8 January 2001

1 . Luton & Al Qaeda's active terror campaign

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Everyone from around the world will remember the images of the London bombers on 7/7 entering the train station with their bombs strapped to their backs in rucksacks as they embarked on their murderous mission for Al Qaeda in the heart of London in 2005.

This warmongering murderous act was Al Qaeda’s open
declaration of War against the British people, the set off point for this atrocity was Luton train station where I live.

The suicidal Moslem maniacs who blew themselves up that day
descended on the town from Leeds which is several hours North of Luton, and a place called Aylesbury which is 40 minutes to the West.

These Moslem monsters headed to a part of the town called Bury Park, Bury Park is the Pakistani Moslem quarter of Luton, this is a large demographic area where the Moslem community lives completely separate from British life, they have their own Islamic way of life amongst themselves (Sharia Law) and just live with the knowledge that there is a British way of life outside of their demographic Islamic community that has its own ways and laws – To be honest they are lawless, a law unto themselves.

As Moslems it is their religious duty to take over non-Moslem land and then convert it to Moslem rule, (Dar al-Harb & Dar al-Islam) so this is how they view the British community that is living outside of the confines of their demographic area – What do you think their ultimate objective is towards the whole country?

The 7/7
Moslem monsters traveled to this predominantly Pakistani Moslem community on the morning of the bombings and spent time within the area with other Moslem men before driving to the train station and setting off on their journeys into London.

So as you are reading this, not only does the whole of the Islamic Kingdom of Luton know that their community housed the first terrorist attack on Great Britain for their hero against the West, Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda, but there are young Moslem men from amongst them who spent time with these human bombs, encouraged for Jihad and suicide by their brothers, who later that day watched the aftermath of their actions across every TV station across the world.

Can you imagine how inspired for Jihad (Holy War) the Moslem men of the Luton community now are?

Believe me, they were
inspired for Jihad long before 7/7.

Osama Bin Laden and his British Moslem terrorists where the ones who put the area where I live on the map of global Islamic terror by opening up Luton as their frontline in the Jihad within mainland Britain, after this terrorist attack the spotlight shone on the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park and revealed to those who cared to listen, what has really been going on in the Islamic community next door that no one knew anything about.

It was only a matter of time until something like this happened from this British Islamic community considering ‘everything’ that has been allowed to fester and grow for so many years down here – How do you think Labour stay in power in Luton?

Appeasement, Corruption and Dhimmitude.

I will explain the background to this attack later but first I want to tell you about other more terrifying Al Qaeda plots that were to come after the 7/7 bombings, that thankfully our British security services smashed up, which again were planned plotted and facilitated within the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton.

This British security operation was the biggest ever in British history and was codenamed ‘operation crevice’ – Everyone within the intelligence community will know of that name!

The name of the plot which many from around the world will remember it by was ‘
the fertilizer plot’.

The terror cell had large quantities of fertilizer locked up in storage to make their bombs with, with the security services
switching the substance during the course of the surveillance operation and then smashed up the terror cell before they went into dispatch stage.

This cell of Moslem terrorists who were trained by Al Qaeda in the camps in Afghanistan/Pakistan were caught speaking on the telephone laughing about killing innocent people by targeting night clubs and shopping centres.

The Emir (Boss) of this plot was a man who goes by the name of Mr Q Khan who is from the Bury Park area of Luton, he was the one who linked everyone together in this plot, he was the recruiter of British born Moslems for his Al Qaeda superiors in Pakistan, this same man is also believed to be the one who recruited the leader of the 7/7 bombings.

He still lives and works in Luton!!!

The Al Qaeda trained
bomb maker for the ‘fertilizer plot’ is another Pakistani Moslem from the Bury Park area of Luton, who worked as a local taxi driver, driving around women and children all day, this same man was caught discussing buying a dirty bomb from the Russian Mafia in Belgium.

There was another case of a
dirty bomb plot that involved Al Qaeda’s British General Diren Barot that also had links into the Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park Luton, with one of the cell, Barots body guard, actually living here amongst his Al Qaeda brothers.

Luton is a known a safe haven for international Al Qaeda terrorists and trained British born terrorists.

All these factual links to Al Qaeda terrorism within mainland Britain originating from the Bury Park community of Luton does not paint a very pretty picture for those of us who live around here does it, and proves to the World that there is some very serious stuff happening on the ground here where I am from.

The 7/7 bombings, operation crevice and the fertilizer plot, 2 dirty bomb plots originating from here and British and international Al Qaeda terrorists using this community as a base for their global Jihad (Holy War) against the Western World directed from Pakistan from here.

Can you imagine what it must be like living with this massive Islamic community right next door to you, with them
raping, intimidating and pillaging from within your community on a daily basis?

No one has stood up and seriously spoken out and acted against this before other than the security services because everyone living in the area knows what the consequences from the Pakistani Moslem community would be, I have stood up and spoken out on my own and lost everything in the process and now I face arrest and imprisonment from my own people for it.

British justice for British people in the 21st Century.

People think I make this stuff up – I wish I was!

This is just the active Islamic terrorism campaign against Great Britain by Al Qaeda that Luton is home to – The facts speak for themselves!

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