1 January 2001

UK - Al Qaeda's Horrific Failed Car bombings

Part 1. The Brown effect.

This weekend has seen a failed suicide bomb attack on Glasgow airport and two failed car bombings on the streets of London. I can only say that it is by Gods grace and Gods grace alone that each of these horrendous attacks failed, preventing truly unimaginable horror. It seems that after the two failed bombings in London a desperate attempt was made by the Islamic army to hit somewhere else causing mass carnage, murdering as many innocent people as possible in their planned sustained weekend of attacks – They Failed Again.

Is it by chance that each of these three bombings failed with no lose of life, not even to the failed suicide bombers at Glasgow airport even after one of them doused themselves with petrol and set fire to himself?

The bombings this weekend were to be significant and coincide with the handing over the reigns of power of the British government from Tony Blair to our new Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The Islamic Kingdom within Great Britian had successfully forced Tony Blair and his government into a position of Dhimmitude (subservience) through fear. This in my view was the Islamic Kingdoms way of seeking to shake the will of our new Prime Minister, also forcing him into a position of Dhimmitude through fear so that he too would bow down to the Islamic Kingdom living in our midst and hand them their demands.

It never worked!

In my personal opinion, based on all of the facts, the reason why this planned bombing campaign against the innocent people of Great Britian was unsuccessful was because in whatever way each attack unfolded, The Living God intervened in the affairs of man to prevent each of the bombs from going off and achieving their murderous Islamic master’s horrific intentions.

Again, is it by chance that all three bomb attempts failed, including two suicidal human beings, personally trying to drive a Land Rover full of petrol and gas canisters into Glasgow airport and setting fire to themselves? I would say that it was nothing less than a miracle.

Just before Gordon Brown took over his Premiership I heard him on TV speaking about his values and ideals for the leadership of this country and during the interview he publicly professed his Christian faith to the whole country by saying that he was brought up in a Christian home by his Father who was a minister of the Gospel.

So we now have a leader of this country who has been influenced by the Gospel of Jesus Christ who knows the truth about the Living God in a very real way, due to his Father who was a powerful servant of the Lord and a true Godly man of the faith.

Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.

As if the Living God would allow such horror aimed at one of his own on the most important day of this mans life. God’s word through the Holy Bible states that our leaders are placed over us by His divine will, so Gordon Brown is the leader of this Nation whether people like it or not, because Almighty God has ordained it too be so, and in my view if he walks his political path right and justly before Almighty God then he will be a Great Leader for the British people.

Time will tell.

What greater proof can we have of the reality that the Living God stands with his son Gordon Brown, than three massive, potentially horrendous Islamic car bombs which would have killed hundreds, injured hundreds and caused mass carnage and devastation upon the streets of Great Britain each somehow ‘miraculously’ being prevented from achieving their ultimate murderous aims with not ‘one’ lose of life, not even to the would-be suicide bombers, and all coinciding with him taking office.

A Miracle is the only word that we can use to describe the events of this weekend being prevented, and the Holy Bible clearly states that our God the God of Israel is a God of Miracles.

This weekend should act as sign for Gordon Brown of how he should lead the people of this country in the face of the Islamic Kingdoms internal war against our country.

This Nation lives under the shadow and in the light of the Living God, the God of Christendom, and there are even darker days coming because of the evil Islamic beast which has been allowed to grow within our midst.

The War of our Times is upon us, so please do not falter or fails us Mr Brown because the light of Christianity that has shone brightly upon this Nation for centuries will not be stamped out no matter what the price we have to pay so you are either with us, the innocent people of this Christian land or against us!

I hope that the events and miracles of this weekend will again reaffirm to you personally the truth of the One your father once served, the One whom he preached to others about and the One whom he introduced others too when leading them into the Light of Salvation contained within the message of the Gospel – Jesus Christ our Saviour and our King.

Hebrews 12:1 – 2 Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.

The British people are more than ready to tackle this Clear & Present Islamic threat that surrounds us; we are just awaiting and looking for a leader who will arise and lead us fearlessly into the future to sleigh the beast that is here desecrating and destroying the beautiful green pastures of Great Britain.

Is it you?

Part 2. The Clear & Present Islamic Threat

As I am writing this post and you are reading it, the emergency Terror threat level within Great Britain has been moved to level - ‘Critical’. This level is the highest possible state of alert that our country can be on, meaning that another Islamic terrorist attack against our country is imminent.

These failed attacks are a frightening development in the life of this country in relation to the Islamic terror threat that we face. They clearly show us another very real face of the Islamic beast within our midst and the horror it seeks to inflict upon us the innocent non-Moslem people of Great Britain.

The first of the failed London car bombs was outside of a popular night club called ‘Tiger Tiger’ and on the evening of the thwarted attack, was full of women enjoying a ladies only night. The car was packed with petrol cans, gas cylinders and nails so as to cause maximum death and carnage once exploded. There was so much petrol in the car that by chance an ambulance crew who were on a routine call out noticed vapours coming from the car and alerted police who then had time to de-activate the bomb before its planned time of detonation.

It is said that if this car bomb had of detonated that it would have sent a searing red hot fireball containing the red hot nails that were placed in the car, along with shards of metal from the wreckage of the car, 100 yards up the street at speeds of 100’s of mph. As you can see from the picture the car was parked adjacent to the alleyway where the entrance to the night club was, so the firebomb containing the red hot debris would have literally wiped out everyone in its path, all of those innocent women who would have been loitering out side of this club at the end of their night as people do. You can only imagine and hate to think about the horror and carnage that would have occurred if this bomb had of gone off.

This potential car bomb and the planned devastation that those behind it were seeking to achieve, gives you a clear insight into the mind of Allah’s soldiers who we have living in Great Britain, who hate us, our way of life and that enjoy killing us and causing mass murder for Allah because they believe it pleases him, the god of Islam.

