1 January 2001

Part 9. Threats, intimidation & Inaction

The Game of life, upon the streets of Great Britain has completely changed now because of the Islamic inspired civil war that is happening around us in our midst, so that means that the ‘rule of the streets’ has changed.

There is a domestic and global Islamic enemy that wants nothing less than the complete destruction of our British way of life and the take over of our country, so that they can enforce Islam upon our homeland and upon us the innocent people living here. When I say enforce it is exactly that, they want to force you, your children and your grandchildren to live under the ‘rule of Islam’ which is Sharia Law. Mohamed through the Koran teaches Moslem’s that the Islamic way of life is supreme and that they must conduct Jihad (Holy War) to force this way of life upon the world for their god Allah.

I am from the streets so know the Game and the rules of life there, and have always stuck by the rules that is why I earned the respect I have from amongst my peers and is why I have still have that respect on the street amongst those same people where it matters most. Those where is does not matter are the ‘traitors’ who are now my natural enemies, who have never played by the rules of the Game on the streets, and is the reason why they have escaped prison so many times.

The line in the sand has clearly been drawn.

Knowing the severity of the civil war within our country that we now face from within by Islam, especially locally by the Islamic Kingdom of Fortress Bury Park and how the militia from this Kingdom have for years been pumping their Heroin & Crack cocaine out into the community building themselves into a large, organised, wealthy, armed, paramilitary force, when I had one of the foot soldiers from Allah’s Luton militia using the house next door to where I lived as a holding place to cut up his Heroin & Crack cocaine I did not hesitate to step forward and go to the police. This is I believed was the right, legal and just thing to do under the circumstances, which it was.

I did not ask for money for the information I gave, and money was not discussed, it was not the issue, I gave the information because it was the right and just thing to do.

This in my mind and view was not ‘grassing’ someone up; this was me doing my Patriotic duty for my country at a time of civil strife from an internal Islamic enemy. The British born Pakistani Moslems from Luton are at war with my country and are destroying my community with their Heroin & Crack cocaine and are killing my friends and neighbours. Standing up and stepping forward was the right and only thing to do under these circumstances. I could have turned my back, ignored it and walked away but then what type of person would that have made me when I know full well what these Pakistani Moslem street soldiers intentions are towards me, my family, my friends and my neighbours?

Think of how many people’s sons and daughters are hooked on Heroin & Crack cocaine now because of this one Moslem street soldier? and it gets worse.

What would you have done under the same circumstances?

The police are supposed to be our first line of defence in society with something of this nature; they are the only ‘legal’ ones out there who are meant to protect us, who we should turn to when something like this is happening around us upon our streets, so this is what I did, I turned to them as you should.

Being from the streets and knowing the workings of the streets I also knew of fact based corruption from within the local police force which ultimately threatens the security of the community so I gave that information too.

Allah’s foot soldier from the militia was busted due to my corroborated evidence with him spending less than a year in prison. I got on with my life and set up my own business in the town, and then one day out of the blue I was contacted by a young Moslem from Luton who threatened me with very serious assault/murder. A friend was with me at the time and witnessed the conversation. Knowing all that I know about the Islamic Kingdom within Fortress Bury Park and Allah’s Luton militia of foot soldiers, I knew that the threat was not an idol threat, it was a very real and serious threat so for my own safety I had to close my business down and move home, which I did. I was not going to move away because then I would have given in too them, I went to ground and let things run their course. I then received another threat back to me through another friend who buys his Heroin from one of the large Moslem gangs of foot soldiers saying they knew I ‘grassed’ one of their people up and that I am going to be meeting God soon. I did not grass anyone up, I did my patriotic duty against an internal enemy and I stand by my actions and feel no way about it. The threats were very real and very serious from people more than capable and willing of carrying the threats out.

