1 January 2001

Sir Rushdie Knighthood – Military Order of the British Realm

The Moslem furore over Sir Salman Rushdie’s Knighthood

Part 1 – The shining light of Christendom
Part 2 – Islam’s justification for terrorism
Part 3 – Ultimate insult to our Country

Part 1 – The shining light of Christendom

At last, the Queen has finally put the ancient military order of the British Realm to good use rather than bestowing Knighthoods upon cowards who do more damage to the British people than good, then receive Knighthoods for it, turning the whole process into a modern disgrace and dishonour on the brave Knights of old who helped build this Nation and the civilized Judeo/Christian world.

British Knights are supposed to be the protectors and defenders of this Great Nation, protecting the innocent, weak, and vulnerable throughout the land and throughout Christendom, yet over the years this most ancient of British military orders has turned into nothing more than a Royal farce bestowing the honour on the rich and famous, filling the ranks with glitz and glamour rather than with warriors, true Knights of the Realm who are fighting the modern conflicts of this world on behalf of Queen and Country.

The Knighting of Sir Salman Rushdie has invoked the ancient spirit of the true order, showing why the British Empire is the rightful heir to this Christian order and who the true people are that should receive this honour.

Sir Salman Rushdie has received this honour and rightfully so, for his contribution to literature, he fearlessly wrote about the Evil contained within Islam knowing full well the consequences of his actions and has subsequently had to live under constant fear of death ever since. He had a £1 million Fatwa placed on his head by the one time Islamic leader of Iran and now has even more money placed on his head from different Islamic religious groups in Pakistan.

This is the result of free speech when talking negatively about Islam.

The contribution and sacrifice he has had to make with his life, to speak out and communicate to the world the truth about Mohamed and Islam is the reason why he has been honoured by our Queen and invited into the ranks of the ‘once’ most noble of ancient Christian orders of the British Realm.

We must thank our Queen for giving Sir Salman Rushdie his new title; she has finally stood up and has positioned herself as the ultimate ruler of this Nation and ‘Defender of the Christian Faith’ in the face of the Islamic Kingdom here in Great Britain and around the world, showing us her people her leadership position in this modern clash of civilisations.

It is her duty and responsibility as our Queen, sovereign ruler of our Nation, Defender of the Faith and her country Great Britain, not to give in to Moslem intimidation and threats of violence for the sake of us her Judeo/Christian subjects, which she has now shown.

It was obvious that this honour was going to invoke fury around the Moslem world, including throughout the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain so we must salute her, bow down in honour of her as our Queen, appreciate her strength and courage in the decision and action she has taken, and thank her and stand behind her 100% no matter what the future consequences.

Living in fear is no way to live.

The British people must not live in fear anymore this is not the British way and we should not be forced into silence through the fear that Islam seeks to inflict upon us. Our Royal Queen is now this Countries leading example in the face of Moslem intimidation and violence - A light in the darkness that has engulfed this land.

The Queen has made her move on a much larger Chess board and in doing so has shown why she is the most powerful piece on the board, awaking the true spirit of the ancient order of Godly Knights – The Eternal Christian Defenders and Protectors of this Great Land and the civilized Judeo/Christian world.

Sir Salman Rushdie has once again obliged with his life.

We see clearly once again the rampaging hordes of Evil in the embodiment of Islam throughout the world, venting their anger at her and her new Knight Sir Salman Rushdie and inadvertently showing each and every one of us who is not Moslem, the modern living savage enemy that we now face, that threatens our lives and the entire world.

The modern Nazi’s!

This type of murderous, intimidating, savage behaviour is what we the innocent people within our Nations can expect if we upset Islam, or if we do not give in to their demands. The time has come to stop being forced into cowardice and second class status (Dhimmitude) by this monstrous, evil, savage, Islamic behaviour and start standing up for ourselves, our children and the very future of our civilized Judeo/Christian world and way of life.

Do not fear: Matthew 10:6 – 28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

The Islamic world is at war with the whole of the non-Moslem world seeking to enforce Islam upon every Nation on Earth; their Koran teaches them that this is the way of Islam, so Moslems are to follow the orders of Mohamed laid down in the Koran, which is war and conquest.

This is the darkness that covers the whole Earth, here, now, in modern times.