Again, by chance, the other car bomb which was parked 100 yards around the corner from the first car to have been discovered had already been towed away due to being illegally parked.

Allah’s soldiers who planned these devastating synchronised attacks were seeking mass murder and carnage on a horrific scale with countless innocent victims murdered and maimed, it would have been devastating.

These types of Islamic attacks are what we witness daily on our TV screens coming out of Iraq. We see the mangled wreckages of the cars, thankfully no body parts because what we watch on our TV is sanitised, but they do show us the streets which are literally running with blood after these attacks and the death toll is in double and treble figures. Believe me if the first car bomb to have been discovered had of gone off then there would have been innocent female blood running in the streets of London this weekend with the death toll in double figures.

Whoever was behind these attacks failed in their mission to bomb London for their religious political masters, ( I say political because in one way or another the Moslem terrorists who are at war with us and our society have an Islamic inspired political agenda that they are seeking to enforce upon us, and they use murder and bloodshed as their way of achieving their aims) this in my belief was why Glasgow airport was subsequently attacked. It seems to me that it was a haphazard attack in desperation after the two car bombs in London were discovered and failed to detonate. Whoever was behind this weekends attack did not want to fail in murdering innocent British citizens under any circumstances.

We thank God that they failed.

Two young men of Middle Eastern appearance tried driving into the entrance to Glasgow airport packed with petrol and gas cylinders, setting the car and themselves alight hoping that there would be a mass explosion killing hundreds of innocent people who were off on their summer holidays. The car failed to reach the inside of the building, failed to explode and the would-be Islamic suicide cases had their lives saved by the police who were immediately on the scene and put the fire out on their burning bodies.

All in all after the three attacks, not one person dead and Great Britain saved from a weekend of pure horror and devastation – The people of Great Britain thank God for saving us from these atrocities.

After realising that we had been targeted with a deadly planned bombing campaign and the type of attack – Car Bombs – it horrified me because this was a whole new horrific face to the Islamic beast and the way in which it attacks. In my mind we think of Al Qaeda’s suicide bombers walking into cafes, bars and jumping on buses, yet here we have cars parked inconspicuously in London streets packed full of explosives, that if detonated would cause mass murder and carnage like we see in Iraq – Horrific.

To me this was not a typical British born Al Qaeda terror attack so if it was not a Al Qaeda terror attack then who was it?

Iran is the only other likely suspect with the means, capability and the reason to attack us. They are secretly at war with us in Iraq and Afghanistan, there has been the recent Sir Rushdie affair, the detention of our Navy sailors and all out war with them is a certainty at some point in the future because of their nuclear programme, so this terrorist attack could ultimately be traced back to the Iranian regime.

It is my belief that all the Islamic terrorist armies around the world are going to merge into the one beast because it suits all of their purposes. They are all ultimately brothers through the – Koran – they all have the same murderous hatred towards us and they all want to see our destruction. We in the Western World with America at the head are the Great Satan and Israel in the Middle East is the little Satan, it makes sense for Moslem brothers to merge and fight the common enemy so that Islam can rule the world.

War with Al Qaeda is already underway, a secret war with Iran is already underway and open war with Iran is on its way.

These bombings in Great Britain could be the merger of the two beasts into the one monster which is intent on mass chaos, murder, carnage and the total destruction of our country and way of life.

Iran has an army of Islamic suicide bombers positioned around the world who are sitting patiently and quietly in the shadows as sleeper agents waiting for their orders from on high to attack.

My thoughts were confirmed when on the news it was revealed that those who have been arrested for their involvement in this bombing campaign were all of Middle Eastern origin, not British born and it was revealed that one of them in custody is an Iranian Doctor.

Is this the merging of the two beasts within mainland Britain?

Great Britain is the last outpost in so-called Eurabia, the stepping stone into the greatest battlefield of the 21st Century – America – If they win their battle here in the UK then they will have conquered all of Eurabia. Great Britain is the last line of resistance because the majority of mainland Europe has already succumbed to Islam’s global Jihad with no resistance other than words from its residents. This then leaves America the head of the Great Satan, wide open to Islamic conquest. The game is already underway in this ‘modern war’ with all the pieces of the puzzle in place, the only thing is, Great Britain has not fully succumbed yet to Islam’s complete dominance and over the dead bodies of the British patriots living here never will – The true battle for this Nations survival has not fully started yet.

Let us hope that our modern leaders see these facts before it is too late!

The failed car bombings this weekend add another horrifying aspect to the picture that the innocent people of Great Britain now face. Not only do they have to be concerned about sitting in cafes, bars, on buses or on the tube due to Al Qaeda’s suicide bombers, they now have to be concerned about walking down the street and a car being plotted up laden with explosives being detonated.

There is no protection against either of these attacks and they are extremely easy to carry out. Yes our security services are there in the shadows watching but even they cannot see everything especially when you have an Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain with a population of upwards of 3 million. It is very easy for trained suicide bombers, bomb makers and Islamic military operatives to disappear into that alien Kingdom and then emerge from no where on a mission of mass murder for Allah killing innocent people and causing devastation and carnage upon our streets, like what has been narrowly avoided this weekend.

If successful our streets then running with innocent blood, maybe yours or mine!

Ask yourself this; look at the Islamic communities you know of within Great Britain, how hard would it be for a suicide bomber to jump on a bus with his bomb, travel into your town, walk into a café or pub and detonate his device? Or how hard would it be for a Moslem from within that community to pack his car full of explosives, drive into your town, park outside of a pub full of young people and blow himself up along with gallons of petrol, gas cylinders and nails?

