1 January 2001

The Next Level

Even though I have been living like a fugitive in my own country because of my words and deeds in facing up to the civil Islamic enemy that is actively and daily at war with my country, I have kept my blog going at much daily risk to my life.

I stand almost completely alone physically before Almighty God, but know that I have much moral support globally from those who read my blog and are in similar situations, seeing what is happening around each of us wherever we are in the world.

What are our individual countries and the world we are living in coming too when on the ground we have an Islamic enemy that is trained and inspired by Al Qaeda who are actively at war with us and our way of life on different levels on a daily basis, and us the innocent peaceful non-violent people of our communities on the receiving end of this Islamic murderous war mongering behaviour can do absolutely nothing to protect ourselves?

When we do stand up and speak out we are classed as racists, extremists and Islamaphobics. These are words used by the Islamic Kingdom to silence opposition in this Politically correct modern age. Many of my closest friends, who I look towards as family, are from different ethnic backgrounds, so I am not a racist. I have experienced at first hand a part of the Islamic Kingdoms war against British society that you probably will never personally experience so you cannot say my words are not true or that I am Islamaphobic, I have spoken the truth from my perspective as an Anglo-Saxon Christian British citizen. Am I an extremist for writing the truth on my blog? Or is it extreme to have murdering drug dealing Pakistani Moslems wanting to kill you for helping the police and losing absolutely every worldly possession in the process? All I have left is my life and my Faith?

Who is the extremist and who is the racist because it is not me?

You are blind, deaf and dumb if you think it is me!

I am just an innocent British citizen who has said enough is enough of this murderous war mongering Islamic behaviour and has stood up and done what was right when the opportunity arose, which is more than I can say for you who criticises me by calling me names.

Like the saying goes, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”.

This modern war is being played out on our streets as well as the frontlines around the world; the only difference is the civil Islamic enemy that is here upon our streets has a free reign to do what it wants within our communities with no real resistance from anyone, so is taking over.

The British government have publicly called on the British people to come forward and help them tackle this modern Islamic threat, look at my experiences as a prime example of what happens when you do!

We have the British police against us and we have the Islamic Kingdom against us, so the innocent British people are forced through no choice of their own to take ‘Dhimmi’ status in the face of the surrounding murderous, aggressive and intimidating army of Moslem men who are on the ground in our communities, or face a similar fate to me if they stand up and step forward.

What future is our government and those employed to protect the innocent and vulnerable in British society walking us and our children towards when this is what is happening on the ground throughout our country?

Al Qaeda and all of its trained Moslem soldiers and followers on the ground, street level, in our communities have no problem whatsoever declaring their aims, intentions and working towards them against us because they have no regard for our way of life and the legal system in place to protect the innocent in society. They believe that Allah, the Koran and Mohamed are the ultimate rule and way of life for Moslems, and that our British way of life is inferior to Allah so should be removed and replaced with an Islamic way of life.

This is the view of the 21st Century Islamic guerrilla army that is living in our land, feeding from our generosity and is at war with us. Do you really think they care about our laws and legal system? Do you think they are going to scare them into not following the Islamic command of Jihad (Holy War) against us?

Of course not that is why they are getting away with their Jihad and are taking over our communities with the full intention of destroying our way of life and enforcing Islam upon this Nation, its people and your children.

There can only be one winner in war, so it is either going to be them or it is going to be us. The way things are going at the moment with what is happening on the ground it is going to be them because they have taken over large sections of the ground already.

This ship is sinking with the leaders of our Nation at ever level sitting back inept allowing it to happen.

How can those who profess Christ and stand before the Living God, and that includes the Queen who is supposed to be the ‘Defender of the Faith’ sit back and allow this to happen to the innocent and vulnerable within our very homeland.

Why did so many men and women give their lives for this country, only for it to be destroyed from within by an internal Islamic enemy now in this generation? Take a step back and think about what your forefathers would be thinking now if they knew that their sacrifices were in ‘vain’ because of this weak pathetic generation who are handing parts of our Nation over to the Islamic Kingdom and its way of life upon our homeland, upon their great grandchildren’s futures.