Allah’s Luton militia had found out about me giving information to the police, and also the other person who had given information that I later learned had already been dealt with by them. It is common knowledge that information leaks out of the local police force and into the hands or criminals on the street. I had personally given fact based allegations of corruption so I know that to be 100% true.

I had already raised my concerns about my safety in relation to the gangs of Moslem drug dealers with the police which were dismissed. When they could not ignore what had happened with me anymore I was eventually invited in to speak with someone about what had been happening.

I had had two very serious threats made against my life by the street soldiers in Allah’s Luton militia who everyone knows around here, not least the police, are extremely violent and dangerous, and in the presence of witnesses and not one bit of help was offered to me or that they would need to speak to my witnesses to the death threats aimed at me. What I write about the taxi cartel and Allah’s Luton militia is all truth and fact based so as you can imagine it was not a good situation for me to be in, and all because I had stepped forward and given the police information to help them arrest a Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack dealer. Because of this I had lost my business, my home, my whole life and now had very serious credible death threats aimed at me by murderous Pakistani Moslems and the police offered me nothing, not one slightest bit of protection or help. I was just left to fend for myself out on the ‘streets’ in the community amongst the army of Pakistani street soldiers. Luckily I am from the streets so know how to look after myself, cover my tracks and not allow myself to be caught which is what I did, and have had to do every since.

When I was invited into the police station all they were really concerned about were the fact based allegations of corruption, they did not care about me and my personal safety. In my opinion considering I was the one in the situation, it would have been easier for everyone if the Moslem drug dealers from Luton had have gotten hold of me and silenced me, or if I had left the area because of the threats against me never to return again because of the severity of the situation I now faced, then everything could be hushed up again and brushed back under the carpet.

God had other ideas and my blog is one of them.

When I was invited into the police station the Moslem street soldier who I had given information to the police on was back out in the community again, had bought a chicken and chip shop to wash his illegal drug money through and was blatantly back at work pumping his Heroin & Crack out again, which I told the police about. His shop is 100 yards away from a school and 4 months after I had first told the police about the Moslem drug dealer continuing to sell his Heroin & Crack cocaine in the community I learned that he was delivering fast food from his shop into the local high school and had children in his shop at school lunchtimes. I could not believe the gravity of the situation and the police inaction so I wrote an article on my blog and sent it to the school and the police as a warning to the serious situation on their doorstep. The children in the local high school are potentially the next generation of drug addicts and here you had the local convicted Moslem Class A drug dealer getting to know the school children delivering food into the school and having children in his shop with the police in full knowledge. It is not my responsibility to have to write an article on my blog about the severity and gravity about the situation, it is the polices job to do something about it, yet I had no other option because in my view for the sake of the future of the community the school needed to know, so it was the right thing to do.

This Pakistani Moslem drug dealer also has a young wife of 18 who has 3 children by him and one of those children was born whilst she was under age and still at school, so not only is he a Class A drug dealer he is potentially a predatory paedophile mixing with school girls. All those who know about Islam know that Mohamed had sex with a 9 year old girl so Moslem men have no problem having sex with children, and that Pakistani Moslem men in this country use street drugs to groom children for sex.

You tell me if the situation could be any worse?

This was in February that I wrote the article and sent it out to the school, and then in June I stood in a house where this Moslem foot soldiers drug gang were delivering Class A drugs to my friends, so he was still blatantly operating pumping his Class A drugs out into the community. The money laundering chicken and chip shop is still open 100 yards away from the local high school with him and his gang still openly operating from it and all with the polices full knowledge.

The thing in my mind is; what if your son or daughter has become hooked on Heroin or Crack cocaine during those 7 - 8 months the police have known about the situation and done nothing about it?