There is nothing we can do to stop Allah’s soldiers from attacking us because they have complete access to our whole country and there is an army of them who have been recruited, radicalised and trained by Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, that are sitting patiently in the shadows for their orders, who in their minds are at war with us and are longing for the day that they can kill themselves killing innocent British citizens.

Just because in your mind you are not at war with them does not mean that they are not at war with us. We live in the same country as Moslems, but our views and outlook on life are completely different. As a non-Moslem British citizen you know absolutely nothing about Islam, the way of life within their communities in our country or how they think towards non-Moslems (those outside). You live in your own happy peaceful British way of life thinking that everyone thinks like you – They do not – Moslems living within the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain live completely different from you, think completely different from you and you ultimately have no clue!!

You listen to the voices that say “Islam is a Religion of Peace” read my blog and the other blogs on my blogroll and educate yourself to the Islamic blood thirsty beast living in your midst that you know nothing about.

Come on wake up.

Look at 7/7, look at this weekends failed bombings, look at the links to Islamic terror from Luton where I live, then let’s get real about the threat we face so that we can defeat it before it is too late. Turning your back, ignoring it and being scared is not going to make it go away, this blood thirsty Islamic beast is growing by the day and living off of your fear and inaction.

People criticise Israel for placing a large wall up around Gaza and the West bank where there is large concentrations of Palestinian Moslems. These Moslems used to walk into Israel laden with explosives, just like any Moslem can do in Britain, then walk into a café or onto a bus blowing himself up killing untold amounts of innocent Jewish citizens. The government of Israel had no alternative but to protect its citizens and act, which thankfully it has done, so next time you see people criticising Israel and Jews please think about the blood thirsty Islamic beast these people have experienced first hand which they face on a daily basis.

Part 3. England - Life in the 21st Century

Encamped upon the shores of Great Britain within the Islamic Kingdom the length and breadth of the country there is an army of Islamic soldiers who are ready, willing and actively conducting Jihad (Holy War) against non-Moslem society. These youths and young men have a modern Islamic world view and outlook on life which is one of global war and conquest on-behalf of their religion - Islam. These Moslems believe falsely that here, and now, in modern times, it is Islam’s golden age upon the Earth and that they are blessed to be Allah’s soldiers in this, his religious war that will bring about this golden age across the entire globe. Many amongst this group within Great Britain are Al Qaeda trained terrorists straight from the training camps of Afghanistan and Pakistan. It is this group of trained Islamic soldiers who are living amongst the massive British human cess pool of Moslem men throughout the Nation of Great Britain who are the torch bearers of this modern Islamic war against us, the citizens of the civilized Judeo/Christian world.

These British born Moslems are playing their part for the idol Allah in this modern global war upon the streets of Great Britain, possibly upon your street and if not then definitely very close by.

These Al Qaeda trained terrorists carry the ideals of Islam’s Jihad from the training fields of Afghanistan and Pakistan back to their Islamic communities within Great Britain, radicalising, recruiting and training their fellow Moslem brothers in the ways of Jihad, building their British born Islamic army, ready for their part, in this, the modern global conflict of the 21st Century.

The Islamic world - V - The Western world “The clash of Civilizations”.

Nobody wants to truly admit what is happening within Great Britain because of the fear and panic that would spread throughout the land and the demands that would then be placed upon the government do something about the problem.

There are voices rising up though from amongst the masses that can see clearly what is happening, who are demanding action from their leaders before it is too late.

Prevention is better than the cure because sometimes there is no cure!

At this point in time the government, security services and the police have shown that they are powerless to act against this modern murderous problem because it is so large, widespread, completely out of control and un-containable. This is why the murderous Islamic army whose only intentions are to conquer our land and enforce Islam upon this Nation are just left to fester and grow under the surface of everyday life in Britain, being ignored and swept under the carpet by all those in power as if the problem does not exist, ‘ultimately’ because they cannot and do not know how to deal with the problem.

Look at how full our prison system is? Where are we going to put masses of Moslem soldiers who are demonstrating against us and our way of life and whose intentions are of war and hate towards us? We have absolutely no response whatsoever against this modern British born Islamic army, so they are left to continue radicalising, recruiting and training for their Al Qaeda inspired path of War and Conquest against Great Britain.

It is better to leave them to their own devices as long as they do not upset anyone or encroach too much upon British society. That is the only explanation I can see for the inaction of those who are employed to protect us!

They have got the leaders of our country over a barrel with not one of them knowing what to do, or if they do know what should be done, then they are too frightened to do it, so the problem is left with the innocent British flock being on the receiving end of this Moslem intimidation and violence.

Those of us who do speak out are classed as Islamaphobic or racist to silence our dissent to keep the masses of gullible British sheep people duped into their false reality and sense of security – The false bubble of ‘peace and security’ that the people of Great Britain live in, along with their Eastenders, Coronation street and Big Brother escapism or BBC propaganda.

We the innocent people of Great Britain are the ones who have to face this modern day madness everyday, alone, this civil war that is aimed at the destruction of our British way life. The Islamic army in Britain holds our government to ransom – forced blackmail through fear – so that our government gives in to the Islamic Kingdoms demands, giving them the freedoms they want within our country, so that they can do what they want to change our British society so that it falls in line with Islam and Sharia law. This is all at the complete expense of the innocent people of Great Britain and their British way of life, the way of life that each and every one of our forefathers sacrificed their lives for upon the battlefields of the world in the last century for.

The facts speak for themselves when you have Moslem terrorist spewing hatred and treason against us and our way of life openly upon our streets, these terrorists who have been aligned to the worst Al Qaeda linked terrorists to have ever been given permission to live in Britain, who again where openly calling for and declaring Islam’s aims of War and conquest against this country. We catch a small glimpse of this when the Islamic Kingdom demonstrate upon our streets like what we saw recently with the demonstration against Sir Salman Rushdie’s Knighthood where the Moslem army led by Al Qaeda’s man in Britain Anjem Choudry were calling for his murder and throwing vile insults towards our elderly Queen.

