offenders register for 5 years for downloading sick child pornography without even attempting to protest their innocence, means it is a true story and has nothing whatsoever to do with smears in the slightest. Bang to rights comes to mind.

So who is lower than a snakes belly? Kevin Caroll for defending his paedophile friend who admitted his guilt himself in a court of law without even trying to deny it, and is now signed onto the sex offenders register for 5 years, or the Times Reporter who printed a story about an EDL leader downloading child porn based upon facts?

Kevin Caroll quote: His Barrister advised him as they were level 1 which is just kids playing catch in the f*****g garden for all we know to plead guilty, if they even existed that is, I just don’t trust them, they are trying to stitch everybody up now.

Would you plead guilty to downloading disgusting sexually explicit images of children knowing you were going to be placed on the sex offenders register for 5 years if it was just a case of having innocent pictures of kids playing catch in the garden?

Kevin Caroll EDL leadership propaganda to cover up and support his crack head kiddy fiddler friend in the eyes of the EDL membership.

He goes on to say “They are trying to stitch everybody up now

Protecting and covering up for Richard ‘pedo’ Price whilst preparing his EDL followers for when his pandora’s box is opened, then he can claim “stitch up”, “smear campaign”, “police persecution”, and the EDL die hards believe him…clowns

If he would go to the lengths of defending a crack head kiddy fiddler, I doubt it’s going to be very nice. I wonder if, amongst other things, whether or not his Irish Republican political roots will be brought out into the open?

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Official EDL Statement: “Tommy Robinson” defends ‘pedo’ Pricey

Read it in full yourself but remember you cannot believe one word that comes out of Tommy’s mouth. This is nothing more than a cover up story justifying, supporting and covering up for his crack head kiddy fiddler friends conviction in the eyes of the EDL membership.

Funny how they believe every word that comes out of his mouth like Charle’s Manson’s family who butchered people on Charlie’s command.

Once you have read it read the below statement which proves that you cannot believe one word that comes out of Steven Yaxley-Lennon’s mouth. Liars always come unstuck because they can never remember all the lies they have told. Their lives are not founded on truth, so it’s only a matter of time until people see straight through them when one lie contradicts another lie.

How anyone can sit under that EDL leadership now is beyond me. The only thing I can think is that all the sick twisted nut cases out there in society have now congregated to this devils magnet that is the hijacked EDL led by crack head junkie kiddy fiddlers and who knows what else yet (potentially a large money laundering case coming up).

The moral of this story is that the EDL leadership have absolutely no morals whatsoever, that they condone and cover up their friends downloading disgusting sexual pictures of children, and we are yet to see the reasons why. That they would go to great lengths to defend a paedophile in their midst and claim “smear tactics”, “police persecution” “stitch up” rather than admit the guilt, which means keep watching folks as this sinking ships goes under and takes those like the surfing Rabbi and his undying support with them.

Enjoy the show…

Book release coming soon:The rise and fall of the EDL” The true story behind why and how the English Defence League was formed.

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