The time has come to wake up out of this forced Islamic subjugation that has been inflicted upon us through fear and intimidation due to the savage murderous Moslem behaviour we witness on a daily basis.

Decide where you stand and who you stand with because the future holds no prisoners!

Our British Royal Queen is the ultimate shining light throughout Christendom and stands as an example to the entire world in the New Age that is now upon us. Once again she has shown the world that she is a shining light for the whole of humanity, accepting and embracing her divine leadership responsibility for the civilized Judeo/Christian world. My prayer is that she will leave her Grandsons William & Harry with the Godly words of Wisdom that they will need when they take over the mantle and divine responsibility as rightful heirs to the Throne of England so that they too will become shining examples within Christendom.

Great Britain is a Christian Nation and will always be a Christian Nation, it once stood as a beacon of light to the whole of humanity because of its Judeo/Christian foundations. So the rightful heir to the throne of England and Sovereign Ruler of this Nation and people ‘must’ take the title ‘Defender of the Christian Faith’. Without that light, the light of our God whose shadow we live under being carried fearlessly and gloriously into the future, then there will only be the darkness of Islam upon this Nation and people for Moslem and non-Moslem alike.

Princes William & Harry are both going to be fine examples for the British Royal Monarchy and the British people, reflecting all that this Nation stands for in the modern world and leading all of us, into, and through the darkness that is now upon us, as our Royal leaders and carrying the light as ‘Defenders of the Christian Faith’ into the future.

Prince Charles is only the heir to the throne through blood not divine will so if he takes the throne and proclaims ‘Defender of the Faiths’ meaning his embracing of Islam for this Nation, then he will not sit on the throne long.

We look towards our Royal Queen who is aged now, frail and elderly like any grandparent her age would be, and we see young British born Moslem monsters threatening to kill her, holding placards saying to murder her. What type of barbaric savages would want to kill an elderly person which the Queen is?

Moslems from the Islamic Kingdom in Great Britain is who, and we have 3 million of them now in our country, with that number ever rising.

I only imagine how Princes William and Harry must feel when they see these British born murderous Moslem monsters upon the streets of Great Britain ‘their Country’ aiming such hatred towards their Grandmother. I know exactly how I would feel if that was my Grandmother that they were talking about and aiming such murderous hatred towards.

These Moslem monsters are living in communities near you, the length and breadth of Great Britain. Luton where I live has already shown the world the Al Qaeda military might this mini Islamic state within my country contains, yet I still have not had one person step forward to help me??? My blog contains article after article of facts and proof yet everyone turns a blind eye and leaves me and my community at the mercy of these Moslem monsters, with their daily destruction and degradation of my community, with me being the only one standing up and speaking out, asking for HELP???

Has the time not come to stamp this murderous Moslem behaviour out before it is too late???

I am only one person but I stand whole heartedly behind the two Princes and pledge my allegiance to them in anyway I can, in stamping out the Islamic Kingdom and its un-British, un-Christian, barbaric savage behaviour within my country for the sake of the future of this Christian Nation and people.

No ones grandmother not even the Queen of England deserves such hatred from an army of young aggressive violent men aimed at her. This just shows they type of inhumane species of human beings the Moslems are, and I for one do not want to allow the situation to get so bad within this Country that they become the majority and me and my children and grandchildren become the minority.

My forefathers and everybody else’s forefathers never sacrificed their lives upon the battlefields of the world in their generation for Queen and Country so that now in my generation Islam could enforce its ways upon this Nation and destroy the British way of life. The modern Political and Social elite who have allowed Islam to gain its foothold in Great Britain, enforcing upon us their Multicultural ideals and then branding us as racists if we did not agree should be ashamed of themselves for the destruction they have caused to Great Britain. Each and every one of them are nothing more than traitors to this country and its innocent British people (The gullible sheep people who accept what they are told). When it all hits the fan I expect the worst among them, like for example The London Mayor Ken Livingstone, will get their just rewards from the British people, when the good innocent people of this country wake up and realise what these traitors have actually done to this their Nation – Their Homeland and children’s futures.

This Mega mosque is a prime example of Ken Livingston’s betrayal: A plea to the Queen

The time is now or never!!!