What am I personally to do now?

I am homeless, penniless, and unable to work because of no bank accounts and no i.d with Moslems wanting me dead. I would accept my situation joyfully if I could at least work to put food on my table, but I cannot even do that. Thankfully God has provided for me in my lack each step of the way but that is no way to live, enduring and existence, what future do I have?

This is the future for your children unless we win in the next 15 years, 15 years is the time frame that Gordon Browns military advisor has stated that it will take to win the hearts and minds of the Moslem youth in our country. The thing is that if we do not win in the next 15 years then we will be past the point of no return and Islam will be in a position of power and dominance in our Nation. Anyway why should we be fighting for their hearts and minds? if they do not like us and our way of life why does our government not lock them up or deport them for the safety and security of the British people, is that not ours and our children’s human right? Imagine if one of your loved ones died on 7/7 or if the failed car bombings had of gone off, yet we are to tip toe around the Islamic Kingdom so as to not offend them.

Modern madness!

Those words are probably taboo in such a politically correct society, which is a sign of the times we are now living in, and a sign for our children’s futures.

I hope and pray that Gordon Brown stands with the British people in this Christian Nation in the days that lay ahead and not side with, and bow down to, the Islamic Kingdom.

We are all walking towards the future.

If there is anybody out there who reads my blog that would like to help me then any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated. It takes me many hours and sometimes days to write some of my posts for my blog so any financial appreciation would go a long way.

I am very limited to what I can do and how I can use my blog, so I have another project in the pipeline to take the blog to the next level and hopefully reach a wider audience, it does feel like I am preaching to the converted sometimes, its all good though because it is good to share, but it would be good to know that it is reaching the unconverted and uninformed with the truth of the threat our country faces from the hidden enemy – 2 Kingdoms 1 Country – so if there is anybody out there who would like to financially help and support this project then we can make it a reality.

I am also in the process of writing a book – The 21st Century English Civil War – so I am going to knuckle down and get this completed. If there is anyone out there who could help me get it published or knows of anyone who could help me get it published then it would be very much appreciated.

I am down and I have been down for sometime now, but I am not out!

’No surrender’ is the British motto so with every last drop of blood and every bit of personal wealth we must stand up and defend ourselves, our communities, our country and ultimately the future of our Nation which is our children’s futures.

I have given my wealth and my blood, only my blood has not been spilt yet.

What are you personally willing to give or to do in defence of your homeland and of the civilized world in which we live?

God bless you


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Anonymous said...

Hi Lionheart,

I like your blog and read it everyday I will donate when I have a paypal account. What are your plans for bringing this to the next level? I have often thought that you have a talent for writing and need a bigger audience unfortunately I don't have any contacts that can help you at the moment but if/when I am in a position to help you I will

Lionheart said...

thanks anonymous for stopping by to read my blog.

Your help in anyway would be greatly appreciated.

I am going to be setting up a more interactive website that will be more than just blog posts, a one stop source of information for people to use.

Also to build a data base of like minded people that can be used as a voice in the PC world.

God bless you


Anonymous said...
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Lionheart said...

I removed the previous post because i wanted to keep it private. I will reply when i get a moment.

Anonymous said...

okay mate glad to see you're still about

Lionheart said...

"Having known you from a distance, I can see you are a surviver.
The hardest steel is forged on the anvil of suffering.
You are one of the vanguard of those that can see the very real dangers faced by our democratic free societies.
Do not forget that there are millions who DO know of what you describe.
It is not the British way to take these matters to the streets.
However, when, and I say when not if, the line is crossed, the silent majority will find it's voice.
You are brave, and some would say foolish enough to raise your head above the trench.
Such is the stuff true leaders of men are made of.
Some may find your religious beliefs unpalatable, but there is a million miles between you and those that lust for the destruction of our ancient civilization.
After all, the Brits had accepted the one God, the Creator, hundreds of years before the children of Ghengis Khan had populated Asia, and whilst they still worshiped the Moon and Genies.
The British and our Anglo Saxon forebears, along with our Celtic, Germanic and Latin cousins, need no lectures from the our GUESTS, as to how to live. We may err in the ways of material wealth, but who do we see living high on the hog, from the profit of drug dealing and such like activities?

