1 January 2001

Part 3. Al Qaeda links to Bury Park

Images of the July 7th London suicidal mass murdering psychopaths entering Luton Train station as they set out on their Al Qaeda ‘ordered’ declaration of War against Great Britain on that fateful day in 2005 are images that have been viewed by the whole world. These psychotic Moslem suicide bombers placed Luton well and truly on the global map of Islamic inspired extremism and terror. They showed the whole world that this medium sized Town that is located about 30 minutes North of Central London is well and truly one of Al Qaeda’s strongholds within Great Britain.

They declared war on our country and have strategically opened this area up as one of their frontlines in their Jihad (Holy War) against my country. The Moslems within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park who support Al Qaeda’s global Islamic war believe that they are strong enough here in Luton to actively go out conducting Jihad – Civil War – against us and our society, plus defend themselves and their community from any backlash.

From living around the area I can truly say that they have a large mobile Islamic army on the streets of Luton & Dunstable every single day, who are organised, extremely wealthy and armed so it is no wonder Al Qaeda declared war against our country from here. This Moslem community is conducting Jihad, which is a low-level civil war, on a daily basis and have been for many years, they have forced the whole community into silence and Dhimmitude through their violence and intimidation.

Al Qaeda’s 7/7 mass murdering psychopaths travelled to Luton on that morning in 2005 and spent time with some of their Islamic religious brothers before travelling to the local train station, leaving their car in the car park which was subsequently found and contained more live bombs, and then boarded their trains into London. So before Allah’s human sacrifices carried out their bloodbath they spent time in a house in the Bury Park area of Luton, praying, talking and encouraging their Luton Moslem brothers in the way of violent Jihad. These Moslem brothers who spent time with the 7/7 murderers are still walking the streets of Luton in the full knowledge that they spent time with these human sacrifices before spilling their blood on the streets of London along with the blood of 52 innocent human beings for their god Allah.

Can you imagine how the military wing of Islam within Luton now feels knowing that their community played a central role in the first suicide bombings on the streets of Britain? How many more young Moslem men from Luton do you think these acts have inspired to also carry the ‘violent’ flame of Jihad against non-Moslem British society? This act will have fanned the flames in the local community of their Jihad – civil war – against Great Britain, and is the Moslem community in the vicinity of where I live.

It has also come to light after the security services smashed the terrorist cell, which where planning the biggest ever bombing campaign against Great Britain in our history, was planned and facilitated from here within the Bury Park community of Luton. This plot is commonly known around the world as the ‘Fertiliser plot’ and was connected to Al Qaeda’s British General Diren Barot. The Emir (Al Qaeda’s fixer/recruiter) of this plot was a Mr Q Khan, he was the one who recruited the cell, facilitated the project and sent the Moslem operatives to Al Qaeda’s training camps in Pakistan for their radicalising and training. The security services called the operation to catch these Al Qaeda operatives ‘operation crevice’. Once arrested it was revealed that there was a 5 man strong cell from Crawley in West Sussex and the bomb maker for this the ‘fertiliser plot’ was a Moslem from Bury Park Luton. This bomb maker from Luton was also seeking to obtain a radio-active bomb from the Russian mafia in Belgium that he wanted to detonate on the streets of Britain.

Mr Q Khan and the Luton bomb maker both worked locally as Taxi drivers in Luton & Dunstable. It is said that Mr Q was the one who recruited Mohamed Siddique Khan the leader of the 7/7 cell, sending him to the training camps of Pakistan and that he is also a major recruiter from within the local Pakistani community for Al Qaeda’s terror training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

For some strange reason this man is still walking the streets of Luton & Dunstable, living within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park.

Diren Barot who was said to be Al Qaeda’s General in Britain has recently been sentenced to life in prison for his hand in the fertiliser plot and also for his hand orchestrating another horrific plot of mass murder and carnage with another Al Qaeda trained cell. This cell the media called the Oceans 11 of terror because each of the Moslem men involved was hand picked specifically for their abilities. Within the group, one of the Moslem men who was Diren Barot’s protection, who helped forge documents and obtain false bank account was a Moslem from the Bury Park area of Luton. This Al Qaeda cell was also seeking the capability to detonate a dirty bomb upon the streets of Britain.

These horrific Islamic inspired Al Qaeda led acts of atrocity against the innocent people of Great Britain from within the Bury Park community of Luton are clearly one aspect of the Islamic Kingdoms Jihad – Civil war – against the country.

From within this same Islamic community there have also been many young men who have been recruited to Al Qaeda’s global Jihad and sent off to fight British and American troops abroad in Afghanistan and Iraq. Several of these young Moslem men are thankfully never going to return because they have been killed by allied bombs dropped from our planes.

This brief overview gives you an insight, in part, into the size and scope of the religious military wing of the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park - Luton - that is full of young Moslem men who are inspired by Al Qaeda and its global Islamic war who are ready and willing to kill and be killed for their religion.

Behind all of this military action by Allah’s soldiers living on the ground within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park – Luton – are the main voices of Al Qaeda’s Islamic inspired Jihad (Holy War) against the non-Moslem Western World and Israel - Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri.