We could write an endless list of the polices inaction in the face of this Islamic barbarism upon the streets of Great Britain. This continued inaction just leaves the wider innocent people in society, once again, feeling alienated and helpless in the face of these aggressive angry young Moslem men who are calling for the destruction of our way of life.

If the police and government will not act against these treasonous traitors then who will??? We are just forced to sit back, watch and accept what is happening around us!

One thing is certain is that those in positions of power including the intelligence services and military cannot deny anymore, what is going on under the surface of everyday life in Britain with regards to the suicidal murderous British born Islamic army that has arisen within our midst, that this country now faces.

There are many different sets of statistics in the public domain that scratches the surface of how large and widespread the problem we now face is.

Bottom line is that there is upwards of 3 million Moslem guests living in the country who all ultimately want to live under Sharia law because that is what their holy book teaches them, and within that 3 million you have the military wing, political wing and the religious wing who all work together to achieve the aims that are laid down in their holy book – The Koran.

Two Kingdoms within the one tiny Island, with one of those Kingdoms now actively at war to overthrow the ruling Kingdom! This is life within Great Britain in the 21st Century, an age old religious conflict in modern times upon our beautiful green shores. We only wish we were dreaming all of this, but we are not, and the future of our once Great Nation and all that the British people hold dear is now at stake because of these now ‘unwelcome’ Moslem guest that we have living beside us, who have set up camp, and that are now aggressively trying to enforce their Islamic way of life upon us and upon our whole island, thus pushing aside our indigenous British way of life that has developed over millennia.

Part 4. Israel & The Abomination.

Below is a picture of the Temple Mount within the Old City of Jerusalem taken by myself from the Mount of Olives.

Jerusalem is the most contested piece of land throughout the whole world; within the confines of the old City you have the worlds 3 main religions all crossing paths within the several square miles of this ancient historical place.

You have several different sections within the walls of the Old City; amongst them you have the Moslem quarter, Jewish quarter and a Christian quarter where each of these faiths cross paths.

Israel is in existence today because it is the homeland that the Living God promised to the Jewish people as their inheritance in the end times which was foretold by God through His prophets many centuries ago, it stands today as a testimony to the whole world of the truth and fulfilment of Gods word through the Bible and Torah.

On the Temple Mount within the Old City is the place where Solomon’s Temple once stood, which the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) now surrounds, which is the focal point of the Jewish Faith. Also within the Old city you have the place where Jesus walked with his cross before His crucifixion and the tomb where His body lay.

The people of the Christian and Jewish faiths are the children of promise through the seed of Abraham – Isaac.

The devil could not miss out on his opportunity to claim his part of Gods city so through Mohamed and the lies of Ishmael Abrahams other son which the Moslem world falsely believes is of the promise, which he is not, Ishmael was from the servant, set about to cause contention within Gods Holy City and forced lies upon humanity through the false prophet Mohamed claiming his part of the city. This is why there are now 2 mosques sitting atop of the Temple Mount, the Al Aksa mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

There is much history surrounding Jerusalem with different countries over the centuries laying claim to it, including England. We have a vast wealth of history dating back to this piece of Holy land and the truth of Almighty God contained there. Our history intertwined with the truth from this land is what has made our Nation great and formed the basis of our civilized Judeo/Christian society.

The God whom our forefathers set out to meet did not fail them; they then brought that truth back to this their homeland our Nation which then gave light to our land, the light of truth that has been burning bright ever since, with our Nation living under the shadow of Almighty God, the God of Israel throughout the ages.

Islam believes that Mohamed was brought to where the Dome of the Rock stands by the Angel Gabriel so they class the place where this mosque stands as a holy site within their religion. This is why they have built the two mosques upon the Temple Mount.

God scattered His people the Jewish race throughout the Nations because of their ways, but said that He would one day bring them back to their homeland, the land in which He promised them as their inheritance. So over the generations different Nations have fought for the claim and rule of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Jewish people now have their homeland as promised but the two mosques now stand in the way of the Jewish people rebuilding King Solomon’s Temple. As you can imagine when they reclaimed the land the mosques were of great contention because of their significance, so they still stand to date. Israel and the Jewish people are the owners of the land on which they stand though; this is why there is such contention between the two religions over this city now in modern times.

Jerusalem including the Old City is the Jewish people’s rightful inheritance from the Living God so there is no argument on this point, Biblical and Torah prophecy both also states that King Solomon’s Temple will be rebuilt again in the End Times. This means that the Dome of the Rock will have to go because it stands where King Solomon’s Temple should stand.

There, is the dilemma between the two religions.

Now that Israel has become a Nation again, this means that God is speeding world events up with Jerusalem being His Holy City for Him and His people to dwell, so for the Dome of the Rock to be standing where it does, it is a complete abomination to God and to His people.

When I look at the picture from a Christian perspective, knowing how God feels about foreign Gods and idols, I see it how He sees it which is completely abhorrent. We look across from the Mount of Olives at His Holy City Jerusalem, and the landscape is blotted by this horrendous abomination which is the worship of a foreign god, an idol.

Now the Living God’s people have their rightful homeland back to live with Him the, they now sit with this foreign idol in the centre of His Holy city where the Glorious Temple of King Solomon should stand.

End time prophecy foretells King Solomon’s Temple being rebuilt so we look into the future knowing that at some point the Dome of the Rock will be removed and the Temple rebuilt.

We look forward to this happening so that this horrendous blot on the beautiful landscape of Gods Holy City - Jerusalem - will be removed so that Gods splendour can be replaced.

