1 January 2001

Part 10. Terror attacks – potential

If only everything I had written so far about what was happening on the ground here in Luton & Dunstable was just a creation of my over active imagination, a fantasy dreamed up in my sleeping hours then I would not be sitting here having to write the most horrendous thought or possibility imaginable of the potential for a murderous Islamic inspired terrorist attack against the innocent people of the local community. We have a daily onslaught of ‘chemical weapons’ (Heroin & Crack cocaine) against the community by Allah’s Luton militia, so a larger terrorist attack to keep us in Dhimmitude status through enforced fear is the natural progression once things start to change.

It is easy to switch your mind off from reality, turn your back on it and pretend that this modern living Islamic horror is not there in your midst surrounding you, but the thing is, is that this modern Islamic horror is very real, is here and ‘is’ surrounding you, so for your self preservation and that of your families it is a reality that you must accept and think about.

If only I was dreaming that the suicidal psychopathic Moslem mass murderers of 7/7 travelled to Luton and spent time in Fortress Bury Park before boarding their train into London from Luton train station on their mission of mass murder on that fateful day in 2005, or that the biggest bombing campaign ever in British history, the ‘fertiliser plot’ was planned and facilitated from within Fortress Bury Park, with the Luton born and raised bomb maker of this plot seeking to obtain a nuclear device from the Russian mafia to detonate upon our British streets. That the Emir of this plot, Mr Q Khan who is still a free man walking our Luton streets, worked alongside the Fertiliser bomb maker as a local taxi driver, driving our women and children around the town, or that the same Mr Q Khan was also a leading recruiter for the global Jihad for Al Qaeda, recruiting and sending many of his fellow British born Pakistani Moslem men from the community off to their deaths in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting against coalition troops. He is also said to be the one who recruited Mohamed Siddique Khan leader of the 7/7 atrocity, sending him off to the Al Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan/Pakistan before coming home to his adoptive homeland and declaring war on our country for his Al Qaeda leaders.

If only it was in my imagination that Al Qaeda’s most prominent British preachers and recruiters for the global Islamic inspired Jihad, Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri lived and worked locally calling the young Moslem men from within Fortress Bury Park to Islam’s Jihad (Holy War) and preparing them for the coming war against the innocent infidel’s of Great Britain, or that Omar Bakri’s Islamic organisation Al Majaroun had its headquarters in the Fortress Bury Park area of Luton, with every single ‘British born’ suicidal Moslem maniac who has killed himself for the cause of Allah around the world being linked to this same Islamic group with its roots traced back into Fortress Bury Park Luton.

Diren Barot who was Al Qaeda’s general in Great Britain planned and plotted mass murder, carnage and devastation against the innocent people of Great Britain including detonating a dirty bomb upon our streets. He created the ‘cells’ of Moslem terrorists to carry out his orders with several of the Al Qaeda trained operatives being from Fortress Bury Park.

Did I dream that there has been many Moslem men from within Fortress Bury Park who have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq fighting against British troops, and that many young Moslem men have been recruited and sent to the Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan preparing them to fight against the infidel in Great Britain, or that over the years the police have made numerous anti terror raids within the Bury Park community of Luton.

Am I lying when I say that there is an extremely large army of Pakistani Moslem foot soldiers on the streets of Luton & Dunstable who are pumping Al Qaeda’s Heroin out into the community that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, are using it as a weapon of war against the innocent people of Great Britain and are funding their continued Jihad – civil war – against us with the money earned from their black market economy in street drugs.

If I you agree with me and that I was not dreaming all of the above then do you not think that this is a very real and frightening picture of reality based on facts that the innocent non-Moslem community around here faces from the Islamic enemy living in our midst within Fortress Bury Park?

There is a large radicalised, organised, armed, and wealthy, Al Qaeda trained, led and inspired group of Moslem men who are conducting Jihad on a daily basis against our communities and British society from within Fortress Bury Park – The facts speak for themselves.