Your humility is your closest friend and you are indeed a true and humble knight"

Thank you for visiting my blog ! and for your encouraging words, it confirms to me that I am on the right track and it is also good to know that there are people out there who are watching me whilst in my cage.

As you say it is not the British way to take these matters to the streets that is because we live in a civilized society that has developed over centuries, with our way of life being protected during that time with the blood sweat toil and tears of our brave forefathers on the battlefields around the world. But we now have a 21st Century military enemy in our midst that is seeking to destroy all that is enshrined in our British way of life. The streets is where the military wing of our modern enemy is actively and daily at war with our innocent British society, it is the frontline of this modern ‘guerrilla’ war within our British homeland and if we lose the front line, which to this point in time we clearly have, then the government will have no option but to eventually at some point down the road, call in the military to try and contain the problem, the police clearly cannot cope anymore.

As you will know our military Generals have recently publicly stated that the armed forces are over stretched, with no reserves and could not cope with a domestic emergency. That means we have no defence upon our streets within our homeland and is the reason why the Islamists are succeeding in their Jihad upon our streets unhindered.

Desperate time’s calls for desperate measures and as our great leader Sir Winston Churchill said: “we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender, and even if, which I do not for a moment believe, this Island or a large part of it were subjugated and starving, then our Empire beyond the seas, armed and guarded by the British Fleet, would carry on the struggle, until, in God's good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old”.

The line was crossed on 7/7 and the silent majority stayed silent, thankfully by the grace of God the Tiger Tiger night club car bomb never went off otherwise the line would have been devastatingly crossed again with innocent blood running in the streets of London again. The line is continually being crossed daily throughout our land and the silent majority is forced into silence and inaction by the police and government. As this happens the silent majority is pressed down further and forced through fear into watching silently as their country and children’s futures are destroyed from within by the now unwelcome Moslem GUESTS that are living next to us, with the blood thirsty Islamic beast that they are a part of, growing in every way by the day.

What is the ultimate result for our future, of this inaction and appeasement by our modern leaders?

We are being forced to wait for another massive horrendous atrocity to occur with many more innocent British lives lost, maybe even yours, mine, or our families before people realise that the line has well and truly been crossed by the Islamic enemy that is living in our land and taking/feeding from our British generosity.

How could the once Great British Empire have such ‘stupid’ weak people in positions of power leading our homeland at such a critical time in our history?

Look at all of the knowledge that is in the public domain of what the Islamic enemy has been planning to inflict upon us, and people still say the line has not been crossed. What is it going to take before people realise that it has well and truly been crossed, to the point of a National emergency?

John Reid when he was Home Secretary publicly stated in relation to the Islamic threat, that there is an emergency threatening the life of the Nation. Gordon Brown has publicly stated that the enemy wants to destroy our way of life. The line crossing seems pretty clear to me, yet the silent majority must stay silent through PC’s so as to not offend our Moslem GUESTS who are at war with us. That sounds like appeasement and Dhimmitude to me?

In my opinion; in absolutely every sphere of life and at every level of life, the line has clearly been crossed. I can back that opinion up with personal experiences and by a general observation. I have been forced out of my home, out of my business, into bankruptcy, into becoming homeless and destitute not even able to get a job to survive within my own country, a country I own war medals for that were handed down to me from one of my forefathers who defended Queen and country in the Second World War, and all because of the British Islamic warmongering enemy that is living here and is at war with me because I am a Christian infidel and my country, with the ultimate aim of conquering this Nation.

I am forced to do nothing and say nothing – Where are my human rights as a British citizen?

We the innocent people of Great Britain are forced to stay silent, inept through fear of our government, ‘their’ security services and the police who enforce the ‘Elites’ will of protecting the Islamic Kingdom from any dissent by innocent British people who would seek to protect their families and friends human rights as British citizens in the face of this modern Islamic army that has declared war upon them and their country. Being ‘forced’ to sit back inept and watch as the Islamic enemy continues on its war path within our communities and in our country, growing in every way by the day!