If the police are not going to stop the Pakistani Moslem army of street soldiers from pumping their Heroin & Crack cocaine out into the community then who is? Who is going to protect your children and grandchildren from being exposed to this flood of Heroin & Crack that is now upon our streets? And if you do come forward and give information about what is happening on the streets and you are treated how I have been, along with the information you give ending up on the streets in the hands of murderous Moslems then who in their right mind is ever going to come forward and help. The community is just left at the mercy of the invading army of Pakistani Moslems from Fortress Bury Park with those who are paid to protect us, inept and doing absolutely nothing to protect us from this invading army of drug dealing foot soldiers, and also threatening the security of the community by leaking information out onto the streets to protect themselves and each other.

No salary or pension is worth protecting for a corrupt colleague and believe me the Living God knows absolutely everything so time is running out for each of you because His light is shining on you and exposing your darkness. It has to for the sake of this Christian community and for the sake of the good police officers whose work in protecting the community and society is severely jeopardise and undermined by the bad apples that end up rotting the whole crate.

Matthew 10:26 Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known.

I would like to add here that the majority of police in the police force are genuine good people and brave protectors of the community who do an excellent job making our society a safe and secure place for us to live in, but those weak links completely destroy public confidence in the whole force and jeopardises innocent people’s lives.

If the community cannot trust the police force, then how can you expect people from within the community to help you?

If people from within the community step forward and give information on the Pakistani Moslem drug dealers from Luton, they are completely placing their lives in the police forces hands. Allah’s Luton militia would have no problem kidnapping them, seriously assaulting them or even murdering them. This is the gravity of helping the police and is exactly what I did; now look at what has happened to me as a prime example. I have been completely let down and sold out by those who I put my life on the line to help for the sake of my community and now have people wanting me dead.

If things could not get any worse for me, not only have I been issued with death threats from Allah’s Luton militia, sold out and let down by those who I helped, I have also had comments on my blog from London’s biggest crime family seeking to intimidate me on behalf of Dave Shar - Dunstable’s public enemy No.1.

If it is them, then I wonder why they would want to stick their head above the wall for Dave Shar? If it is not them and someone placing the comments on my blog on behalf of Dave Shar thinking naively that it would scare and intimidate me then I will remove this immediately because I have no beef with them, I had respect for them. All I can say that if it is then you are backing the wrong horse and should cut those people free who you are seeking to help before it is too late for you because mark my words they will be the demise of you.

London is your manor and quite easily one of your family members could have been murdered in London on 7/7 when Al Qaeda declared war on our country. Your wives of daughters could have quite easily been in the Tiger Tiger night club on the ladies night when the most recent bombs failed to go off or one of you could be caught up in the next bombing campaign to hit London by Islamic extremists. Yet you choose to intimidate a British patriot seeking to defend his community and country from Pakistani Moslems who are at war with our country intent on all of our destruction, on behalf of a Pakistani Moslem. What does that make you? Traitors!

Like I say, if it is someone using your family name then I will remove this immediately and apologise, if not you should seriously take check of where your loyalties lye and believe me, like I say, as I stand before Almighty God this will be the demise of you, you cannot threaten and intimidate a child of the Living God. I do not want to see that because London needs a line of defence from the Islamic Kingdom taking over from ‘within your midst’ but you must choose whose side you are on.

1 Chronicles 16:22 Saying, “Do not touch My anointed ones, And do My prophets no harm.”

I place my life completely in Gods hands so there are no threats of violence or intimidation from anyone that is going to faze me or stop me.

Matthew 10:27 - 31Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. 28 And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will. 30 But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 Do not fear therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows.

There is a new day dawning for everyone, out with the old way of thinking and in with the new so that we can defend our country and children’s futures, exactly the same as what our forefathers had to do in their generation.

Islam has declared war upon Great Britain, Gordon Browns advisor Sir Alan West has come out and publicly stated that the Islamic enemy is seeking to destroy our 'whole way of life' so decide where you stand and who you stand with.

It is the people of this Nation that gives our country the title ‘Great’ Britain, so no matter what the cost we will win this modern conflict.

’No surrender’ is our motto and we will not be intimidated or threatened into silence by anyone.


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