1 January 2001

UK - Al Qaeda's Horrific Failed Car bombings

Part 4. Israel & The Abomination.

Below is a picture of the Temple Mount within the Old City of Jerusalem taken by myself from the Mount of Olives.

Jerusalem is the most contested piece of land throughout the whole world; within the confines of the old City you have the worlds 3 main religions all crossing paths within the several square miles of this ancient historical place.

You have several different sections within the walls of the Old City; amongst them you have the Moslem quarter, Jewish quarter and a Christian quarter where each of these faiths cross paths.

Israel is in existence today because it is the homeland that the Living God promised to the Jewish people as their inheritance in the end times which was foretold by God through His prophets many centuries ago, it stands today as a testimony to the whole world of the truth and fulfilment of Gods word through the Bible and Torah.

On the Temple Mount within the Old City is the place where Solomon’s Temple once stood, which the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) now surrounds, which is the focal point of the Jewish Faith. Also within the Old city you have the place where Jesus walked with his cross before His crucifixion and the tomb where His body lay.

The people of the Christian and Jewish faiths are the children of promise through the seed of Abraham – Isaac.

The devil could not miss out on his opportunity to claim his part of Gods city so through Mohamed and the lies of Ishmael Abrahams other son which the Moslem world falsely believes is of the promise, which he is not, Ishmael was from the servant, set about to cause contention within Gods Holy City and forced lies upon humanity through the false prophet Mohamed claiming his part of the city. This is why there are now 2 mosques sitting atop of the Temple Mount, the Al Aksa mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

There is much history surrounding Jerusalem with different countries over the centuries laying claim to it, including England. We have a vast wealth of history dating back to this piece of Holy land and the truth of Almighty God contained there. Our history intertwined with the truth from this land is what has made our Nation great and formed the basis of our civilized Judeo/Christian society.

The God whom our forefathers set out to meet did not fail them; they then brought that truth back to this their homeland our Nation which then gave light to our land, the light of truth that has been burning bright ever since, with our Nation living under the shadow of Almighty God, the God of Israel throughout the ages.

Islam believes that Mohamed was brought to where the Dome of the Rock stands by the Angel Gabriel so they class the place where this mosque stands as a holy site within their religion. This is why they have built the two mosques upon the Temple Mount.

God scattered His people the Jewish race throughout the Nations because of their ways, but said that He would one day bring them back to their homeland, the land in which He promised them as their inheritance. So over the generations different Nations have fought for the claim and rule of the Holy City of Jerusalem.

The Jewish people now have their homeland as promised but the two mosques now stand in the way of the Jewish people rebuilding King Solomon’s Temple. As you can imagine when they reclaimed the land the mosques were of great contention because of their significance, so they still stand to date. Israel and the Jewish people are the owners of the land on which they stand though; this is why there is such contention between the two religions over this city now in modern times.

Jerusalem including the Old City is the Jewish people’s rightful inheritance from the Living God so there is no argument on this point, Biblical and Torah prophecy both also states that King Solomon’s Temple will be rebuilt again in the End Times. This means that the Dome of the Rock will have to go because it stands where King Solomon’s Temple should stand.

There, is the dilemma between the two religions.

Now that Israel has become a Nation again, this means that God is speeding world events up with Jerusalem being His Holy City for Him and His people to dwell, so for the Dome of the Rock to be standing where it does, it is a complete abomination to God and to His people.

When I look at the picture from a Christian perspective, knowing how God feels about foreign Gods and idols, I see it how He sees it which is completely abhorrent. We look across from the Mount of Olives at His Holy City Jerusalem, and the landscape is blotted by this horrendous abomination which is the worship of a foreign god, an idol.

Now the Living God’s people have their rightful homeland back to live with Him the, they now sit with this foreign idol in the centre of His Holy city where the Glorious Temple of King Solomon should stand.

End time prophecy foretells King Solomon’s Temple being rebuilt so we look into the future knowing that at some point the Dome of the Rock will be removed and the Temple rebuilt.

We look forward to this happening so that this horrendous blot on the beautiful landscape of Gods Holy City - Jerusalem - will be removed so that Gods splendour can be replaced.

If you are interested in End time prophecy then there is an excellent video at this link from the Jewish perspective which is pretty much the same as the Christian perspective. The only thing I disagree with is that God created the world for the Jews; I believe He created it for all of us and chose the Jewish race to reveal Himself too. Please click here to watch:-
For Zion's sake

For all those aggressive violent Moslems who spew hatred, murder and anti-Semitism towards Jews and Israel, you now know my stance towards this pivotal conflict in the Moslem mind. I stand as a friend to each and every one of civilized citizens living within Israel and stand behind their actions when faced with murderous Moslems who want nothing less than their complete destruction.

I serve the God of Elijah - The God of Israel.

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