28 November 2007

Madeline McCann - Speculation

Ive only just started to see the amount of speculation on the internet about what happened to Madeline McCann the night she vanished from her bed.

There is alot of people who believe Mr & Mrs McCann killed their daughter and then covered up her murder and if you read their speculation you could be persuaded to believe that they are guilty even though there is no evidence to say that they are.

If there was DNA evidence then would they not have been arrested and charged by now?

I expect that now the Portuguese police are in the U.K their arguido status will be lifted or they will be charged with murder - Arguido status lifted I personally believe.

If we base our speculation and then pass judgment on Mr & Mrs McCann based on the reports in the media then you could come up with any conclusion because the stories change each day as to what happened that night and the evidence.

The most compelling evidence to base the conclusion that Madeline was abducted is from the witness Jane Tanner who was part of the Tapas 9, people have discredited her by saying her witness statement has changed during the course of investigation and that she could have made it up as a cover story for the McCann's - Would you help cover up the death of a 4 year old girl and risk your life?

Either this is the fact based evidence that Madeline was abducted or Jane Tanner is perverting the course of justice and risks going to prison for a very long time for being complicit in the death and cover up of Madeline McCann.

It has now come to light that 6 months prior to Madeline's abduction a nanny in the holiday complex caught a man trying to gain entry into the exact same apartment that Madeline went missing from. This nanny reported it to the holiday complex management who then reported the incident to the Portuguese police. If this nanny is telling the truth and the holiday complex and Portuguese police did their jobs properly then this incident will be logged within incident books with dates, so proves beyond doubt that there was someone in the area targeting the most vulnerable apartment on the holiday complex, which is the one Madeline went missing from.

If the Portuguese police did their jobs properly then they could verify this incident and if it is true then it proves Madeline was abducted.

Or it is an amazing coincidence that Mr & Mrs McCann killed their baby in the exact same apartment that a nanny had chased off an intruder from who was trying to gain access from the most vulnerable point, the point in which it is claimed Madeline was taken from.

Corroborating this nannies story has got to be 'Top Priority' because it supports the theory of Madeline being abducted with facts - Jane Tanner and the nanny.

Or they are both lying.

Then there is another witness who has come forward who herself has a young blond haired blue eyed girl claiming that when she was on holiday in this exact same holiday complex a woman fitting Miss Walczuch description had entered the complex, knocked on her door with a man and talked about her Jehovah's witness faith - Does this sound plausible considering the facts known about Miss Walczuch?

Is this woman lying or is she a reliable witness source?

Have the Portuguese police checked?

If she is reliable and to be believed then this puts Miss Walczuch in the frame again.

What do criminals do before stealing someones property, they case their intended target, looking at how to get in and out, how to get away and all other information so as to not get caught.

You have to seriously ask the question; was this what Miss Walczuch was doing if this witness is to be believed.

Several independent witnesses have now placed Miss Walczuch clearly in the frame, is each one lying or did Miss Walczuch have something to do with Madeline's disappearance.

Are these the mistakes that link Miss Walczuch to this crime?

Have the Portuguese police interrogated each of these witnesses to corroborate their stories?

If they haven't what does this say to you?

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