We cannot escape the facts on the ground living here because they are ‘facts’ so we must look at them for what they are – FACTS - to see what they mean to us now and what the potential is for the future based on these ‘facts’.

The facts are not looking at your lottery numbers, seeing that they have come in, and then working out your future based on those facts. The facts here are that there is an Islamic army of Moslem men living in our midst who believe they are at war with our country, have killed and maimed many innocent British people in their pursuit for Islam and Allah, and who are continually plotting and planning to cause mass murder on our streets, to kill and maim as many of us innocent people of Great Britain as possible in their continued pursuit to destroy our way of life and take our country over – Those are the facts.

Don’t we just wish we were dreaming all of these things considering we enjoy living our lives, while those in the Moslem army we face enjoying nothing more than dying killing us in their pursuit of pleasing Allah!

This is about your children’s futures and the future of our country.

People like to ignore these facts because they are horrendous and scary facts to have to think about and deal with, especially when we feel helpless and unable to do anything about the situation. Nether the less, they are very real ‘facts’ that we cannot ignore or escape from anymore so we must deal with them for the sake of our futures and our children’s futures. We can turn our backs on these facts and what is happening under the surface of reality of every day life and turn a blind eye to what is happening in our midst but if we do that then the Islamic enemy we face, whose aims and intentions are very clear, very real and set in motion, will just grown and grow until the beast eventually achieves its ultimate aim of conquering our communities and then ultimately our country.

The local Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park has achieved its aims so far of forcing its dominance and supremacy on the ground on street level, forcing the non-Moslem community into a position of ‘Dhimmitude’ so the situation can only get worse from now on unless the rule of our streets is taken back under our control, that is why it is important to step forward and help the police no matter what the cost or consequence – They are not all corrupt – and we hope will treat you and your life with the utmost respect as you place your life in their hands.

Once the whole non-Moslem community turns on our Moslem enemy that is pumping their chemical weapons into our community killing our friends, families, neighbours and destroying our Judeo/Christian society, by stepping forward and helping the police, then the possibility of them turning on our communities and retaliating is very real. There was an incident in Glasgow when the Islamic Kingdom up in Scotland sought to enforce their continued dominance and supremacy upon the non-Moslem community there. They singled out a completely innocent young teenager who had nothing to do with anything on the street, kidnapped him, severely beat and tortured him, then set fire to him whilst he was alive. A group of Moslem men in their mid to late twenties were later convicted and sentenced to life for his ‘barbaric and savage’ racist murder.

Those of us living around Luton & Dunstable know that the Moslem foot soldiers from Allah’s Luton militia have no problem kidnapping and inflicting serious violent assault on innocent people so this is a very real possibility in the future when people do start standing up, saying enough is enough and turning on the Islamic warmongering enemy that is conducting their Jihad – civil war – against us, pumping our communities with their Heroin & Crack cocaine.

It is inevitable that the black market economy in street drugs that is helping to finance Al Qaeda’s Jihad in Great Britain is going to be stamped out at some point, so the possibility of retaliation is very real.

We know for a fact that within Fortress Bury Park there are trained Al Qaeda terrorists living on the ground there; we also know that terrorist attacks against our country have happened from inside this one community and we also know that other acts of horrendous terror have been planned and facilitated from within there so this is another fact based dimension to look at.

We think to ourselves that Al Qaeda terror doesn’t happen here in our community but look at the facts our country has already faced from within Fortress Bury Park – Luton where we live.

What is the possibility of Al Qaeda sometime in the future committing a terrorist attack against our peaceful non-violent Christian community in their Jihad against Great Britain? They have everything they need within Fortress Bury Park to carry out such an attack. Instigators to put it together, willing mass murdering Moslem psychopaths and the bomb making skills, this is all based on the facts from all of the proof in the public domain. They only have to travel 5 miles from the centre of Bury Park to carry out such a horrific attack.

This is a very real and frightening situation the community now faces!

If such a planned attack was to take place then there is absolutely nothing anyone could do to stop it, other than the security services somehow knowing about it.