If you are interested in End time prophecy then there is an excellent video at this link from the Jewish perspective which is pretty much the same as the Christian perspective. The only thing I disagree with is that God created the world for the Jews; I believe He created it for all of us and chose the Jewish race to reveal Himself too. Please click here to watch:- For Zion's sake

For all those aggressive violent Moslems who spew hatred, murder and anti-Semitism towards Jews and Israel, you now know my stance towards this pivotal conflict in the Moslem mind. I stand as a friend to each and every one of civilized citizens living within Israel and stand behind their actions when faced with murderous Moslems who want nothing less than their complete destruction.

I serve the God of Elijah - The God of Israel.

Part 5. The Knights Templar

As you will know, the brave warriors of England trekked across land and sea to the Holy Land many centuries ago during the times of the crusades when Gods army was raised to defend the peaceful pilgrims travelling to and from the Holy Land which was the centre of their faith, protecting them from the Moslem bandits who would murder and rob them. My brave forefathers took their rightful place upon this Holy Land and ultimately within the annuls of Christian and ancient history.

The history of Great Britain is inextricably linked with the Holy Land which is why our support now in these dark times is just as important today as it was during the times of the crusades.

The Knights Templar’s at one time took rule over Jerusalem and the Temple Mount which is where their name derives from. If you have any questions about the Knights Templar’s then email - Born A Templar - who is a modern historian of our brave fearless predecessors and their Christian military order.

God is raising up once again fearless Godly Knights who will not stand back in silence while the hordes of hell in the embodiment of Islam march across the globe threatening, intimidating and murdering innocent pilgrims in their quest to stamp out Gods light upon the Earth.

Almighty God justifies me and gives me my place upon this Earth; He is the one who chose me and set me free from the darkness of this world, so that I could stand before Him and Him alone to speak the words I do.

Romans 8:29 – 30 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.

We no longer need to travel to the Holy Land to protect the vulnerable from the hordes of evil from hell because we have them encamped within our homeland, destroying and desecrating our country, raping and pillaging our communities, murdering and impregnating our young, and all while the hereditary Christian Knights Templar’s get fat off of the land of this country. I make that statement because I do not see one of you, or have I ever seen one of you, standing up and stepping forward to help my community or me personally in the face of the Moslem army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable where I live who have opened this part of the country up as a frontline in Al Qaeda’s war against Great Britain.

The facts in the public domain about Luton speak for themselves.

So what does that say about you and the Christian Order you profess to belong?

My blog has enough facts and proof about how bad it is in Luton & Dunstable yet I stand alone as a Christian brother defending my community through my words and deeds, with Luton’s paramilitary army of Moslems wanting to kill me!

You should take note of this, and if it does not stir you to act then nothing will.

The innocent children slept safe in their beds while their’ protectors’ ignored the plundering and desecration of their communities and future’s.

You cannot escape the facts, no one can!

Imagine what the warrior Knights of old would have thought, to have seen what the leaders of this Christian Nation have allowed to happen to this their homeland and to know that the ranks of the Christian Knighthood stood back passive watching while this all unfolded – Their homeland desecrated and destroyed from within, with their women, children and grandchildren at the mercy of a savage barbaric intimidating Moslem army whose full intentions are upon conquering the land.

They would be ashamed and disgraced at what had become of their order, the drunkenness, fatness, cowardice and lethargy from the ones wearing the Blood Red Cross. It is no wonder that Islam is marching across the globe, marching through our communities and upon our streets with little or no resistance, blatantly threatening and abusing our elderly Queen who is the Sovereign Ruler of this Christian Nation and Defender of the Christian Faith, openly burning our St Georges flag upon the streets of London the Capital City of our homeland – Disgraceful is the only word that fits, it is no wonder the whole Islamic world looks upon us and our Nation as a defeated foe when this behaviour is accepted and tolerated within our homeland. The whole world looks in disbelief, laughing and mocking us and our country because of our modern weak pathetic leaders; let us hope and pray that Gordon Browns leadership heralds a new dawn upon the world stage.

The floodgates of the rage of the Anglo-Saxon Patriots of this land which has been successfully contained by the Tony Blair’s treasonous, treacherous Labour government is about to burst, and when that happens the Islamic Kingdom and Allah’s British born army will see the folly in threatening, abusing, raping, pillaging and murdering the innocent of this Nation within our homeland. We have been forced to sit back and watch our country flushed down the drain into the abyss of destruction where Islam sits eagerly waiting in the gutter, ready to rebuild upon our cultural demise.

When the time comes there will be 10 to 20 times as many of us who will take to the streets in defence of our homeland, the very future of it and our children and grandchildren’s future’s. Each of the Patriots alive today across the whole country are direct descendents of brave fearless soldiers from the last Two great wars of the 20th Century who will not let the blood that was spilt for Queen and Country, their British homeland and all that is enshrined in it be in vain. The bravery and fighting spirit of our forefathers is the legacy that we in this generation live under and that legacy will be upheld no matter what price we have to pay, this is why ‘No surrender’ is the enduring motto of the British people.

The Religious preachers of Al Qaeda’s Jihad (Holy War) within Great Britain - Abu Hamza, Omar Bakri, Abu Qatada, Abu Izadeen, Anjem Choudry, Abu Abdula, these are a few of the names who have been openly and actively recruiting for Allah’s War upon our land and within our communities for many years, with most of them now thankfully detained at Her Majesty’s Pleasure. They have stated their aims and intentions towards us which are to take our country over and enforce an Islamic way of life upon our homeland. The facts are in black and white and even on video, yet we the innocent people of this Nation have been forced to accept this murderous warmongering behaviour aimed at us, our families and our neighbours because of Tony Blair’s government and their Multicultural dream for our Great British homeland which is completely contrary to what the people of this land want. Yes we are a multi ethnic society but this is Great Britain and will always be Great Britain and if the people who are experiencing the privileges of living here with us under our way of life do not like our British way of life then they should leave our land and go find a country that suits them and the way of life they are seeking.