The madness of life in 21st Century Britain – 2 Kingdoms in the 1 Country – Our Country, our Great British homeland!

Someone had to stick their head above the trench because if they did not then there would be no hope at all, things are that bad in and around Luton & Dunstable with EVERYONE in a position of forced Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation, with pathetic weak cowardly ‘traitors’ who would rather join them in their darkness for their own personal survival and gain rather than resist them.

I stuck my head above the trench completely alone, and in the full knowledge that I was completely on my own in doing so; there was no one with me or behind me because of how strong the Islamic paramilitary army on the streets is. This is my community and my country so I will not sit back like a coward while the Islamic soldiers march across the land, ravaging, desecrating and destroying my community and country in the process, with the ultimate aim of forcing my children, and the other innocent children of Great Britain to live under Islam in this their Christian homeland – Over my dead Christian body as I stand before Almighty God - My personal situation is how bad things are on the ground here and should be a clear warning sign to those watching if they did not already know about the ‘state of play’ on the ground here in Al Qaeda’s stronghold and frontline within Great Britain - Luton.

We know that the situation has not reached the point yet of sending the military in and interning those involved in the organised paramilitary army, so what is the government’s response going to be at this moment in time to what is happening on the ground with the Islamic army of street soldiers who are conducting Jihad against Great Britain for Islam and Al Qaeda?

Everyone has ignored it so far!

On the polices own admission they cannot cope or deal with the problem on the streets of Luton, so the innocent in society are forced to have to just put up with being on the receiving end of this Islamic warmongering anarchy.

Come on; has the time not come for the innocent people of Britain to be protected and defended from this modern Islamic onslaught against our innocent communities and society?

How bad does it have to get and how much longer do the innocent in society have to grit their teeth and bare what is happening around them, with the breakdown of their once peaceful society, with lawless anarchy on their streets, with the elderly, innocent and vulnerable in fear for their lives and all with just cause to fear?

I have personally experienced and witnessed this modern madness so no one can say I am wrong. The innocent people of Luton & Dunstable have gritted their teeth for so long that Islam has now taken over the streets and won this first stage of their Jihad – low level civil war – they have secured the area with the whole community living in a position of forced Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation surrounded by a large Islamic paramilitary army that is extremely wealthy, organised and heavily armed.

The time has now come and is the reason why I have stood up and placed my head and my life above the trench, even though I am the only one in the trench anyway, because if we do not turn back what has been left for the last 40 years to develop then Luton & Dunstable will be the first of many geographic locations to fall to the Islamists with the Islamification of our whole Nation the ultimate end result now that they have started marching upon our land.

Over the coming years we will continue to watch as City by City, Town by Town and village by village across the whole Nation is Islamified with their barbaric and savage Islamic dominance enforced upon us the peaceful and innocent non-Moslem people of Great Britain, with two completely different ways of life fighting for the dominance and survival in this tiny Island which is our British homeland that was passed to our generation to protect and preserve for the next generation.

Take a step back and picture life here within Great Britain in 20 years from now when our innocent non-Moslem British children will be grown up based on what is happening in our midst now if we continue to sit back and do nothing, ignoring the severity of the situation on the ground and pretending the situation is not upon us, allowing it to fester and grown. The result will be either the complete Islamification of our Nation with our children forced to be Dhimmis and pay the Jizya tax or because of our inaction we will have forced our children into a murderous and bloody civil war. We are teaching our children at home to be civilized and progressive human beings, they are teaching their children that to die fighting Jihad against the infidel for Allah and Islam is the greatest honour for a Moslem.

We cannot escape the future because we are all walking towards it!

Believe me Luton has already well and truly fallen to the Islamists and Dunstable is well and truly on its way to falling and becoming another Islamic stronghold. At this moment in time it is a financial outpost for Fortress Bury Park, swarming with their street soldiers with their Heroin & Crack cocaine everyday, with there money laundering businesses arising in our midst that are bought with the proceeds from the destruction of the community. Given time it will just become an extension of their Islamic Kingdom, that is why there is no alternative but to defend it now for the sake of the future or ignore it and walk away and allow the Islamification of it to continue – Whose job is it to decide?

