1 January 2001


I had already written most of this before this weekend’s terrorist attack on Glasgow airport and the failed terrorist attacks in London.

There can now be no doubt to my words and the threat I state that we face, so as you read my post you will be reading it with a conscious awareness of the horror, mass murder and mass carnage that by Gods grace – through Jesus Christ – our country has narrowly avoided.

If you like this post then please send it to as many of your friends and family as possible that are on your email list. The more people awake to the imminent threat of mass murder and the future threat that we face then the more prepared we can all be.

There is a continued low level Civil War being conducted against Great Britian by a British born Islamic army living within our Nation which is being led and inspired by Al Qaeda - Leaders of the global Jihad.

I hope that if you are not already awake to this Islamic murderous blood thirsty beast that we have within our gates, which is intent on our murder, complete demise and the destruction of this country and your future’s, then that these most recent horrific attacks on your country this weekend will have awoken you, hopefully for you never to go back to sleep again.

You must then decide whether you are going to go back to sleep as a weak coward and pretend that the beast is not in our midst, or whether you are going to stand up and be counted with the rest of the British patriots across this land who have had enough of being threatened and forced into submission by this Islamic beast that we have living amongst us which is getting fat feeding off of our land, with the murderous, suicidal, warmongering aims and intentions that it has towards us.

Join us in ‘solidarity’ against this British born Islamic army and in condemnation of the Jihad (Holy War) against non-Moslems that is contained in their holy book - The Koran – This is what Mohamed lived and preached during his life time, and what Allah’s British born modern day 21st Century soldiers are following today. The only difference is that in this time frame of human history the Jihad (Holy War) is not contained to Mecca and Medina in the Middle East, Islam’s Jihad has gone global, and is now unfolding in every Nation upon Earth as you can see from these most recent Islamic attacks.

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