1 January 2001

Part 2. The Clear & Present Islamic Threat

As I am writing this post and you are reading it, the emergency Terror threat level within Great Britain has been moved to level - ‘Critical’. This level is the highest possible state of alert that our country can be on, meaning that another Islamic terrorist attack against our country is imminent.

These failed attacks are a frightening development in the life of this country in relation to the Islamic terror threat that we face. They clearly show us another very real face of the Islamic beast within our midst and the horror it seeks to inflict upon us the innocent non-Moslem people of Great Britain.

The first of the failed London car bombs was outside of a popular night club called ‘Tiger Tiger’ and on the evening of the thwarted attack, was full of women enjoying a ladies only night. The car was packed with petrol cans, gas cylinders and nails so as to cause maximum death and carnage once exploded. There was so much petrol in the car that by chance an ambulance crew who were on a routine call out noticed vapours coming from the car and alerted police who then had time to de-activate the bomb before its planned time of detonation.

It is said that if this car bomb had of detonated that it would have sent a searing red hot fireball containing the red hot nails that were placed in the car, along with shards of metal from the wreckage of the car, 100 yards up the street at speeds of 100’s of mph. As you can see from the picture the car was parked adjacent to the alleyway where the entrance to the night club was, so the firebomb containing the red hot debris would have literally wiped out everyone in its path, all of those innocent women who would have been loitering out side of this club at the end of their night as people do. You can only imagine and hate to think about the horror and carnage that would have occurred if this bomb had of gone off.

This potential car bomb and the planned devastation that those behind it were seeking to achieve, gives you a clear insight into the mind of Allah’s soldiers who we have living in Great Britain, who hate us, our way of life and that enjoy killing us and causing mass murder for Allah because they believe it pleases him, the god of Islam.

Again, by chance, the other car bomb which was parked 100 yards around the corner from the first car to have been discovered had already been towed away due to being illegally parked.

Allah’s soldiers who planned these devastating synchronised attacks were seeking mass murder and carnage on a horrific scale with countless innocent victims murdered and maimed, it would have been devastating.

These types of Islamic attacks are what we witness daily on our TV screens coming out of Iraq. We see the mangled wreckages of the cars, thankfully no body parts because what we watch on our TV is sanitised, but they do show us the streets which are literally running with blood after these attacks and the death toll is in double and treble figures. Believe me if the first car bomb to have been discovered had of gone off then there would have been innocent female blood running in the streets of London this weekend with the death toll in double figures.

Whoever was behind these attacks failed in their mission to bomb London for their religious political masters, ( I say political because in one way or another the Moslem terrorists who are at war with us and our society have an Islamic inspired political agenda that they are seeking to enforce upon us, and they use murder and bloodshed as their way of achieving their aims) this in my belief was why Glasgow airport was subsequently attacked. It seems to me that it was a haphazard attack in desperation after the two car bombs in London were discovered and failed to detonate. Whoever was behind this weekends attack did not want to fail in murdering innocent British citizens under any circumstances.

We thank God that they failed.

Two young men of Middle Eastern appearance tried driving into the entrance to Glasgow airport packed with petrol and gas cylinders, setting the car and themselves alight hoping that there would be a mass explosion killing hundreds of innocent people who were off on their summer holidays. The car failed to reach the inside of the building, failed to explode and the would-be Islamic suicide cases had their lives saved by the police who were immediately on the scene and put the fire out on their burning bodies.

All in all after the three attacks, not one person dead and Great Britain saved from a weekend of pure horror and devastation – The people of Great Britain thank God for saving us from these atrocities.

After realising that we had been targeted with a deadly planned bombing campaign and the type of attack – Car Bombs – it horrified me because this was a whole new horrific face to the Islamic beast and the way in which it attacks. In my mind we think of Al Qaeda’s suicide bombers walking into cafes, bars and jumping on buses, yet here we have cars parked inconspicuously in London streets packed full of explosives, that if detonated would cause mass murder and carnage like we see in Iraq – Horrific.

To me this was not a typical British born Al Qaeda terror attack so if it was not a Al Qaeda terror attack then who was it?

Iran is the only other likely suspect with the means, capability and the reason to attack us. They are secretly at war with us in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been the recent Sir Rushdie affair, the detention of our Navy sailors and all out war with them is a certainty at some point in the future because of their nuclear programme, so this terrorist attack could ultimately be traced back to the Iranian regime.