Accept the Islamic Kingdom, its demands and way of life, eventually becoming second class citizens in our own land, or reject them and their Kingdom as being wholly un-conducive to British society and our Christian way of life.

Part 2 – Islam’s justification for terrorism

This situation with Sir Rushdie is one more glaring example of the beast that we have growing in our midst living off of our land, proclaiming and conducting Civil war on a daily basis – 4th Generation Warfare – Guerrilla War.

Sir Salman Rushdie was given his Knighthood for his contribution to literature which has caused fury around the Moslem World with members of the Pakistani Parliament actually saying that it is acceptable for Moslems to now commit acts of terrorism against innocent people as a response to the Knighthood.

"The West is accusing Muslims of extremism and terrorism. If someone exploded a bomb on his body he would be right to do so unless the British government apologises and withdraws the 'sir' title," ul-Haq said.

How can people from the Islamic Faith say that Islam is a religion of peace when you have large scale demonstrations around the world calling for murder and bloodshed of innocent people, and in this instance you have a Pakistani politician actually calling for suicide bombings within parliament???

Madness - yet we accept it and people still believe/accept Islam is a religion of peace.

Added to this furore you have a group of Pakistani Moslem clerics who have now bestowed an honour on the Worlds most wanted terrorist - Osama Bin Laden- They have given him the title “Sword of Islam”, they say that if the Queen can give Sir Salman Rushdie a Knighthood even after writing nasty things about Islam then they can give Osama Bin Laden the title “Sword of Islam” for fighting a war against the Russians, Americans and British for Islam.

In the civilized World we honour people for their non-violent contribution to literature and the Islamic world honours people for their contribution to war murder and bloodshed.

The line in the sand has been drawn and clearly shows the civilized world and un-civilized world.

Yet they still say that Islam is a religion of peace???

They say it so much that we accept it and they believe it.

Now it is an open reality for us all to accept that the whole of Pakistan is fully behind Osama Bin Laden and his war against Great Britain. Frighteningly the majority of the 3 million Moslems within Great Britain are from Pakistan, so that means, if you did not know already, that the majority of Moslems in this country are now at enmity with us even more than they were already.

We must thank the Queen and Sir Rushdie for bringing this to a head, it had to happen sometime.

The whole Moslem world is now threatening acts of violence against us because of the Queens praiseworthy gesture of bestowing the Knighthood upon Sir Rushdie.

With these threats and the honour from the Islamic world now bestowed upon Osama Bin Laden, he is obliged to act for the sake of the Moslem world and in honour of the Pakistani Islamic clerics who have granted him his new title.

We know that he and his Taliban brothers have many willing Western born Moslem monsters waiting in the ranks ready and willing to commit suicide to kill as many innocent people as possible.

Please take a read of this article: “Alert” Western born bombers

Even before this present Sir Rushdie affair Al Qaeda and the Taliban have been threatening attacks against our country with their Al Qaeda trained monsters, so this situation has just added fuel to their Islamic fire. It has not created the fire, the fire was already there, it has just added to it and is a good response from the Queen who knows full well the plans these monsters have in place to attack this country, killing many innocent people (you and me) indiscriminately and also the threats that Al Qaeda have made against her personally.

The plans to attack this country are not new and have been here way before this present affair, so the justification of the next terrorist attacks to hit Great Britain by the Islamic community is going to be pure lies when they come out saying that it was this Sir Rushdie affair that brought on the attacks, and a large part of the British population are going to buy into these lies.

Moslems will then come out on our TV screens saying that they do not support terrorism and that the attacks were wrong but they understand why they happened. The Knighting of Sir Rushdie and the offence this caused to Moslems and the Islamic world is the reason.

Disgusting and disgraceful and the British people will accept it and the common consensus will again be “Islam is a religion of peace”.

Please read this article: Dirty bomb on UK streets

The two horrendous large scale terrorist attacks planned by al Qaeda in the article: Dirty bomb on UK streets, were hatched well before Sir Rushdie was knighted and would have caused mass casualties and devestation the like never before ever witnessed upon British streets, way beyond the carnage caused on 7/7.

What was the justification for these attacks that were planned way before this present affair???

The Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain is at war with non-Moslem Britain and will lie cheat and steal at every opportunity to achieve their aims and cover the truth of their Islamic war to conquer our Nation, with the masses of gullible British sheep people believing their lies sitting back allowing the take over to happen which is happening as you are reading this. I just hope that the Politicians and media do not come out protecting the Islamic Kingdom, duping the gullible British sheep people again.

We know full well that the military wing of Islam – Al Qaeda - have been seeking to achieve large scale mass murder within Great Britain and the first ever detonation of a dirty bomb in the Western world upon our streets, yet do you see us taking to the streets with mass demonstrations calling for the death and murder of those involved???

Why do we have to put up with these murderous and intimidating actions aimed at the innocent and vulnerable in society???

This is the sharp contrast with the two kingdoms living within the one country, my country – Great Britain - and should act as a wake up call to everyone, to what is happening within our land and the future we all face!!!
It is abominable to think that Islam within Great Britain is planning and plotting such devastating acts of terror against innocent people. This is why the Queen arising and acting on behalf of her people is so commendable and should be praised by everyone who loves this country.

She has dusted down the old mantle, brought it out into the open for all to see and shown the world the relevance of the ancient Christian Knighthood in modern times.

The War in defence of our homeland has begun!!!

Part 3 – Ultimate insult to our Country

I hope that every single British Patriot who is witnessing the threats and intimidation aimed at our country and way of life by the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers within Great Britain – the guests who have been privileged enough to have been born in our country - feel as disgusted as what I do at this type of aggressive and intimidating behaviour which is aimed at us and our futures, which is being tolerated upon our streets.

What does the inaction of our government, security services and police in the face of this Islamic intimidation say to the innocent non-Moslem people of Great Britain?

If British Patriots were to walk out into the streets calling for the murder of Moslems and the British Queen we would be immediately arrested, put before a court as dangerous subversives then locked away to silence our public dissent. Yet the Islamic Kingdom and its Moslem followers openly come out onto our British streets doing just that and NO action is taken – Why - because of the fear of the backlash we live under from the Islamic Kingdom.

That to me says that Islam has forced our government, security services and police into Dhimmitude through fear and intimidation and is a frightening situation for the general population of Great Britain and for the very future of our Nation to be in. If the police will not act against these violent, aggressive subversives then what hope is there for the innocent law abiding citizen who has to live with these people as our neighbours?

I have first hand experience of what it is like.

Other Moslem voices then come out in the open in condemnation of these groups of young Moslem men saying they are lunatics not speaking for Islam. Who then are they speaking for when they proclaim Islam and Mohamed?

You cannot tell me that the whole of the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain does not agree with them? They have too, they are Moslem, and as far as the Islamic world is concerned our Queen has offended all of them by giving Sir Rushdie his Knighthood!

Please read this article: The 2 Faces of Islam

We are told that this group of young Moslem men is a small fringe minority that nobody agrees with or listens too. I completely disagree with that, this so called small fringe of people is part of a 3 million strong Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain, and within that Kingdom there are 10’s if not 100’s of thousands of young and old Moslems who agree with them and their actions, they just do not take to the streets like these barbarians, that is left to this so called fringe group. They still have the backing of large sections of the Islamic Kingdom within our country though. There are many different sets of statistics within the public domain highlighting to us the problem we are now in, substantiating this claim.

The aggressive Islamification of our Nation has begun.

The main organiser now within Great Britain of these events and recruiter to Jihad against non-Moslem society is Anjem Choudry. Anjem Choudry is the British heir to the throne of banned Islamic group Al Amajroun, after its leader Omar Bakri was expelled from our country. The leaders of this group still operate openly and freely within our society just under different names. This is the army of Moslem Jihadi’s throughout Great Britain who are at war with our country and have absolutely no problem declaring these aims and intentions against us because they know that the forces of authority who should be protecting our British society in this country, will not take steps to stop them through fear of the Moslem backlash. They are left to recruit, train and preach the Jihad against Great Britain and the Western world, with the innocent people in society like you and me left watching these Moslem monsters openly intimidating everyone and then committing acts of terror like we experienced on 7/7.

This Islamic group Al Majaroun of which Anjem Choudry is the British leader is linked to every single suicide bombing carried out by British born Moslems here and around the World, yet he is still allowed to come out onto our British streets with his followers declaring his hatred and intentions of war against us.