Let us hope and pray that Gordon Brown our New Leader stands with us his people in the days that lay ahead and does not serve the Islamic Kingdom from a position of Dhimmitude through fear, at the complete expense of us the British people and our way of life. We must not and should not live in fear and when they attack us again like on 7/7, which they will, then the response must be harsh and real, not like Tony Blair’s governments response which was to parade some of the worst terrorists alive around our British government asking them to help tame the Islamic beast in our midst. (This was written before this weekends attack so proves my point)

How can one Islamic bloodthirsty beast tame its fellow brother which is another Islamic bloodthirsty beast? This is what Tony Blair’s government did when Allah’s British born army openly declared war against us on 7/7, thus forcing the weak pathetic leaders of our Country into a position of Dhimmitude (subservience) so that the Islamic Kingdom could arise and mutate into an even uglier blood thirsty beast intent on its own Islamic ways upon our land.

Where is the military order of the Knights Templar now in the 21st Century whilst this is going on all around us within our Christian homeland, threatening the weak and vulnerable in our Judeo/Christian society?

One who professed to be from amongst your ranks, recruited me, gave me the watch, gave me the badge, gave me some literature, took money from me and then sat back and watched while Moslem’s forced me from my home, forced me into hiding and forced me into bankruptcy. Is this the honour and valour amongst your modern Christian Knighthood of which you carry the ‘title’ of our brave Christian ancestors?

If it is, then it is no wonder the army of Islam is marching across our land with not one of you standing up or stepping forward to be counted. I only have my personal experience and the facts surrounding all of us to base my perception on.

If you cannot carry the Christian Order and its name into the 21st Century then I am sure Almighty God will raise up others who will.

How can you claim the title of Godly Christian Knights when you sit back and watch as the communities within your homeland are over run by this modern Islamic army, with the weak and vulnerable children of the British Empire being abused and harmed on a daily basis?

You sit comfortably in your Stately Homes because of the land your Brave ancestors earned through their exploits, while the country all around you is aggressively attacked from within by the British born blood thirsty Islamic army which is intent on the complete destruction of our country and way of life. You think that this flood of terror and horror will not reach your modern castles, think again and remember the God whom your forefathers served and who you profess to serve, is still well and truly alive and your negligence and cowardice does not go unnoticed while all hell is unleashed upon this Christian land and upon the weak and innocent.

I call out to the modern Order of the Knights Templar if you are ‘real’ Godly Knights and ask for your help and support, that someone from amongst your ranks will step forward and be counted. A Christian with true brotherly values not those whom I have met already or those seeking entry into your order that care more about themselves and money, than Almighty God and the love of their neighbours.

That is if you are a still a Godly Christian order, whose priority is to defend and protect the weak and the vulnerable within Christendom - If not stay in the shadows!

One word of warning from God Himself for those who claim the title of ‘Christian’ Knights Templar, who do sit back in the shadows watching silently, whose view is “eat drink and be merry because tomorrow we die”

Luke 12:16 – 21 The ground of a certain rich man yielded plentifully. And he thought within himself, saying, What shall I do, since I have no room to store my crops? So he said, I will do this: I will pull down my barns and build greater, and there I will store all my crops and my goods. And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry.” But God said to him, Fool! This night your soul will be required of you; then whose will those things be which you have provided? So is he who lays up treasures for himself, and is not rich toward God.

The Original Knights Templar’s were not a secret society full of pomp and pageant, they were a fearless brotherhood of Knights, Christian Warrior’s who wore and aluminous white mantle with a large red cross on, for all too see.

If your order has lost its way over the centuries do you not think that it is about time that it found it again, now, when the vulnerable and weak need it the most, here in the 21st Century before it is too late for everyone?

Read my post: The Sinking Cry of Death

The post is written from the heart by me a Christian brother living in this my Christian homeland.

Where are the Knights Templar’s now?

Matthew 5:13 – 16 You are the salt of the Earth; but if the salt loses its flavour, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men. You are the light of the World; a city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden. Nor do they light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a lamp stand, and it gives light to all who are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.

Deus Vult

Part 6. My Challenge to the Moslem Flag burning Gang

Please click to view video: Islamic Flag burning Gang

Twice now in one week I have witnessed Allah’s Moslem soldiers burning our National Flag, The St Georges Cross upon our shores.

In the video above, this pathetic cowardly Moslem who desecrated our National Flag said that he hopes that his act would be a catalyst.

All I can say is that ‘You’ my Moslem friend have gotten your wish because there are now many many Patriots throughout this land who have witnessed your savage barbaric cowardly act. You, another Moslem monster, have once again, aroused the ‘quiet’ fury of the good decent innocent people of this Nation who have had enough of sitting back watching, inept at your intolerable barbaric savage Islamic behaviour aimed at us and our loved ones, again, within our homeland. There comes a point when even the patience of civilized people runs out and then the full fury of their controlled built up anger is unleashed upon those who continually threaten their way of life and very existence. I think this is what you call the survival instinct kicking in.

I personally feel that that time is fast approaching.