It is my belief that all the Islamic terrorist armies around the world are going to merge into the one beast because it suits all of their purposes. They are all ultimately brothers through the – Koran – they all have the same murderous hatred towards us and they all want to see our destruction. We in the Western World with America at the head are the Great Satan and Israel in the Middle East is the little Satan, it makes sense for Moslem brothers to merge and fight the common enemy so that Islam can rule the world.

War with Al Qaeda is already underway, a secret war with Iran is already underway and open war with Iran is on its way.

These bombings in Great Britain could be the merger of the two beasts into the one monster which is intent on mass chaos, murder, carnage and the total destruction of our country and way of life.

Iran has an army of Islamic suicide bombers positioned around the world who are sitting patiently and quietly in the shadows as sleeper agents waiting for their orders from on high to attack.

My thoughts were confirmed when on the news it was revealed that those who have been arrested for their involvement in this bombing campaign were all of Middle Eastern origin, not British born and it was revealed that one of them in custody is an Iranian Doctor.

Is this the merging of the two beasts within mainland Britain?

Great Britain is the last outpost in so-called Eurabia, the stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century – America – If they win their battle here in the UK then they will have conquered all of Eurabia. Great Britain is the last line of resistance because the majority of mainland Europe has already succumbed to Islam’s global Jihad with no resistance other than words from its residents. This then leaves America the head of the Great Satan, wide open to Islamic conquest. The game is already underway in this ‘modern war’ with all the pieces of the puzzle in place, the only thing is, Great Britain has not fully succumbed yet to Islam’s complete dominance and over the dead bodies of the British patriots living here never will – The true battle for this Nations survival has not fully started yet.

Let us hope that our modern leaders see these facts before it is too late!

The failed car bombings this weekend add another horrifying aspect to the picture that the innocent people of Great Britain now face. Not only do they have to be concerned about sitting in cafes, bars, on buses or on the tube due to Al Qaeda’s suicide bombers, they now have to be concerned about walking down the street and a car being plotted up laden with explosives being detonated.

There is no protection against either of these attacks and they are extremely easy to carry out. Yes our security services are there in the shadows watching but even they cannot see everything especially when you have an Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain with a population of upwards of 3 million. It is very easy for trained suicide bombers, bomb makers and Islamic military operatives to disappear into that alien Kingdom and then emerge from no where on a mission of mass murder for Allah killing innocent people and causing devastation and carnage upon our streets, like what has been narrowly avoided this weekend.

If successful our streets then running with innocent blood, maybe yours or mine!

Ask yourself this; look at the Islamic communities you know of within Great Britain, how hard would it be for a suicide bomber to jump on a bus with his bomb, travel into your town, walk into a café or pub and detonate his device? Or how hard would it be for a Moslem from within that community to pack his car full of explosives, drive into your town, park outside of a pub full of young people and blow himself up along with gallons of petrol, gas cylinders and nails?

There is nothing we can do to stop Allah’s soldiers from attacking us because they have complete access to our whole country and there is an army of them who have been recruited, radicalised and trained by Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, that are sitting patiently in the shadows for their orders, who in their minds are at war with us and are longing for the day that they can kill themselves killing innocent British citizens.

Just because in your mind you are not at war with them does not mean that they are not at war with us. We live in the same country as Moslems, but our views and outlook on life are completely different. As a non-Moslem British citizen you know absolutely nothing about Islam, the way of life within their communities in our country or how they think towards non-Moslems (those outside). You live in your own happy peaceful British way of life thinking that everyone thinks like you – They do not – Moslems living within the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain live completely different from you, think completely different from you and you ultimately have no clue!!

You listen to the voices that say “Islam is a Religion of Peace” read my blog and the other blogs on my blogroll and educate yourself to the Islamic blood thirsty beast living in your midst that you know nothing about.

Come on wake up.

Look at 7/7, look at this weekends failed bombings, look at the links to Islamic terror from Luton where I live, then let’s get real about the threat we face so that we can defeat it before it is too late. Turning your back, ignoring it and being scared is not going to make it go away, this blood thirsty Islamic beast is growing by the day and living off of your fear and inaction.

People criticise Israel for placing a large wall up around Gaza and the West bank where there is large concentrations of Palestinian Moslems. These Moslems used to walk into Israel laden with explosives, just like any Moslem can do in Britain, then walk into a café or onto a bus blowing himself up killing untold amounts of innocent Jewish citizens. The government of Israel had no alternative but to protect its citizens and act, which thankfully it has done, so next time you see people criticising Israel and Jews please think about the blood thirsty Islamic beast these people have experienced first hand which they face on a daily basis.

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