Ask yourself the question; how easy would it be for a mass murdering suicidal Moslem psychopath to travel into Dunstable with a rucksack full of explosives, jump on a bus, walk into a café, shop or a pub full of innocent non-Moslem people like what happened in London on 7/7 and blow himself up?

We have absolutely no defence from any such terrorist attack and it could be planned and carried out with the greatest of ease from within Fortress Bury Park.

Or how easy would it be for an Al Qaeda trained bomb maker, which we know do live in Luton, to fix a car full of explosives in the secrecy of Fortress Bury Park, with a mass murdering suicidal Moslem psychopath then driving that car into the town, park outside of one of the night clubs or pubs in the town at closing time when many young people will be leaving after a night out and then blow himself and the car up, killing and maiming as many innocent people as possible as an act of war against our community and country?

We know for a ‘fact’ that British born Al Qaeda trained terrorists have absolutely no problem with carrying out such horrendous acts of terror against the innocent people of Great Britain so it is a very real possibility based on the facts on the ground here, considering we know Luton is full of Al Qaeda trained terrorists, and that the first ever Al Qaeda led attacks against Great Britain happened from within this same community!

At the moment the Islamic Kingdom and Allah’s Luton militia have an unhindered reign upon our streets doing what they want against the innocent and vulnerable within our society, enforcing their Islamic dominance and supremacy upon our communities, so they have no need to attack us and disrupt the control of the streets that they already have. Once things change though - and they will - and we start helping the police and start taking back the rule of the streets from this Islamic Kingdom and its Al Qaeda led and inspired foot soldiers who are conducting a civil war against us, then there will be a retaliation from them as they seek to force us back into a position of Dhimmitude (subservience) and silence through fear, just like us retaliating by helping the police, the only difference is, we go to the police who we hope will stick handcuffs on them, they go to their leaders and strap bombs to themselves.

Civilized Judeo/Christian society – Barbaric & Savage Islamic society.

We either sit back and do nothing about the situation on the ground through fear and allow the Islamic Kingdom in our midst to arise around us, with its military wing actively conducting Jihad against us, with the ultimate aim of taking over our community and enforcing their Islamic dominance and supremacy upon the innocent and weak in our society and then ultimately in the future taking over our whole country. Or we say ‘enough is enough’ of this murderous warmongering behaviour aimed at our British way of life and stand up for ourselves, our families, our friends, our neighbours, our community and our futures and start defending ourselves from this invading British born Islamic army that is intent on nothing less than our complete destruction and conquest.

All I would say is that you cannot escape the picture of reality that is now facing the innocent people of Luton & Dunstable that is based on facts. The question is; How does your mind rationalise what we are facing? Do you turn your back and ignore it and pretend it is not there? Do you run away from it because you can, or do you stand up and step forward and be counted with the other innocent people within the community and stop the enforced Islamic future that the Islamic Kingdom is seeking to enforce upon you and your children?

Just because you cannot see it does not mean that it is not there!

Just because it is not knocking on your front door yet does not mean that it won’t!

Look at the facts!

Why should we, the innocent and peaceful non-Moslem British people put up with this murderous and savage Islamic behaviour that is aimed at us, our country and ultimately our children’s futures?

Neither through our choosing, nor whether we like it or not, but Luton and the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park has arisen as a frontline in Al Qaeda’s Jihad against Great Britain.

We either rise to the occasion and win, or we give in, give up, roll over and, accept Islamic dominance in our society and then ultimately the Islamification of our Nation?

Our futures, our children’s futures, the future of our communities and the future of our Nation are in each one of our hands in this generation.

We wish it was not so but it is, so people need to start thinking in terms of the new reality that is now upon us based on the facts in this new reality.

We thank God - through Jesus Christ – that those bombs never went off outside of ‘Tiger Tiger’ nightclub in London and also for the failed mass murdering suicidal Moslem psychopathic human bombs who were seeking to blow up Glasgow airport.

Other Islamic terrorist attacks within Great Britain are not a matter of if, but a matter of when, so stay vigilant to your surroundings and who is in them!

God bless you


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