It might just be me, but there has got to be something wrong there!!!

Please watch this short video: Al Majaroun links to Terror

We witnessed last year the horrendous Islamic demonstration in London against the publication of the Danish cartoons by this band of British born Moslem Jihadi’s. They were openly carrying placards calling for the death and destruction of our Nation and Europe and calling for murder and bloodshed by the Islamic Kingdom upon Great Britain. This gave those of us who were watching and know what is going on within British society, a frightening glimpse as to the feelings of hatred they have towards us, our society and our way of life. The police sat back watching inept allowing this treasonous behaviour to occur, only making arrests after public uproar and even then only select individuals were arrested and imprisoned.

This time with the Sir Rushdie affair the Moslem Jihadi army within Great Britain came out again in their hundreds to protest on behalf of the Islamic Kingdom within Great Britain and the offence the Queen has caused towards them, again trying to intimidate us and our society into silence. They learnt after the few arrests that were made last time after this type of hate fest, that the British people would not tolerate this type of murderous savage behaviour aimed at them again, so they kept their banners and protesting within some type of humane order and boundary.

Have a guess who was the lead organiser of this event that was attended by several hundred angry Moslem men?

Yes you guessed it Anjem Choudry heir to the throne of Al Qaeda’s Jihad within Great Britain.

These people had the audacity to show such contempt towards us and our country that they openly burned our St Georges flag as an act of pure hatred towards our country, our way of life and our history.

You even have Labour politicians trying to eradicate our St Georges flag from Great Britain because of the offence it causes to the Islamic Kingdom within our country. See how the two forces of evil against British society unite to destroy Great Britain at the expense of you and me.

This burning of the St Georges flag was a disgusting disgrace aimed at me and you. In the pictures you can see the type of savages that we have living along side of us as our so called ‘peaceful’ neighbours who commit such treasonous acts towards us.

That flag represents the Heart & Soul of part of this Great Country, England and encompasses our history, identity and culture which has come through the ages with us the British people, who are the heirs of this Great Land.

Islam and its Moslem followers have no right to openly desecrate our flag upon our streets in full view of our Nation and the entire World. It is the responsibility of every true English Patriot to stand up in defence of that flag and everything that is represents not least our English homeland. I imagine there are many Patriots with that flag or our Union Jack tattooed on their body somewhere, that’s how much it means to you personally.

That flag represents the future of this Nation, your future, my future, the future of our children and the future of our grandchildren and we have these barbaric savages openly showing their contempt towards us, and everything that makes us who we are, by desecrating our flag, and in turn, seeking to desecrate our spirit.

That flag represents the patron Saint of England – St George. The story is of St George slaying the dragon, that dragon is Islam and in his generation he sleighed that monstrous beast, encapsulating and showing the entire world the fighting spirit of the English people from this Great land. That spirit behind St George has travelled through the ages with our Great British history bearing testimony to that fact in times of trouble and war. This time frame of history is no different from any other time frame in history because we are still the heirs and ultimate protectors and defenders of this Great Land and protectors and defenders of the free civilised Judeo/Christian World, so there is no way on Gods green Earth that Islam is going to achieve its murderous aims of conquest against us, our land and our futures. St George’s body lays in Israel and shows the people of this Land the solidarity we have had throughout the ages for good or for bad with our peaceful friends within Israel - the Jewish people - who are heirs to the Holy Land.

The Heart & Soul of the Nations within Christendom lays in the Holy Land, which is why our friendship with Israel and the Jewish people is so important for our civilized Judeo/Christian World, no matter what negativity unenlightened people try saying about our friends and allies the Jewish people.

These Islamic savages come out onto our British streets declaring their hatred towards us, calling for our murder and burning our flag. I would just like to send a personal message out to the Islamic Kingdom the length and breadth of Great Britain who in their hearts agree with the army of Islamic Jihadi’s who are the military arm of Islam within Great Britain.

"You can burn our flag of St George in your act of hatred towards us, our country and our civilized Judeo/Christian way of life, but you could never burn or destroy the Heart & Soul that is behind that flag that burns in the very depths of the innermost being of each and every one of the English Patriots who live the length and breadth of this great land – Great Britain - and our fellow brothers from around the World who stand with us".

