15 November 2007

Whitehall - The Face of Evil

What is Whitehall: Whitehall

So that you get a better grasp and understanding of the seriousness of the situation that our 'Loony Labour Government' have placed the National Security infastructure of Great Britain in, take a look at this article over at Atlas Shrugs -
The Face of Evil

You can bet your bottom dollar that our Islamic enemies know absolutely everything they need to know about Britain's National Security.

We know for a fact that Al Qaeda have operatives working within the British Police force who cannot be sacked because of their human rights, yet this man is sacked and his life destroyed because he is a political opponent - British injustice

Third World TYRANNY in a supposed 21st Century democracy!

You work out the security threat we face for yourself based on the information - It doesnt take Einstein to figure it out.

In 10 years from now when Islam turns up the heat in their planned take over of our country, they will have Moslem Jihadi operatives within every single sphere of Britain's infrastructure and know the complete workings of our Nation inside and out so will know 'exactly' in what ways to make us buckle and bow to their demands - They do a good enough job already so imagine what it is going to be like in 10 years from now!

Why is our Military, MI5 and MI6 not doing something about this?

We must assume that their ranks have been forced to be infiltrated too, they are only human and controlled by this 'Loony Labour Government' after all.

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Anonymous said...

Now, now Lordy C. A.
Dont go feeding Christians to the Lions.
The Romans were pagan, and were the destroyers of your Druids.
Breitain was eventually enslaved by the Roman legions, excepting the ancient lands of Avalon, the "Domnus Dei" where the Phoenecian brought the true followers of the "Way"
The same "Way" as the Druids who proclaimed, "The Truth, before all the World."
I think you include all Christians within the Roman pale.
Britain was Christian before Rome by hundreds of years, and it was Constantine, a Son of British soil, who brought Christ to the Roman Empire. Druids were not "pagans" they were "Triadic" and expectant of Jesu who confirmed the Truths of the Old Testament.
The Royal Silurian House of the Western Lands, protected and defended the Druidic Church of "The Way" in the first centuries AD, against the plague of Rome and later, the ignorance of the Teutons.
Pagans have their role to play against the new plagues of fake religions that seek to dominate these "pastures green."

Know thy enemy, for in division, all may be lost.

Greetings from Kernow.

Alan the Red said...

And of course, if you think this is just bullshit, just ask yourself, how was the harvest this year?

Delete away you miserable sinner boy. Your god has a nice warm place in hell for all murderers,liars, and deceivers.

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Lionheart said...

You bore me ceren abbas, ive wasted enough of my thought processes on you so like i said im gonna delete your comments now, youve had enough of my attention.

Go waste your time somewhere else.