These two men both used Bury Park - Luton - as one of their main preaching and recruiting grounds for Al Qaeda’s war, calling the Moslem men of the community back to the basics of their Islamic faith which is Jihad (Holy War) against the infidel (non-believer), you and me.

Abu Hamza who is now residing at Her Majesty’s Pleasure in HMP Belmarsh, lived in the Bury Park area of Luton for about 10 years so you can only imagine what he got up to on the streets of Luton in those years. Building the local Islamic civil military infrastructure with the local Pakistani Moslem men of the community, imagine how many young Moslem men he would have recruited to the Islamic ideals of Jihad against the infidel and the types of networks he would have set up?

It is a frightening thought but a very real thought based on facts.

Having this Moslem monster living in your community is a frightening scenario and here in Luton & Dunstable we had to put up with just that frightening scenario, with the authorities giving him a free reign to do what he wanted, just so long as he promised not to turn on us and threaten our National Security.

He was allowed to birth an Islamic beast in our midst, nurture it, feed it and train it, ready for the days ahead that he knew were coming.

Abu Hamza then left Luton and set up camp in London taking over the now ‘world famous’ Finsbury Park mosque. There have been many failed Al Qaeda terrorist plots, like the failed shoe bomber Richard Reid and many British born Islamic global terrorists whose roots are traced back to Britain and into Finsbury Park Mosque along with Abu Hamza!

Those of us living in and around Luton had this man building for Islam’s war against the Western world within the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park Luton, in the vicinity of where we live. We are now living surrounded by his legacy, the modern Al Qaeda led Islamic beast he helped create.

Omar Bakri was Al Qaeda’s other Islamic preacher who set up camp in Luton, using Bury Park as fertile preaching and recruiting ground for his war against Israel and the Western World.

Omar Bakri went a step further by creating his own openly extreme Islamic terrorist organisation that was aligned with Al Qaeda. This organisation which is now banned in Great Britain was called Al Majaroun; have a guess where they had their headquarters? Yes you guessed it, Bury Park – Luton.

Thankfully the Islamic preacher Omar Bakri has now been expelled from our country but that was not before has was able to set up his Islamic terrorist organisation that is still going strong today just out of sight and out of mind from mainstream British life, and under different guises.

Our whole country and the international community now face the legacy of what this man created with British born Moslems within Great Britain. To prove that fact, every ‘British born’ suicidal mass murdering Moslem who has carried out a suicide mass murder mission for their Islamic masters is linked back to Al Majaroun, including the bombers of 7/7.

This mans Luton legacy lives on and the innocent non-Moslem population living around here now face it.

Omar Bakri did a good job for Allah and his fellow Al Qaeda leaders in creating an army of suicidal British born Moslem psychopaths from with the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain.

Please watch this short video: Al Majaroun links to Terror

Omar Bakri & Abu Hamza: In their own words

With all these links to Al Qaeda’s Islamic inspired war against the Western world and Israel is it any wonder they decided to open Luton up as one of their frontlines in the Jihad upon British soil? Not only did they open Luton up as a frontline they actually openly declared war on the innocent people of Great Britain from here in Luton, using British born Moslems.

You might think that the situation on the ground just does not get any worse after hearing about all of these Al Qaeda links to the military wing of the local Islamic Kingdom. Well believe me it does, this is just one aspect of the Jihad – Civil War - on the ground here.

For those people who live around the area of Luton & Dunstable, if you never knew that all of this was happening in the community that joins your community then it is about time you woke up to it and the dire, frightening situation we all face. These horrific links to terror are stuff of nightmares that you do not want to believe could be happening so close, but the facts clearly state that it is, and it is right next door in the Islamic Kingdom of Bury Park.

This is only one dimension to the Jihad; it gets just as bad when you hear about the other dimensions.

What is the situation going to be like in another 15 – 20 years when our children are growing up when it is this dangerous and volatile now due to the Islamic paramilitary army operating on the streets of Luton & Dunstable who are conducting Jihad against our society?

Take a step back and think to yourself; when was the last time you ever heard of anything like what is happening on the ground in Bury Park within your own community? When did you ever hear of any of your friends being involved in suicide bombings, seeking material to detonate low-yield Nuclear bombs, going to Islamic terror trainings camps or wanting to die for Allah? This type of behaviour is alien to us and is unheard of in our communities because we are civilized people living in Judeo/Christian societies and leaves us wholly unprepared in the face of this modern 21st Century Islamic paramilitary enemy we now face that has openly declared war on our country, has surrounded us, who are conducting Jihad – civil war – on a daily basis and whose ultimate intentions are to destroy Great Britain and enforce an Islamic way of life upon the Nation.

It is no wonder the whole community is forced into silence and Dhimmitude don’t you think?

If the police cannot stop this paramilitary army conducting a guerrilla war, then honestly what hope is there for the innocent unarmed man on the street who does not even have the law on his side, that just wants to live a peaceful life and bring up their families.


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