If you are a English patriot or a fellow brother who stands with the English people from around the world and you agree in your heart with me and my words then that is one more light that has just been switched on in Gods army on Earth.

1 Samuel 16:7 But the Lord said to Samuel, “Do not look at his appearance or at his physical stature, because I have refused him. For the Lord does not see how man sees; for a man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the Heart”.

The picture is from the doorstep of the ‘Dome of the Rock’ which is a Moslem mosque, and is an complete abomination to my God, that sits atop of the Temple Mount in His Holy City – Jerusalem – the picture represents the Heart & Soul of the English people. As you can see the picture is of the St Georges Cross in front of my living Heart and shows that the spirit of the English contained in the St Georges Cross is still well and truly alive in this generation. We have a wealth of glorious history within the Holy Land and the Temple Mount is a part of that history.

The innocent people of the civilized Judeo/Christian world are only just waking up to your continued acts of war against them, and one thing is clear, as they do.

You will never stamp out the fighting spirit behind our St Georges flag that burns in our very souls so you have lost this war before it has even fully begun.
There is an army of Christian Knights arising once again upon the World stage with a mandate and mission direct from Heaven in response to hells war against the innocent and vulnerable within our societies – Christendom – the free civilized Judeo/Christian World.

Osama Bin Laden who leads Islam’s war against the World is the Anti-Christ the devil incarnate in man, just the same as Hitler in the Second World War.

Hells darkness has opened up once again upon the Earth, and the Living God is breaking through once again, shining His light upon mankind for those who will receive it.

Prepare yourselves and ‘look up’, before it is too late, death and destruction surrounds us all, and comes like a thief in the night when you least expect it.

Matthew 24:36 - 44 No One Knows the Day or Hour 36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven,[a] but My Father only. 37 But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 38 For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, 39 and did not know until the flood came and took them all away, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. 40 Then two men will be in the field: one will be taken and the other left. 41 Two women will be grinding at the mill: one will be taken and the other left. 42 Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour[b] your Lord is coming. 43 But know this, that if the master of the house had known what hour the thief would come, he would have watched and not allowed his house to be broken into. 44 Therefore you also be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.

In service of the King



Anonymous said...


"Tim Finch, of the Refugee Council, questioned why Lord Carey had intervened on the subject when "controls on immigration and asylum were so strong already".

He added: "Lord Carey would seem to be out of step with the Church of England and other Christian and faith groups which have been in the forefront of calls for more generosity to be shown to migrants and refugees."

Lord Carey is IN step with thousands of dissolutioned Christians who feel a heavy burden of guilt for the resentment and anger they feel at the sight of their country pandering to and turning to the demands of islam.

Once islam gains a tighter hold then all freedoms that we enjoy will disappear. Lord Carey is perfectly correct and reading the article lessens my burden considerably.

Avi said...

Its funny how Muslims can always be outraged when somebody slights Islam but they can never raise their voices when somebody "hijacks" their religion of peace and blows up a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Also funny how many scroats are called Mohammed.

Anonymous said...

great great post!
pax et bonum

Lionheart said...

Thats because they are cheating sub-human species amonst the human race Bar Kochba. They call for murder and bloodshed if we tread on their toe, yet turn the other way when peoples bodies are blown all over the place.

They have created a false reality in which the gullible in society believe them and their words.

It is our responsibility to break down those lies and false veneer and show people the truth.

I read the artcicle about Lord Carey, it was refershing to see a voice of his stature speak out for Britian and the British people, but in good old 21st Century British fashion he was shouted down and classed as a racist.

Times have got to change for the sake of ourselves and our futures.

That change starts with me and you...

God bless you


Steve Harkonnen said...

Osama Bin Laden who leads Islam’s war against the World is the Anti-Christ the devil incarnate in man, just the same as Hitler in the Second World War.

Yeah, I'd buy that one for sure. Only thing is, I think Islam itself is the beast.

Remember, in the Bible, I don't think it mentions the beast being human.

Anonymous said...

Western Europe Sold Out.

Lets sort this problem out Now while we can still win it, Wake the Masses, Blog, Sms and Email this link, ask them to do the same.