If Dunstable falls then the whole Kingdom will fall, I stated that in an earlier post, what happens here will reverberate across the whole country; you have a chance to now make a difference or allow the continued destruction and take over to continue, one thing is certain those listening cannot ignore my words or the ultimate consequences.

Those in power are either going to sit back like weak cowards and ignore the situation here on the ground and allow the once Royal Christian town of Dunstable to fall and become Islamified or they are going to help the community, start to help clear up the mess that has already been caused to the community and stop the Islamic paramilitary armies advancement further into the town.

People need to choose what they want to do before its too late because believe me there will be a point of no return, and that point is rapidly approaching look at Luton as your example.

Why should we and our innocent British children be forced into this position by an invading alien Islamic military force, with our government doing nothing to protect us and defend us from this violent intimidation and aggression on our streets?

Probably because we are way past the point of no return with our police force now unable to be effective in stopping the paramilitary army of Moslem street soldiers who are conducting Jihad against us, against our communities and against our society, making our legal system and laws totally ineffective in the face of this overwhelming military onslaught by this invading Islamic guerrilla army upon our streets. It is easier for the police to turn a blind eye and ignore the Islamic Kingdom and just police normal British society instead, at least then they gain their much needed arrest results with no Moslem intimidation, hassle or being called racist or Islamaphobic and losing their jobs in this new multicultural PC Britain. The Islamic Kingdom is then just left to continue its Jihad against us unhindered, unless it encroaches too much upon British society then the police are forced down the treacherous road to make arrests – Double Standards - Moslems are given a free unhindered reign to do what they want against us, which is exactly what is happening upon our 21st Century British streets.

Are people really that blind and deaf not to see or hear what is happening around them or is it that they cannot accept the truth and reality of the situation that is staring them in the face because of what facing up to the truth will really mean, with the decisions and steps that will then be needed to be taken and the subsequent consequences?

Every action or inaction has a consequence – Choose which you want!

Is our government and military in a position of forced Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation too?

As you say; many will be turned off by my Faith but I am the person who I am because of my Faith. I know that Almighty God is real; I stand before Him and place my life by Faith into His hands. It would have been easy to reject my Faith so as to appeal to non-believers through my blog, but what would that make me and how would my God who I stand before view me if I took that root and denied Him before men?

I am an unapologetic Christian because I have ‘much’ to thank God for, where would I be now if it was not for Him. He chose me for a plan and a purpose which is what I am now walking out.

The battle is raging on the ground throughout our land for the Heart & Soul of this once Great peaceful Nation and there can only ultimately be one winner in this war, with our innocent British children and grandchildren being the ones who are going to suffer from this generation’s cowardice and inaction.

Our light that has shone brightly for generations within the civilized world will never be stamped out by the darkness of Islam because our light shines forth from the Living God.

God bless you

In service of the King


mary j said...

Hi Lionheart. A dear friend of mine who loves and supports Israel--as I do--sent me your link. As I read your story and comments I was in TOTAL agreement. What you have written re Islam is exactly what the Lord has revealed to me. A few years ago I didn't understand how strong the threat was but now I do--and that this is totally world-wide. The signs are clear and are escalating all the time. I see so clearly that people are afraid to speak out--and now-from reading your blog-I can see why--it is as I thought--there is collusion with Islam at all levels of ours and other nation's society. Why otherwise would there be such a cry for a 2 state 'solution' in Israel? Don't they know that Islam is committed to destroy Israel?--of course they do! The whole deal is to destroy Israel and therefore the Witness to the fact that God exists. The Church is so stuffed full of Replacement Theology that it can't see how not standing up for Israel will sign it's own death warrant. I have been in contact with my local MP about all this--he was sympathetic for a while but at the moment I'm not hearing back from him. I will be praying for you Lionheart,. Please feel free to contact me. Mary J.