11 January 2001

An invitation: St George's day in Luton

(April 2009)

Dear Bishop Nazir

I would like to invite you, on behalf of a group of people I am
involved with, if we are granted the relevant permission and
support, to address a public gathering of people this coming St
George's day, this most English of days, in Luton town centre.

I personally know it is a long shot due to the short time scale etc
and you having a busy public diary but unless we ask you we will
never know whether or not you would be willing and able to make it
on this day.

Sometimes God opens doors in the least expected places, at much
unexpected times, and then sends us to carry out His will. I am
sure that prayer and contemplation will answer whether this is the
case for you, and then He will open the door.

As you are fully aware, Luton has been in the international media
spotlight recently concerning militant Islam's disruption of the
'Royal Anglian Regiment homecoming parade in the town. This does
illustrate a very serious, long term problem regarding an extreme
element of Islam locally, of which you are personally aware our
local community now faces, and what that means to the wider British
community in general.

It cannot be ignored anymore, and it cannot be swept under the
carpet of reality as if it is not there. It is there, and every
now and then it raises its ugly head, sometimes with catastrophic
murderous consequences like on the morning of 7/7. Is this really
what the innocent peaceful British community wants? Is this what
the innocent, peaceful Luton community wants?

Being a prophet of God and a modern day revivalist in England, your
job is not to cause divisions or inflame situations, but to speak
the truth from your Christian perspective without fear or
compromise. If that truth you speak inflames situations and places
people into a position of fear through what you have said, then
those people who are charged with preventing this from happening
should address those who want to inflame the situation based upon
your words, thus placing normal citizens into a position of feeling
fearful, and not you. We should never be silenced from speaking the
truth within the law, by those who want to terrorise us into
silence because of their aims and intentions towards us. We serve a
God of love who tells us to speak the truth without compromise and
without fear, and we should never be prevented from doing so under
any circumstances, because if we are, we cannot call ourselves 'His
servants' and seek to lead others into the knowledge of the truth.
We only have to look at the life of the Apostles in the New
Testament to see the sacrifices they each endured to bring the
Gospel of Christ to the people, stoning, beatings, and murder was
commonplace in those times.

You Bishop, are a great man and strong leader within the Christian
faith in England, and the Anglican Church upon these shores will
have a gaping wound within its body now that you are leaving to
fulfil God's calling upon your life by going out into the world to
preach the Gospel. For the sake of Christianity in Britain we can
only hope and pray that God fills the wound you are leaving behind
with someone just as strong, fearless and as committed as you are,
if not we both know the consequences for the Queen's established
Church in England.

I know because I keep abreast of what is happening in our country,
that you have the respect of every section of the English community
who know anything about your ministry, and the issues concerning
modern Britain, which is a true mark of God's grace upon your life.

You are willing to speak out on behalf of the oppressed when nobody
else will, and that is ignored by no one, yet vilified by many.

Matthew 5:11 - 12 "Blessed are you when they revile and persecute
you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. 12
Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in
heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

This is my reasoning behind wanting to invite you to address any
people gathered in Luton on St George's day.

If anyone can bridge divisions between all communities locally and
help restore some kind of harmony after the shocking events of
March 10th 2009, then it is a man of your standing and calibre
within public life. No community could ignore your presence or
your words by invitation of the English community on the most
important day of their national calendar.

If God allows for us to celebrate St George's day in Luton this
year, and you are willing to come, then wherever you go in this
world, placing your life in harm's way for the sake of the Gospel,
you will go in the knowledge that back home you have the respect,
admiration and honour of the English community of Bedfordshire, and
each of those communities present on St George's day, which I hope
would inspire you, and give you strength, and courage to push
forward into those dark places you are now heading.

'What should they know of England, who only England know?'

Time is of the essence now Bishop, because St George's day is only
3 weeks around the corner, so a swift reply would be very much

I am currently liaising with Luton police force on this event so if
you have any questions please give them a call.

Sergeant 257

A hard copy of this letter will be in the post.

In service of the King

Paul Ray

Response: Bishop Michael Nazir Ali

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