You and your Moslem brothers will have your day; a day you would never dream or imagine would come, a time when the unexpected full force and might of the Anglo-Saxon race was once again released against its enemies. When that happens there will be nothing to save you and every other Moslem monster like you who threaten our way of life and futures. Mark my words you will be running to those boats and planes to leave this land like the cowards you are, pleading with our governmental leaders to save you. When this happens please do not forget all that you have said and committed against us in your Jihad (Holy War) against us. All we will say in reply is that you are the ones who started this by flying planes into the World Trade Centre on 9/11, killing over 3,000 people, blowing up trains and buses in London on 7/7, killing 52 and wounding over 700, and the continued low level acts of war against us on a daily basis. There will be no one to save you once the lid has been lifted on the Anglo-Saxon race, and their fury is unleashed, then you will see the real Golden era in this country, the homeland of the Anglo-Saxons and their Celtic brothers. This point in time is simmering and bubbling under the surface at the moment of ever day life in Great Britain because of the heat YOU and your Moslem brothers are personally placing on the boiling pot of the British people.

What do you and everybody else honestly expect the reaction to be? Sit back and allow you to continue preaching, radicalising, recruiting and training for your Al Qaeda inspired Civil war and planned take over of our country - Great Britain?

Come on, get with the programme, this is the British you’re dealing with, the children of Sir Winston Churchill!!

We the civilized people of Great Britain have had just about as much as we can physically stomach of your hatred and murderous intimidating behaviour towards us, our way of life and our children’s future’s. I personally have and I know for sure that I am not the only one who feels like this. Behind ever door across this Nation there is potentially a British Patriot, literally, sick to ‘death’ with you, your family and your continued Islamic inspired actions towards them and their country.

How dare you come out onto our streets cursing and throwing insults at our elderly Royal Queen, who is the Sovereign Ruler of this Nation and Head of the Church of England might I add. Then burn our National Flag, the Blood Red Cross of the English people, all in plain view of the whole World with not one of you being hauled away by the police for treasonous subversive behaviour. The government and police in this country might be afraid of the British born Al Qaeda inspired Islamic army within our land because of how many of you there are, but the Patriots whose land this is are not and believe me there is 10 to 20 times as many of us who will be willing to stand up and be counted as there are of you.

You hide in the shadows behind our legal system and the laws that are in place protecting civilized people in a civilized society; this is why you get away with what you do. We know your schemes though which are ones of War and Conquest and the way you are fighting – 4th Generation Warfare – Guerrilla War.

You live along side of us within our land, you and your families feed from us and our social security system, the system that the good hardworking people of this Nation pay their taxes into, to support those who are less fortunate than themselves, which inadvertently goes to supporting you and your Islamic families and your continued Civil War against us.

We welcomed your relatives into our country several generations ago, so that they could live and work peacefully with us in our civilized Judeo/Christian society, little did the innocent people of Britain know of the baby Islamic beast they were welcoming into their midst.

Now that baby Islamic beast is all grown up, and what an uncontrollable bloodthirsty monster it has become!

St George sleighed the Beast in his generation, please do not forget that!

Now in this generation, you, the children of our Islamic guests show your pure contempt and murderous hatred towards the hand that has been feeding you all these years, by coming out and onto our streets, making vile threats against us in some alien dialect and then burning our National Flag – Disgraceful.

You know full well what that Flag represents and like I mentioned before in one of my previous posts, you can burn the Flag as your weak cowardly act of contempt towards us and our way of life but you could never stamp out the Heart & Soul of the English people that that flag represents, that each and every single Patriot throughout this land carries in the very core of their innermost being.

The overwhelming majority of British people in this country are good, hard working, law abiding citizens of this their homeland, that is why you do not see them running into your communities setting fire to your homes and mosques after your threatening, murderous, abusive and treasonous behaviour towards them. You know this, which is why you do what you do and say what you say, hiding behind our civilized laws, using them as a weapon against us in your Jihad – A Paramilitary Army conducting a low level Guerrilla War within mainland Britain in the 21st Century with the authorities unable to stop it with it growing by the day.

This is what the innocent people of Britian faces.

This modern war within our homeland is way way beyond the troubles with the IRA in scope and scale. Those who understand the nature of this modern beast that we are facing will know exactly what I mean.

My personal message to this Moslem flag burning gang is plain and simple.

You come out from the shadows in disguise so that know one can see who you are, you make threats against innocent people in the name of your god Allah. Allah is an idol, a creation of the devil, the God whom I serve, the God of Elijah, the God of Israel is the Living God and He is a God of Love, not peace enforced through fear, murder and suppression.

Mohamed is a false prophet, a vehicle used by the devil to lead innocent people away from the truth contained in the Holy Bible.

Matthew 7:15 Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.

This scripture direct from Gods word typifies Islam and its Moslem followers; “we are a religion of peace” they say. Then look into their religion and see what evil you find!!!

This is the truth that my God tells me which I am not afraid to say in the face of your murderous threats against anyone who speaks out against your religion. Your religion is full of murder, war and oh yes paedophilia because lets not forget, Mohamed was a sex offender.

On our English Blood Red Crossed flag that you so proudly burnt and then stuck up on YouTube you wrote “We start with your Flag and End with your Blood”.

Another act of intimidating, murderous and threatening behaviour aimed at scaring innocent people by Islamic soldiers within Great Britain on a mission direct from hell. We know that you are living within our land, hidden within your Islamic Kingdom the length and breadth of Great Britain, the facts speak for themselves.

My challenge to you personally Mr Moslem Coward with your face covered is “Start with my Blood” if you are Allah’s brave soldiers that you so profess to be then come take ‘my’ blood from me first!

You seek to intimidate the weak and vulnerable by your actions, so here I am offering myself to you as a sacrifice for you and your Al Qaeda inspired ‘Cell’ of Moslem brothers to prove your manhood!!

Matthew 10:28 Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

I am a Knight of Christ, a child of the Living God and I serve the King – Jesus – The Lion of the tribe of Judah.

Psalm 111:10 The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; A good understanding have all those who do His commandments. His praises endure forever.

You, your Islamic families and your aggressive intimidating ways have no place in our civilized Judeo/Christian society anymore, you have well and truly outstayed your welcome so I long to wave you goodbye from the beautiful green shores of Dover.

I still Love you though my brother, even though you hate me and want to kill me, but I personally will not sit back and accept your murderous, intimidating and threatening behaviour aimed me and those innocent British citizens who are weaker and more vulnerable than yourself.

Let us hope that Jesus sets you free from the devil of Islam that is driving you before it is too late and you end up in the pit of hell for your actions.

Part 7. My challenge to Al Qaeda’s UK mouthpiece

Please watch this important short video: Islam's Holy War in Britain

The video above is a short CNN interview with Anjem Choudry, the British mouth piece of the Al Qaeda and the Islamic Kingdom’s Jihad (Holy War) within mainland Britain. He was born into civility within our Judeo/Christian society in Great Britain yet chooses the path of savagery and barbarism towards his fellow man. He owns a British passport so is a subject of the Queen the same as me except he rejects absolutely everything that is enshrined in the Crown stamped on his British passport.

He is a traitor who preaches treason against the innocent people of Great Britain!

Mr Choudry was the leader of the British arm of the Moslem organisation Al Majaroun, which was set up by the Radical cleric Omar Bakri Mohamed, who thankfully, was expelled from our country because of his racist warmongering views against non-Moslems.

This organisation was allowed to be set up in our country with the ultimate aim and clear set goals of transforming Great Britain into an Islamic state ruled by Sharia Law.

You can only wonder who gave permission under Tony Blair’s watch to allow this Islamic beast to be born into our society.

Al Majaroun which has now thankfully been banned because of its open extremist subversive actions within Great Britain and towards our democratic society, is linked to every suicide bombing that has ever been carried out by British born Moslems around the world, including closer to home with the suicide bombers of 7/7. This gives you a clear indication as to the type of British based Islamic organisation this man was leading before being outlawed.

Please watch this short video: Al Majaroun’s links to Terror

Al Majaroun was the British version of Al Qaeda; they were recruiting, radicalising, training and then sending young Moslem men off to fight Islam’s global Jihad against the Western world. All from the 21st Century streets of Great Britain - From a community near you!

They had their headquarters in Luton where I live which is probably why the 7/7 bombers where linked to here, plus also all the other links to Al Qaeda’s war against Great Britain from here including the daily Heroin Jihad that is being conducted by their Moslem brothers within the community..

Yet this man still walks free upon our streets?

The members and followers of this group were not all rounded up as a threat to the National Security of Great Britain and placed in a Guantanamo bay style holding facility until they came back to their senses of what it means to be a civilized human being, and then allowed back into the human race, like the innocent people of Britain would have hoped for. No they have quietly dispersed into our society into their Islamic Kingdom and formed into other militant Jihadi groups, with the same aims, intentions and objectives in mind, which are of Jihad (Holy War) for Allah against us, our way of life and British society.

The members of this group of which Anjem Choudry was once leader are the core of Islam’s Al Qaeda inspired war by British born Moslems against Great Britain. These Islamic foot soldiers are the ones who are now continuing Islam’s global war by radicalising, recruiting, training and conducting low level Jihad on a daily basis within Britain with the ultimate intention of destroying our British society as we know it and then enforcing an Islamic way of life upon the Nation - These are Allah’s 21st Century British born soldiers.

The Moslems who are connected to Anjem Choudry are a all part of what is commonly known as ‘The Network’. This network comprises of Allah’s army of British born Moslems who are actively engaged in this Civil War within this country and the international Jihad abroad. They recruit upon our college and University campuses, within the prison system and in their communities, targeting the Moslem youth with the fundamentals of the Islamic faith which is Jihad against the infidel (non-believer) and the implementation of Sharia law.

Please watch this video on the network: Wolf in sheep’s clothing

We have a human cess pool of upwards of 3 million of these Moslems in our country who all follow the Koran and what it teaches. This should give you a clear indication as to the potential threat to this country the innocent people face and the potential army of Moslem youths we now have upon our streets.

Whenever there is a demonstration with violent murderous threatening behaviour, aimed at us and our way of life, Anjem Choudry is there at the front as the lead organiser and instigator of it, along with several hundred of his band of British born Moslem soldiers.

Anjem Choudry clearly states the Islamic Kingdoms aims and objectives within our country and has a mass following of young Moslem men throughout the land who are ready and willing to carry out his will.

We have just had another Islamic inspired terrorist attack against the innocent people of Great Britain thwarted by Gods grace – Through Jesus Christ – so the threat the innocent people of this Nation faces is very real, extremely deadly and imminent.

Anjem Choudry is the public face and voice of this, the Islamic Kingdom’s Jihad within Great Britain. Why he has not been locked up as a violent subversive and instigator of civil strife we can only wonder.

My personal challenge to Mr Choudry is to a public debate so that we can clarify and all clearly see the line in the sand between the Islamic Kingdom and non-Moslem society within Great Britian. Then there will not be anymore confusion for people as to what is happening around them within their country, and why these murderous and intimidating actions towards us are happening.

This is my country; I am a Christian and a British patriot and I challenge you personally, to this, a public debate on Islam, Christianity, 21st Century life in Great Britain and the future.

Let us see if you are man enough to stand up to a child of the Living God, someone who is in complete opposition to you, what you stand for and the way you view your place upon our Christian land within our Judeo/Christian British society.

Christianity is about Love, so there will be no Christians queuing up to kill you, where as Islam is about Hate so I expect there will be Moslems queuing up to kill me, so as long as the environment and conditions are right I would gladly like to challenge you to this debate.

I look forward to a response from you.

God bless you in the Loving name of Jesus.


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